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LottosPhoto Exposed – Smile and Say Cheese!

LottosPhoto Review

LottosPhoto Review

If you look beyond the really, really, really outdated design of, you’ll find an online agency that supposedly gives you access to tickets for some of the most popular and prominent European lotteries.

A simple principle is employed here – the lotto ticket is bought on your behalf by an agency representative, no matter where you live. You receive a scanned copy of the ticket by email, reassuring you that the purchase has actually been made.

But does the LottosPhoto app offer a reliable service? Is LottosPhoto legitimate, and have others enjoyed a positive experience with this agency? It’s our job as lottery experts to dig deep and answer these questions. Here’s what we found out.

Is Giant Lottos a better lottery service than LottosPhoto?

Games at

Since LottosPhoto is based in Spain, it offers mainly games from the country. The only exception is the pan-European favorite EuroMillions.

So, the full portfolio of lotteries includes EuroMillions, the Christmas El Gordo de Navidad lottery, El Gordo, La Primitiva, Bonoloto, and Loteria Nacional.

The next logical question would revolve around the cost of buying a lottery ticket through LottosPhoto.

We took Bonoloto as a random example. If you are in Spain and go to a nearby retail venue, you’ll have to spend 0.50 euro on your single lottery entry. Using the services of LottosPhoto makes the endeavor a bit more expensive. A single Bonoloto entry bought through the website will put you back 1.50 euro.

Obviously, this is a massive markup. We know various other online lottery agencies that do take a commission but keep the charge limit. Needless to say, however, it is up to you. Go around the site to see the different costs and get a better feel of it before deciding if you’re going to buy anything.

LottosPhoto and Claiming Your Prizes

There is a help section but keep in mind the English language quality is a bit questionable. Still, we managed to acquaint ourselves with the prize claim procedure.

LottosPhoto winners will first receive an email with the results and information about their entry. Prizes of up to 2,000 euros are going to be credited to a player’s account. It’s up to the winner to decide whether the money will be withdrawn to a bank account or if they will use it to fund ticket purchases in the future.

Sums exceeding 2,000 euros have to be claimed in person as per Spanish laws. As per the terms and conditions, you can visit a notary office where you live to issue LottosPhoto international power of attorney. This way, they can claim a larger prize on your behalf. Is that a safe practice? We don’t know. All of the digging that we did fail revealing any information about big winners who got their hands on massive prizes through the portal.

Keep in mind that in Spain, lottery prizes exceeding 40,000 euros are subjected to a 20 percent income tax. This is something to account for when making your celebratory winner calculations.

Who Can Play at

The website is open to players from all parts of the world.

As long as you’re of legal age, you can sign up for a LottosPhoto account.

Regulations in your country, however, should allow online lottery playing. There are some parts of the world where buying tickets online is illegal. As a result, services like LottosPhoto could be blocked in the respective country.

Check out local regulations, and if there’s nothing against online lotteries, you’re in the clear to sign up for an account.

Is LottosPhoto Legit? Who’s Behind the Portal?

There are many questions about the safety of LottosPhoto. Is LottosPhoto fake, is LottosPhoto safe, will you get your money in the event of winning?

To give you the answers, we’ve checked out numerous reviews, and we’ve also investigated the entity behind the platform.

LottosPhoto is run and operated by Digital Trust Management SL. The entity is registered, and its physical address is in Madrid, Spain. As per the company profile, Digital Trust Management is a data intelligence business. A specialized messenger service also belongs to the portfolio of the company.

Apart from having a physical address, the company can also be contacted by phone and email. We haven’t tested out their responsiveness, and we live it to actual customers to provide more insight into the quality of communication.

There’s basically nothing raising a red flag about LottosPhoto. No complaints or legal claims are accessible. Based on that information, we can conclude that the service is legit.

Other Bits and Pieces

LottosPhoto reviews that actual users wrote as a comment in this article paint a predominantly positive picture. It seems that people are generally happy with the experience, and some have even shared news about winning small amounts and getting that money credited to their accounts.

Other than the specifics already mentioned, LottosPhoto doesn’t have too much more to offer.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t provide new players with sign-up bonuses. There are also no special promotions or loyalty programs for those who have been with LottosPhoto for a while.

There’s a nifty results page on the website, but since so many high-quality lottery results websites exist, it’s nothing to write home about.

Some reviews write about syndicate play and additional opportunities being available through the website. We couldn’t find any indication of such solutions, pools, or collective play being available through the LottosPhoto website.

Finally, we did go through the website’s terms and conditions. There is nothing really troubling or shady there. The document is pretty generic. It highlights how lottery tickets will be bought and how different prize tiers will be paid out.

We recommend that all players go through the entire legal document and understand every single obligation and right before signing up for an account or paying for anything.

Why You Should Register with LottosPhoto


The company behind the website is a registered, legal entity

Detailed legal information is available

A good selection of Spanish games to play

No geographic restrictions for players, easy signup

A straightforward prize claim procedure for the smaller sums

Fairly good customer reviews (including the ones on our own website)

Several contact methods provided

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LottosPhoto


The markup is significant, and lottery tickets are pretty expensive through this portal

More complicated prize claim procedures for larger rewards (due to Spanish laws)

There are no bonuses and special perks for registered members

The website design is quite outdated, some language errors (in the English language version)

Would you mind rating

Is LottosPhoto Legit?

At this point, you are probably looking for a final recommendation about LottosPhoto and the quality of its services.

Is the website ok? This very much seems to be the case. Does it offer something extraordinary as far as an online lottery agency goes? Not really? If you’ve been playing lotteries online for some time already, you know there are many platforms out there that offer the most prominent Spanish lotteries and EuroMillions. Unlike LottosPhoto, however, they also make perks and additional opportunities available to players.

If you are only interested in Spanish lotteries (and EuroMillions) and you don’t enjoy any other website, you may as well give LottosPhoto a try. There are no indications of it being a scam. Still, the service isn’t stellar, and it doesn’t result in an awesome online experience. If you’ve tried LottosPhoto and your opinion differs from ours, please share your feedback in the article comments.

  1. I’ve being playing on website for the last 3 year and never had a problem. I always get a scanned copy of my lottery ticket and those couple of times that I got a prize they transferred my wins to my Bank account. Whenever I have contacted them, the response is quick and precise, they have great e-mail support for players. As they are in Madrid, I buy my EuroMillions and Spanish Lottery there…

  2. I like how they work, they send you a colour photo of the ticket and you can bet one line if you wish…they are in Madrid.

  3. I have used this website regularly without any problems whatsoever. I have won small prizes on a couple of occasions and they paid me quickly. I find the process simple and fast.

  4. Hey, I really like the concept of setting up my own syndicate and managing it. We’ve done it with friends but someone always forgets to get their money into the pool and then there is the whole argument on whether they get winnings or not. Nice to take all that out of the game and simply those that want in – can pay!


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