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Get Lottery Exposed — Online UK Lotto Syndicate Play Made Easy?

Get Lottery Review

Get Lottery Review

Are you looking for a balanced, high-quality Get Lottery review? You’ve just found it! It’s our mission to review online ticket buying services, helping you pinpoint the ones that are best suited to your needs.

Is Get Lottery such a service? We’re about to find out.

Get Lottery offers something a bit more specific than other similar service providers. As per the official presentation, the aim here is to help you acquire tickets for lotteries available in the UK at prices lower than what you’ll get in a shop. This is achieved through the help of lottery syndicates.

If you don’t know a lot about those, a syndicate is a group of people playing the lottery together. They split the cost of buying tickets and they also divide prizes among themselves (on the basis of shares purchased). Many people like joining syndicates because they can buy a bigger number of tickets this way. As a result, the odds of winning a prize go up.

Syndicates aren’t a new thing and they’ve been quite effective for a while. But are the Get Lottery syndicates worth joining and what are the key terms to be aware of?

Games at

First of all, we need to find out the answer to one important question – is Get Lottery a scam? To do that, we always assess the legitimacy of service by going through the range of available lotteries and understanding exactly what a customer would be getting.

At Get Lottery, as already mentioned, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to play some of the biggest lotteries in the UK via a syndicate.

The games currently available via the website include Lotto, Thunderball, and EuroMillions.

And because this is a syndicate-based opportunity, the way in which you acquire tickets is slightly different from what other online agencies have to offer.

There’s a weekly price you have to pay in order to participate. For Lotto, the sum is three pounds per week, for Thunderball – three pounds per week and for EuroMillions, the cost is 3.7 pounds per week.

Keep in mind that once you sign up for one of these weekly services, you’ll be agreeing to a subscription-based model. In order to get out of it, you’ll need to cancel specifically. Otherwise, the respective weekly charge is going to be placed automatically and the sum will be deducted from your card. This is something you should be aware of prior to buying anything.

Other than that, you’ll be pleased to find out that Get Lottery is actually a service that acquires tickets on behalf of its syndicate members. This is something definitely worth mentioning, as lots of websites have emerged recently to only allow players to bet against official lottery results.

As per the terms and conditions, each one of the Get Lottery syndicates can have up to 50 members. That structure is determining the number of tickets that can be bought and the way in which prizes will be split among the winning syndicate members.

Get Lottery Syndicate and Claiming Your Prizes

All winnings are collected by the company operating Get Lottery, after which the respective amounts get deposited into player accounts.

After a winning sum appears in a player’s account, it can be withdrawn.

For withdrawals of up to 100 pounds, players will receive a text message. That text message enables players to claim their reward at any post office. Payments that exceed 100 pounds have to be made via BACS. In that case, a winner will be asked to provide information about their bank account.

Prizes can be withdrawn from a player’s account after a 10-pound threshold is passed.

Players who aren’t in the UK may experience some difficulties claiming and withdrawing their rewards. If you’re about to sign up for and you’re not UK-based, please check with customer service to make sure that a withdrawal option will be enabled for you.

Who Can Play at

In order to sign up for a Get Lottery account, you have to be aged 18 or older. The company operating the website reserves the right to check the identity of players to make sure that the supplied credentials are legitimate.

Depending on your location, there could be some restrictions when it comes to using the services of online ticket buying agencies.

In some countries, online lotteries and online betting opportunities are prohibited. If you live in such a country, you may have difficulties accessing websites like

Get Lottery Syndicate: Who’s Behind It?

Get Lottery is a brand operating under the umbrella of Surestream Digital Ltd. The company is registered in England and Wales. There’s also a headquarters address that’s available in the Get Lottery terms and conditions.

We poked around a little bit more to see if we could find any additional information about Surestream Digital. A good thing that we found out is that the company has a website.

Surestream Digital is a company that specializes in mobile and digital products, not necessarily developments in the realm of lottery services. Its corporate website is pretty minimalist and it doesn’t provide a ton of information. A product portfolio is also missing, hence it’s difficult to tell what other projects this entity operates.

By looking for the Get Lottery reviews, we did come across a couple of people writing testimonials about Surestream digital. The biggest problem that customers have is the automatic subscription that they get signed for upon buying a weekly syndicate membership. Obviously, these reviewers haven’t gone through the Get Lottery terms and conditions. Some of their complaints, however, state that getting in touch with customer service and canceling an active subscription is challenging.

Speaking of customer service, there are a couple of ways to get in touch. A phone number and an email address are both available. As per the website’s presentation, customer service is available 24/7 to assist Get Lottery clients from all parts of the world.

Other Bits and Pieces

Based on the information so far, we can conclude there isn’t anything particularly shady about the Get Lottery. Sure, it may not be your cup of tea. But at least the company is fairly upfront about what it has to offer and how the service works.

There isn’t an awful lot more to know about the Get Lottery.

The range of games is quite limited and you can only participate in the syndicate.

Currently, there’s a special offer available for those who decide to sign up and check the service. Every time a player matches two numbers in a Lotto draw, they will receive two free lucky dips for the upcoming draw. That doubles the offering that the national lottery makes.

Special promotional offers are outlined on the Get Lottery homepage. Anyone interested in such an opportunity may wait a bit before signing up. Eventually, a better offer may become available to justify testing out the service.

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The Bottom Line at

Get Lottery seems to be alright, especially when compared to other online lottery and syndicate service providers. Obviously, there is a couple of important ways in which the service misses the mark. But potential clients know what they’re getting into right off the bat. The terms and conditions are detailed enough to paint a comprehensive picture.

To help you decide about this service, we’ve created a quick summary of the biggest Get Lottery pros and cons.


A website operated by a legitimate service provider

Gives you a chance to participate in UK lotto syndicates and enhance your odds of winning

Syndicate shares are available at fairly reasonable prices

There are numerous ways to get in touch with customer support

Promotional offers are available

Terms and conditions are detailed and straightforward


There are only three lottery syndicates you can join at the time being

Claiming prizes from a country other than the UK can be a bit of a challenge

If you buy a service, you’ll be signed up for an automatic subscription that you’ll have to explicitly cancel

Some people report difficulties getting in touch with customer service and canceling their subscriptions

Anyone who is into syndicate play may give Get Lottery a chance. While there isn’t an awfully big range of opportunities to test out, the platform does offer a few nice lotteries to check out. Just remember that getting one of the packages means you’ll be signing up for an automatic weekly subscription. If you just want to check Get Lottery out, be sure to cancel by getting in touch with customer support.

  1. SCAM.. thought I was buying 5 euro millions tickets.. I was emailed a receipt for £12.50.

    The next day they took a 2nd payment of £20.00 out of my account and then a third of £19.00
    Totaling to £51.50!!

    Apparently I didn’t read the small print and have been entered into a syndicate without proof of purchase or a receipt… The receipt they emailed me was only for the £12.50.

    I have tried to phone them and email with no joy. I did reach someone on the chat screen on their website but I was advised that they will not give me a refund and that they will email me a receipt for the second two transactions.. I never got the email receipt. I will be contacting my bank about this

  2. The company itself might be legitimate but the way they get you is certainly not clear, they pretend to be the euro millions and hide subscription information, they do not send any kind of confirmation of subscription via email, they sign you up to extra “games” that are not shown during check out process and then refuse to refund or provide evidence of these games in check out process

  3. This is a Scam!! Read the small print! I bought 2 tickets which should have been £5 in the last 3 days I have had £45.99 removed from my bank account!! Tried to email and got a email telling me I did not read the small print! Avoid it is a scam!!

  4. Very poor, unclear website. I thought I was buying 3 standard Euromillions ticks from National Lottery but ended up in a syndicate I didn’t want, no emails and then they took £40.00 the next day!! I’ve raised a formal complaint that will be taken to their regulator.

    • Hi Hayley, I noticed on Trust Pilot you managed to get a refund, please can you let me know which agencies you involved to do this as I have sent all the evidence to Get Lottery and still they are refusing my refund request.

  5. I get small prizes. Don’t try to Play. I collected 181£ with small prizes and I can’t use it in any way. I’m free to say my opinion, don’t try something like that


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