UK National Lottery

UK National Lottery

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£7,300,000 00:00:00 UTC
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Winning Numbers for 2021-10-20
Numbers to Pick: 6/59
Days of Draw: Wed., Sat.
Average Price: £2
Odds of Winning: 1 in 45,057,474
  1. The lottery is no longer a fun game to play 1 to 59 now 1 to 49 was a lot better at least you had more of a chance to win and you didn’t see roll over roll over and roll over for weeks on end no fun

  2. All I can say is that the national lottery has gone down hill ever since they added those extra 10 numbers and put the prices up, I no longer waste my time playing the lottery, I have now joined a lottery Syndicate and I am hoping to come away with a decent win at some point in time, what you should be doing Camelot is making the tiers more exciting so people can win more and cut down on the jackpots, this way you will get more people to play the lottery. Why don’t you just think about that Camelot? From Mr Tannock.

  3. Shit they suspended my online account after 5 years of using for no reason

  4. I once win on the National lottery £3000 for 5 balls, but that was when it was 49 balls. It’s all a con now.

  5. Absolute con.
    It’s obviously fixed to make the greedy fat cats richer. It’s time to take it off Camelot, they have ruined it with their greed.
    Absolute waste of money.

  6. I just find the lotto a big con. I matched 3 numbers last night, but because 1 of them was the bonus ball it doesn’t count as 3 so all I got was a free lucky dip. It should count as 3 in my opinion, all the balls come out of the same machine don’t they?

  7. I played my usual 6 numbers online as I’ve done from day one.
    I went to a local supermarket and bought a ticket, changing 3 of the numbers and adding 3 new ones. Of the 3 numbers I kept on both tickets, 2 came up. 5 and 19 on both tickets.
    I won a lucky dip online and won a lucky dip from the supermarket ticket.
    Imagine my shock/surprise finding that both lucky dips had the SAME numbers and the SAME raffle colour and numbers.
    The odds on 2 supposed lucky dips from different sources which are meant to be random being identical must be higher than actually winning the jackpot.

  8. Disgusting behavior from Camelot, putting both the odds and price up again! Beggars belief! Only small percentage of that price even goes towards winnings.

    Absolutely disgraceful.


  10. I totally hate the new changes of the 59 balls up until then i was a regular player since the start of the Lottery game, but now i wont play it because its not working and instead of giving smaller prizes to people to give them something in return we are now seeing massive rollovers each month which is ridiculous???

  11. Camelot is owned by a Canadian insurance company for teachers. Why does this country sell out all the time? A National Lottery should be kept within the nation, for the nation.

  12. It’s become a total scam.. Harder to win and smaller prizes… Only fools play lotto look at the odds yourself…. That’s why so many oleovers sinces more balls introduced and think of the interest and profits for Camelot…

  13. Now its 59 numbers on the national lottery. I, like thousands, will never do the lottery again. I didn’t see any warning they were going to do this. I think what they have done is madness and the shame is charity will lose out. I will do it when they bring it back to 49 numbers. Most people when doing the lottery think maybe they have a change of three numbers and winning 25 pounds, now to get 3 from 59 very little chance they want to get there act together its supost to be the peoples lottery, it aint its the idiots who run the lottery. They can change it anytime to what ever they want. Why not make it a hundred numbers, why not make it 5 pounds a line? Listen to what people want if it works dont change it and it did it dont know.

  14. UK lottery changes in October again. More chances to win they say only a free ticket adding more numbers to choose from does not give you more chances to win they think we are all stupid, they couldn’t keep the guarantee last time of 2m on Wednesday and 5m on Saturday.

  15. One thing to keep in mind. US lotteries are big but so is IRS. A 300 million win results in 200 million for IRS. And not to mention State tax. I play the Lotto’s that are tax exempt….. You keep more money.

  16. In the draw for Wed 13 Aug, Match 3 paid out £25, Match 4 paid out £15. That is ridiculous. The prize fund of £720K puts the lie to Camelots claim that more people want to play with a higher chance of winning a smaller prize. It takes a real talent to mess up a money printing scheme, but Camelot have managed it.


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UK National Lottery Exposed — Could You Play Its Games Online?

UK National Lottery Exposed

UK National Lottery Review

When I first looked at the UK National Lottery, I got mixed vibes. Was this option capable of making dreams come true? Camelot Ltd. runs the various lottery games offered, and the UK National Lottery Commission governs them. The UK National Lottery even has an official online site to play their games. There is absolutely no reason not to trust these games, nor wonder if you’re going to get your big jackpot – unless you don’t reside in the UK or Isle of Man.

What Does the UK National Lottery Offer?

There are several different lottery games offered by the UK National Lottery. Their big jackpot is called Lotto, which involves choosing 6 numbers between 1 and 59. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the UK National Lottery draws 5 balls and a lucky ball from the same 59 numbers. The lucky ball only helps a winner if 5 of the regular balls match those drawn. The cost to play is £2 per ticket line. This is an accumulative jackpot that pays out in a lump sum.

For an additional £1 per ticket line, a player can enter the Plus 5 draw, which takes place 5 days a week. If you Plus 5 your Saturday ticket, you play in the draws on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you Plus 5 a Wednesday ticket, it starts on Thursday. The top jackpot is fixed with prizes starting at £2.50 up to a non-shared jackpot of £250,000.

UK National Lottery also offers Thunderball a ticket line price of £1 every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The Jackpot is fixed at £500,000. Plays chose 5 main numbers from 1 to 39 and a ‘Thunderball’ from 1 to 14.

UK National Lottery’s Lotto Hot Picks increases your odds but decreases the amount to be won with a top jackpot of £130,000. For the same price as Lotto, you only pick 5 numbers. The winning numbers are the same as Lotto, but a player only has to match 5 out of any of the six main numbers drawn to win the jackpot.

UK National Lottery and EuroMillions

The UK National Lottery is the UK partner in the mega EuroMillions draw played each twice a week, including play in the Millionaires Raffle. But I wouldn’t play it through their official site if you’re not a resident as the claim goes through Camelot Ltd. There are concierge sites like based in other countries that will allow you to play and claim your jackpot!

The Odds of Winning the UK National Lottery

The overall odds of winning any prize when playing the UK National Lottery are 1 in 9.3. It has 6 prize tiers, and the table below shows the numbers required to win each level.

Prize TierNumbers to MatchOdds of Winning
Jackpot61 in 45,057,474
25 + Bonus Ball1 in 7,509,579
351 in 144,415
441 in 2,180
531 in 97
621 in 10.3

Here’s how UK National Lottery winners spend their money:

UK Lottery Winners Spending

Can You Play UK National Lottery Online?

Many would like to have answered if you can play the UK national lottery online. Apparently, people in the UK would want to buy UK National Lottery tickets online for added convenience. People in other countries don’t have another option.

The good news is that both locals and residents of other countries can give this option a try.

The UK National Lottery online platform makes it possible for people to get their tickets without leaving home. For those in other countries, there are online lottery agency platforms that carry the national lotto. Tickets can be bought via these portals, and a representative of the agency will be responsible for acquiring those on behalf of the client.

Customer Service at the UK National Lottery

Customer service is available during regular UK business hours and includes telephone, email, and snail-mail. There is no Live Chat, even about their official online lottery site. There is a specific email for complaints, including instructions on how to proceed.

Customer Complaints at the UK National Lottery

This is a national lottery, so complaints don’t happen. The usual email scams use their name, claiming people are winners either as part of identity theft or scams on fees and taxes.

UK National Lottery Scams

As already mentioned, the UK National Lottery is regulated and governed by laws in the country. There are no scams and no risk of being subjected to fraud attempts. However, people have been known to fall for fraudsters that use the name of the UK National Lottery.

The first, the most typical, and the oldest scam still around is the UK National Lottery email scam. Fake winning notification emails are being circulated in an attempt to fool gullible individuals. The newest scam even features verifiable information (like the latest numbers being drawn) to make the email credible.

People who fall for the scam and send back an email containing personal information will receive additional messages. These will ask for the payment of a processing fee before the prize is being paid out.

A similar scam via regular mail and paper-based letters is also circulating in the UK.

Remember the most important thing about official lotteries – they do not contact “potential players.” It’s up to the player to get in touch with the lottery and demand a prize. Also, it’s impossible to win without ever playing. If you ever get one of the UK National Lottery scam emails or letters, it would be best to disregard those and discard them immediately.

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The Bottom Line at the UK National Lottery

UK National Lottery offers UK and Isle of Man residents a well-regulated group of lottery games that can be played almost any day of the week, either by going into a local store or their official online site. If you are not in the UK and want to play online, make sure you check out who you are playing with, especially the small print. can help you there!


Official lotteries

Lots of days to play

Great Prizes


If you are not in the UK, ensuring that you use a trusted online lottery service

Deciding which game to play

The bottom line is these are good games to play with lots of days to play. We give them a thumbs up!

How Much Does It Cost to Play UK National Lottery Online?

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