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Bcchildren Exposed — If you’re in BC, Play the Lottery

Bcchildren Exposed

Bcchildren Review

This is one of those fundraising lotteries that support a cause – the British Columbia Children’s Hospital (that’s in Canada). There is a total of 3,125 prizes to be won with a retail value of $3,814,750. But hang on a sec – you have to actually buy your ticket in British Columbia. There are no online sales and no phone sales except for ordering tickets to be delivered in BC from a BC telephone number. It is tax-free and that does go for visitors – but again, you have to actually buy your tickets there! So let’s take a look at why you’d do it.

Is 24Lottos Legit?

Important Dates at Bcchildren.com

Getting in on the ground is important on this one as there is a bunch of early bird drawings before the big one! The “Appreciation Award Sales” closed on the 12th of February. The “Family Bonus Sales” closes on the 26th of February. “Spring Bonus Sales” closes on the 11th of March. “Early Bird Sales” closes on the 1st of April – Yipe! April Fools’ Day. “50/50 Plus Lottery Sales” closes on the 13th of April as well, “Big Score Plus Lottery”. The final sale for the draw closes on the 13th of April 2016 also.

Grand Prize Winnings

Maybe one of the hardest challenges of this raffle would be choosing which grand prize to pick from. These include “High Point Dream Home”, “Crescent Beach Home”, “False Creek Condo”, “Vancouver Island Home”, “Burnaby Sky Villa”, “Watermark Beach Resort” and $2.1 million Canadian cash. Each of the prizes to choose from also come with a combination of a car, furnishing, cash, and other throw-ins so they are all equal in value.

Early Bird Prizes at Bcchildren.com

Okay, I did have a bit of a drool over the Ferrari California T as an early bird prize – that’s that April’s Fool draw. Then again, the two other prizes to choose from of a “Canyon Desert Golf Villa” or “CAN $250,000 sounds good too. Na – I admit it. I’d take the Ferrari!

BC Children’s Hospital Lottery and their 50/50

This is an add-on to purchasing the main ticket. It’s a thing that is done in Canada a lot. Basically, people can purchase 50/50 tickets 2 for $15, 6 for $30 or 16 for $60. Half of the money collected goes to charity and the other half goes to the winner.

So Who Can Play?

People on the Board and employees of the British Columbia Children’s Hospital Foundation cannot play, plus partners and employees of the official auditors of KPMG, MNP LLP, and SCI. Bcchildren.com also states clearly that you have to actually be in British Columbia to buy a ticket. Tickets cannot be purchased via the internet, by phone, fax, or by mail by people who are not physically in BC. Tickets cannot be sent to what they call a third-party address for non-residents of British Columbia. Okay – I’m wondering now at an email from my cousin in BC who asked if I wanted one.

Why the BC Physical Restriction?

Keep in mind that most of the companies that offer prizes are doing this as a sales technique. That’s part of the reason you need to physically be in BC. Even if you don’t win, they want people to take a look at their developments or at least know about them. It’s hard not to click on the different places and take a look.

Why Does Bcchildren.com Do It?

This is an interesting way to fundraise for a hospital. Bcchildren.com lists the results of what the hospital did in 2015 including 9,000 children needing surgery, the intensive care unit taking over 1,100 children, more than 44,000 children coming through their Emergency Department, and well, the list goes on. It’s pretty amazing what this children’s hospital does and so hats off to them for finding additional ways to extend their service.


Why You Should Register with BC Children


Great Prizes

Great Odds


Why You Shouldn’t Register with BC Children


Only Available in British Columbia

You Must Actually Be In British Columbia

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Is BC Children Legit?

If you are a resident of British Columbia (or a visitor there), this is a cool way to support the children’s hospital and just maybe cash in on a prize. The odds are pretty good at winning – definitely better than some of those mega jackpot lotteries. The challenge is you have to be there to buy a ticket!

If I was in British Columbia, this is one I think I’d pick a ticket for. It is a good charity to support and I’d still have a chance to win some great prizes. If you do play and win – please let us know, hopefully with a picture sitting on your new outdoor furniture at your Crescent Beach Home with your new 2016 BMW 528i Xdrive sitting in the background!

  1. I am not sure if they use the donation to help sick children. I don’t know why they have the money to buy expensive high end properties to be the prize on their charity lottery.

  2. I must be the unluckiest person to buy these house raffle tickets. I spent over $1000 and got nothing. Not even a coffee card,☹💸

  3. I do like the fact that this is for a children’s hospital and anyone in British Columbia (or on holiday there) should buy a ticket. At the same time, why can’t they open this up a bit to purchasing online. I would love to buy a ticket buy I’m not going to fly all the way to BC just to get a ticket. Very frustrating!


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