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TuLoto Exposed — Something Unique to Offer!

TuLoto Exposed

TuLoto Review

New online lottery agencies pop up in the digital realm like mushrooms after rain in the forest. There are so many options to choose from today that it may be nearly impossible to make up your mind.

This is where we step in to offer a bit of guidance and assistance.

Today, we will take a look at a portal called TuLoto.com. TuLoto is a digital operator that enables players to obtain tickets for international lotteries without being in the respective country organizing the game.

TuLoto offers a limited range of games from Europe. In this sense, it isn’t any better than some of the well-established and most popular online lottery agencies out there. Can the platform be differentiated via special characteristics and the uniqueness of its customer service? We will attempt to find the answers to all of these questions today in our TuLoto review.

Here’s why GiantLottos is better than TuLoto

Games at TuLoto.com

As mentioned in the introduction, the range of games that you can buy tickets for through TuLoto is limited.

At the time being, the platform makes it possible to buy tickets solely for La Primitiva, Bonoloto, El Gordo, EuroMillions, La Quiniela, El Quinigol, Loteria Nacional, and Loteria Navidad. The most observant of you have already determined that all of the games are Spanish, excluding the pan-European EuroMillions.

As per the official announcement, playing at TuLoto is equivalent to using the services of the national lottery administration in Spain. Since we’re not 100 percent convinced of the validity of the claim, we’ve decided to take a look at the price of a ticket.

Randomly, we chose Bonoloto. If you are in Spain and you decide to give Bonoloto a try, you will have to spend 0.50 euros per line, and a ticket consists of two lines. This means you have to pay one euro, which makes Bonoloto one of the most affordable lotteries in the country.

When using TuLoto, you have to spend one euro on a ticket that consists of two bets! Surprise! The advertising claim is 100 percent correct.

So how does TuLoto make money? There are several additional services, and we’ll take a look at those later on in the review.

Getting Your Winnings with TuLoto

The TuLoto FAQ section suggests that once results are announced and winning tickets are confirmed, players are paid out the amount that they’ve won in their virtual TuLoto account.

This rule is valid for prizes of up to 600 euros. If the prize amount is higher than 600 euro, a member of the customer support team will get in touch with the player to discuss the specifics of paying out the prize.

Keep in mind that Spain does impose an income tax on lottery prizes, and the respective sum will be deducted before an award is paid out. You can find out more about the taxation tiers on the TuLoto website.

Once funds are in your digital account, you can cash them out by credit/debit card transfer or wire transfer to your bank account. These are also the methods you can utilize to fund your purchases through the platform.

Who Can Play at TuLoto?

To buy lottery tickets viaTuLoto, you have to be of legal age. In Spain, that age is 18.

Additionally, you have to act by your national law when buying lottery tickets online through TuLoto. What exactly does this mean? In some countries, online gambling and betting are illegal. Buying lottery tickets digitally falls under the same category.

Very often, countries that make online betting illegal will also limit access to such websites. Even if you see TuLoto, however, it’s essential to make sure that you have the legal right to buy lottery tickets through the platform. Otherwise, you may get yourself in trouble with local authorities.

Who Is Behind TuLoto?

TuLoto does offer complete transparency in terms of managing its service. If you go to the Legal Information section of the website, you will find everything about the company and the permit under which it operates the website.

The company that runs TuLoto and buys lottery tickets on behalf of its clients is Elocar Solutions Sl. It is based in Spain, and you can get in touch via email or telephone. A physical address is also provided on the website.

TuLoto’s team also offers Whatsapp support, which is a nice added perk for those testing out the platform through a mobile device.

The About Us section of the website itself has some pretty general information that doesn’t shed additional light on the company or its core competencies.

Elocal Solutions, however, features numerous databases and business registries from Spain. You can rest assured it is a legitimate service provider. The company was set up back in 2017, and it deals with web development, information, and communication technologies.

Other Bits and Pieces

As mentioned previously, TuLoto does sell lottery tickets at the same price as the national lottery in Spain. The platform makes money through the provision of various additional services that we will take a look at right now.

For those who want to join it, there is a TuLoto club.

The TuLoto Club supposedly increases a player’s chances of winning by making suggestions about hot numbers to play. These are based on statistical analysis – a pretty standard approach toward the selection of lottery digits.

For Bonoloto, the subscription for TuLoto Club costs eight euros for a 10-week subscription. You will separately have to pay for the tickets that you buy. If you want to use the TuLoto club for a single drawing, the cost is going to be 0.50 euros.

There are also syndicates you can join to improve your odds of winning a prize. These are presented in the Services section of the website. If you’re not happy with the syndicates currently being listed, you can launch your own and create a group of people to play together.

A few other characteristics deserve to be mentioned here.

You do not have to be a registered website member to buy tickets via TuLoto.

If you don’t register, you will be asked to leave your contact information. In the event of winning a prize, you will be contacted by the customer support team to discuss how you can claim your award.

We did look for TuLoto reviews or testimonials written by people who have used the service to acquire their lottery tickets. Unfortunately, we could not find any accounts. One thousand five hundred eighty-three people follow the Facebook page of TuLoto, and it has a rating of 4.5 out of five. This rating, however, is based on contributions by solely eight people. The one complaint featured on the Facebook page is about one person’s inability to finalize a purchase.

Here are some of the main things that we liked about this Spanish lottery ticket online service provider:

Why You Should Register with TuLoto


TuLoto offers a specialized service focused on Spain; it doesn’t try to compete with the big players out there

You get a scanned lottery copy by email as confirmation of purchase

There are no commissions on the acquisition of tickets

You do not have to register an account to buy a lottery ticket

There are system play, syndicates, and advance ticket-buying options

You can subscribe to a lottery analysis software that will give you access to hot and cold numbers

The customer support team will get in touch with you about cashing out more massive prizes

A real company registered in Spain manages TuLoto

Customer support is available via phone, email, and Whatsapp

What are the downsides? Here are the main issues we see:

Why You Shouldn’t Register with TuLoto


A limited range of games to play (only lotteries from Spain, which some may see as an advantage)

Limited payment options supported – no PayPal or other digital payment method integration

The effectiveness of predictive lottery software is questionable and potentially not worth the additional expenditure

Parts of the website are not translated correctly into English, which makes some of the functionalities confusing

There aren’t many TuLoto reviews out there

Would you mind rating TuLoto.com?

Is TuLoto Legit?

Unlike many other smaller online lottery agencies out there, TuLoto does seem to have something unique to offer.

We rarely come across a platform keeping its promises and not just relying on marketing hype. Based on our research, we can conclude that TuLoto is one of these platforms.

TuLoto has many great features. If you are a fan of Spanish lotteries and you’re not in the country, this may be one service to try. The only troubling aspect is the absence of a more significant number of client reviews, but based on everything we’ve dug out, TuLoto appears to be safe, legitimate, and affordable.

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