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  1. I think they’re a bunch of thieves they put a stop to online gambling cuz they couldn’t get their fat fingers in on it then they come out in full force with lottery tickets etc you people are the true scammers say odds 1 in 3 win that’s a fricken lie I bought $60 in Vikings $ 5 tickets I won $5 you people should be ashamed people lose cars homes relationships cuz of you thieves you all will answer to the big man upstairs and you people should burn in hell

  2. For people in the US of A, fine and dandy – you can play. But people in the rest of the world can’t! Yup, that’s me. It doesn’t matter how good a site is – if you can’t play there. Maybe they’ll change the rules like some of the other states – like California. They’d still get their taxes off the mega jackpot!

  3. Its time to start printing daily three tickets on a single paper ticket

    • Its time to start playing daily 3 two times a day like all or nothing.


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Mnlottery Exposed — Minnesota Official Lottery

Mnlottery Review ( is the official site for Minnesota State. They have joined other American states and now offer lottery tickets and subscriptions online. This has happened as a result of a clarification in the laws of the USA that now allows for selling lottery tickets online. Their site still does say that you have to be physically in the US to play, but it is not limited to being a resident of Minnesota. The site has also jazzed up with some scrolling pictures on what the proceeds of ticket sales supports. Actually, the site overall is definitely more user-friendly.

Who is MN Lottery

This is operated by the Minnesota State Lottery and governed by both state and federal laws. This also includes taxes. Previously ( play to people who were actually residents in Minnesota as part of the fact that federal law prohibits selling tickets across state borders. This has now been clarified. See US Lotteries – Can I or Can’t I.

Playing at Mnlottery

AT MN Lottery, players can choose to purchase tickets for as little as six weeks and up to one year for six distinct lotteries, including Powerball and Mega Millions. They claim to be is a one-stop-shop for those who want to buy lottery tickets for long periods and don’t want to go through the same process over and over again. Tickets are stored securely online. You do still need to make sure your browser is up to date as the system requires a minimum of Internet Explorer 8! Site

There is no question that these folks have given their site a face-lift. It’s easy to get around and very clear where to find information. The terms and conditions and FAQ is still fairly basic plus customer support only has an online form or telephone number available during business hours. There is no live chat.

On An Aside

Minnesota seems to be really into ensuring that everyone can purchase lottery tickets from anywhere. In November last year, they launched the ability to buy lottery tickets at gas stations and ATMs. Customers can purchase up to $50 a week using their debit cards. People have to enter their mobile telephone number when they buy a lottery ticket. Their lottery numbers are sent to their phone via text message plus you do get a receipt immediately. It appears people get a text message notifying them after a draw whether they win or lose.

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There doesn’t appear to be any complaints except the usual email scams by people claiming to represent the Minnesota State Lottery, who will help you claim your Jackpot. These have been around long enough, I can’t imagine anyone buying into this scam. ( is monitored and regulated by the Minnesota Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement, A Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Complaints or concerns can be sent straight to them to investigate.

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The Bottom Line at Mnlottery

It’s great to see different states evolve to make it easier for people to buy lottery tickets online. definitely has perked up their site making it much easy for people to navigate, find information and buy tickets online. They still restrict playing to people who are resident in the United States.


An official government site

Easy to navigate

Access to the big US lotteries


You must be a resident in the US

Mnlottery gets a big thumbs up for their face-lift. They still get a thumbs down for restricting play to only people who reside in the US.