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Minnesota Lottery Exposed — Official Lottery and Online Platform

Minnesota Lottery Review

We have a lot to talk about when it comes to the official website of the Minnesota Lottery. has been around for quite some time.

The purpose and function of the site have changed many times over the years. If you scroll through the user comments above this review, you’ll find out exactly what the changes have been and how they’ve affected actual players.

Previously, it was possible to buy lottery tickets online through the official website of the Minnesota lottery. Unfortunately, that has changed. The online platform doesn’t feature such capabilities, but there’s still a chance to get your tickets without leaving home.

If you’re curious about it, you’ll find out everything in the coming sections.

Games at MN Lottery Online

Mn Lottery features an array of games – both national and state favorites.

The portfolio includes big guns like Powerball and Mega Millions. There are also beloved local lotteries that offer smaller rewards but come with much better odds. These include Mn Lottery Daily 3, Gopher 5, Mn Lottery Lucky for Life, Lotto America, and Northstar Cash.

At the time being, you cannot buy your tickets through In 2018, the Minnesota State Lottery announced a partnership with the New York-based phone app Jackpocket. This is the one possibility that enables the online buying of tickets for local games at the time.

Online lottery sales have long been a controversial topic in Minnesota. While such opportunities were made available briefly, legal amendments discontinued the practice. The lottery operator has tried to lobby for a legislative change, but unfortunately, it hasn’t come true so far.

MN Lottery: Who Can Play?

You have to be of legal age, and you also have to be a resident of Minnesota to gain access to local games.

Right now, you can sign up for an Mn Lottery account through the website. Mn Lottery games, however, will not become available this way. A registered account will give you a chance to check results and find out more information about your games of preference.

If you want to buy Minnesota Lottery tickets online, you will need the Jackpocket app, but first, read Jackpocket reviews 📖

Once again, geographic restrictions will apply to your ability to buy tickets this way.

Minnesota Lottery and Claiming Your Prizes

The prize claim procedure is fairly simple, and it’s outlined via the Mn Lottery official website.

Anyone who’s getting tickets via Jackpocket will have winning amounts credited to their account. Sums of under 600 dollars will appear automatically in the player’s account. Once the sum is added, it can be withdrawn to a payment method of preference.

For larger prizes, there will typically be a verification procedure. If you play Mn Lottery Powerball, for example, and you win one of the top-tier rewards, you’ll have to visit a lottery office to make a personal request for the processing of your sum.

Who’s Behind Minnesota Lottery Online?

The Minnesota State Lottery is the official lottery operator in the state. It’s been in business since 1988 when a voter referendum led to legal amendments and the establishment of lotteries.

Since its inception, the Minnesota Lottery has handed out prizes worth more than 395 million dollars. It’s a completely legitimate entity that is governed by state rules. The legal framework is in place to protect players and create guidelines for operations and carrying out luck games.

You can rest assured that Mn Lottery and its online platform are both completely legitimate.

Other Bits and Pieces

There isn’t an awful lot more to say. The legislative chaos in the state and policymakers’ resistance has made it very difficult for digital lottery playing opportunities to evolve. Yes, third-party service provision is possible, and it still gives Minnesotans options. At the same time, the situation isn’t really optimal.

Even at a crazy time like we’ve seen since the beginning of 2020, online ticket buying isn’t an option. And this is happening even though the sale of lottery tickets in Minnesota went up significantly ever since the start of 2020 and the introduction of social distancing measures/lockdowns.

If you sign up for an account at the time being, you will benefit from alerts and additional information – something you may want to consider. Subscribers get access to promo alerts and jackpot alerts. The chances are that they’ll also be the first ones notified about an eventual legislative change.

Why You Should Register with Minnesota Lottery


A website created by the official state lottery organizer

Clean, consistent design, lots of useful information

You can sign up for news alerts and promo offers

There’s also a convenient opportunity to determine if you’ve won anything

Mn Lottery has partnered up with a third-party service provider to enable online ticket sales

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Minnesota Lottery


Signing up for an account is practically useless when you cannot buy tickets online

You have to go through a third party to do online ticket buying

Online ticket buying is still geographically restricted, and you cannot access local games from the rest of the US or the world

Prize claims still need to occur in the offline realm

Would you mind rating

Is Minnesota Lottery Legit?

Yes, it is, but the Mn Lottery website doesn’t give us a chance to dig deep and find many interesting things. At the time being, it really isn’t worth paying attention to or registering for.

That’s about it. We’re sorry to say that the Minnesota lottery is far behind when it comes to digital implementation. Hopefully, things will change shortly.

  1. I’ve been playing Gopher 5 and various Scratch offs for 20 years. I’ve literally never even one more than $100. Once I won $75 on a scratch off. That was the best I’ve ever gotten. I just played $25 in $5 scratch offs and got nothing, not even $5. The odds for the game we winner one out of 4. Hmmmm. It’s a scam!

  2. I been playing pick 3 for 2 years it’s always 1 number off.. Never win there pay outs are low and all they do is rob us not to mention triples haven’t fallen yet but every state had triples at least 5 times a year.. I hate Minnesota

  3. I’ve been playing mnlottery scratch offs for almost 30 years. And I don’t mean sometimes I mean all the damn time and at first it was ok. The Print and Play Bingo was a constant hit. Now I truly believe that The mnlottery is scamming its residents and making false winners to keep people buying. I literally just said I’m done with mnlottery. Funny people from other states “WIN” but its own residents don’t

  4. Absolutely a scam!! They need to be arrested! I will NEVER play again!! Same with e-tabs! Screw you Minnesota!!!! They need to be held accountable!!

  5. Complete scam. I have been playing MN lottery for over 20 years. Not like 1 a week. Like It caused problems in my life playing. For 20 years and the moat, I have ever gotten is literally a couple 100 dollar winners. After covid, they don’t even pretend to give you a chance. I have been playing the print and play for over 2 years now spending at least 50 a week with 2 100 dollar winners. The average seems to be 5 to 10 back out of 50. If you’re lucky. Save your money. Or at least give it to a state that will put it to good use. If I want bouncing my head off the ceiling of my truck on every dumb road in this state, I might not be so salty.


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