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YABTCL Exposed — Might Leave You More Confused than a Winner

YABTCL Exposed


I didn’t think an online lottery could get weirder and then I came across yabtcl.com. This is supposedly a free Bitcoin lottery though I’m still trying to figure out how it actually works. Everything I read looks like I have to deposit Bitcoins to open an account and play. They have three draws a week plus it looks like there is an instant lottery.

Games at YABTCL.com

The rules (what there are of them) for their “free lottery” says that you can play 3 free tickets a day. Players can choose between 6 to 16 numbers between 1 and 67. The more numbers you choose, the more it costs. Hang on – I thought they said it was free. It looks like they give you some free Bitcoins to start and/or you can get more as you go. The lottery takes place Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 24:00 UTC. The lottery pays out from getting 2 numbers correct, up to the jackpot of 6 numbers correct. It looks like the top payout is 1.1650116 BTC which equals about US$ 3,100. Looking at the prizes awarded, it doesn’t look like someone has done this yet. There is also an instant lottery.

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YABTCL & Pools

There are two kinds of pools available. “Share-a-Ticket” involves someone buying tickets and then sharing the ticket costs with others. “Add-a-Ticket” involves anyone adding their tickets to the pot, prizes to be shared by all.

Free Bitcoins to Play at YABTCL.com

Supposedly, you can get free bitcoins but the only way to do that is to register with these guys and there was no way I was going to do it. This one is just too weird.

Winning at YABTCL

Any winnings are credited to your account. The amount you win is shown in a table against how many numbers you went into the draw per ticket line which translates into shares of the jackpot. Does that sound confusing? I re-read that part ten times and still couldn’t figure it out. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.000543 BTC (the abbreviation for Bitcoins). This is the equivalent of about US$ 1.45. It seems pretty simple as you go to the withdraw menu, fill in your address and click continue.

Getting in Touch

There is no real customer service here. Actually, there is no information anywhere on who these guys are. There is only an email address. The rules and regulations are sparse with no help on really understanding how this works. I actually ended up more confused. There are no terms and conditions.

Last but not Least at YABTCL.com

Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery also has some form of investment and referral where you can earn money. I’ve read through it four times and I still can’t figure out all the percentages and the different ways to earn money. It’s all very, very confusing.

Why You Should Register with YABTCL


Looks Like You Can Play for Free

Why You Shouldn’t Register with YABTCL


Poor Contact Details

No Terms & Conditions

Small Jackpots

Not Sure if It Is Free

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Is YABTCL Legit?

Getting your head around the amount of 0’s when dealing with Bitcoins is a challenge. The current exchange rate is 1 Bitcoin equals USD 2,649.32. Most of the betting done on this site involves four or five 0’s after the decimal point. I’m not saying that it doesn’t convert into something you can spend, but it’s not going to add up to much fast.

This site gets a thumbs down mostly because of the lack of terms and conditions, actual clear information on how it works and frankly, the jackpot isn’t something to write home about. I’m going to stick to those mega jackpots available with published lotteries. They might cost, but then I do have a chance to win real money.

  1. All withdrawals are stopped. Mine is pending over 14 hours. I’ve sent over ten emails, Twitter, and NO ANSWER. This is bad. STAY AWAY!

  2. After 2 years playing at YABTCL I can give you the bottom line, this site is primarily about the instant lottery, you can disregard everything else, the numbers being played are being played in the instant game, and the reason is the house edge is the lowest of any site online. The house edge is always displayed and varies depending on a convoluted calculation of variables, ranging from how much you have won/lost, bet size, ranking, any many more but the bottom line is while playing anything less then $25 the house advantage is typically 0.1% or 0.0% , Yes that is correct once your account is established and wagers made to get some kind of fix on your betting patterns the system will assign a house advantage of less then 0.1% , but never more then 0.9% Since any win is capped at .5 BTC the greater house edge (up to 1% max) is reserved for those players seeking 500:1 and greater returns. Personally I play 6 numbers or less (all games involve 16 numbers being drawn from a pool of 67) and I rarely see the house edge greater than 0.1%. I can play about 8-10 games per minute, and the instant game at YABTCL is my personal favorite for no frills, legit, ultra-low house edge, keno style instant gaming.


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