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PlayOLG Exposed — Only for Ontarians

PlayOLG Review

Does it seem strange to you that an online lottery provider would only offer two lotteries? We were surfing around today and came across The first thing that we noticed was the fact they have it posted all over the site that this is only for people who are residents of Ontario and physically in Ontario. So where is Ontario do you ask? It’s a province in Canada – their most populated which might be one of the reasons this site survives. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Games at PlayOLG

It doesn’t get much more basic. offers the two leading Canadian national lottery games – Lotto Max and Lotto 649. These are both tax-free lotteries and do climb to some mega jackpot numbers. The other thing that is offered is Encore. It’s an add-on to either lotteries with prizes ranging from $2 through to $1 million. also offers casino games including Slots, Jackpot, Table games, and Video Poker. Their casino games are offered “play for free” or “play for real” though either way players have to register.

PlayOLG and Players

To register players must be 18 years of age or older (19 years for casino games) and a resident of Ontario and physically in Ontario. Try registering outside of Ontario, and you get a message “you are currently out of Ontario.” One of our team in another country did type in an Ontario address to see what happened and got ‘the message.’ So why do people play here?

Playing at offers lottery tickets at face value. There are no fees and service charges over and above the actual cost of the ticket. There are also no fees or commissions for getting your winnings. They send an email if you’ve won. Players can use Visa, Master card and Direct Debit Cards to deposit money to their account (don’t forget to make sure it’s a card registered in Ontario). Keep in mind, any money charged to a credit card is recognized by the supplier as a cash payment so starts earning interest immediately. There is a minimum deposit of CAD 15 and a weekly maximum of CAD 9,999. The minimum amount for withdrawal is CAD 5 with no maximum amount.

Who Are They? is owned and operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, which is an Operational Enterprise of the Ministry of Finance – yes government. These guys are very official. They employ about 17,000 people in Ontario, and that includes their customer service staff. Their live chat is open 24/7, and yes, the team couldn’t resist double checking that. There is also a telephone number (24/7) and online form (response within 24 hours).

The Bottom Line at

I guess if you are not very mobile and want to play one of the two mega jackpot lotteries of Canada, this is a convenient way to get your tickets. It also means you can’t misplace your tickets (which I have done twice). also notifies you by email of any win.


No fees or commissions

24/7 Live Chat

Good Customer Service


Must reside in Ontario

Must be physically in Ontario

Only two lotteries

These guys get a thumbs up for people in Ontario, Canada – and a thumbs down for the rest of the world (in this case, that includes Manitoba and the rest of the provinces and territories of Canada). It definitely would be a convenient way to play in the heart of winter! Then again, it is only two lotteries, and there are those others like US Powerball and Euro Millions that are out there to play!

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