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PlayOLG Exposed — Only for Ontarians

PlayOLG Exposed

PlayOLG Review

Canadians seem to love their lotteries, and they’re always on the lookout for an online opportunity to play some local or national games.

PlayOLG is one such opportunity. OLG Canada is advertised as an online lottery and casino portal. It means you have a wide range of games to choose from. While the gameplay opportunities are quite diversified, however, some restrictions abound.

Today’s review of Play OLG is dedicated to both the opportunities and the restrictions you need to familiarize yourself with before making good use of the platform. Let’s get started.

Games at PlayOLG

PlayOLG offers the chance to buy tickets for two national lottery games – Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49.

There are also instant digital lottery games. These are reminiscent of scratch-offs, but they’re executed in a digital version. You can play without spending money to test out each of these games, decide if you like it and if you’re going to spend money on the opportunity.

PlayOLG also features a good selection of classic casino games you can play without leaving home.

When it comes to the cost of using the service, let’s check out if PlayOLG is worth a try.

Take Lotto Max as an example.

The good news is that PlayOLG is a regional and authorized retailer. As a result, the lottery tickets cost the same amount they would if you went out there to an authorized Canadian vendor and got your paper ticket.

In this sense, you can rest assured that OLG lottery playing opportunities are as affordable as all other methods for playing Canadian lotteries. You can go ahead and give this service a try without worrying that you’re going to get ripped off.

Is 24Lottos strictly for 🇨🇦?

Who Can Use PlayOLG?

To register, players must be 18 years of age or older (19 years for casino games) and a resident of Ontario.

Because there are some restrictions and requirements for registering and claiming prizes, players also need to reside in Ontario at the time of making the purchase.

It means that Canadians living in other parts of the country, as well as international players, cannot use the Play OLG service to acquire lottery tickets.

Keep in mind that the information submitted when registering for your PlayOLG account will be verified upon winning more substantial sums. Thus, as tempting as it may seem to provide false information and access the goodies inside the portal, you will still be incapable of cashing out funds through the submission of misleading info. Just don’t do it!

Withdrawing Your PlayOLG Winnings

There are no fees or commissions for getting your winnings. The Play OLG team will send you an email if you’ve won, after which you can go ahead to decide whether you’re going to withdraw or if you’ll use the money for the purchase of additional tickets and gaming opportunities.

Players can use Visa, MasterCard, and Direct Debit Cards to deposit money into their accounts. There is a minimum deposit of CAD 15 and a weekly maximum of CAD 9,999. The minimum amount for withdrawal is CAD 5, with no maximum amount.

To withdraw money from your account, you will need to verify ownership of your bank account, and this is the sole method that can be used to cash out prizes you have won.

There is a minimum of five dollars that applies to withdrawals. If you have a smaller sum in your account, you’ll have to wait for an additional win. There is no maximum limit when it comes to a single withdrawal.

Anyone who has won a more considerable amount should be prepared to provide additional documents like a national ID upon request.

Who Is Behind PlayOLG? is owned and operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), which is an Operational Enterprise of the Ministry of Finance.

OLG Canada was founded way back in 1975, and its current revenue surpasses 6.7 billion dollars per year! Currently, OLG is responsible for the organization of lottery games like Lotto 6/49, Lotto Max, Ontario 49, and Lottario. The company also holds daily draw games (Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, Daily Keno, Mega Dice Lotto, etc.), sports gaming, and casino gaming.

The modern OLG resulted from a merger of the Ontario Lottery Corporation (OLC) and the Ontario Casino Corporation (OCC) in 2000. The combined entity became known as OLGC (and later on OLG), and today, it employs more than 8,000 people throughout Ontario.

All of this info means you can rest assured that PlayOLG is entirely legitimate. There have been numerous OLG winners through the years, and their identities can be verified. There are also national and local Ontario regulations that determine how the company and the website operator. OLG Lotto’s online ticket buying portal is legit, and there are detailed terms and conditions bound to protect the player’s interest. Just to be on the safe side, it is a good idea to go through this documentation before signing up for an account and starting to play online.

Other Bits and Pieces

OLG Lotto is fun and easy to use. Once you create your account, you’ll be free to deposit funds and start benefiting from the numerous ways to test your luck and win some cash.

One final interesting thing we need to point out is that Play OLG occasionally makes promotional campaigns available to its members.

Currently, there is a welcome offer that entitles you to 10-dollar cash back after you spend 15 dollars on the buying of tickets and other games of luck.

There is also a Play OLG starter package (the company will match the size of the first deposit that you make) and promo coupons you can redeem upon signing up.

To find out what offers are currently available to Play OLG members, go to the “Promotions” section of the website.

Why You Should Register With PlayOLG


The official website that runs under national and local Ontario regulations

You can play national lotteries, instant games, and casino games

There is no markup; tickets cost exactly what they would in a local retail agency

Easy money withdrawal and deposit processes

Players are entitled to various kinds of promotions and bonus offers

Why You Shouldn’t Register With PlayOLG


There are only two national games available for purchase

Local Ontario games and daily games are not included in the portfolio

You have to be a resident of Ontario, and you have to be in Ontario to play physically

Some detailed identity verification procedures will have to be completed after winning larger sums

Would you mind rating

Is a Scam?

Whether you like Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, or other games of luck, PlayOLG may be the right choice for you. The portal is well-made, and a national entity operates it. You can rest assured that your money will go towards the acquisition of a ticket, and in the event of winning, you will receive your payment.

These guys get a thumbs up for people in Ontario, Canada – and a thumbs down for the rest of the world. It definitely would be a convenient way to play in the heart of winter. Still, anyone looking for a ton of diversity would not be too satisfied with the limited options that Play OLG has to offer.

  1. Very few bonus games. No payouts. Lucky if you win anything to withdraw even once a year. And you will spend a lot of money and get nothing in return. No play value for your money. I spend a dollar a spin and in 20 spins, did not get 1 winning spin. Or you get a winning spin on that dollar, and it is 20 cents back. Used to be fun but not no more! I wanted to rate then with a negative.

  2. Spent 580 and won nothing, not even one bonus. Save your money. So many other alternatives out there.

  3. Very easy to use, and conveniant, I’m just waiting to win big on Lotto 6/49!

  4. Crap!!! .40 pulls $20 let’s you play for 3 min!! Entertainment at its finest! Don’t play here!

  5. Absolutely rigged. Played enough blackjack to absolutely say this with certainty and I’d bet my life on it. Dealer gets constant 21s and 20s. It’s an absolute joke. No way in he’ll is it the 48.5 percent odds of winning each hand they say is when everyone constantly just loses their stack to deals constant perfect hands. Rigged!!!!!!! I hope everyone that works for them or owns them kys.


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