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  1. I can only load this via WiFi. It doesn’t work for me using mobile data even with a full 4g signal. Frustrating

  2. This lottery is great it’s fun free and exciting everyday to see if you have won I would recommend this to any one who likes to win free money!!


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Freemojilottery Exposed — Simply Pick Your 5 Favorite Emojis to Win!

Freemojilottery Review

Looking at, we were trying to figure out the actual odds on winning. This is a daily free lottery where players choose five Emoji out of what looks like 144 options. You have to get all five correct to win. The lottery only has the combinations that have been submitted to the game, so someone has to win.

The Game at

Going through the Emoji choices, players simply click on their favorite five to start to play. The draw takes place once a day and the most important thing is to go in and see if you’ve won. Many people don’t bother each day so the draw rolls over. But don’t expect to see a mega jackpot grow. The sole prize seems to be starting around $20 up to around $260. What is hilarious looking through the draw history is how many times people haven’t claimed their prize.

Get Your Friends to Play

Simply click on five emojis for your friend and then choose to send them through an email account or social media. It’s up to your friend whether they join in. If they play and win, you get $10. They talk about the prize increasing based on how many people are playing so I guess it is in your best interest to encourage your friends.

Freemojilottery & Winning

If you’ve actually nailed those five emojis correctly, click on the collect button before the next draw. The money will be deposited through PayPal (guess they are another advertiser) within ten days. does say they will notify you by email, but I still think it would be good to get in the habit of popping in their site to see if you’ve won.

Who Can Play at Freemoji Lottery?

Besides the usual, you must be 18 years or older, players must reside in Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and US (excluding Florida, Louisiana, NY and Rhode Island). I guess this is the audience the advertisers are targeting.

Who are They? is run by FreePostcodeLottery out of the UK. There are a snail mail and email address but no other contact details. There are no phone numbers. Free Postal Lottery advertises all over their site as well Publishers Clearing House and other advertising links. The good news is, this is a site where they want you to go to them daily. The team couldn’t resist going in and setting up an account to see what would happen. One daily notification comes through. That’s it. It doesn’t appear opens the door to spam… Well, so far.

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The Bottom Line at

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Freemoji Lottery seems to be a nice little free lottery that doesn’t involve their sharing your email address or social media contacts with every Tom, Dick and Harry.


Free Lottery

No Spam (we think)

Always a Daily Winner


Small Lottery Prize

Only 24 Hours To Collect Your Win

No Phone Numbers

The fact that the draw only includes the combinations that have been played gives this site a thumb’s up. It’s not going to be a mega jackpot, at the same time it is free and who doesn’t like to win something.

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