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The Fat One Exposed — Not the Best, Not the Worst

The Fat One Exposed

The Fat One Review

If you fancy international lotteries that have huge jackpots, you’ve probably heard about Spain’s El Gordo (the fat one). It’s one of the most popular lotteries in the world due to the massive prizes and the very specific manner in which it’s carried out.

Regardless of your location, you can play Spanish lotteries through the selection of the right online ticket buying service.

Today, we’ll talk about one such service that is exclusively focused on Spain’s biggest is an online place where you can acquire tickets for some of Spain’s biggest lotteries like El Gordo de Navidad and El Nino.

According to the official announcement, this service is created to simplify online ticket purchases for Spanish lotteries without a massive markup. Thus, should be both convenient and affordable. Is this so? We’re on a mission today to find the answer in this review.

Games at

The Fat One offers access to Spain’s biggest lotteries. This is a niche website that doesn’t feature other international games. If you want to access those, you should look for an online agency with a broader portfolio than that.

At The Fat One, you can buy El Gordo, and Nino draws tickets.

El Gordo de Navidad is known as Spain’s Christmas lottery. It’s a massive event in the country, anticipated by families all year. Many people end up saving money to have an opportunity to acquire a more significant number of El Gordo tickets.

This is one of the most spectacular lotteries in Europe. El Gordo de Navidad has a total prize pool of 3.52 billion euro, and the maximum a single player can win is four million euros.

El Nino (the child lottery) is another Spanish event that only takes place once a year. It’s scheduled for January 6, and the total prize pool is spectacular – 840 million euros. The maximum prize a player can win is two million euros, and there are numerous additional prizes.

There are several ticket possibilities for both of these games. A full ticket is relatively costly, which is why the Spanish lottery also offers decimos or 1/10 of a ticket. If you only acquire a decimo, you will win a smaller prize.

The Fat One makes both full tickets and decimos available.

We created an account to find out whether offers affordable tickets for El Gordo and El Nino.

Unfortunately, the claim didn’t hold.

If you are in Spain and you want to get a decimo for El Gordo, you’ll have to spend 20 euro on it.

The Fat One gives you two options for buying a ticket.

A decimo that gives you 100 percent of the money you win costs 40 euro on the website. There is also a 23-euro option, but if you go for it, you will win 75 percent of the prize. The rest will go to

A markup from 20 euro to 40 euro is not as small as the platform wants you to believe.

If you choose the full play (40 euro per decimo), you can request the ticket bought on your behalf to be sent to you. There are various shipping options available, but you will once again be responsible for the cost.

Getting Your Winnings with The Fat One

According to terms and conditions published on The Fat One’s website, all prizes will be collected by an agent on behalf of the people who bought tickets via the service. If you buy a ticket and you have it shipped to your address, it will be your responsibility to organize a trip to Spain for prize collection.

Those who paid for the ticket with a card will have the respective amount credited to the same card.

For those who opted for alternative payment methods, the procedure is different.

In such instances, the prize amount will be paid out in the form of a bank cheque.

For smaller prizes, players can choose whether they want a payout or if they’d keep the money in their Fat One account for the purchase of tickets in the future.

Who Can Play at The Fat One?

According to terms and conditions, you have to be 18 or older to use the service and pay for Spanish lottery tickets.

There are no restrictions in terms of the player’s nationality.

Depending on local regulations in your country, however, you may have limited or no access to the website. Some countries do not allow online gaming or the purchase of tickets. Please check the local regulations in your country to find out if you’d be capable of giving the services of websites like The Fat One a try.

Who Is behind The Fat One?

Finding information about the entity behind The Fat One proved to be a relatively challenging task.

The website itself doesn’t mention right from the start which the company operates the service.

When you go to the Contact Us section of the website, you see the phone and an address in Spain. That’s a good start, for sure! There’s also an online form that members can use to communicate with the customer support team.

The person that’s listed as a contact individual is Jeremy Reines. If you do a bit of research on the name, you’re not going to find a whole lot of information. Several websites mention Jeremy Reines, but none of those are linked to lottery operation.

A Whois lookup of the website data also doesn’t reveal any information about the company that runs

Other Bits and Pieces

The Fat One is a legal service, and it’s pretty straightforward. There aren’t that many additional bits and pieces to discuss. It’s focused on Spanish lotteries, and it sells El Nino and El Gordo tickets. You can buy an entire ticket or a decimo.

The one thing you have to keep in mind is that buying an online ticket through this service is different from using another lottery operator. When you create an account, you will be taken to an online form that you have to fill out and submit to claim your ticket.

There’s a simple reason for this methodology. El Gordo de Navidad and El Nino do not have actual digital tickets. The player doesn’t choose their numbers. There is a set of pre-printed tickets and players will only have to go to a retail venue and buy theirs.

In the form, the player has to provide information about the number of tickets requested, whether they should belong to the same or different series and if the player would like to have the ticket mailed to them at an actual physical address.

The form also features credit card information. Keep in mind that TheFatOne doesn’t have any encryption (HTTP and not an HTTPS website). Thus, be cautious about the type of information you’re going to share via the portal. Payments themselves are protected since third parties provide them.

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The Bottom Line at

The Fat One is simple and straightforward – it gives you a chance to participate in Spain’s special lotteries that occur around New Year’s Eve and Christmas.

If you are not in Spain or you don’t plan a trip to the country, this may be an excellent opportunity for you to test your luck and win a little bit of money during the most special time of the year.

Let’s sum up the best aspects of


It is a specialized service that offers El Nino and El Gordo tickets

You can buy both decimos and entire tickets

If you choose to, you can have your ticket mailed to your physical address

There is an affordable ticket buying option (but it does come with a serious limitation)

Multiple payment methods are supported

Players can also benefit from several options to receive their prize

There’s a detailed step-by-step guide for the purchase of a ticket

Support is available by both phone and email

On the downside, The Fat One misses the mark in a few ways:


If you want to buy 100 percent of a ticket, the cost is going to be high

If you opt for the affordable option, you will have to share your prize with The Fat One

Not the most affordable service out there

It doesn’t offer tickets for all Spanish lotteries

There isn’t website encryption to protect your sensitive data

Some people may find the ticket buying process complicated

This is it. If you’re not turned off by the shortcomings, go ahead and give a try. Hopefully, the service is the one that’s going to make you a bit richer this year.

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