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Els-lotto Exposed — We Need More Information to Use It

Els-lotto.com Exposed

Els-lotto Review

Digging through the terms and conditions of online lottery service providers usually takes time. At ELS Euro Lottery Services, it took about five minutes, and I will say that everything is pretty straightforward. They are an online lottery service provider that does the leg work for lottery players for European lotteries. There is a hilarious little character that does give it a very personal feel. Okay – I know you’re waiting for the “but.” Let’s look deeper.

Is 24Lottos a scam Should you spend your money here?

Games at Els-lotto

Euro Lottery Services offers five European lotteries: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Italian SuperEnaLotto, German Lotto, and Spain’s El Gordo. Excluding El Gordo, they are tax-free, and anyone can play. Spain did institute a tax last year for wins over €500. Players can choose to play a single game or multiple draws through a subscription. They do this for a flat fee per ticket with no commission on winnings. Ah, but then scroll down on the flat fee information page in the FAQs, and they say they charge an additional €1 on any stake under €20.

Euro Lottery Services and Winning

Then ELS says they will transfer winnings to your account or direct to your bank account, but there is no information on who pays the fees. They also say that they will not transfer any money from your ELS account if it is under €10. Oh – and of course, you can use your winnings to buy more tickets – duh!

Customer Service at ELS

Euro Lottery Services offers a UK phone number, snail mail address, online form, and live chat though it only appears to be available during UK business hours. Clicking on live chat when they are offline, pops up a window to leave a message with the statement “You can always talk to us via Chat.” Okay – so where are you? Customer service says they can respond in English, German, Spanish, and French. There is a FAQ area, though it repeats the “How It Works.”

On A Personal Note

I must confess I sat down and discussed one of the bits of information in ELS’s FAQs. It’s where they talk about the fact your monthly subscription will be debited in advance automatically. They say that if payment collection fails, Euro Lottery Services reserves the right not to distribute prizes. They go further and tell “your prize money will be temporarily blocked in your own lotto account.” Okay – how the heck did the ticket get purchased if you hadn’t paid for it?

Who Can Play at Els-lotto.com?

There doesn’t seem to be any information on who can play and whether there are any restrictions. It is fantastic on some of the information that is missing here. I don’t know about the rest of you players out there, but I would need a lot more information before I started putting in my personal information here.

ELS and Complaints

I’m not sure if Euro Lottery Services used ELS with intent, but in searching for complaints, our team was swamped with articles on steamers, golf (Ernie Els), language and processing centers. Pages and hours later, we were still digging.

Why You Should Register with ELS


Big Euro Lottos

Flat Fee to Play

No Commissions on Winning

Why You Shouldn’t Register with ELS


Only Euro Lotteries

Not Enough Info

Transfer Fees?

Would you mind rating Els-Lotto.com?

Is ELS Legit?

Though I did find the character used through their site amusing, I found the lack of information there more of a joke. There is nothing that says scam here, and they have supposedly been around for over 20 years. But, I definitely would need a lot more information before I played at els-lotto.com. On top of that, I like playing somewhere with more flexibility in lotteries and not just five Euro games.

Our team gives these ELS a thumbs down – I can see a lot of ways these guys can make money off your money.

  1. I have bought tickets from them several times and won several small amounts. Why try and knock something before you have actually tried it. Vacuous of you and means nothing.

  2. The process of buying tickets is easy. A big plus for me is that they accept Ideal payments.

    Only minus for me is that they are not the cheapest, though still cheaper than some other popular lottery websites.

    As far as I can see in their Terms of service there is no extra fee when winning prizes.

  3. I wonder why they even bother though I there is nothing that actually says these guys aren’t for real, the lack of info is just too much. Why bother! Most online lottery players are pretty savvy – and look for more info. There is just too much information missing to be confident to play here!


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