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Youplayweplay Exposed — Seven Years and They Still Can’t Do This!

Youplayweplay Review is an online lottery provider who puts together syndicates. With their tagline “You Play, We Play”, I’m not sure what their play has to do with players’ participation in their syndicates. They say that they take no part of the winnings. It’s time to look at what these guys offer!

Syndicates versus Single Tickets at

I totally agree with when they say that one of the only ways of maximizing your chances to win the lottery is by purchasing more tickets or joining a syndicate. A syndicate is a group of people that might or might not know each other, who pool money together to buy more lottery tickets. By doing so they theoretically increase the odds of winning without spending more than they would normally. I say theoretically as there are enough single lottery winners to ensure even though claims 1 in 4 jackpots are won by syndicates, the numbers don’t jive.

What Does Offer sells lottery tickets and puts together syndicates of 50 players for three different draws (EuroMillions, UK Lotto, and Thunderball) that are held several times a week.

The Numbers  at

A ticket costs £2 for the UK Lotto and Thunderball and £3 for the EuroMillions which is roughly £1 more than their shelf or retail cost. These guys claim that the extra fee is meant to cover operational costs and their unswerving effort of matching you with another 49 players. Let’s look at the one thing that is most proud of – the assembly of syndicates.

Syndicates at

I’d expect that at the very least they would get this right. But, can’t even do that. They say that they will ‘try’ and make sure any syndicate has the full complement of 50 members. They will ‘do their best’. It doesn’t always happen!

Winning at

The same principles apply as with any other lottery. To win you need to match all the numbers to scoop the jackpot or less for lower-tier prizes. What is more important is how will the funds be divided among the winners.

Prizes that don’t exceed £500 are credited into the players’ account directly, while the higher ones need to be paid by the National Lottery. This brings us to the deposit and withdrawal methods which are wire transfer and Alertpay for both, and Skrill for deposits and withdrawals that are below £500. complaints

If there are any complaints to eventually surface about Youplayweplay, then they have to be about the fact that their syndicate system is broken. If you can’t guarantee players that they will be a part of a syndicate that has a healthy number of players, the very idea behind joining a syndicate is defeated. Three large syndicates are not enough for a website that has been around for 7 years and has its business revolving around this concept. This is the only thing we could find to complain about. There was nothing else online anywhere which could be an indication of the lack of participation in their syndicates much less any single lottery ticket players are using this site.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I like to start with the ugly this time and those who have stumbled upon their website are probably in complete accord with me when I say that’s site is awful. All the information is crammed in the central part of the monitor and unless you have eagle eyes you need to zoom in to read anything. It is almost like they want to discourage people from doing a lot of research and rather take their word for it.

The good is the fact they have actually been around for seven years. The bad – they have been around for seven years and still can’t seem to be confident they can assemble syndicate and actually apologize for that fact that ‘they try’.

The Bottom Line at

It’s hard to feel confident when an online syndicate site doesn’t feel confident it can put the basic numbers together. This is supposed to be what they are good at!


Offers Syndicates

No Percentage Ownership, Only Fees


Can’t Guarantee Minimum Numbers in Syndicates

Seven Years and They Still Can’t Do This

Only Three Lotteries Offered

These guys get a thumbs down. The fact they claim their strong point is putting syndicates together but aren’t confident they can do it is a problem. But first, you have to get by their atrocious website just to find that out!

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