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  1. Like others, I bought tickets via Wowcher, and am now subscribed for £28 a month, with no way of cancelling!

  2. Absolute con I paid for a voucher through living social and then was asked if I wanted extra tickets for another £2 but wasn’t told I had subscribed to a monthly payment of £28. No email, no receipt and no
    Invoice they’ve just taken my money!! Terrible service and really quite sly company. Don’t trust them and am extremely unhappy!!!!!

  3. Paid £8 for 500 goes on euro. Can’t find my tickets anymore. Scam Scam Scam. How can these be reported and get our money back?

  4. Bought into a syndicate from Woucher and now I have no access to the website to check my numbers. No contact, no nothing! Atrocious!!

  5. Purchased ‘500 Health Lottery Lines & 500 £250K Mega Raffle Tickets’ through wowcher. Paid an extra £1 on signup for an additional 100 of each.

    Only received 14 in total…!?

    No response to emails.

  6. This is an atrocious company.
    I bought, for fun, a voucher from Wowcher for half price lottery tickets and on this site paid £1 raffle and agreed to that.
    Unknown to me – yeah read the small print – I’d agreed to membership. I’ve now had £28 taken out of my bank account and have had to cancel my bank card to ensure no further payments are made.
    Beware as they might try doing in under a different name if you block them with your bank. I’m not saying they will, but they are so deviant, I’m covering myself as I don’t trust them.
    Whoever wrote reviews on Trustpilot must be in cahoots with them.
    I’m surprised Wowcher is associated with them.

  7. Absolutely atrocious, they replaced the numbers after the draw was pulled, when I’ve questioned that they banned my account, I’ve contacted the police and will be taking legal action, they just run off with my money

  8. I too bought a Wowcher deal. Had no intention of paying once that deal had expired. But now I find that they have debited my credit card every month since January for £28!! Very difficult to navigate website. I will be phoning tomorrow!!

  9. Still no reply to my emails regarding Euromillions raffle on Tuesday 26th of May.

    50 people should now be £20k richer after our syndicate drawing the winning Euromillions raffle.

    Please let us all know why we haven’t received this or an explanation.

  10. I won the millionaire raffle tonight by matching the raffle ticket. Since I checked via EuroMillions site it was confirmed. I went back to check and the raffle number I matched has now disappeared. Does anyone know what to do? I did screenshot it for proof.
    3 days later still no response.

  11. Suddenly my password “does not match anymore”, they do not email me new password after attempt to reset it as per their instructions! No reply to my emails to them!

  12. Bought a living social deal of one time ticket a month later and without my permission or knowledge “you play we play” started to take money out of my account!
    In all my years online this is the first time I feel I have been scammed! I don’t know how they are getting such good reviews on trust pilot? Google “you play we play” and look at “lotto exposed” for similar experiences to mine.

  13. Do not send any money to this scam they are hiding behind wowcher it’s all a scam wowcher knew this was a scam do not trust wowcher also it’s a big scam you have been warned to no send money to this lot or wowcher

  14. I brought a one of ticket on wowcher and though I would have a go. I did not want to renew my subscription with them and cancelled it I still have the email to proove I cancelled it well in time and they have still charged me £30 for it. I have contacted them and they have been extremely rude with me and said no you can’t have a refund even though it’s obviously a problem their end and that I cant have my money back nor can I even have the winning from the tickets I got! Don’t use them.

  15. Scam, I agree as above. Closed my account cannot get a refund.

  16. Sorry but this company is using wowcher to carry out their scam I have tried to contact them but the email keeps bouncing back imagine every £9:50 they have scammed apparently no telephone to contact them and they supposedly base in Hall Green Birmingham I suppose that is fake also never again

  17. Same as reviews previously they freeze you out for several months so you can’t choose to buy into any syndicates or use ‘the winnings’ or any action and then without warning after more than five months they suddenly take £28 without the slightest warning. When you complain they say they’ve removed you from the syndicates but they don’t refund the money. If it’s not a scam I’d be amazed.
    It gets 1 star because you can’t do zero stars

  18. Just taken 28 quid from my account.. signed up with living social offer in JANUARY to play ONCE. it’s now September.. pure thieves

  19. I enjoyed playing for a while, then they disabled my account for, “chargebacks” or “reversals”
    I have spoken to my bank twice, and head office, both who confirmed there has been no such faults.
    I sent a copy of my statement to prove this since then I have been ignored. They won’t reply to tweets, emails or complaints/issues, FYI, it’s ticket 787346. I’ve raised the issue with resolver and hoping to get a response from them soon.
    It seems bizarre that you can simply close my account, stop any withdrawals and just expect me to be ok with it. I’ve even screen shot the entire thread because I suspect it may vanish.

  20. The site as at April 2019 seems to be frozen up and no substantial statement/explanation as to say why they are no longer taking entries… If they are finished or closing down they should stop messing around as though they are in operation. Cannot find any publicity to help understand what they are up to all I know from own experience I cannot place any games on my account which has been with them a fair while.

  21. They are scammers. They have taken over 30 pounds from my account without my consent and I was on a voucher. They submitted entries on my behalf and took my money. I am taking action against them. Please avoid them like the plague.

  22. I can’t even get on the website! What a complete scam, I always stayed away from this type of thing as the old saying goes when something looks too good to be true it usually is and this proves it! Living Social/Wowcher should stop advertising this!

  23. Scammers. I purchased a Wowcher credit from these people and now all of a sudden I’m signed up with a subscription, which I never asked for. When I asked for a refund was told I was not going to get one. In total I won not more than a £5.00

  24. SCAM ALERT & VERY BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE. I purchased a wowcher to enter the syndicate with The format of the website is so complex, not even Einstein would make head nor tail of it. This raised red flags for me, so we raised ticket after ticket with this company to speak to someone to understand how it operates. The responses you get with the tickets are text book garbage, despite their statement they will telephone you, they don’t and won’t. Their responses to tickets are meaningless and they do not and will not answer your questions. This raised further alarm bells. “” is a company is operating a SCAM.

  25. Website is an absolute shambles, looks like it was put together by a 12 year old.
    Too much going on and I can’t make head nor tail of it.
    Only joined up due to a special offer but there’s no chance I’ll be using it once that’s done.
    Much better, clearer and more handiest companies out there to use.
    Big thumbs down from me.

  26. Small trickle of wins from the full house 50 syndicates but as previous post you really need to get in early not leave to last minute. Have found to my cost like this week I’m four bets out of 9 bets in new syndicate….duh. They pay out ok regularly the accumulated small wins by cheques. Used them for over year Euromills and can say they always sort out quickly any questions you email. Leave on trust they check the Euromills raffle numbers never seen any wins being shared to date. Will now be trying your useful recommendations.

  27. is 7 years in business, but I haven’t seen any big winning until now. What I could see on their website is maximum 3 number matched and without any raffle number winning. Their site is horrible not easy to use.

  28. I couldn’t resist popping into their site and having my own look. The first thing that put me off is the pictures and info that scrolls by. I mean slow it down folks. I spent way to much time trying to figure out where to go to play. It’s just too noisy for my tastes! Not sure why I wasted my time and I should have just stuck with the Lotto Exposed team’s review.

  29. Hello Nick,

    You put a lot of time to expose lotteries online and fake syndicates.

    your self, what you have created as syndicate or lotto site! Do you have any website you own or you prefer to play?

    Thank You


  30. Hi

    I play in EuroMillions which seems to be the most popular, I’m guessing due to the larger jackpots! I also play Lotto on an occasional basis too.
    Wins are small in size but steady in volume. With wins and commission for ‘refer a friend’ I am normally about break even.

    Maybe something for you to look in to I noticed today they are launching a new lottery on 1st of July and its exclusive to them…..

    Hope this information helps in your reviews 🙂

    • LottoMad,

      Thanks for that. I will get our team to look into it. I’m always a little suspicious of exclusive lottery games by a private company versus access to the big games. Glad to hear that at least you are breaking even! Let us know if you get ‘the big one’ as well any feedback or info on this new lottery and/or others. Sounds like you are a smart player – let us know how it goes. Nick

  31. I think you need to play with this company before you make these comments! I’ve played for over 12 months and am always in full syndicates. Tonight I have 6 separate entries, in 6 separate and full syndicates! They’re obviously covering themselves with that comment and definitely get the thumbs UP from me.

    • LottoMad,

      Thanks for the comments. Our team plays a lot besides the investigations they run. This kind of information is very helpful. I am curious how your winnings have been? Steady? And which lotteries are you in? Thanks for any additional info you can share! Nick

  32. Completely agree with “Seven Years and They Still Can’t Do This”.
    Absolute and utter rubbish. Thumbs definitely down.

    • John,

      Have you tried to play with them? What’s been your experience? I did find it interesting that our team found so many complaints regarding their syndicates. See the comment re LottoMad. I am hoping that he/she will send additional information as it is not what our team discovered. Thanks, Nick

  33. Buy your entries early! These guys are much busier now and if you buy early it’s pretty rare not to end up playing in a full group.

    • Sorry – we will stick with our thumbs down! Nick


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You Play We Play Exposed — Automatic Payment Renewals (!)

You Play We Play Review

For many people, just buying lottery tickets online isn’t enough. They’re fans of syndicate play, and they’re looking for opportunities to join a pool and increase those chances of winning a prize.

If you’re one of these people and you like UK lotteries, you will probably enjoy the concept of You Play We Play.

The You Play We Play app gives you opportunities to get your share in online lottery syndicates that target some of the most beloved UK games. Since there are many similar service providers, you could be wondering about the legitimacy and effectiveness of this site.

So, is You Play We Play a scam? How much does it cost? Is it worth trying, and what do actual members have to say? We’ll answer all of these questions today and then some more!

Games at You Play We Play

The syndicate possibilities available at You Play We Play are several. You can choose between the most prominent UK games – EuroMillions, the UK Lotto, and Thunderball.

Now, here’s something that we discovered while researching. The website has atrocious design stuck somewhere in the 1990s. Finding out more about the available products and their cost is far from easy when you’re surrounded by flashing and ever-changing banners, as well as ugly typography.

Still, we put our detective hats on, and here’s what we found.

Play for Thunderball starts at two pounds, for the UK Lotto – at three pounds, and for EuroMillions – at 3.5 pounds.

When you register, you will get a bit more information about the available syndicate packages.  There’s a VIP package on top of the standard entries listed above. The VIP package is a subscription-based service for EuroMillions players. The most inexpensive option is Bronze at 15 pounds per month, and the most expensive choice is Diamond at 51 pounds per month. The number of syndicate entries is the biggest with the most expensive package.

But what does the monthly subscription offer on top of the regular syndicate entry? Supposedly, you will get a free first week, VIP lounge benefits (no additional explanation on what these are), and …. that’s it! We really find it difficult to believe that someone’s advertising a service labeled as VIP without actually explaining what the VIP experience consists of.

You Play We Play and Claiming Your Prizes

Now that we’ve told you what is You Play We Play, we also need to take a look at prizes and how these are paid out.

According to the website’s FAQ section, syndicate prizes are equally divided per syndicate members. If there are 50 members, they will get 1/50 of the prize per line. That’s usually how it’s done, and there’s nothing concerning here.

Players can withdraw their prizes through Skrill, a UK bank transfer, or a cheque. You Play We Play Winners may experience delays in payments if the individual sum won exceeds 500 pounds.

Who Can Play at You Play We Play

To learn how You Play We Play works, it’s important to look at the criteria that give people access to the service.

You have to be of legal age to join the syndicates.

Luckily, You Play We Play offers international service. There are no limitations about players’ nationalities, as long as online lottery playing is legal in their respective countries.

You Play We Play: Who’s Behind It?

As per the official website, You Play We Play is an entity that belongs to You Play We Play Ltd. The company is registered in the UK, and there’s an actual physical address in Birmingham linked to it. A phone number is also provided.

The company is the You Play We Play website, the You Play We Play app, and another lottery-related app called LottoTube. This final one is an app that focuses on giving lottery fans access to video results drawings.

There isn’t an awful lot of additional info about the enterprise, but at least they’re transparent about location and contact details.

Other Bits and Pieces

So far, there isn’t anything too concerning about You Play We Play. To determine if it’s legit and worth getting into, we sought information about additional services, as well as about actual You Play We Play reviews written by actual players.

Some of these are available in our very article, and you can check them out above.

There have been multiple complaints about account cancelation. If you need to go through You Play We Play cancel, you’ll have to get in touch with customer support as soon as possible. Numerous people report getting no response and being automatically charged for additional months of use. Even the You Play We Play contact number provided on the site didn’t help to fix issues. In other words, customer support is nearly non-existent.

Things get even more confusing with the additional services and “possibilities” You Play We Play Provides. There’s the You Play We Play Wowcher offer. Wowcher is a UK-based eCommerce website. You Play We Play supposedly offers some Wowcher voucher codes and offers, but it isn’t easy to find out if someone has redeemed those and if they work.

Some raffles and additional possibilities also seem to exist, but people have complained about winning numbers changing and ending up with nothing.

YouPlayWePlay has a fairly good rating on Trust Pilot. Still, the negative reviews are there, and they list way more details than the positive ones. People complain about money disappearing from their accounts, Wowcher offers to be difficult to redeem and the overall quality of customer service.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

On the surface, You Play We Play seems ok. Underneath that façade, however, hide some serious shortcomings.

Here is our detailed list of the You Play We Play advantages and shortcomings.


Open to international players

Various syndicate play options available, some of them quite affordable

Run and operated by a registered UK company

Fairly easy prize withdrawal

Additional offers and bonuses available (like Wowcher coupons)


There is a monthly syndicate subscription that comes with automatic payment renewal

Complaints about members being incapable of redeeming special offers

Serious complaints about the quality of customer service

Issues with sums and payments disappearing from player accounts

Is You Play We Play worth trying? You tell us! There are most definitely some issues with the company, the quality of customer service being the most concerning one. If you want to give the platform a try, get a single entry into a syndicate. Opting for the subscription could make it very, very difficult to cancel your account and put an end to automated payments.

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