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Ladbrokes Exposed — It’s All About Betting!

Ladbrokes Review

What has sports, casino, bingo, poker, and lotto all have to do with Ladbrokes? It’s all betting on winning! But for lotteries, it’s not your usual ‘what you see advertised by that lottery is what you get.’ This is full out total betting with an online service. You’re wondering what I’m talking about. Let me explain.

Lottery Games at

Players pick their lotto numbers for Spanish Sunday Lotto & Daily Lotto 6, Irish Lotto 6 Ball and Lotto 7 Ball, William Hill’s 49’s Lotto 6 and Lotto 7, and New York Lotto 6 Ball and Lotto 7 Ball. You place a stake on the numbers you think are going to win. Ladbrokes pays out your stake times a number. Let’s take Irish Lotto 6 Ball. If a player gets one number correct, Ladbrokes pays out 6.5 times what is staked. So, if you bet $10, then they pay out $65. Get two balls correct, and it pays out on a stake of $10, $530 up to get all 5 numbers correct and it pays out $1,000,010. The payout is based on your stake and not what the current lottery is paying out. and Winning

Winnings are automatically credited to your account, and Ladbrokes does not take any fees. There are some rules and regulations on how quickly you get money. Debit cards can take up to three or more days. Visa cards are automatic. Ladbrokes can’t pay into Master Card but will pay winnings into your bank account via internet bank transfer. There is a maximum of £5,000 that can be transferred each day, though they say “contact their support team” for funds over that amount.

Who Is Ladbrokes?

For people who are betting on lotteries in the UK, Ladbrokes Betting and Gambling Limited is a company registered in England and operated under the auspices of the British Gambling Commission. For those outside of the UK, it is governed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. People playing in German should be aware that 5% customer levy is taken off the top of all sports betting winnings, but it doesn’t seem to apply to lotteries. Oh – and players must be 18 years and older.

Ladbrokes’ Customer Service

If you do have a question, Ladbrokes offers a heap of ways to get in touch including live chat, online email form, phone numbers for both in the UK and outside of the UK, plus snail mail. They respond pretty quickly by email.

Betting and Lotteries

It’s weird as the concept of betting and lotteries doesn’t generally sit well at the same time, the payout is better on smaller wins and based on what you want to put in. I would be a little annoyed if I managed to get all the numbers correct and the jackpot was beyond what I won based on my stake. At the same time, in rolling some of the numbers by, I think I could win more consistently on smaller wins. Did I mention bonus balls do not come into play?

The Bottom Line at Ladbrokes

These guys (and gals) are very straight forward in that this is a betting site. They are one of the biggest and have been around since 1800 (that’s not a typing mistake). I like the fact that they don’t match the actual lotto amount, but instead, your winnings are based on what you bet on the lotteries.


Good Payout Ratio

No Fees



Betting versus a Lottery Ticket

Master Card?

Missing that Big Jackpot

I’m not making the jump, but am having a bit of fun taking a look at what I would win – for now. I prefer going for that for real big jackpot at the same time; this looks like a really interesting twist to how to play lotteries.

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