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Illinois Lottery Exposed — Anything’s Possible?

Illinois Lottery Exposed

Illinois Lottery Review

Are you a fan of Powerball, Mega Millions, and local Illinois games like Illinois Lottery Pick 3, Pick 4, and Lucky Day Lotto? Do you feel like going to the store to get your ticket is so 90s? You’re in luck! The Illinois State Lottery is one of those that make online ticket buying possible.

The Illinois Lottery website gives you a chance to play your favorite state games plus a few online exclusives.

Today, we’re about to find out if such an opportunity is worth pursuing.

Games at Illinois Lottery

Illinois Lottery games for online play span the local operator’s standard portfolio plus a couple of extras.

The games you can get your hands on through the website and the app include the much-beloved Powerball and Mega Millions, as well as Lotto, Lucky Day Lotto, Pick 3 and Pick 4.

The exclusive online offers include sweepstakes, second chance promotions, and other opportunities that will be announced periodically.

Does the website give you the same cost as going to the local gas station to get your tickets in terms of prices? If you want to play Lucky Day Lotto, you’ll have to spend one dollar buying your ticket from a shop. The same amount applies to online purchases.

Apart from the website, there are several Illinois Lottery apps, one of the official. At the time being, the official phone app doesn’t allow the buying of tickets. Rather, you can scan your Illinois Lottery numbers from a ticket you bought offline to discover if you’ve won anything.

Is Jackpocket legitimate in Illinois?

IL Lottery: Who Can Play?

Illinois lottery games can be a lot of fun but will you have a chance to play if you don’t live in the state? Many official online ticket buying options come with geographic restrictions, making them usable only within the respective jurisdiction.

To play Illinois lotto games online, you have to register for the digital portal. All registered players need to go through a verification procedure that identifies their age. You cannot play lotteries in Illinois if you’re under 18, which applies to online ticket buying.

It’s also forbidden for players to make purchases outside of Illinois. Sorry, folks, from the rest of the US and the rest of the world! Location services are being utilized to keep you out of the ticket-buying platform if you’re not located where you need to be.

Illinois State Lottery and Claiming Your Prizes

The prize claim procedure is fairly straightforward. Winnings of under 600 dollars are automatically credited to a player’s account.

The Illinois Lottery Claims Department processes larger sums. There is a prize claim process that each individual will have to go through. All of the steps will be outlined in an email that winners will receive.

Sums credited to one’s online account can be withdrawn to a payment method of preference.

Customer Service and Who Is Behind the Illinois Lottery Official Website

Illinois State Lottery has been around since 1974. It is the entity behind the organization of local lottery games. It is also the one that runs and operates the ticket buying website.

The operator behind the lottery is called Camelot, Illinois, and this is the same entity that operates the UK National Lottery (under the name Camelot Group there).

You can rest assured that Camelot Illinois operates under state regulations that are put in place to protect players.

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Illinois State Lottery by email and via a telephone hotline. There are also multiple offices throughout the state you can go to and discuss issues in person. Addresses are listed on the lottery website.

Other Bits and Pieces

There isn’t a lot more to discuss in connection to Illinois Lottery online. Il State Lottery doesn’t have a ton of online extras, special bonuses, or other perks for online players. While that’s a pity, it isn’t far from the standard way of doing things in the US.

One interesting opportunity we haven’t touched upon is the Il Lottery Extra Shot.

Extra Shot isn’t an online exclusive. It’s an add-on you can activate when playing Lotto. For an additional dollar per line, winners can multiply their prizes. The good news is that the Lotto Extra Shot can be activated at retail venues and through the online platform. You have to check the respective box and process the payment at the end of it all.

Why You Should Register with Illinois Lottery


An official website launched and operated by the designated regional lotto entity

A good selection of local and national games to play

Ticket prices are the same as in the retail network

A simple prize claim process

You can subscribe and have automatic entries in your favorite games

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Illinois Lottery


There aren’t too many bonuses and online exclusives

A thorough ID verification process has to be completed when signing up

Online ticket buying is only available in Illinois

There’s a mobile app, but you can’t buy tickets through it (only suitable for checking results)

Would you mind rating

Is Illinois Lottery Legit?

The Illinois Lottery official site doesn’t offer a wow experience, but it gets the job done. The end goal is to buy tickets online, and this is precisely what you can accomplish.

So there, you have it. The Illinois State Lottery website is clean and functional. It does the bare minimum, but that’s still more than what many other state lotteries have to offer. If you’re a local who likes buying tickets from home, you’ll enjoy the convenience that the digital platform brings to the table.

  1. I am at a loss as to how the Illinois Lottery is getting away with a lack of transparency, and digitally counting tickets before the numbers are even announced. This is, in my opinion, illegal because it allows the company to see in advance how many people have played a certain number, and then change that number at the last minute if they don’t want to pay out at that volume.

    There is also the issue with the lottery commission board members, who admit to not knowing about/or being involved with what is going on with the lottery system. My question is: “what is their purpose?” Aren’t they supposed to be there to ensure fair game play, and that the rules are followed? This needs to be investigated, and not continuously ignored. This looks and feels like corruption to me. Numbers runners back in the day were convicted for far less.

  2. I’ve only won small amounts if @ all! think I’m better off just going old school get a ticket from gas station. Also, I won’t spend as much like I do online. I feel like I’m being rip off never wining any of my money back.

  3. I recently got back into playing Lucky Day Lotto. Don’t start playing until jackpot is over $500k. I play online. I put down $100 in QP’s each time to give myself better odds. The last 5 times I’ve played with bigger payouts, no one’s won. However, it’s when I don’t play, that someone apparently wins by playing online? Not trustworthy at all. But then it’s Illinois. Corrupt as the day is long.

  4. Its Really sad 🙁 when the Illinois Lottery puts out a New Game ticket call 10Million dollars an Full of $500 Tickets lol 😂 lol 😂 lol 😂…. Yeah Right… Thats just to get you to play for giving them your Money 💰…. an on the back of the card it says that 1 out of 4 WINS lol 😂 lol 😂 lol 😂. After i spent $700 $50 each Ticket i Finally on the 7 ticket I Won $100 but it says in writing 1out of 4 Tickets Win…. Lol 😂 Lol 😂 Lol 😂.
    quit lieing to your Customers like me i been playing Instant lottery tickets 🎫 for many years You know as i do thats False Advertising… It makes it very hard to loose your hard earned Money 💰 when i think 🤔 as a New Game ticket You Win….. Lol 😂 Lol 😂 YOU….. Win we loose very Disapointed in your chose words on the back of the lottory tickets are false Advertising….. No i did not WIN until my 7 th card thats $700/to Win $100 Wow send me some Free card Tickets 🎫 make them Winners

  5. Have anybody else noticed how many double numbers been falling out in the pick 4? in the last 9 day’s 9 double numbers fell out


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