4 Lottery Agent Mistakes That Are Killing Your Brand — Don’t Bite the Dust, Be Smart!

3 Lottery Agent Mistakes

Lottery Agent Mistakes That Are Killing Your Brand

Starting as a lottery agent should be relatively easy, right? You offer tickets, you work on customer service and voila – you have a significant number of satisfied customers. The truth is that things aren’t that simple. There are several essentials you’ll have to master to become the best industry representative.

Now I know agents are humans and humans tend to make mistakes, but for lottery players, agents are held at higher standards, and they should never make mistakes. If they do, players will find another option and never look back.

Without further ado, here are some of the most prominent lottery agent mistakes you should never make.

Lottery Agent Mistake #1 – Not Responding to Questions in a Prompt Manner

What happens when you buy a lottery ticket and you want more information about it, but you never receive such information? The answer is simple – you feel very pissed off and very not willing to buy a ticket from the same agent ever again.

You have to think like a client if you want to be a successful lottery agent. If people are giving you money, they want good service. That service includes the provision of information.

Some players can get quite annoying and picky. They’ll message or call every 10 minutes to make inquiries that can be quickly sorted out online. No matter how annoying a potential client may be, it’s your job to give them what they want. If you manage to do so, you have a client who will be loyal to your brand for life.

Lottery Agent Mistake #2 – Not Doing What You Promised

Let’s suppose you’re dealing with a picky customer who wants you to print exactly what they demand. Because you’re thinking of the person in the next counter, however, you print something completely different! Mistakes do happen, but the way you act on them is incredibly important.

If you promise a client that you WILL provide exactly what they’re hoping for, you better do it. It’s also a good idea to come up with an action policy in the case of a mistake.

Sometimes, you’ll need to offer clients an apology. In other instances, compensation will be the best way to handle the issue. Giving such picky customers something small is the best option for turning them into your loyal fans for life. This is precisely what you’re looking for.

You should also be careful about terms, conditions, and opportunities listed on your website. Don’t exaggerate and don’t promise to deliver something that you actually can’t. All of the marketing hype will come back to bite you in you know what.

Lottery Agent Mistake #3 – Not Having a Legitimate License

What in the world do you think you’re doing?! Offering lottery agent services without a legitimate is impossible. That’s going to hurt your business and the brand you’re promoting very seriously.

Not only that, the lack of a license can lead to the discontinuation of your services altogether.

To get started, you should see an attorney. This professional is aware of the legal and licensing requirements in the country where you intend to operate. Paying a bit on such professional assistance will help you save a lot of money in the long run, and it could potentially prevent the demise of your business.

Lottery Agent Mistake #4 – Having a Cheap, Poorly Designed Website

Today, people are used to fast and functional websites that are easy to navigate. Remember that your clients will be spending money on lottery tickets and services through your website. You owe them a functional platform that is secure and easy to use.

If you can’t live up to expectations, potential clients will spend their money elsewhere. It’s as simple as that – we don’t live in a world of business monopolies anymore. You’re not the sole service provider in the field. The competition should be stimulating you to bigger and better than everybody else.

A poorly designed or a DIY website isn’t going to cut it. People want secure checkout, encryption and guaranteed security of their data. The only way to accomplish those goals is to pay for professional assistance in terms of design and development.

Keep in mind that web development services have become so affordable that you’re sure to see a high return on investment (especially if you’re doing a good job as a lottery agent.

Lottery Agent Mistakes – Can You Avoid Them All?

While these are some of the most common lottery agent mistakes, there are many others.

Lottery agents have been guilty of various kinds of faulty behavior – not responding to mail, aggressive promotion, enforcing hidden credit card charges, having automatic subscriptions and many others.

You can avoid all these mistakes, but it takes courage to address problems in your business. Understand one simple fact – the sooner you deal with mistakes, the more your business can grow. Suck it up, admit failure and work towards making things better. We know you can do it.

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