Aggressive Marketing and Scare Tactics! How to Do It the Lottery Way?

Aggressive lottery agents

Are You Tired of Nasty Phone Calls?

“I was just charged instantly over $250 when only trying to purchase a $30 ticket.”

“Tonight I received a call from them saying you are a new player and we give you a discount. You should transfer $160 from your credit card to your account so we can buy you tickets for big jackpot draws. I refused, then they take $500 from my credit card and stopped my $90 cash out, luckily called the bank stopped that $500 and lost $100.”

“I had a HORRIBLE experience. They tried to use my credit card to buy their tickets – Euro-49.”

As we read the comments on reviews of some lotto agents, the Lotto Exposed team was amazed by the horrible experiences that were reported on. Many of you mentioned the harassing calls from the customer service team, illegal and unauthorized charges to your credit cards, and the aggressive cold calling tactics that use psychological mind games to pressure you into a sale.

No one should have to deal with that kind of harassment. Also, while you may think that there is nothing that you can do to avoid these people, you would be wrong. You can treat these lottery agents the same way you treat telemarketers.

Aggressive Cold Calling

No one likes being called at 8 am with a call from a telemarketer. Most people ignore these calls, but when you receive a call day after day from the same number, it wears you down. One of the most important things that you can do is put your phone number (and cell phone number) on the Do Not Call list. When you are this list, the harassing phone calls should dwindle to nothing; however, some companies will switch gears start calling from an unlisted number. It is sneaky and underhanded, yes, we know.

If this starts, unfortunately, you may have to start screening your calls. It is not something anyone should have to do, but until they take you out of their call rotation, it is a necessity.

Unauthorized Charges

For any company to continually make unauthorized charges to your credit card is not only wrong ethically, but legally also. One way you can protect yourself from this happening is by using a pre-paid credit card. These credit cards can be loaded with a particular amount of money and then be used as a regular credit card. Fill the card up with the exact amount of money for the intended purchase and use only that card. Yes, it may be a hassle, but when you are trying out a new lottery agent, that extra hassle can save you hundreds. Of course, when you fully trust that website, and you have had nothing but positive experiences with them, you can put more money onto the card if you wanted to.

Some people who have encountered these sorts of problems have gone so far as changing their phone number and canceling their credit cards. The easiest way to even prevent having to do any of this is by reading the ToS thoroughly on the lottery website before signing up for anything. Do some research on the agent, by reading reviews written by people who have used the site. After you’ve been well informed should you consider the agent or not.

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