Lottery Crooks – Simple Steps to Get Your Credit Card Under Control

Lottery crooks

Lottery Agents Hitting the Lotto with YOUR Credit Card

We ran a review of Lottery Master earlier in March 2013. Since then, we have heard a lot of complaints about this lottery agent and their sneaky tactics of charging your credit cards more than once. Some of you said that you were charged astronomical fees when you were only trying to purchase a simple $30 ticket. This guide will give you the steps on resolving these kinds of issues with lottery agents (or businesses in general) overcharging your credit card.

Contact the Lottery Agent

As soon as you notice the overcharge, contact the lottery agent. Sometimes mistakes do happen, after all, not everyone is a crook (hopefully). When you contact the agent, have your account information ready and any other information, like how much you were charged, how much you were supposed to be charged, etc. The sooner you contact the agent, hopefully, the sooner they will rectify the mistake and refund your money.

Contact Your Bank/Credit Card

If when you contacted the lottery agent, you were met with nasty people who give you the run around about refunding your money, contact your financial institution or the credit card company. Explain the situation to them. Most likely, they will require you to file dispute papers.

If the lottery agent has purchased tickets or charged you without your consent, you may be covered by the Electronic Fund Transfer Act. This Act outlines what your liability would be if your credit or ATM card had unauthorized charges on it. I fully recommend reading up on this particular act or any similar acts your country may have in this regard (if you are not in the United States).

Also, when you contact the financial institution, ask if there is a way for them to block the offending company/agent from accessing that card again.

Cancel the Card

After all, is said and done and nothing is resolved or you simply do not want to take the chance of being charged anymore, cancel the card and get a new one. The lottery agent or business will not be able to charge your account anymore and you’ll be able to put the mess behind you. Sometimes it is a long process for disputes to get resolved, and you could be in a sort of credit limbo while you are trying to get things settled. By getting a new credit card, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that the offending company will not be getting another cent from you.

Smart Tips:

One of the smartest tips one of the commenters have said is to only use a prepaid card when you are dealing with lottery agents or any online business. When you use a prepaid card, once that money is gone, no more can be taken from it. So if you purchase a ticket from a merchant that turns out to be a scam artist, they won’t get anything more from you than you put on the card. It may be a little troublesome having to reload the card, but in the long run, it is excellent advice!

I use my PayPal card for any kind of purchase I do, be it in person or online. Whenever the transaction is completed, I get an email notification of how much the purchase was for and where the purchase was made. See if your credit card or bank card has a similar service. This will help you keep vigilant when it comes to what kind of transactions are being made with your card. If something comes up that you didn’t authorize, you can notify the company and PayPal that much sooner.

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