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LotteryMaster Exposed — Let’s Listen to the Players!

LotteryMaster Review doesn’t claim to be anything more than an agent to purchase lottery tickets worldwide on your behalf. The site is very straightforward and very easy to find information. Registration is quick and easy and only requires your name, email address, and phone number. It also provides a ‘Terms and Conditions’ which sets out the legal responsibilities of both them and you, the user.

How Does LotteryMaster Work? has agents all over the world to buy your lottery ticket for you. Just pick the game you want to play, chose your numbers, they purchase your ticket, scan it for you and send. If you win, they collect your money and place it into your Lottery Master Account. You receive an SMS and email notice of your winnings. If you win a jackpot (the big one), they will arrange to give you the winning ticket so you can personally (and locally) claim your first prize.

To access the game you want to play at, click on “Play” at the top of the screen and the window opens up listing all the current games available, the Jackpot amount up for grabs and a countdown clock for the next draw. You can play SuperEnalotto (Italy), EuroMillions (Euro), EuroMillions (UK), Mega Millions (US), UK National Lottery (UK), PowerBall (US), New York Lottery (US), La Primitiva (Spain), EuroJackpot (Euro), El Gordo, La Primitiva (Spain) and Loteria Nacional (Spain). Hey, guess they don’t have any agents in Canada eh. They also seem to offer some special seasonal draws.

Now here is where they start to lose me. officially charge over 200% for the fee for providing the service. Sorry, for online lotteries – that’s expensive. They do give a discount when you get to purchase your tickets, but why bother. Why not just make that the price (and it is still expensive).

Getting Your Money says they will transfer your money to your account. They take a 10% commission on winnings of USD 1,000,000 and higher.

Their Lottery Bonus and Lottery Loyalty Club offers 33 VIP points for every USD 1 played to win gifts and their ‘Free Lottery Promotions’ made me a little nervous. provides a special discount for the first 100 tickets purchased that day. When does their day start? I wondered if you have to sit in line watching the clock to click on the appropriate time to get the discount!

Bells and Whistles at LotteryMaster

The support page at has an FAQ list, or you can click on to chat. I’m not sure when ‘chat’ is available as they do say ‘when they are offline log on with your User Name and email your question to Customer Support.  They also offer a ‘Dictionary’ to learn the latest Lottery Terminology. Complaints

Going through a bunch of sites, there are no complaints, and for once I think I believe it. It’s a straightforward agency style representative that facilitates purchasing lottery tickets. charge a lot for this service. All the websites that do reviews agreed that these guys are for real and went so far to downgrade them in only one area – their promotions.

The Bottom Line at seems to be a real site that offers a service for players to play lottery games on the site, though everyone’s recommended to read the visitors’ comments below this review because we’ve got a lot of complaints.


Clean site

Easy to find information

Easy to play

Very clear instructions


10% service fee on winnings of USD 1,000,000 and higher

USA citizens can’t play here

Our team doesn’t give a thumbs up or a thumbs down as we haven’t got the complaints about a while, but still not sure how to evaluate it.

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