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  1. Buys thousands of tickets but no jackpot. Winnings sent is minimal without jackpot wins. More return playing on my own.

    ONLY CAMELOT wins the jackpot.

  2. Operating as a limited company but yet you pay money into an individual account (Bernado V.). Their reports show they’re are making a loss though I don’t their setup is skewed to make a profit from margins between income received and actual tickets bought. I will well stay away.

  3. I had a call but was not told I was one of 150 in a syndicate. I sent an email last month to cancel as I was beginning to feel this was a scam. After reading reviews I have now cancelled my DD as another payment was taken from my bank account since cancelling. As I have only won 22p then I would rather lose that than £39 each month.

  4. I got a call offering my free lottery tickets. I thought free why not. Got nothing to lose and then they asked me for bank details for money transfer for winnings to go into. Then all this about setting up direct debit to join and the amount of £39 to be taken etc. I literally googled up whether it is a scam while still on the phone to them. A lot of info in a short space of time while I have a poorly baby crying next time to. Cut off the line. But since I’ve had several missed calls from same number very desperate to get a hold of me. Was too cautious to go ahead.. Not for me!!!

    • I joined syndicate on 1st October £39 was taken from my bank. I joined following a phone call from them offering this win-win situation. had no confirmation or communication from them and trying to log in doesn’t recognise my email or won’t verify log in. have I been scammed?

  5. The winnings are minute not value for money at all cancelled my subscription

  6. I used to play the lottery syndicate until I moved to Ireland. We got the tickets before the draws, the winnings were average and response are great.

    The only problem is bank transfer was no longer an option out of UK and Skrill is not a good payment option (my opinion only).

    Will join again though once I get established in Britain again few years down the line.

  7. I got a call saying I had won 10 free lines on Friday nights lottery. But to claim it, I had to join a syndicate which gave me.75 lines, which be discounted by 75 percent. Um, I thought sounded good, but then I thought no one gave you that many lines for 25 pounds do I didn’t bother.

  8. I joined in October 2017, and check the account regularly, and the balance on the account said £41.00.
    I decided today to log in and request a refund as nothing much happening, it kept saying error, so I sent an email asking what the problem was, I received a email reply saying as they were unable to collect my payment they have suspended the account, I thought cool, can you just cancel it and refund me the money on the account, I received a email back saying, after they kept the account open for 10days then cancelled it, and the account has been running for 60 days, they don’t think it’s fair, first of all, try writing to me if there is a problem, and secondly I don’t think it’s fair at all and I want my money back, I will take you to the ombudsmen and expose this on Facebook and Twitter…

  9. The Lotto Group sucks.
    Wait till you try and get your so called 39.00 pounds back by a scammer called Kirsten who is a South African. Need I say more.

    • They r actually UK based and they only communicate by email with me. Got some African and Indian callers for all sort of things but It is not them. Many are saying they are lottery syndicate though so it is confusing which one is which.

    • Lol, even a guy rang me claiming to be a South African as well. They are professional thieves

  10. There is something to be said where everyone actually wins. The only problem there is that it means – probably – it won’t be a lot. I have to read the winning part several times before I got it. Not sure if I am going to play this one but it is cute and theoretically, there is a good chance to win something!

    • I have been playing with this syndicate for a while and it surprised me that so many are commenting without even being actually a member of the syndicate.

      Denise – there is no login in the syndicate. All the details are available without login. £41 in 60 days! We don’t even win that much even with the maximum of £25 a month. The returns in lottery are low unless jackpot is won.

      Magpie – It is a pay and play syndicate. You don’t get free tickets especially if you are not paying.

      It is also run in UK

      Anyway, it is true that winnings are not much. But no one wins much unless jackpot happens.

      Good luck to all


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UK-LotterySyndicate Exposed — Syndicates and Sharing Winnings

UK-LotterySyndicate Review

If you are looking for syndicates for the UK National Lottery and EuroMillions, you might like to take a look at and they say anyone can play. You don’t have to be from or in the UK. This is an online lottery syndicate provider that uses the ole system of one standard ticket line and all the different bonus balls available for each syndicate. Okay, that’s all pretty straightforward. What makes this site a little different is how they split up the winnings.’s Games

Syndicates at are for the UK National Lottery weekly and UK EuroMillions when they add a bonus or “promotion” draw. UK EuroMillions adds a guaranteed five (minimum) 1 million dollar draws on the last Friday of each month. figures that this increase in the odds is worth the gamble. They also use the system of one standard line of lottery tickets using each of the bonus balls available.

Syndicates at

Each syndicate shares lottery tickets to the value of £80. There is a maximum of 21 shares in each syndicate. If a syndicate is not full, buys into that syndicate to make up the difference. For the cost of £5 per month, players can buy one share. If a player decides to play for more, then each additional £5 buys into a different syndicate. In UK-LotterySyndicate’s own words “£10 a month=£160 lotto tickets, £15=£240 lotto tickets, etc.” Ticket numbers for each syndicate is posted on their website.


Okay – this was a little difficult to get our heads around. For winnings more than £1,000, 80% of the prize goes to the syndicate who owns the ticket (s) and this is divided by 21 shares. The other 20% goes to all the lottery groups. For prizes of £1000 or less, the winnings are allotted to all syndicates, and then divided by 21 shares in each. Then they get into something about non-cash prizes that “stay with the group who has the winning ticket until it is converted or wins a cash prize”. This is a trip for two to some exotic port – like the Manta Resort off the coast of Tanzania. I’m not sure how they figure this is going to be ‘converted’.

Waiting for Your Winnings

Winnings are posted to individual accounts in the middle and the end of the month and this is when it gets a little strange. They also say they calculate total winnings each month and then individual shares every three months, though earlier if there is a mega win. Syndicate members can draw winnings when they are £10 or more, with no commission, but fees/bank charges if applicable.

Who Is UK-LotterySyndicate?

Guide2lotto Ltd. is the registered owner of based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme in England. They offer a snail mail and email address, and text service. No other phone numbers. There is also an online form.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

My biggest issue is the fact that I’d get pretty annoyed if our syndicate numbers used on the Mega Friday draw for EuroMillions actually turned up as that mega winning ticket on the other draws during the month. The team also struggled a bit on the whole timing of the calculation of winnings.


Everyone Wins with Any Winning Ticket

Includes the Mega Friday EuroMillions Draw

UK Based for UK Draws


When Do We Get Our Winnings

Only One EuroMillions Draw per month

Does Their System Work? gets a thumbs down. I personally don’t agree with the system they use plus I’d want at a minimum all EuroMillions draws played. If you are playing here, please give us some feedback on how you are doing!

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