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  1. Excellent site, better payout tiers on Euro Millions than UK National Lottery!


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IslandsLotto Exposed — Homegrown Lottery Jackpot6

IslandsLotto Review

Does linking a foundation to the sales of an online lottery provider make you feel more comfortable? Islands Lotto gives 15% of its sales on their own homegrown game of Jackpot6 to the Islands Foundation. Players also have the option of betting on Euro Millions or playing their instant wins, slots, and games. But let’s stick to the lotteries offered.

Games at Islands Lotto – Euro Millions

There are only two options to play at – EuroMillions and Jackpot6. For EuroMillions, players bet on the actual results of the lottery with their favorite numbers or lucky dip (randomly chosen numbers). Players win the same amount as the published lottery amounts excluding the jackpot. That’s capped at €150 million. Tiers 1 to 4 is paid directly from Islands Lotto’s insurer less 1.25% administration fee. The rest of the tiers are paid by Islands Lotto direct with no administration fee.

Jackpot6 at

This is an in-house game played alternative Thursdays (so every fortnight). Players choose six numbers between 1 and 36. The draw includes six balls plus a bonus ball from the same 1 to 36 numbers. The prize tier is match 6 balls/£100,000, match 5 plus the bonus ball/£20,000, match 5/£500, match 4 plus the bonus ball/£100, match 4/£10, match 3/£2 and match 2/free ticket for the next draw. Please note, if there is more than one winner for the jackpot or prize tier 2, the winning amount is split between the winners.

Jackpot6’s Added Value Raffle

For every Jackpot6 ticket purchased, players get a free ticket for the Xtra raffle. The £500 prize is allotted every game. There is only one prize tier. If there is more than one winner, the prize is divided up equally.

Other Games at Islands Lotto also offers instant wins, slots, and games to play. Each has their own prize tier. There is a ‘try game’ option to check out how each works.

Getting Your Winnings

Prizes over £20,000 could take up to 30 business days after you have provided the necessary documentation. First, they say they will credit it to your account and then paragraph 8.3.3 says you have to claim the prize in person. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of £10.00. There is also a reference to making sure you get your winnings within the “Claim Period” but no information what this is.

Who Can Play?

Under the terms and conditions, players must live in Jersey, Guernsey or the Island of Man. specifically points out people in Canada and the United States can’t play here. Oh – and players must be 18 years or older.

Getting in Touch With Islands Lotto

Customer Service is open Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm GMT excluding holidays. There are a snail mail and email address plus UK phone number. They respond to email fairly efficiently. Fifteen percent of the Jackpot6 goes to the Islands Foundation – which is independent of Islands Lotto. This was set up to provide support to the sport, education, cultural and community projects in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Though they have been operational since 2016, no awards have been made. They are licensed by the Jersey Gambling Commission.

Would you mind rating and the Bottom Line

The homegrown game of Jackpot6 is cute with its £500 guaranteed raffle prize. This is the only aspect of what is offered by Islands Lotto that benefits the Islands Foundation. The rest of the betting on Euro Millions, games, instant wins and slots are there to make money. There also seems to be some confusion on how you actually get your winnings over the sum of £20,000.


Cute Homegrown Lottery – Jackpot6

Good Customer Service

Games, Slots and Instant Wins Available


Only Two Lottery options

Administration Charges on EuroMillions Jackpot

Only for Channel Islands and Isle of Man

This site gets a thumb’s down simply because of the limitation on who can play. Remember you have to be a resident and actually in Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man.

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