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AusLottoGroup Exposed — Beware the Advertising!

AusLottoGroup Review

Don’t look for purchasing online lottery tickets from all over the world at! This is an online syndicate provider for Australian lotteries. There are four levels of membership and even stranger, these folks don’t ask for the money upfront but instead bill in arrears. Want to know more?

Syndicates at

This Australian lotto syndicate provider offers different combinations of Australian lotteries. Their Bronze Syndicate costing $5 a week and includes Tattlotto’s Pick 5. The Silver Syndicate builds on that with Powerball (Power Hit 20) at $10 a week. The Gold Syndicate adds Oz Lotto which is a pick 6 lottery. The Platinum Syndicate adds Monday’s Lotto Pick 5 plus Wednesday’s Lotto Pick 5. Each syndicate has 15 shares.

Picking the Numbers uses one set of base ticket numbers and then adds each of the bonus options. There is a lot of discussions online on whether this is a good strategy, or it’s better to combine a bunch of different ticket numbers. There are a lot of testimonials on their site, so some people seem pretty happy.

AusLottoGroup’s Membership Fee and Referrals

All players for all syndicate levels pay a one-time $5 membership fee. Then it gets interesting as unlike other online lottery providers, payments are made in arrears and not upfront. They run an account each month. Depending on the level of the syndicate, the amount is charged to your account per lottery draw at a charge of $5. Any winnings are credited to your account directly after the lottery is drawn. If you refer anyone and they play, the amount of $5 is credited to your account at the end of the month. If your account is in arrears, you are billed the amount. There is an example of this in their FAQ. This is very different from other online lottery providers.

What’s Different with Platinum Syndicates

Platinum syndicates at is a little different though still are charged in arrears. Each lottery is only charged $4 per share per lottery. Oh – and players can buy more than one share per syndicate on all.

Ah – Advertising and How They Fund the Site

According to, they don’t charge more than the face value of the tickets; hence they fund themselves with advertising. Digging through the FAQ, there are three sections on this. They refer to this as “Closed Membership Advertising,” which means members can advertise “goods and services not usually advertised.” There are a whole bunch of different examples, and it looks like you will agree to start receiving a bunch of stuff.

Customer Service at Aus Lotto Group

Besides two email addresses and an online form, offers a phone number, Skype address, and snail-mail address. They are fast at getting back to email questions followed up by their “Members’ Advocate” Grenville Silvester to make sure the question was successfully answered.

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The Bottom Line at

Definitely, there is value in the syndicates though many would disagree with the methodology of using a single line of one ticket replicated with all the different bonus ball options. We also wonder about the “Closed Membership Advertising,” which seems to suggest, look out – you’ll be receiving spam!


Good Value Syndicates

Payment in Arrears

Good Communication/Customer Service



Only Aussie Lotteries

Only Syndicates

This is a hard one. The team couldn’t agree on a thumbs up or thumbs down. The fact that this site is only for Australian lottery syndicates is not great, plus we do wonder about the traffic of advertising.

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