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DOB Lotto Exposed — Free Daily Lottery for UK Residents

DOB Lotto Exposed

DOB Lotto Review

Looking at the free lotto, it all seems relatively straightforward. This free lotto was set up for players to win based on their date of birth – sort of like the postal code lotteries. The problem is, the person that set it up might have jumped the gun as there is a heap written on why they are so slow at paying out winners. Keep in mind; there is a winner each day. So what gives?

Games at is a site to play daily draws for £50 for free. The winner is determined based on your birthdate. Only birthdates by registered members are used in the draw, so there is a winner every day. If there is more than one person registered with the same date of birth, the pot is split between the winners. You have 24 hours to claim your prize or the jackpot rolls over.

DOB Lotto and Earning Points

It looks like there is a way to earn points that ‘unlocks’ other draws. There are four-point draws currently though no information on how you earn points. It has something to do with logging on to your account daily. If your account has 30 points, then you’re in for the £5 draw. 100 points get you into the £10 draw. 500 points get you into the £20 draw. 1000 points get you into the £50 draw.

Getting Your Winnings with DOB Lotto

That’s the million-dollar question here. There is a heap of comments regarding the delays in payouts. The owner of the site is upfront about the fact that he is not earning sufficient money through advertising to pay out winnings. But he is slowly working through it all – and making payments, in some cases out of his pocket.

Added Value at

DOB Lotto has added two additional opportunities. There is an Amazon Voucher game at the cost of £5. It has pretty good odds with 20 tickets in the draw. There is also a £50 PayPal opportunity at the price of £5 with 20 tickets in the draw. For both, that’s 20 to 1 odds on winning. There does seem to be other ongoing competitions to play for both Amazon Vouchers and PayPal credits.

And Referrals

Lastly, there is a monthly referral draw. Link friends or through social media, and players can win points that open up access to other point draws. More points mean playing in more games.

Who Can Play at Dob Lotto?

Players must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the United Kingdom. Well, at this point. It looks like they might open it up. The site is based on advertising funding hence why they are restricting play. There is no reason to allow players to play for free if it isn’t targeted at the market the advertisers want to market to.

Complaints at

Looking through the different comments posted about DOB Lotto, the big one is not getting paid. Okay, so in fairness, the guy who owns this site is upfront with the fact that there are delays in paying winnings. He has posted on the site that he is not earning enough from the advertising, so he is paying winnings out of his pocket. He has also decreased higher payout draws until he can get caught up. It’s easy to imagine the actual balance between marketing the site and having enough people involved to support advertising. At the same time, it does look a little weird that he has been so upfront about the fact he doesn’t have the money to pay winnings.

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The Bottom Line at

We all love free lotteries and winning. It’s a given that most of the time, we’re going to have to put up with some advertising and marketing. But – yup the big but – the site must payout.


Free Daily Lottery

Other Competitions to Play

Points to Open Other Games


Only for UK Residents

Small Winnings

When Will You Get Your Winnings

It will be interesting to see what happens and whether this site survives. It’s a fun and simple concept as long as they can pay those winners!

  1. I have tried to register on the site but it is impossible, all the time it gives an error. I have not been able to contact support either.

  2. I have been playing DobLotto since just after it started and have had no problems at all with it. The owner is having problems at the moment and has been totally upfront in explaining these.
    It is a free lottery with nothing at all to lose.


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