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Arizona Lottery Exposed — Games, Results & Much More

Arizona Lottery Review

It’s interesting the games that are offered by different states, adding their own flavor. Arizona Lottery offers the main big two US lotteries along with some other games. Check out the prospector at the top of their home page juggling his not so little gold nugget referencing their own game called The Pick. This is an official lottery site run by the State of Arizona. It’s a little busy with flash screens that almost go by too quickly. At the same time, they do summarize what offers and they offer a lot!

AZ Mega Millions and AZ Powerball

These are two of the biggest US lotteries that have mega jackpots. Mega Millions starts at $12 million and Powerball starts at $40 million and continues to grow until won.’s twist is that for an additional $1 a lottery line (Power Play and MegaPlier), the prizes excluding the jackpot are multiplied.

Arizona Scratchers with a Difference

The Arizona Lottery offers a range of different scratchers from $1 to $20. The higher the value of the scratcher, the more dollars that can be won. But that’s not all. They combine retailer sales with special events. The latest on their list is if a player purchases one $10 Neon 10s Scratcher, they not only get two tickets for a D-backs home game but are automatically entered into a draw for a 2014 Ford Mustang 2-year car lease. These events are held all over the state at specific times. Arizona State Lottery also offers a second chance on their bigger scratchers.

More Games at AZ Lottery

The Arizona Lottery has some homegrown jackpot games. The Pick starts at $1 million and continues to grow. It is played Wednesday and Saturday. Simply choose six numbers from 1 to 44 (or do a quick pick) and win one of the four tiers of prizes.

Fantasy 5 is a daily lottery that starts at $50,000 and involves picking 5 numbers out of 41 with four-tiers of prizes. It also has a 1 in 10 no cost surprise called the Doubler that doubles any non-jackpot prizes. Pick 3 is also a daily draw at though it definitely is a little different. It involves picking a three digit number (000 to 999) and pays out on a variety of different combinations. The jackpot pays out at $500 but the odds are that you’ll win something. 2by2 is another daily draw with a jackpot of $20,000. It involves picking two red balls (1 to 26) and two white balls (1 to 26) and pays out down eight tiers.

Last But Not Least at Arizona Lottery

From bi-weekly to daily, let’s talk about Tuesday and Saturday. Twice a week at, they hold a draw called Weekly Winnings to win $1000 tax paid a week. The tickets contain six lines of 4 numbers (1 to 50) though only the first line actually qualifies for the $1000 a week. The additional 5 lines are generated as a quick pick and prizes start at $10,000 down to $2.

Package It Up offers a package of all eight games purchased at one time. They also offer multiple plays up to ten games in one purchase. There are all kinds of promotions, events and special plays including the secondary play for non-winning tickets.

I Won! I Won! at

Lottery AZ has a great brochure that summarizes how to process winnings from any of their lotteries. It’s very informative, provides a step by step process that includes several links for getting financial and legal advice.

More importantly, they are very clear on the taxes due (25% Federal/5% State for US Citizens and 30% Federal/5% State for Foreigners). Taxes are payable for any win that is over $599 or 300 times the value of the original ticket whichever is the greater. That means that if you bought a $10 ticket, then taxes are only applicable starting at a $3,000 win. But remember, taxes are not due payable on their Weekly Winners draw and this can be taken in a lump sum. Personally, I like the concept of getting a $1000 a week bonus for a year.

Arizona Lottery’s Customer Service

There is snail mail address to contact as well email addresses, online form and telephone numbers (business hours only). I can’t imagine why anyone would contact these folks though as their site pretty well explains everything. It’s very informative and if anything offers too much information including a list of unclaimed prizes.

The Bottom Line at Lottery AZ offers a very comprehensive selection of games that ensure they have something that will appeal to all players. The Scratchers section has a great range of games to play, offering a little bit of fun to large prizes.


Lots & Lots of Games

Officially Run

Lots of Extras


Too Many Games

Taxes Payable (except Weekly Winnings)

Trying to Decide What to Play

The Arizona Lottery offers many options on different games and different options within those games. This site gets a thumbs up though they could tune down the flash play and streamline some of the information. There’s a lot going on there!

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