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  1. Complete scam and rip off!! The odds stated are an absolute joke and if you’re lucky enough to win one every tenth ticket you get your money back for that ticket… you’ve got your last money from me, scam artist!

  2. Complete bullshit! The odds it states on back of scratch offs are nowhere near reality.. you’ve got your last buck from me. Lottery! Ridiculous!

  3. The 2nd chance drawings are a shamans fraud. The names are either fake or past lottery employees. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME

    • My to be sister in law won $10,000.00 on a 2ed chance draw just 5 months ago.

    • Not true. I won a $500 home depot gift card in one and in an early promotion they did (around 2016, I think?) I won all these “points” you could exchange for merchandise.

  4. Limited, few winners, disappointing!

  5. You buy a thirty dollar scratcher. And you get zero. Can’t you give ten back. It’s still a loss of $20. So the expression you can’t win if you don’t play should be can’t lose if you don’t play.

  6. Just got the app and thought it would be great. Unfortunately, it only works to determine if I am winner. I have to manually input the code for the Players Club. Disappointed with the lack of concern or testing to ensure that feature works

  7. It’s a shame that so many people depend on technology for so many things and this is one thing that is not functioning properly

  8. Oh man, there is so much fu**ery afoot. especially during the holidays. Disgraceful.

    • Completely agree. Look at the names on a lot of the second chance drawings. The names are the same on a lot of them and also many of them are ridiculously common. And many of them are names that nobody in the world would be named. I saw one with a straight Japanese first name and a Mexican last name. That one threw me off quite a bit too… I’d like someone to actually comment that they’ve won and then I’ll believe it. Otherwise, I’m going to continue to think it’s a scam and that I’m wasting my time even entering the drawings…

  9. Since they completely changed the website it’s horrible and doesn’t work. 90% of the time the ticket scanner does not work. It’s a corn maze to find the winning numbers. Just wondering why a million dollar business like the chooses a discount cutrate web builder with zero experience. I’m forced to use a private site. They shouldn’t let children do a man’s job. The previous web design was perfect. All the draw games were front page, the scanner was instant. Playing 30-40 tickets 2 x weekly has now sucking time from my life ticket checking. I may try something online from Vegas. At least they use top web builders

  10. On the second chance crossword and bingo winners list is actually my former brother-in-law Sargon J. He is shown as winning at least 2 times I believe. So for what it’s worth I can at least attest to one person on the second chance draw winners list that I can tell you is not a fictitious winner. I’ve lost a lot more than what I’ve won since I started buying scratchers about a year ago so maybe I am out of my element when it comes to the several year history it seems most people have had playing the az lotto scratchers. Just my 2cents. I’m not disagreeing with anyone on here, just simply stating what I think is relevant to this topic of scams, boycotts, and possible class-action lawsuits.

  11. I’m fighting with myself if I should go get some tickets. I only play $30’100x

  12. In regards to Arizona state lottery Second Chance Drawings (important note: Drawings among other operational functions outsourced to 3rd party company Pollard Banknote) Please contact me if you have any info on a class action lawsuit for fraud or at least how to start an audit on them. I am willing to pitch in on a lawyer and auditor (I can’t afford a large amount of $ but if this is a group effort and not sketch I totally am down to help make this happen.) I have noticed the repeat names in a frequency where I believe it is statistically improbable if the second chance drawings are handled fairly for the posted results to be this repetitive. I understand that people will cry fraud constantly in these things but this is different. I’d bet 1 big toe that there’s fraud and in serious if there’s any rich people who want to fund this for a signed bet of my big toe. I win you just fund all without anything cut off. You win you already funded it so you just get to watch a man have his toe amputated medically. Also probably have to pay for a doctor willing to perform this procedure. Ok silliness aside (silly but 100%dead serious about the toe) I have tried everything else I can think of to get this investigated but I’m just one dude who’s also pretty lazy(I sent emails to a few people) anyways my efforts thus far have bore no fruit but we are so confident, that toe is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if we have any wealthy betting men/women who are looking for a potentially amusing bet (unlikely 2b a chick but totally ok if that’s her thing)
    #toe hating bitches welcome

  13. If you would like to prove the Arizona Lottery is a scam, review jackpot winners for Fantasy 5. As you will note very rarely will you see a jackpot winner but also very rarely will you see an expired jackpot winner. How does the jackpot reset with no jackpot winner? Because they have declared a jackpot winner. Specific note on their website is that numbers televised and pulled are not necessarily the actual winning n uh numbers. This is a government scam people. Stop wasting your money on it.

  14. Horrible!
    I’ve spent probably $400 and won back maybe $40.
    I buy more than the odds. i.e. odds are 1:3.6. I’ll buy 4 or 5 tickets and not win a cent back. Total rip-off.

  15. I have played state lottery scratch games in at least 20 different states and never have I seen such a ridiculous thing as I have here a $5 ticket with $1 prizes and falling nowhere near the overall odds this states lottery should be ashamed because not everyone pays attention to those things so they take advantage of people I know it’s gambling but when the odds are posted and I’ve bought enough at a time many times thinking it was a fluke that I won nothing out of 20 tickets or $1 prizes out of 20 tickets those fall nowhere near the posted odds so I say to you AZ lottery you get no more from me the odds in Vegas at the worst tables are better

  16. I think the Arizona Lottery is just great! You guys need to buy tickets in the many different locations of the valley… it’s getting bigger and bigger people the winners are further and closer than ever! Be positive! You’ll win. THINK DIFFERENT. GET OUT OF YOUR BORING ROUTINE AND BE SPONTANEOUS!!!!!! YEEEAAAAAHHHH….

    • I just 5 minutes ago finished scratching 20 $2 tickets. I had 3 $2 winners. but that’s not the first time. I’ve got a roommate who in the past 4 months has bought thousands of dollars worth of tickets. his biggest win is I believe $35. a few nights ago he bought $100 worth of $2. he won less than $20 back. mine has been the same. there is no doubt in my mind this is absolutely rigged. I can only wonder how much of my money has been stolen. they stoled an election right in front of over 700,000,000 Americans. one man made the statue of liberty disappear in front of the whole world. he’ll the az lottery would be a piece of cake

  17. How can a scratcher that just came out 12/27/19 and all the big wins are already gone in 3 days no picture of anyone winning these scratchers on their website it all scam

  18. I absolutely agree. The part that annoys me the most is the second chance offers. I have seen the same names win several times. Also the jackpots. Note the names. They are also ridiculously made up and so unoriginal it’s insane. John Johnson, Sandra Padilla sure seems to win on almost all of them, Joshua Peterson is another, Jeffrey Wilson, Tom Thompson…
    I mean do they think we are not looking at the winning names? Some people may be lucky, but I have seen the same winners (even in first place) on several occasions. Not only that but it’s not just crossword or bingo it’s on several different games. Everybody I know, including myself, are privy to playing a specific game not every single one of them. So the same person buys every ticket in the world and wins the second chance offers as well? Sorry I don’t think so. Mind you I do win my money back sometimes, and sometimes I win a little more. But I play the 3$ to $5 cards because I’m done wasting my money on 10$ to 20$ cards because they don’t pay out anymore. I enjoy scratchers and the whole second chance offer thing really appealed to me at first… but I had 400 entries on a few of the drawings, and still didn’t win anything. Seeing the same names over and over again makes me want to join in on this class action suit idea. I feel like I am owned thousands of dollars in reparations as Arizona lottery is most definitely scamming people. Enough is enough, and I am boycotting them by no longer buying scratchers, and I think everyone else should do the same and see if things change. If anybody is serious about this class action suit, please reply below and I have a friend who is a paralegal. I’ll see what we can do about getting this started. At least see what it would entail and everyone, let’s save our lottery and scratcher money and spend it exposing the AZ lottery for what it is. A huge scam. I am so happy to read that other people are seeing the same thing. I was starting to think I might be crazy. I’ve been telling my girlfriend about this for a long time and I’ve just had enough. I’m not spending my hard-earned money on a scam any longer. I might as well just start throwing my money in a fire and using it for warmth. At least I would know where my money is going. If anybody has won a second chance offer or a jackpot, please post. But I guarantee you you won’t see one single post from a winner.

    • I’ve played second chance since it came out and entered thousands of tickets and nothing… I’ve also noticed a bunch of repeat winners on the second chance drawings… Like Ed Nelson of Mesa winning $5000 on Bingo & Cross very first (Draw 1)second chance drawing then winning $10,000 on the quarterly draw (Draw 2) For Bingo & cross… Then $100 on draw 7 and a whopping $1000 on draw 9 or David Sheppard of Phx winning B&C second chance drawing 14,15 and 16 at $500 per drawing… What are the odds of winning 3 different second chance drawings in a row and the same prize..? On those 3 drawings alone I had over 4500 entries! Joseph Hayduk won B&C second chance drawing 4 times also… Draw 5,9,10 and 12 with a combined total of $5300… How about Alvin Wood of PHX with 2 wins in the same second chance game on draw 1 and draw 12 winning $5500! And I could keep on going but I shouldn’t have too… Class action? I definitely want in on that…

      • I’m so glad you are seeing this too. Other people as well. This isn’t a joke. how the heck are the same people winning over and over again and then some of them more than once on one draw? I’m calling shenanigans here. Like you said I’ve had so many built up on one draw and to see the same names when over and over again, and I’m guessing fictitious names. This has me completely over the damn scratchers which is a shame cuz I love them. But I’m lucky to win my money back these days. I have seen one person post that they know somebody who won. Kind of strange they said that they won twice though. If they won twice I’m calling shenanigans there too. Who the hell do they know? Or a lottery representative commented… It’s like they think we’re completed idiots here. Some of these names are so ridiculous I want to throw up. these people must be spending millions on scratchers if they are the people who are winning… Again love to see someone comment saying I won. Especially a name that I see in one of the lists. Otherwise, I’m calling shenanigans still.

  19. I was just googling how to get the Arizona lottery audited for fraud. That is when I came across this site and had to post a review. Not sure there is fraud, but there does seem to be something wrong/not the same as a few years back. Years back I used to win quite often. And, not just smaller amounts either. For the past month and a half I have been playing the new $20 Quarter Million Crossword and have won on very few. I haven’t won any more than $75. When I do win on one it is usually no more than $25. I thought the payouts and odds were supposed to be better the higher the ticket cost. The draw games are a joke as well lately. Can’t even seem to recoup my money on Triple Twist. All I can say is the AZ lottery has changed for sure and not for the better.

    • Triple Twist is worst than Powerball and Mega Millions combine.

    • The $20 Quarter Million Crossword is the only game I’ve won anything decent on in the last 3 years… I’ve won $250 twice, $100 twice, $75 three times, $30 six times and $20 more than ten times… But other than this game I rarely win anything… Not even my money back!

  20. Something is off with Arizona lottery. Many times I’ll keep buying the same ticket because I just want 1 winner. But so many times I have to buy 6,7,8 in a row just to win one ticket worth back. It’s happened on multiple occasions. I don’t mind losing. But I feel like I’m giving my money away.

  21. Something is definitely not right! I have never gone so long without a winner on a $2 crossword I’ve been playing 11 71 since the first day it came out I’ll buy 20 at a time sometimes and only when the face value on one or two of them over and over again and I shop different locations around town. there is definitely a scam in progress by virtue of the odds alone. Tonight I just purchased the crossword 1231 does anybody know about this game how did this all of a sudden get Incorporated into the stack at my local Kwik-E-Mart I’ll be contacting Lottery officials first thing in the morning to find out why I have a ticket from a game that doesn’t exist that was printed in Canada anyone have any answers???? And why is it that our convenience store clerks I have no idea what you’re talking about when you ask about a specific game number I know that they’re trained in other aspects the lottery record-keeping and identification but they are unable to identify specific games by virtue of their assigned identity which is numeric. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve saved on my losing tickets is anyone thinking class action because the way I see it the Arizona Lottery has ripped me off and I want my money back. I have to say my math skills are General at best I’m certainly not a mathematical thinker in the least bit but it’s obvious to me that something isn’t right it doesn’t take a numbers genius to make this conclusion.

    • I agree found the same thing going on it’s like they screwed up and didn’t put any winners in…I hear you and I agree with you.

  22. Az lottery scratchers is very much a scam. Mind you, we are all adults and make up our own minds.
    Nonetheless, I have 7 time bought 10 consecutive tickets for $2 crossword. Only once did I win my $20 back! In fact, twice I won only $2 (meaning one out of 10 was a winner). Three times i had 2 winners of the ten (4, 4, and 7 dollars). And only twice 3 winners of 10 both times only three $2 winners.
    Their stated odds of winning of 1 in 3.7 must have been when they first started the crossword because it surely is NO WHERE near accurate today. Even under today’s new math 14 winners of 70 is 1 in 5.

  23. How do we demand an audit, show us all the Jackpot winners, no need to expose the winners identities, or do, let’s see if they are related to government officials or corporate companies, I know it’s a reach but something doesn’t add up, like the amount of money gained and not paid out. But show us the money being taken out of the AZ lottery bank account. Show us over 8 million dollars in prizes on the power 5 scratcher ticket that does not include you “Winning” the money back that you paid for the ticket, now that’s a joke and such a waste of time. Now it’s possible for us people to monitor all tickets with the scan app on our phones, and the lottery can’t claim that someone lost the winning ticket. We need to expose them for false advertisement and scamming all of us, scamming the backbone of this state or we put pressure on them to do what’s right. I would like AZ Lottery to take the amount I lost minus the amount I won, not including tickets that say congratulations you won what you paid, and refund me that dollar amount. It’s like once you pay your car off, the loan company says congratulations, you just won a car, and then they proceed to write off the total monies paid back. Anyways, just in 2019 I have cashed in winners totaling $1,275, with the largest amount being $200 and lost $26,533. So I would settle for a check in the amount of $25,258. After that we can part ways and AZ lottery can do the ethical thing and start being honest and I’ll never gamble again in the state of Arizona. Contact me Lottery officials, let’s talk. Everyone should also look at the winners for the 2nd chance drawings for crossword and Bingo, is it weird that an ED Nelson in Mesa won 5 times in the first 8 draws???? But we can’t buy a roll of scratchers and win more than double the price of the ticket value. Like someone else said, truth comes out eventually they will be exposed and with news like this coming out, I’m sure it will probably enrage a couple Arizona citizens…… just a couple. To be continued———

  24. Very greedy and don’t payout anymore Arizona lottery can’t even make it fun anymore and really takes the excitement out of it when you do win it just how much your ticket you purchased over and over again. I’m sure they will be exposed everything comes out eventually!

  25. Been in Arizona for a few months now I have probably spent four to $500 on scratchers, absolutely a total freaking scam! When you play the same game every time and you buy 68 tickets and you never win more than the minimum on each ticket that’s what I call a complete scam and after reading other peoples reviews it’s easy to see it’s not just me! I would urge anyone and everyone to stop playing these games it’s obvious you can’t win Arizona lottery should be ashamed stealing and ripping off its own people Arizona lottery just like the other reviewer said you suck!

  26. I’ve been playing for years and in the last year no matter what denomination or how many I buy at a time I cannot win a thing. Not even recouping cost of ticket. And when you’re scratching $30 tickets it can piss you off real quick. I’ve been saying for the last month or two that I should stop buying them & at this point it’s pretty easy to do. There’s absolutely no fun in ALWAYS losing. Az Lottery You Suck!!!

  27. Disappointed in how you keep stringing out the different high dollar games like royal millions and decades of dollars.

  28. My name is Justin cross and I hav spent 10 grand in the last month iv got the losing scracher to prove it and I’ve played 20$ tickets all the way down to 1$ tickets 200$ at a time not one time did I ever come close to even breaking even on the original 200$ i live in globe az and hav tried every lottery sales location but continues to onley be a one sided system with onley one option and that’s to loose most definitely your people need to get your lottery together it sucks stop being greedy plz and thank you

  29. I used to win quite a bit playing scratchers. I play almost every day from $5 to $20 tickets. This last year I have hardly won anything and ready to give up playing altogether. It seems something has really changed! I pay attention to the games, prizes, etc. The scratchers have stopped paying out!! What’s going on?

  30. The illegals are duplicating the scratchers and Arizona lottery is letting them get away with it. It’s time to file a lawsuit against Arizona lottery.

  31. I like these guys are so clear on the taxes that are applicable whether you are from the good ole USA or elsewhere (which is me). It’s an official lottery provider so you also know who you are dealing with. And what a selection of games. I’m still working my way through what I’m going to play.

  32. Looks like the AZ lottery reads your post. My mystery number just came in just coincidence (I do not think so).

  33. I play pick 3 and chart the numbers. How can a number not be picked in 15 years. A problem with the computer???

    • Just take the time and see the numbers that don’t come in for years and see the ones that duplicate often. Then a few years ago the lottery said there was a bug and certain digits weren’t coming up. I’m a software engineer. Ya, a bug… What a joke.


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Arizona Lottery Exposed — Games, Results and Much More

Arizona Lottery Review

Arizona – a hot, hot (literally) state with its interesting history and flavor… and its own lottery, as well.

The Arizona State Lottery, just like all other US lotto operators, offers a nice mix of both national and regional games.

What is it like playing lotteries in Arizona, however? Where can you get tickets, and has the state operator undertaken the steps needed to digitize the experience for fans of games of luck?

All of these questions are so important that we’re not going to waste any more time. Let’s dig right into the specifics and the facts about Arizona State Lottery.

Games at Arizona Lottery

First and foremost, Arizona does not offer online lottery playing. Sorry to disappoint you, but there’s whatsoever no way to stay home in your PJs, drink coffee on a Sunday morning and get your lottery ticket.

And that’s a pity, as Arizona’s state lottery operator has such a good selection of games.

Arizona Lottery Mega Millions and Powerball are the frontrunners because of their national popularity and the huge jackpots they offer. Apart from these two giants, however, you can test out a range of smaller games that are still intriguing.

Arizona Lottery The Pick is one of these possibilities. It’s so hot since a single ticket costs only a dollar, and the odds of winning the jackpot are much bigger in comparison to what the national games have to offer.

Arizona Pick 3, Triple Twist, Fantasy 5, and Quickcard are the other opportunities. The state also offers a good selection of scratchers if you are a fan of instant experiences and knowing within seconds if you’ve actually obtained anything.

As you’ve guessed already, there is just one way to get your tickets, and that’s to visit a retail venue in the state. While there is a mobile app, the range of functionalities is very, very limited.

Claiming Your AZ Lottery Prizes

Since you cannot play online, there’s no way to get prizes credited to your player account after you guess the lucky Arizona Lottery numbers. Whether you’ve won two dollars or two million dollars, you’ll have to visit an actual prize claim center to get your hands on your cash.

Prizes of up to 600 dollars can be cashed out at any retail venue in the state. There’s no processing time or a waiting period.

For larger sums, you will have to visit one of the Arizona Lottery Offices. You’ll need to fill out a prize claim form and also provide proof of identity.

All players have 180 days from the drawing date to come forward and make a prize claim.

Jackpot winners have 60 days from the drawing date to decide if they want to get a lump sum or if they’ll opt for annuity payment.

Who Can Play at Arizona State Lottery?

Sadly, only Arizonans in Arizona and visitors of the state can buy tickets and claim prizes.

There’s no way to get your hands on one of the state games if you aren’t physically in Arizona shortly before the drawing occurs.

Out of state and abroad, lotto enthusiasts are limited to the US games offered by online lottery agencies. Mega Millions and Powerball are definitely included in the selection of more than one service provider. Some online agencies also carry state-based games, but you’ll have to check for each Arizona lottery you’re interested in.

Who’s Behind Arizona Lottery?

The Arizona Lottery is the entity behind lotto operations in the state. The Arizona State Lottery was set up in 1980, and it operates under state laws about the organization of games of luck.

It is a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association, and one of its primary functions is to generate funds for the public benefit through the sale of tickets.

And while Arizona is one of the very first states to approve its very own lottery, today it is lagging behind in terms of modernization. Yes, the number of US lotteries that offer online ticket purchases is limited. Still, some operators have launched such websites already. Regardless of the geographical restrictions these platforms operate under, they still offer a lot of conveniences.

Other Bits and Pieces

We don’t have a lot more to talk about. Arizona State Lottery has very simple and straightforward operations that are lacking in the realm of digitization.

There is a local lotto app that’s created and operated by Arizona Lottery. The app, however, has limited functionalities. The so-called Arizona Lottery Players Club requires registration. It gives players access to promo offers, free games, and some activities that allow for collecting points that could eventually be exchanged for a prize. Promo codes can also be collected, which is a nice little perk.

The app is also suitable for checking results and tickets to determine if you’ve entered the Arizona Lottery winners’ ranks.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about the actual experiences players have had with the Arizona lottery, you can take a look at the comments above the article. They provide lots of information about the way Arizona State Lottery works and how it misses the mark.

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The Bottom Line at Lottery AZ

As a lottery agency, Arizona State Lottery is still missing lots of opportunities to give its customers a modern and convenient experience. The official lottery app is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t offer everything people in other states and countries are used to.


Run and operated by an official, legally regulated entity

There’s both a website and an app

The app provides fun opportunities to win perks, discounts, and promo codes

Also convenient for checking results and finding information about the lottery


You still cannot play the lottery online in Arizona

Opportunities are only available to Arizonans and not to other US residents or people in other countries

There’s no way to claim prizes digitally

Arizona State Lottery is legitimate, and it’s been around for a long time. It started as a pioneer, but the adoption of innovations has slowed down. We can only hope that the situation will change in the future, and possibilities for online ticket buying will be enabled.

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