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  1. I believe they are not the same people who ran the old website. Now the address is “” with different business owners and not out of NY.
    The giveaway also is that the recent winners are the names of recent winners from the old site BUT the pictures are not! A simple internet archive search reveals this. Plus I 100% know one of those guys on there who did win under the old site. That pic is not him! This new site has scam written all over it.

  2. July,17th,2020

    I am maybe one of the oldest members of this site from the first year of their establishment and it was one of the best if not the best free lotto sites, In the last few years, they retreated to a level that I could not trust them anymore when they stopped their activities for several months until I tried by a chance a few days ago to discover that they returned functioning but not as they used to be when they were good since they mention the time when you play the ticket without any confirmation to our mail, also and this is strange without the TSN number when you want to check back your numbers that you already played. which means if you do not collect the TSN. at the same moment when you play, you can never know what was the TSN number for that game they never repeat it as I mentioned before, which gives a very bad impression that they are not honest to settle a payment, I already wrote them about this but they did not reply
    to-day I could not reach to their site to play my daily games, for unknown reason this is why I found myself at your site trying to know what is going on for Freelotto site, in General, they are not well organized as they used to be several years ago, hope they will read our comments and not to be angry but try to be more organized as they used to be when they established their honest site wishing them all the best, they used to be a hope for us to win big. Michael Zaki Hadad- Ramallah-Palestine

  3. I played Freelotto literally from its inception and I always got my checks of $1 or $5 in the mail, never hit anything larger, I also was able to contact them a few times when I needed, so I don’t know what all the talk is about related to it being a scam, hope it is not shutting down for good because now I get server not avail when I click on their webpage?? thx gary

  4. It’s going from bad to worse, each day of entry, the following day of checking result, can’t find my numbers, with message no entry placed for this draw, also no every day follow up on email

  5. I have been playing freelotto for a couple of years now, but I am considering stopping altogether. As most of you know who have been playing any time at all, last year they were down for several months. During this time, and even after, I could not log in to play. They presumably were updating their website. Once they came back online, I have been able to play, but the “catch” is, without daily reminders through e-mail, even if you won a prize there is no way to collect since you don’t have the TSN number to turn in to verify the win!. I have sent message after message through their link with NO response at all! On May 17, I hit 4 of 5 numbers which should have entitled me to a prize of $300.00, but as stated above, I had no way to collect without the t.s.n. Oh, they will send $1.00 payments very sporadically, but even then, you might get $1.00 for every $5.00 that you actually won.

  6. Dear sir.
    I’m Nazrul Islam. Bangladesh. and I’m freelotto old member. my ID-103460733.
    sir. I am not log in 3 months. but why? please help me. please sending information. please opened time information tell me.

  7. I have been playing Freelotto for seventeen years ? love it Fantastic fun Freelotto on the run ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. It’s not a scam as far as I know. I don’t know about the big winners, whether they exist or not, but several in our family have won $1 and $5 quite a number of times. I won $300 for getting 5 out of 6 numbers on the million draw, and my husband won one of their weekly $1000 random drawings last year.

    Their customer service is very poor, the phone number and contact info go unanswered, and the winnings were hard to chase down, but we did eventually get them. I hope they redo their web site for this year as they claim they will, it was worth the trouble to play, and we appreciated the chances to win. Hopefully it will be a better setup this time.

  9. It is the potential game of chances to be a multi-millionaire. Thank you.

  10. Was playing/all of a sudden I was not able to get to play no more. Free Lotto was not accepting any new members. I really enjoyed playing the app.

  11. I won a car and $30k in 2000 so I can tell you right now it wasn’t a scam when I played. I haven’t been able to play since moving to a state where it is illegal 14 years ago so not sure how it is now, but I was a big winner.

  12. Have won lots of $1 and $5. I have also won $300.00 1 time. It is for real as far as I am concern. Haven’t won anything for a while but hey it’s FREE, takes a couple minutes each day. Love it been here since close to day 1. Waiting for it to restart after the 1st and see how they have changed it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

  13. I’ve been Playing FreeLotto since 1999 and I Love it. Haven’t won anything but $1.00’s. Still Love to play, But for some reason You want let me play now. Sure would like to know why not. My I.D.# 29001620. Pray to hear from someone soon. I want to Wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank You, Danny Sebren

  14. Just started playing (FREE) – no issues so far and won a couple of $3 and $5 prizes for getting some of the numbers. Donated these winnings as I didn’t want a chq sent. Should have a digital wallet!!

  15. Maybe $25 after 15 years, but that’s pick six for you. Legit as far as I’m concerned. Yeah, some glitches, but not that many. Gonna keep on keeping on

  16. I am now not sure the place you are getting your info, but great topic. I must spend a while learning more or figuring out more. Thanks for magnificent info I used to be searching for this info for my mission.

  17. Been playing since early 2000’s this game, have done a mix of free and paid each month. Be good if they include more games like other sites – scratchies, etc.

  18. Site is awesome been playing for a little under 2 years and never had any issues so far!!

  19. Not a scam been going for years and registered in NY. My mum plays and has won cash now myself and wife play everyday.. It’s fun and you don’t get spammed like the others.

  20. I have been playing every day for past 10 years, most winning I had was 5 dollars and 1 dollar, surprisingly I received the checks 🙂 but once I won 10 K but next day it was gone from my winning as if I never played that day, when I e-mailed them they said it was system glitch, from today I can log in my account but cannot play lottos, I can pick the numbers and when I press enter it brings me back to the from page, anyways seems this is real waits of time and hope 🙁

  21. I have been playing for a while now and subscribe to their premium service. From this, I have been lucky enough to even win a few prizes. Any issues I have I chat through their Facebook page and they respond quickly.

  22. I play once or twice a month. Site works well. Customer service took 1/2 days to respond, but they did respond and pay me.

  23. Just started playing (Jan) – everything seems to be ok, I have spoken to them on the phone (they called) and gave me an email to contact. I just wish the prizes were a little higher with the lotto plus subscription. Apart from that – I’ll let you know when I win 🙂

  24. I think this is also just a scam. You can’t even contact them for certain problems as recently I encountered problems trying to play. I keep on getting errors. You can’t actually use your own email address but a webmail address. Stick to paying for lottery nos.

  25. Been playing for a few years now – probably collected 2k so I would be up around 1k so far from the subscriptions I pay each month. Getting $ has been ok – approx 2 weeks to come in. Be good if it was mobile as this would be much easier.

  26. I don’t know about anyone else, but I won $10K in Dec 2000.
    I received a check from them about 3 months later and it cleared with no problems.
    I usually win once or twice a month for $1.
    Yes, you jump through a few hoops to get your check, but you do get it.

  27. Scam.. I been playing Freeport for years. About ten times I have had the 3 numbers that they say wins a prize.. after contacting them to claim, I get no reply and to this day I have not received a penny from them… I left a review on trust pilot saying this, now I can’t play.. when I try to log in it is telling me error 503 licence expired..

  28. I play PlasmaNet freelotto daily for the past 9 years. They mail me a check every time I match. Must be real. I will report when I match the 10 million game

  29. I have been a member for about 12/13 years or more and have never received a red cent but that is not the problem I went to play my numbers today and it won’t let me play abut I get a thing telling me ERROR 503 CERTIFICATE EXPIRED AND io DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHAT THEY are talking about like you people I am a free member now I do not know who to contact so I can fix my problem.

  30. I have played it since 2013. I have won $1, $2, $5. If I play everyday the max. emails they allow for household (mine is 20, myself and my spouse), I can usually win $5 to $7 a month. It takes about 3 or more months to receive checks, but they do pay out. I am a free member.

  31. I have been playing FreeLotto for a while now and I am very happy with it after all you have to be in it to win it and I remain hopeful that one day I will win the game

  32. I paid with my credit card and I was scammed, 15€ was taken from me, no discount. I want my money back or I will report this. It was supposed to take from me only 0.99€ for the first 30 days because I received a discount of 14€.

  33. Once I have unsubscribed can they still pass on my information. I subscribed then instantly unsubbed after reading this and I don’t want any harassment letters or anything…

  34. We have been playing FreeLotto for years. When you win, you must check their site for how to claim the winnings, they are not automatically sent to you. We have won small amounts in the past $1, $5, etc. and they pay out the prizes in 60-90 days.

    We have recently won $300 from having 5 of 6 numbers in the $1 million drawing. We were curious to see if they really pay out the larger sums. We have never signed up for their FAST autoplay service, so we never paid them a dime, we just go to the site each day to play the 6 games for free. We did receive the $300 check, but it took a long time after we submitted the required forms and our information. It probably took about 3 1/2 months. My husband then won their TGIF special $1K drawing that takes place on Fridays. He almost missed the winning email they sent because it went to his spam folder, but luckily, he noticed it. After sending in the required information, we waited and waited. We were concerned about not receiving the winnings, so we called numerous time, emailed numerous times, etc. We also needed to know if we were going to get it so we could claim it on our tax forms. We finally got information that the check was sent when we got frustrated and contacted the BBB. They were required to respond to the complaint. We finally did receive the check, but it took 4 months after the actual winning date.

    I don’t think that anything about FreeLotto is a scam, but they have TERRIBLE customer service and tend to ignore emails and voicemails as well. It’s a shame because it really is a nice opportunity to win money without having to pay to play. We will continue to play, hoping to win more, but after our poor contact with the company, we did contact them to suggest better attentiveness to customer questions about winnings. I don’t know if they will improve on that front, but we’ll see. The site is easy to use, but chasing down your winnings is a little more complicated. We very much appreciate the Plasmanet company for allowing us to win money, and it is free to play if you don’t want to sign up for their autoplay service. I hope they take complaints about customer contact problems seriously.

  35. Don’t ever remember subscribing to the site, about two weeks now, no wins, upgrades do costs, in Australia, if you win a prize such as a multi-million dollar one, you will be subjected to a massive tax on it, as it is an overseas lottery, and therefore not exempt from lottery winnings taxes. Currently in Australia, lottery wins are tax free, unless you invest and earn interest in a bank account, and then normal tax laws apply. If your playing this lottery in Australia, be aware of this law. Up to 52% of your winnings will be taxed!!!

  36. I hope this gonna save from losing several bucks of innocent people like me from scams.

  37. Scam:
    Actually initially was genuine. I had been playing for about two decades and yes I actually received cheques for even a few dollars win. Draw results are directly based on one of the official government state lottery so players can verify their free bet and have no way of cheating.
    But slowly they changed the format, removed the usual ads, started introducing paying lotto and made things difficult for those who wanted to play for free ( for example: whenever you hit the ‘click here to play for free’ it will immediately transferred them to the ‘Freelotto’ add site enticing you to subscribe and generally tried hard to frustrate the regular free players and pushed them towards subscribing). And on the website the claim that results are based on the state draw is conspicuously and suddenly missing which means they have their own computerised draw which they can manipulate to their own advantage assuming they actually did make a draw. And you will notice the pictures of those recent winners actually had been there for more than a decade. Recent? No way.
    Yes, is now absolutely a scam.

  38. This is actually a great site.
    I have been playing with lottery sites for many years. However, now I finally found a site that does not charge much and gives great an dreal opportunity to win and not just stories…
    They give 180 lotteries per month! THAT’S A LOT!

  39. I actually like these guys.
    I play lotteries for many years with various official state lotteries, and won very little, as the chances of winning the official lotteries of the governments are very low. However, on this site of FreeLotto, the winning chances are high, and you get 8 daily lotteries every day, which is 18 lotteries a month for as low as $15 per month. I personally think they are a good offer.
    I know them for only one year. But I heard about them through a friend of mine who won their lottery of “Pay off your mortgage” of $100,000 USD. So I actually know they are for real.
    Having said the above, I still think that they have a good value offer that they give. I like them and hope I win …

  40. So full of shit they had a huge lawsuit against them for fraud……An I can prove they still pulling the same crap.
    They sent email after email saying oh this person just won and it will be the same names over from just a few weeks prior.

    You never see any winners go public not even for 1000 bucks or even 10 bucks.
    I’m sick of these automated assholes just writing stuff fake reviews so more people will fall for it.
    I have screenshot after screenshot, catching them in lie after lie.
    In process of legal action.
    So hope this reaches whatever company is behind it.
    Attorney generals office I believe had something or another to do with the first lawsuit.
    Lawyer looking into it.

  41. This company has been charging my credit card $22.98 every month for the last five years. Yet when I go in to reset my password so that I can log in I get told “This email address is no longer in use with our system. If you believe this is an error, please contact our customer service at (212) 931-6760 or service @” I try to call customer service and I am told they cannot stop the subscription because do not have my email. Yet I can not register the email address. What is the deal. How can they be charging a customer for a service that the email address is no longer in use. I believe this company is a scam and is taking my money and pocketing it. They hit the lotto every month they have collected $1378.80 and providing me NO service.

  42. I actually can register for free to all 6 lotteries shown on
    Finally, a site that does what it says. I like it.
    Seems they have a long list of winners, which is very impressive.

  43. I played with Freelotto since March 2018. At the beginning I was not sure if they are real or scam. However, their service was good and they replied to all the questions I had. I was still not sure but decided to continue playing with them, and I actually started paying them the $15 per month, so they will submit me to all 6 lotteries they do every day, as it saved me a lot of time. It is basically like I paid them $0.50 per day, which is very cheap compared for getting 6 lotteries per day, which is 180 lotteries per month.
    The reason I decided to write this review is that I just won with them the FreeLotto FastCash daily lottery which the jackpot is $10,000.
    YEA!!! Now I know it is real and I will keep playing with them forever 🙂

  44. FreeLotto is for real.
    FreeLotto is owned by an American company called Plasmanet Inc from New York, USA.
    They are audited by the top 5 accounting firms and are paying the lottery jackpots for real!
    They actually let you play the lottery for free. Although I personally prefer to pay them $15 per month and have them register me for all the lotteries on their site on a daily basis, as it saves me lots of time and hassle. And this option they make sure I never miss any lottery draw.

    Note: I found few sites that are trying to copy them and use a similar name so be careful that to use one of them.

  45. These guys enabled me to enjoy a lottery of $1 Million USD for free. So actually I did not have to pay for joining this lottery. They offered me to pay $15 for joining these $ 1 million lottery every day, but I do not have to do it. I liked their offer, and actually I prefer to pay this small amount and enjoy 6 lotteries per day, every day during the month.

  46. I did my own search for Zhivko Zhelev – he is real enough and won $100,000 not $100,000,000. If anyone is interested in reading the article and I am allowed to post a link? – here it is below.

  47. Hmmmm…there is such a thing as “free will”. I think most of us have forgotten how to use it.
    It’s a game of chance, play if you want to or not…it’s always free to play. All of us get spam in our inbox – just tag it as spam and it’s gone, never to be seen again. Just a thought…what about the lotteries we pay for? When someone wins a large prize and 30% is taken right off the top…is that not a scam as well? Remember, there are 7 billion people on this earth, less than 1% of 1% is fortunate enough to win any amount of money that actually makes their life better.

  48. I am not convinced yet that is a scam, or legit to be clear. However, I find that they tell lies when they say you will become a millionaire. Actually, in their rules they say: “Classic FreeLotto® Grand Prize: One Million ($1,000,000.00) US Dollars (“USD”), paid out as an annuity of $40,000.00 USD per year for 25 years.” Waiting for 25 years to get the full prize isn’t really become millionaire. And with 40k a year you won’t get far anyway. You’d rather get a certification from Cisco or any other IT certification that will make you get a salary of at least 70k a year.
    With the $10 million prize, it’s worse. “The Jackpot Prize will be paid out as an annuity over 41 years. Annual payments of $100,000.00 USD will be paid out for 40 years and a final balloon payment of $6,000,000.00 USD will be made in the 41st year.” THAT’S IF YOU’RE NOT DEAD BY THEN, because they add: “No substitution or transfer of the FreeLotto® Superbucks Jackpot Prize is allowed including transfers made by reason of law or upon death of the prize winner.” Believe me, even if you’re just 40 years old, your chances to attain 81 aren’t that great. Let alone if the winner is 60.
    To conclude, it’s better to “Win a Car” because “If there is only one winner, the winner will win a luxury car with a retail value of up to $50,000.00 USD before taxes or have the opportunity to choose the cash value of the prize, which is $40,000 USD. That’s if the site is legit, to be clear.

  49. I won $500 and they paid up with only one simple request. They wanted a picture of me so they could use it with their winners section.

  50. I have emailed u guys now email me back or I’m going to start thinking scammers are taking my money for nothing but a scam

  51. I “Won’ 11 million dollars, so they said. . . . I was so excited. . NEVER SAW A DIME! NOW, THEY SAID FIXED. . PAY 30.00 AUTO WITHDRAW. . I HAVE WON 2 TIMES. . . A 1 DOLLAR WIN, SCAM, UNABLE TO REACH THEM.

  52. I won $300 in a second chance drawing years ago and was paid. Since then I’ve won small amounts that I haven’t claimed, but they have never asked me for any kind of card number.

  53. Legit, I won 10000 in 1994. They even sent 1099 form to file taxes.

  54. Hi, I Thulani Tshemese on the 4th of June, wrote an email to free lotto, about the money was deducted from my bank account for R222.22 by free lotto, without my concerned, plz pay my money back.

  55. I recently won but their email address ain’t working for, “claiming prizes is not working at all”.

  56. You are falling for phishing scams that use the FreeLotto name. Go to their site and click on the “Fraud and Scam Alert” link at the very bottom of the screen. This explains everything.

  57. I have played the basic 6 games since almost the beginning. In the early days, the $1 and $5 prizes were paid promptly. I then went several years without bothering to claim a prize. I claimed a $1 and $5 prize in the last few months and never received a confirmation email. That makes me concerned.

    As for being unable to find the big winners, it’s possible FreeLotto doesn’t notify local media, which would be to their credit. And if I was the winner, I certainly wouldn’t go to the media.

    Don’t sign up for FAST, that’s just asking for trouble.

    How can this site say is not allowed in the U.S.? I’ve been playing in the U.S. since 1999.

  58. I tried to play the free lotto, but I hadn’t succeed as there is a message that told me about an error or not submitted

  59. Look, I played this game years ago, probably when they first started lol.
    I stopped because my accounts stopped working, no idea why. Back then you were allowed only 2 accounts.
    But i did get a check for $1.75US once, apparently I won a couple of numbers. Never did deposit it, was more of a souvenir. So play free, don’t pay, unless you want to, all it does is pick and plays your numbers automatically. Hey maybe you get a check in mail one day.

  60. Fed up to the teeth with these sites that look genuine and offer free stuff. I would NEVER give any site my card information..and like others suggested my winnings be sent by cheque or wire transfer. How do they get away with it..who gives these companies authority to offer prizes and I thought you had to be Kosher to register as a LOTTO company..before you could become a company advertising prizes? They do ask pertinent questions in a application/quiz beware..DO NOT is most definitely a SCAM and you will win sweet FA…. even 1 star is too many….

    • I’ve been playing since 2010 and have won little amounts and they always pay me. I like their site and they have more than $11 million to win every day. Your review is not specific, so I think your review isn’t valid.

  61. I keep getting emails saying I’ve won huge amounts every day. Then they ask for card details which quite frankly I’m not gonna give as they ask you your preferences in how you want it paid and I’ve said cheque. So why again do they need my card details.

    • They don’t say you’ve won huge amounts, they say you are ‘eligible to win’ specific amounts [grand prizes] and offer you a discount to join an automated play service which freelotto provides calls F.A.S.T. service. I have joined it in the past and it worked great and entered the numbers or quick picks I selected everyday.

      • This is very true. Look at Publishers Clearinghouse, they also use language like “eligible to win’. It’s called a hard sell.

  62. They catch you with a ‘free’ spin – informed me I have won a TV. This never materialised – instead I was informed I have daily free entries. I expected foul play – now I know..! Never gave them my ct card details. Only my e-mail address. In what world are we living??

    • You must be talking about another site. They do not have any “spins”, or tvs as prizes.

    • FreeLotto doesn’t award free t.v. sets, so you must be rating the wrong company;
      FreeLotto doesn’t have a ‘spin’ feature or function or game, so you must be rating the wrong company.
      FreeLotto is not a scam, I’ve played since 2010 and I have received the payments for the little winnings I’ve had to date and I’ve come close to winning the jackpot with 5/6 numbers.

    • I too won a 65 inch Samsung television when I first signed up for freelotto…it still to this day has not materialized, I want someone from freelotto to get in contact with me about this win I got wifi not I will be contacting my Attorneys to do everything possible to get what they promised to me, I played for 30 days … Nothing except a load of emails, even after I unsubscribed from freelotto I still get emails from them to continue to play… I want someone to contact me about the 65 inch Samsung television (flat screen) that I in fact won…

      • FreeLotto does not give away t.v. sets… Are you people confusing with an older site called which was shut down or closed?

        • Yes, they tell you have won a tv set or Dell laptop or iPad or a shopping card. This just happened to me today.

        • 201312
          • Samsung 65″ 3D LED Smart TV
          • Dell Inspiron Laptop Computer
          • Apple iPad Mini
          • $50.00 SkyAuction Savings Certificate
          Use the form below to claim your prize. You are a guaranteed winner of one of the prizes listed above.
          Code No. PSN20121205
          Section A: Grand Prize Value Disclosure
          You have been directed to this prize claim form because you are a verified and confirmed winner of one of the prizes listed above. The Grand Prize value is:
          Section B: Claim Information
          Note: You are a guaranteed winner of one of the prizes listed above. Fill out the form below to claim your prize.
          Failure to complete this form in its entirety may result in forfeiture of your prize.
          a First Name

          b Last Name

          c Address1

          d Address2

          e City

          f Postal Code

          g State

          h Country

          Your prize notification and FreeLotto entry confirmations, daily results and sponsored advertising messages will be sent by e-mail only from FreeLotto:
          i Email

          j Confirm Email

          This confirmation is contingent upon meeting the age and residency requirement. These prizes are being offered by as part of a worldwide publicity campaign. Offer is valid for a limited time.

      • I unsubscribed to stop the emails from them is simple update your details on your account with them change your email address to anything you can think of a made up one is good, I have not had nothing since from them as there now trying to send emails to a made up address lol. They are a scam site not surprised if they sell your details and email to other companies remember if it’s free normally its a scam of selling your details.

  63. You can only win one dollar. In the beginning they would send a cheque for one dollar, 2 years later they started sending 75 cents. .. once i got 5 dollars, but no one has never won bigger. Plus playing the fast shit they take you the money without your permission. It is hard or impossible to get in touch. The man behind fb page always plays kind but never does the right thing to answer. And winner photo haven’t changed in decades, yet you can not find anyone on fb nor internet from the winners to ask and verify. Do not waste time ..or even think of paying! You will only get a dollar, after some time! You pages will disappear and they will blame yahoo, tell you check you yahoo why they blocked your mail :). Sad how no one steps on their tail and breaks them, ends them for good.

  64. If you read thru all the comments its mainly to do with people freaking out about handing over their credit card details, no one has actually been ripped off as such, who cares about a bit of spam mail it wont reach through your monitor and steal your wallet….Delete Folder… Geeze what are the chances of winning lotto anyway? 1 in 8,000,000 so dont panic if you aint won anything yet, 7,999,999 more times you gotta play yet… Looks harmless to me, even might be a bit of fun…Yay!

  65. Good news unexpected. Paid for Dec. subscription, debited prematurely, 11/30. Unsubscribed 12/01, asked for refund…
    C/S credited back to my credit card. 12/04.
    Persistence pays off. I’m surprised after all the negative results happening.

  66. BIG SCAM. It’s so obvious to me now. I won 5 times and the site never paid. They will not even reply to my questions. They keep replying saying that my most recent win had an invalid TSN number even though the site said it was verified correct and asked me if the $1 won would be sent by check (taking 1-2 months) or donated to some charity. In each instance of my $1 wins I asked for a check to be sent to me. This goes back a year and never got paid. I’d bet just to string along the $14.xx per month auto billed people, the very small winnings would be given out but doubt any big wins are getting paid out. The company shows itself to be a BIG SCAM.


    • Invalid TSN number they said the same stuff to me never got any money, they should be shut down.

  67. Nice to hear positive results.
    I’m new too. Did the FAST thing to auto pick. Also the double play. Got a bill for CAD 11.53 for USD 7.99 (that’s 0.69) 1.44 dollars) exchange. TFM. It’s 1.32(.76). Extra fees.

  68. I don’t trust this site because it is constantly asking if I would like the numbers played automatically, then it wants a credit card number and security code. No thanks!

  69. I am sorry, but your review has totally missed the mark here!

    Yes, there are scams in the world. In the UK, we have thousands of scams with HMRC and “you are owed a tax rebate of £XXXX”. Now, does that make HMRC a scam? OF COURSE IT DOESN’T. It makes the scam artists a scam!

    And this is what happens with Free Lotto. It’s so easy for the scammers to take the name and start throwing out dodgy emails and phone calls. That’s down to you, as a person with common sense, not to reply.

    Secondly, if you read the T&C’s, the description of the prizes are well explained. Most cash prizes are paid over an annuity. It’s debatable whether that annuity will survive for 40 years though.

    I completely agree that the number of spammy “Sign up to FAST” emails are too much. They clearly need to make money this way and through the Ads.

    Finally, I do have one serious remark and question. Does anyone regulate or audit this company? Because, if not, it would be very easy for them to rig the results every day given that they will have a database of chosen numbers!! Other Lottos are of course played out live or have a form of regulatory cover, but Free Lotto doesn’t, and I do seriously question how fair they play the game.

    I think your points above about the winners are also really true. This is why I question whether the results are slightly… rigged!

    I think your review comes to the right point, but the process is so wrong. It’s not Free Lotto that is a scam per se, and everyone who has left comments like that need to realise that there are many scammers out there. However, I question the drawing process and results with Free Lotto – to me, it would be an easy business to rig if you wanted to!!

  70. Hi, I just started to play freelotto and they said I won plasma TV, but there is link to claim the prize on the email they sent to me that supposed to have a link.

  71. FreeLotto says I win 11 million, but wants me to pay them £10 to show the bank account is mine. Blatant scam fraudulent company. Sent to the FCA and action fraud police to hopefully close these thieves down.

  72. I tried using a pay as you go credit card and they refused it and it was a legislate one from the bank so they are a scam.

    • I also put my prepaid credit card in money on card also declined saying they don’t except that type of card scam

  73. I won £300.000 on the free lotto and was informed when I would get it, it never came and they are trying to say I never won it. However, when I checked on the Mega Millions free lotto site my name was there as were the correct numbers? I had all the relevant details needed about my win. I was informed by a friend by private messenger on Facebook that she had won the same amount and she got her money ok. No one could know that this lady was a friend of mine. They are cheats on this site as they won’t give me any proper answers or contact me properly.

  74. I won a car or 40 thousand Cash. I took the cash and got a check in the mail minus USA taxes, which are 30 percent so I ended up with 28 thousand. It was a bit complicated to get it as I had to send a picture and go to a lawyer to get a document certified that I was who I said I was. Very happy when money received.

    • This makes it sound legitimate to me. If you win a bigger prize, you are required to provide a photo for publicity purposes. Those appear on the site. Also, they SHOULD go to great lengths to ensure the correct person is claiming the prize.

  75. I have been playing Free Lotto for many years now. On occasion, I win $1.00 amounts, MOST of which I never get the money, OK??? Now, I’m in battle with them about $5.00 that I won in January 2017. It’s been
    2 1/2 months now, and NO MONEY YET!!!

    P.S. I must add: I am NOT a F.A.S.T. Member of Free Lotto…. never have, never will be. These people who say their bank accounts are being debited…That is happening because you are a F.A.S.T. member. Not necessary to be a member of that in order to play Free Lotto!

    • FreeLotto did not pay me for several small $1 and $5 wins in 2015 and 2016. I got on TV (channel 4 in NYC) and aired my complaint. FreeLotto then quickly sent the money (about $9) but since then I have won NOTHING. I think they can identify any computer playing the daily games and block its entries from winning. Also, there has been no announced winner of the $1 Million prize (actually an annuity) since 2013. You gotta suspect the thing is rigged. DO NOT use F.A.S.T. whatever you do or they will ding your credit card forever.

  76. I have actually received notification that I am a winner….cough cough splutter! of $400.000.00

    I responded as I did not need to divulge any credit card details YET!

    I responded to a name and an email….so hopefully, that should account for something…..yes, it hasn’t gone into cyberspace…..

    It feels dodgy, but I will wait for the response to my email.

  77. I’m raging at this scam, this so called free lotto is meant to be free yet they have taken money out of my bank account. I really don’t know how I will get this money back from these fraudsters.

  78. I won million dollars from free lotto and definitely.. It’s a scam, they ask for a credit card number and or bank account to deposit the money or check.. Really? There’s no winners at all if I never pay for my ticket.. Don’t fall for number…

  79. I’ve been playing for about 2 months now I’m yet to win something, but I’ve got my chances to win as they say you got to be in in to win.

  80. I am not sure it is a scam or not, I just subscribed for the fast service and the prize doubler for 16$. Hope it is real.

  81. I’m playing it for a long time now, still not sure it’s legit or not. I have won 1$ and 5$ once, but because the fee for me to cash the check in was around 30$ I just put it aside and never claimed such a low prize since. I’m still waiting to win at least 300$ but it seems I have no luck… The sms-es are false of course but they have stated that on their website long ago. They say you can’t win something you haven’t participated in, just stick to your emailed tickets (you get after registering and playing daily) and drawing messages.

  82. When a deal is too good…
    I’d never heard of FreeLotto before, but today I got mail stating that I had won $3,500. And yes, it looks like a form from the 1960s.
    I believe it is a scam.

  83. I have won multiple times of $1. I had one check of $7. They pay out in about 3 months, but you do have to check your results (within a month), find the email telling you won and return it according to the instructions. I seem to hit in multiples, I will win a couple of times in a month, then go months without winning. It takes about a minute all six, so if have so spare time, take a spin.

  84. I got this name FreeLotto from an email on Nov.25/16 from Survey Alert Canada stating I had won a FreeLotto prize and I should claim it. I am so glad I found your review first. Now I am wondering is Survey Alert a scam too. Can you help me identify non-scam survey companies that pay well in cash. Thank you.

    • I do believe it is a scam. In 2014, I won the 10000 fast cash. Then the next day they say they had a computer glitch and posted another result. They are fraud.

  85. It is purely a nonsense site, fully scam, avoid such thing, play approved sites only.

  86. I personally didn’t have any bad experience with FreeLotto since I didn’t play, but my sister is in hell because of them. Her email is literally abducted by free lotto spam emails, and recently they started to call her. The next phone bill she received was sky high! Avoid and don’t even visit that scammers site.

  87. Free Lotto – bad, worse, worst. First I opened account and for a few days it was okay. And that calls started. My phone bill was sky high. And then the texting. My email got filled with spam ads. Does anyone knows how to get rid of these guys? I still haven’t gotten to free of them. So beware of free lotto.

  88. So, my question about this foolish site is has anyone EVER won and collected the winning? Guess, NO. Because there is no any explanation on how can you claim and collect you winning. In the rules and FAQ there is only explanation why they need your personal data – name, date of birth and email. They say that they will send you check on email, but, hey, checks are not valid unless it is in hardcopy issued by bank or any legal authority. So, yes they send you check on your email and the only thing you can do is to stare at it. NOTHING ELSE! Fraud and big scam!

  89. Have you read the rules? Ridiculous! Long story short – the draws are when FreeLotto has a draw day. Okay, but there is nowhere stated when is that day. Today, tomorrow, never? So, according to them you have to register, leave your personal data, credit card number and they will have FreeLotto Draw… someday.
    Please, people, beware of these scammers. They will never stop!

  90. I joined Freelotto’s FAST service for which I had to pay.
    After around 10 days I decided to camcel this subscription as I preferred having personal control of my number picks. Their website was easy to follow and I cancelled my sub. A day later I had a confirmation of cancellation from Freelotto stating that a full refund of my subscription fees will be paid. Two days later the money was credited to my account.
    I also have not received any ads from any companies that stems back to my using Freelotto.
    It’s therefore strange to see all the bad publicity from others.

    • Hey Arthur,
      unless you are from FreeLotto then I guess you haven’t had the full experience with these guys! Just wait and see when they start to spam you with texting on your phone, or when your credit card is sudenly charged or even you got the call that you won something but it is some funny coupon for buying something on the other side of the globe. So, please, just wait and see and for now shhhh…

    • Hi Arthur, your experience is obviously one of a kind. Me for example, I had a really bad experience with Free Lotto. My mail was filled with spam ads, also on email and sometimes on other websites pop up ads were hunting me. I canceled my subscription, reported a spam website to Google and I still see them on my internet surfing. And, yes, they didn’t returned my funds I had to pay at the beginning.

  91. Even if they are claiming now that the games are “lottery inspired” avoid and never, ever reveal you phone number. It will spam you, call you and charge your credit card!

  92. Why do they push me every day to use fast track and pay for it by credit card details?

    • Paul,
      No one is pushing you…it’s very simple really, just tag their emails as spam and voilà! You never have to look at their “Advertising” ever again. Remember, this is how they make their money. I’ve played FreeLotto since 2008 -have never won anything…I also play the regular lottery, the kind you pay for and…have never won anything. There are 7 billion people on this planet…nearly all of us are unlucky!

  93. It’s perfectly clear what this site is all about: you will visit daily, they will earn on traffic and advertisement.

  94. Omg! I stumbled upon a website the other day and this is what I saw, enter all the personal data and the you won thing… I can’t believe people still fill in those pop-upped forms….!

  95. I won a measly $2, ($1.00 twice for getting three numbers) this was in July and August of 2015. They tell you it takes 6290 days to pay you anything you win and I have not received anything to date. Freelotto is nothing but a scam. I believe that is also part of them. They also have outdated information. And they have suddenly started popping back up in my email even though I unsubscribe from them months ago. I also reported Winloot as spam and we’ll be doing so with Freelotto too. And I’m glad I found your website. Thank you.

  96. Dears,
    wrongly removed from my credit card “VISA” 2×14.99 EUR for me and mya wife
    This was done before 32 hours
    I’ll call my bank!
    I do not know why you are without my authorization to do so.
    I was already 3 times complained. Nobody from FreeLotto, does not suit me.
    PLease refund.
    MIroslav Milosavljevic

    “No sorry I finish with you and I wanted to have all refunds too if you don’t I willing to go to my debt collection for recovery u
    I will pass your details to my debt collector to recovery all monies that you own me” i said this their reply
    “Thank you for trying our FreeLotto FAST subscription service. We are sorry to hear that you wish to end your FAST subscription.

    Your subscription account has been canceled, and you will receive a full refund of the latest charge to your credit card account. Your FreeLotto FAST account is now inactive.

    I hope you will reactivate your account in the future so you can again enjoy automatic entries for your chance to win over $11,000,000 in available daily prizes.

    If you’d like to instantly reactivate your F.A.S.T subscription, click on the link provided below:
    withheld link
    “If you have further questions or if there is anything else I can do to help you, please simply reply to this email. I will be happy to help.

    Thank you for choosing FreeLotto, and for taking the time to provide us feedback.”

    they not take no for a answer. i will ask them to stop email me and i will ban their email address plus their website hosting site.

  98. I have won for free lotto but not getting my winner prize

  99. Good day, my name is Given Ndlopfu from RSA. I’m a won for free Lotto on sep/2014 but I’m traying to post my winning entry for via DHL curria. still I’m not reciving my winner prize or call to free lotto department. I’m paying all my passell at DHL to NY free lotto to pay me my amount but I’m not receving a call to free lotto about my winner prize please any one help me to claim my winner prize my name is on the winners list. Call me directly on 0814573080 Regards Given Ndlopfu

  100. Hi. I avoid buying lottery tickets and instead seek out free ones.
    PCH contests, lotteries, scratch offs, etc. Once I won a $20.00 Amazon scratch off, but that’s it, after years of daily entries, a few years during the early 2000’s and currently for the last two years.
    Freelotto is another I have been faithful to, I won $1.00 five separate times.
    Troppolotto, I have never won.
    I enter a lot of free drawings for various companies, like InTouchWeekly, BHG, AARP, you get the point. I spend too much time for too little reward and I understand the odds, but I’m thinking it’s time to stop, find something more productive. I guess I’m asking is there any legit sites for this sort of thing so that maybe I can just focus on a few, or would the internet community advise that I go “cold turkey” and just stop? I know you can’t win if you don’t enter but not winning hardly anything is just not worth it. I appreciate responsive opinions based on your own experiences.

    • Hi Gary, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I moved your comment to Free Lotto. Daisy

  101. To spot a SCAM email it is advised to:

    ‘Contact the actual business that supposedly sent the e-mail to verify that the e-mail is genuine.’

    Gee, with no street address or anyone to contact – how is possible to get in contact with someone?

    ‘If you are requested to act quickly or there is an emergency that requires your attention, it may be a scam. Fraudsters create a sense of urgency to get you to act quickly.’

    The FREELOTTO plays this one through and through. Please ‘click here now’ and get your money – If you don’t click NOW all your prize money will be LOST’ – so hurry people click now, quickly, just click and click and oh LOOK you are at that page which wants your money again.

    and then the final warning in spotting a SCAM –

    ‘Remember if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.’

    Per your comment in the article… –
    Besides UNDERLINING no one can play from “the United States of America Department of State Trading with the Enemies Countries list” seems to subtly echo the example of the fraudulent e-mail message:

    Title: New Patterns in Al-Qaeda Financing
    Date: August 15, 2009

    …so as to create a feeling of patriotic pride in the American people and their obligation to participate.

    Also, if you go back in time to the original FREELOTTO emails you will remember they were just as tatty as the 419 scams. Now they have got a stylist in to make them appear professional and authentic, with frilly almost candy coated graphics and large colorful iconic buttons which scream ‘click-me’ and always direct to pages which bully you into ‘give me your credit card details NOW!!!’

  102. is somewhat affiliated to If you join ICELOTTO you will within a few days or minutes receive a FREELOTTO email in your inbox. However much ICELOTTO seems to give you a valid LOTTO TICKET it is non-redeemable by non USA citizens. The ticket is clearly shown in a PDF format and comes from the New Jersey Lottery. However, read the ‘claiming your prize page’ (on ICELOTTO’s page) – it only applies to USA citizens, yet they claim to be an international lottery. Because of IRS taxation laws that apply within the USA the money is not allowed to leave the USA anyway, but they will readily encourage you to join with your international VISA card transfer. It is clearly a scam.

  103. Missouri
    1390 Timberlake Manor Parkway
    Chesterfield, MO
    63017 USA
    +1 314 212 7000 phone
    +1 314 212 7500 fax

    Owner Name: PlasmaNet Inc
    Netname: NET-216-74-184-0-1B

    This is the building that houses their server. Notice that its not in New York but Missouri. This is as close as you will get to a physical address because it s probably through this server that all the money transacts! Obviously you won’t see a cent of it!

  104. Not only do they give you spam mail – Your telephone number is given to those nauseating Indian companies who run call centers for the USA (or posing as the same?) – They phone you up within a few days and ask you for computer details of your MICROSOFT Windows 7, and warn you about viruses. Then once ‘your ignoramus brain’ is baffled, and remembering its all officious now – you must readily give your credit card details to them. So much for 419 scams – these people wrote the book on this crap. If they phone you just hang up!

  105. thanks baddy,
    I am educated now.

    • You’re welcome, Ronald.


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FreeLotto Exposed — Will You Get Paid or It’s Just a Big Free Lotto Scam?

FreeLotto Review ( at the moment) is a sweepstakes site that awards members cash and other prizes including cars. People register as a member and then pick their numbers. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that simple, but claims to have to date awarded over $95 million. People don’t need a credit card so how does make money and how is it able to pay winnings? That’s the big question. Get ready to have your email address flooded with promotional material, spam, and other links to sites that might cost money.

What Is FreeLotto?

The site was established in 1999 and is owned by PlasmaNet Inc., a company based in New York, USA. This sweepstakes site is not a place to purchase lottery tickets. Players can play six games daily and register up to 10 accounts.

After choosing their numbers for each game, players click on the banner ad of a sponsor and answer a multiple-choice question or click on the FreeBet button. From time to time, may ask brief questions about buying preferences. The home site is in English, but FreeLotto also has Spanish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Suomi, and Swedish versions.

First Impressions

It’s evident that something isn’t right the moment you visit the FreeLotto website. The design is outdated, and it pretty much looks like the popup banners that used to plague our computer screens some time ago. Grandiose promises are made right on the homepage, and FreeLotto promises you that you can win more than one million dollars the moment you sign up. Websites that get started with such promises aren’t the most trustworthy ones (unless they can state rather clearly how such opportunities come about).

The homepage features the names and pictures of people that have supposedly become millionaires using FreeLotto. We tried to run a quick online check and figure out whether these people are real and if they’ve won money.

We went at random with Isabelle Bradley, who supposedly won 10 million dollars through the website. Interestingly enough, no media or news website has reported such a spectacular win. After all, if it were that simple to become a millionaire, the chances are that the media would jump on the bandwagon immediately.

It’s exciting to point out that the name has taken us to a website called ScamVictimsUnited (uh-oh, not a good start)! The forum features tens of accounts written by people that tried to replicate Isabelle’s success but were unable to claim their FreeLotto prizes.

Alright, maybe there weren’t any reports about Isabelle. This is why we decided to search for a second FreeLotto millionaire. According to the website, Zhivko Zhelev from Bulgaria won 100 million dollars. Now, Bulgaria is a small European country, and it has some of the lowest salaries in the EU. Such a massive winning is big news, and at least a few media should have covered it. There’s whatsoever, no information about such a millionaire.

The final thing we tried to do is reverse the Google image search for Zhivko’s photo. This approach would at least confirm that the person is real. Unfortunately, the picture appears solely on the FreeLotto website. There’s no Facebook profile or another account that features the picture. The same applies to Isabelle’s picture.

LottoExposed alert

Joshy: “First I opened account and for a few days it was okay. And that calls started. My phone bill was sky high. And then the texting. My email got filled with spam ads.”

Play only on Honest Lottery Sites with an approved stamp by LottoExposed.

Who Can Play at lists under their rules the countries people can NOT play from. Besides underlining, no one can play from “the United States of America Department of State Trading with the Enemies Countries list”, – there are also state restrictions for some of the USA and Quebec in Canada. A few other countries are listed as not being allowed to participate under the Rules section. – The Catch

This site is supported by advertising, promotions, surveys, and other communication that funds the prizes and pays Though they don’t explicitly say they will share your email account with third parties, it is implied that there are also links to other opportunities.

It’s also interesting to point out that if you supposedly win, you don’t get any information about it through the website or your account there. No, no – that would be too simple and legitimate! Rather, you get an email notification in the form of “First name, last name, YOU HAVE WON!” Does that ring a bell? It pretty much looks like the mail lottery scams we write about so frequently.

Also, you’re supposed to wait for a transaction number that will supposedly give you access to the money. There’s no direct transfer of funds because FreeLotto doesn’t ask for your financial information and doesn’t credit money to your account. As you can see, believing that you’ll get any money in this very, very complex method is definitely a stretch of the imagination.

The website doesn’t make a single mention of the exact mechanism in which the money’s going to be paid. Its FAQ section features a convoluted explanation that doesn’t make any sense. In summary, any website that doesn’t have a specific and clearly explained payment method is to be avoided. Customer Support

The site only provides a PO Box located in the State of New York, USA. There is no phone number, email address, or live chat. All communication is conducted through an online form. As there is no need to purchase anything (or so you think), there are no payment options.

Your Inbox Under Siege works with partners and advertisers to survive. It is only natural to expect that after registering, you will be at the mercy of these companies. You’ve given them permission for the value of promises of prizes and money. You provide your name and address.  There are reports about being unable to unsubscribe once you have registered your personal details online. Some players have also said they have had continual problems even after they have canceled their membership with [].

FreeLotto Complaints

Usually, it takes a bit of work to dig up complaints about the online lottery and sweepstake vendors, but is an excellent starting point. The amount and range of complaints are quite extensive.

Some players commented they were unable to redeem a prize, as the small print in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ states that you would need to contact them with specific information at a precise time and date. Other comments include the password reset link did not respond to multiple requests and some affiliates reported that they had sent loads of traffic to but did not get paid for their efforts [].

Now about the experience. Look, what we got a couple of days ago. Oops, it looks like we have won one million pounds – NOT! 😀 Stay away from such ‘good news,’ folks! Exposed

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line for

I don’t think I have ever seen that many diverse complaints about an online sweepstakes/lottery site. The fact that there is no direct way to contact makes this all the more serious. There is no street address or telephone number; only their online form. Worse, there is every indication that your contact details will be shared so you’ll not be sure who will/could contact you next.


It’s Free

It’s a Sweepstake


No Contact Details

No Customer Service

No Information

Information about Winners Is Largely Falsified

There isn’t a Clear Explanation about how a Prize Can Be Claimed – Long and Convoluted FAQ Section

It May Be Very Difficult, Even Impossible to Unsubscribe from Their Spam Emails

If you want to get involved in winning money online, stick with the tried and true online lottery sites, and pay for your tickets. The bottom line is that you usually get what you pay for – though in this case paying nothing might actually get you an Inbox full of spam emails.

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