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Netlotto Review is a website that provides a platform for international players to play Australia lotteries. Why does this seem so good? I’ve got two good reasons for you: millions of dollars can be won every day, and the jackpots are tax-free. Whether you choose the lump payment or the annuity, that sounds good. Let’s take a look.

Thank God for Accredited Lottery Sellers

It is not my intent to frighten you, but I have to say that when it comes to online lotteries, it’s a jungle out there. Finding an accredited online lottery seller is a challenge sometimes. is an exception, and I’m delighted to say that they are part of both the Tattersall and the Australian Government Reseller Agreement. The company has been around since 1999 though only went online about four years ago.

How to Win More

Ya gotta love their “ways to win the lottery” section. The advice gives here goes hand-in-hand with the smart systems they promote in a different part, but unless you are incredibly naive, you are not going actually to fall for any of these concepts.

Essentially they promote wheeling systems and numerical analysis that only in theory increase a player’s chances to beat the odds. Stay grounded and accept the fact that the only way of improving your odds is by purchasing more tickets, which translates into more money spent, therefore better profits for

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Customer Support was launched in its current form back in 2009 and after all these years, they still only offer customer support via e-mail and registered mail. I can’t imagine a lottery player picking up a pen and paper to send a traditional snail mail to their postal address in Brendale, Australia and then wait for the reply.

It’s more likely that players will use the online form to pose questions or to send an e-mail to and hope to find the answer in their Inbox. They claim to be dedicated to offering a state-of-the-art online customer service center and promised this to their members in an announcement in 2012 when the center was officially launched. This is not state-of-the-art!

No Day Without a Lottery Draw –  Except for Fridays

I don’t know precisely why the Australians chose to organize the lottery draws every single day including the weekends but not on Fridays. will keep you busy from Saturday through to Thursday with six draws that each award more than $1 million. The best payout is awarded on Thursdays with Oz Powerball and Tuesdays with OZ Lotto.

Mondays and Wednesdays still have the potential to make someone a millionaire, but the jackpot of $1 million is hardly impressive as far as lotteries go. I like the element of surprise introduced by, as they urge players to keep their eyes open for the special Monday draws that are held throughout the year and offer a bonus amount of $4 million. Regardless of the amount players win, it is first credited to their account, and then it can be withdrawn via bank transfer or a check that is sent to their residential address.

Is it Worth Taking Their Offer and Join a Syndicate?

If you want to increase your chances by adding more numbers on the betting slip or purchasing additional tickets, you might consider’s offer of joining a syndicate. They run a transparent business, and with a total cost of less than $35 per share, you might like the idea of being a part of all the six weekly draws. Complaints

It’s hard to imagine finding complaints on what is an accredited online provider, so we weren’t surprised we didn’t see any. The only real danger for you – and them – is for scam artists who use their name in their e-mail campaigns otherwise this lottery vendor is a trustworthy partner.

The Bottom Line at

This is an official online lottery provider for Aussie lotteries so seems safe and secure as well, allows for people who are not Australian to play.


Non-Aussies can play in Aussie Lotteries


Draws Every Day But Friday


Smart Systems look Questionable

Customer Support Limited – Very!

This site gets a thumbs up from our team. At the same time, there are so many other options in other draws around the world with bigger numbers and the same or better odds.

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