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  1. Netlotto is a scam … don’t waste your money. They have no customer service. They take your money and never even send results of your ticket so you will never win anything ever!! It is based overseas and run by scammers. You can’t post this review without entering stars do I can’t even give them zero stars. Run away from Netlotto!!

    • We do have customer service.

      We always send results.

      It is not based overseas, it’s an Australian Government accredited and licensed operator.

      We did contact you, less than 2 minutes after your call.

      You continue to play on our site via the iPhone app.

  2. This company has no customer service, they don’t answer their phones or reply to emails. I’m constantly using Netlotto but never again, so tired of bad service.

    • We did contact you, but you were using an incorrect email and phone number on the site.

      we don’t have 24 hours 7 day a week phone service, however, we do have 24 hours a day email contact.

      our customer service team were in contact with you,

      we notice you are still using our service as of 16/5/22.

  3. I never win with that site and every time my password not working I have to wait for a long or they leave a message to call me back but not answer and when I am trying to withdraw money it says you don’t have enough credit but I have more than I need, its the last time to deal with that company.

  4. Good site when working offshore

  5. This is great site, especially when living in the remote desert of Australia.
    You’ve got to be in it to win it.

  6. Purchased tickets on Wednesday for power ball they took the money out of my account but no ticket supplied who do I contact to quite this

  7. I think this company has one employee it’s the same girl if your actually lucky enough to get through don’t expect a follow up I bought a syndicate $32 and $43 appeared on my statement tried to ring and guess what leave a message! Is this a Rort?

  8. Agree! This line was removed.

  9. I again won AUD 31.5. And this was credited to my account immediately. Great site!

  10. Great site guys, keep up the good work.

    Not everyone is going to be happy with what is produced here, but at least its honest feedback and well researched.

    and it provides a forum for customers to provide input also. appreciates the offer lottoexposed are going to here, need to sort the good from the bad for better customer experiences.

    Let me know if you need a better logo for our page 🙂


    General Manager
    Netlotto Pty Ltd

    • Michael,
      How many employess are there in the Netlotto?
      Do you use a software to credit the winnings into the winners’ accounts.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Michael. Feel free to post some additional info about your website here. Daisy

  11. BS – great to hear from a player! Howze your luck been? What games have you been playing? Love feedback from people who are players! Nick

  12. 20 ASD.
    They are very legitimate – No doubt!

  13. they are in brisbane, qld australia

    they are a government licensed operation and there licence details state brendale,qld 4500

    I’ve phoned and emailed them and they respond to all my enquires.

    I’ve phoned up the Victorian gaming commission who issue the lottery licencees, and they confirmed they were legit online agent.

    • Hey mt,

      Thanks for sharing the info with BS. We don’t challenge their legitimacy and great to hear they’ve paid promptly. How big have you won?

      Our only issue with these folks is their ‘smart systems’ (Florin is generally skeptic on these) and the slow customer service. They are definitely legit and does welcome players from anywhere as long as it is legal to play from your place of residence (sorry US players).

      Thanks for the feedback. I’d love to hear what you’ve been playing and what kinds of wins you’ve had! Nick

  14. Hi mt…

    Have you every seen the physical location of this company.
    If so, I am glad to know the details.

  15. For payments, they directly pay to my account very promptly.

    However, seems, the emails – info(at), were never replied.

    • BS,

      Have you ever heard back from their email address and/or used their online form? Would love to hear back from you on this. Thanks, Nick

  16. I have been playing for the past 2 months.
    I sent one question to info(at) 10 days ago, but still have not received any reply.

    Not sure, if any person is there to take care about this site.

    • Me too, I have sent few email inquiry about how was wining calculated among the syndicates, but never got any reply.

    • I’ve been using this site for a couple of years , have found it professional and well run. they payout my winnings directly to me , and ive had no issues with customer service via email or their call centre.


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NetLotto Exposed — Nice on the Surface but Here’s What We Found by Digging Deeper

NetLotto Review

Labeling itself as an “official online Australian lotto ticket agent,” Netlotto is working hard to build its reputation. Are the claims, however, worth trusting? What kind of an official agent is this platform, and can you trust it for your Australian lottery ticket buying needs?

So many questions, so little time to answer them all!

We need to get down to business immediately by digging deeper into the world of

NetLotto Online: Games You Can Play

NetLotto Australia will unsurprisingly offer online ticket buying for lotteries from… can you guess… Australia, that’s right!

The current portfolio consists of opportunities like Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Lotto, Oz Lotto, and the Australian Powerball.

Next, we have to find out whether buying through Netlotto is affordable enough.

If you are in Australia and you’d like to give the local version of the Powerball a try, you will have to spend about 1.10 to 1.30 dollars, depending on where you are located in Australia (some regional fees apply in specific jurisdictions).

To play Powerball through Netlotto, you have to buy at least 10 tickets for each drawing. That means spending at least 20 dollars on each Powerball entry. The same rule applies to all other games.

There are operators out there that have a condition for bulk purchases for a certain price to apply—that information. However, it is displayed loud and clear on the homepage. NetLotto doesn’t really mention you can’t just buy one ticket. The website’s terms and conditions also don’t feature such information, which is obviously a huge miss.

Apart from that option, there are certain system gameplay options. The Powerball Power Hit, for example, is supposed to increase your odds of winning, but you’ll have to spend 40 dollars on your ticket.

So, if you are looking for a cheap opportunity to play Australian lotteries or access cool systems without spending a lot, this isn’t the option for you. Otherwise, you may enjoy what the site has to offer.

NetLotto Australia and Claiming Your Prizes

The Netlotto terms and conditions state that all prizes are directly deposited into the winning player’s account. There will be a 15-day waiting period for jackpot and first division prizes until an identity verification gets completed.

Once payment is processed, a player can go to their account’s withdrawal section to take the money out of their profile. The possible withdrawing methods include an Australian bank account, an Australian cheque, an overseas bank transfer (a fee of 20 dollars), and an overseas cheque (a fee of only one dollar).

The fee will be taken out of the money you’ve won. This means that if you have 25 dollars in your account and want to withdraw via an international bank account transfer, you will receive only five dollars. Obviously, it’s a pity that in the day and age of PayPal and other digital transfers, these are the only possibilities at your disposal.

Who Can Play at NetLotto?

NetLotto online does not restrict access solely to Australian players.

You can create an international account and play your favorite Australian lotteries there. When signing up for an account, you will have to provide information about your location and a phone number in your country of residence.

All players have to be of legal age to buy tickets via Netlotto, regardless of their location.

Who’s Behind the NetLotto App?

NetLotto online is run and operated by Netlotto Pty Ltd. A physical address for company headquarters is provided in Brisbane, and there’s also a phone number you can use to get in touch with the Netlotto app team.

According to the terms and conditions, the company operates under an Australian government-issued license. There is, however, no additional information about what kind of license it is, what it entails, and what obligations the company has under it.

NetLotto also claims to be an officially accredited online agent for Australian lotteries. Who has provided the accreditation and what it entails, however, remains unclear. We did look throughout the website for such information, but it’s missing. So, we’re going to view it as more of marketing hype and less of anything else at the time being.

By doing some additional research, we discovered that the company was set up in 2009, and it has two employees. No revenue info is available. A “corporate” website link takes you to the Netlotto Pty Ltd. affiliate marketing website (which explains and justifies the excessively positive online hype and the unrealistically big number of positive reviews that don’t really say a whole lot).

Other Bits and Pieces

Are there Netlotto winners out there? That isn’t easy to tell. The design of the site is truly outdated. There’s no FAQ section, no information about people who have actually acquired anything by playing through the platform.

You can check some of our reader reviews published alongside this review. Some of them are quite positive, others – not so much. Some people also mention winning small sums by playing through the portal.

In the app store, the NetLotto app has a 2.5 out of five stars rating. People complain about poor customer service, the lack of PayPal integration, and constant crashing.

One final thing we have to mention is the NetLotto syndicates – the one option that the portal prides itself on. To join a syndicate, you will have to spend at least 29.10 dollars on Monday Lotto and 40 dollars on Powerball. Some of the shares go as high as several hundred dollars. You can check them out in the syndicate section of the website.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

NetLotto is disappointing in more than one way. It’s expensive, and it is very sneaky about the way information is being presented to players.

There’s nothing outwardly scammy or illegitimate about it. Still, the portal doesn’t treat its potential clients with complete honesty. You have to dig for information, and this is never a good thing.

Let’s sum up the pros and cons so that you can decide if the website is worth trying.


An effortless opportunity to play Australian lotteries online

Accepts international players

Systems and syndicate play available

You can get your prize by cheque or via bank transfer

Set up by a registered Australian company


Very expensive to play

It’s not clear where the company’s accreditation comes from

Lack of transparency about terms and conditions of use

Limited ways to deposit funds and cash out prizes, quite expensive for international players

Complaints about poor customer service

Should you play through Netlotto? That’s entirely up to you. But if you decide to give the platform a try, go through the terms and conditions extra-carefully.

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