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Osalottos Review

Finding professional lottery ticket sellers online can be like searching for the needle in a haystack. There are so many agencies and vendors advertising that they are the ones to provide a good honest service and do not. I took a look at Osalottos.com today, and I think I’m impressed.  They have a clean site, provide access to most of the big lottos, explain how to play plus have reliable customer service. Do you want to find out more? Keep reading.

How Does Osalottos Work?

Osalottos.com is a service provider for players to be able to purchase lottery tickets internationally online. They have staff located in the countries for the draws they offer who buy the tickets on your behalf. The registration process is very straightforward though if you’re unsure at all, they provide a step-by-step instruction page that is very detailed – almost too detailed! The only downside is the fees, and the only way to find out what they charge is to get into specific lotteries offered.

Is TheLotter legit in Netherlands?

Winnings – All Mine!

Osalottos.com does underline that the player gets to keep all the winnings. They don’t take a cent which is nice. Okay, the odds are against the fact I will be able to say ‘yahoo, I won I won!’ but if it did happen, it’s all mine.

No Shortage of Games, That’s For Sure!

Osalottos.com truly shines with the selection of games they offer. All the big lotteries from around the world are available, including seasonal ones such as El Gordo and El Nino. Osalottos.com’s home site lists the lotteries that can be played, when the next draw is, how much money is on the table and a countdown clock against how much longer you can purchase. This one is important as access to these lotteries closes at Osalottos.com before the actual draw.

While everyone who is even remotely interested in international lottery games is familiar with names such as EuroMillions, Mega Millions, or Powerball, the same cannot be said about the Japan Jumbo Draw. I wasn’t surprised when I found some comments in forums doubting this game. Yes, folks, it is a big one, and it is for real.

Osalottos.com Complaints

Most people who play lotteries online do a lot of research to build their confidence before inputting personal and account details. Osalottos.com goes further encouraging players to get in touch with them whenever they have doubts about the lawfulness of any claim made in their name. My search for complaints fell flat with two noteworthy exceptions posted on the Fraud Watchers forum, a place where lottery players from all over the world meet to discuss issues.

At FraudWatchers, one of the things that existing and prospective members talked about was the fact that customer support was not responsive enough and their phone call remained unanswered. It is easy to understand the frustration and doubts that result from these kinds of unfortunate incidents, especially when the one making the phone call is already probably freaked out.

Osalottos Responds

Osalottos.com has an entire section of the website dedicated to informing visitors and members alike about how scammers operate and what techniques they use. Going over the information presented there didn’t teach me anything I was not aware of, but I have to admit that they did an excellent job in compiling all this information together. For the newbie, this is ‘Learning About How to Protect Yourself 101’.

Osalottos.com Customer Support

The other option if you receive something you think is from Osalottos.com is to ask them. Contrary to some of the complaints online, I found their customer service incredibly responsive. I talked to a rep at their live chat, and she was very helpful – I even had a name to reference if I wanted to complain or review back to Osalottos.com! Their live chat is only available during Netherlands business hours (that’s GMT +1). They also offer customer support phone numbers in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. There is also an online form which they say they will answer within 12 hours of receipt. All my questions were answered within minutes not hours.

Why You Should Register with Osalottos


Clean Site

Good Selection of Lotteries

No Percentage Kickback

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Osalottos


Fees/Handling Charges Per Ticket

Too Much Info On Scamming

Team Disagrees on Customer Service

Would you mind rating OsaLottos.com?

Is Osalottos Legit?

Their site is clean and easy to navigate around. They offer the big lotteries available around the world and make sure players have the latest information. Their customer support has added value with the live chat capability. If you can’t get in touch during the Netherlands’ business hours, then one of their offices around the world must be open. Worse case is using their online form, and they seem to respond very efficiently.

These guys have been officially in business since 1988, and they seem like they know what they are doing. We give Osalottos.com a thumbs up!

  1. With the recent news of all the big jackpots, it got me interested. Visited the web site out of curiosity but I got a discount on my first entry participation with them. It’s been a good experience so far and will most likely renew my subscription. Maybe I’ll win the next time!

  2. Amazing site as it offers different lotteries that I hear most of the time from the news. I was interested to see if there’s any way I can participate until I came across OSA. It was a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to get more wins!

  3. Billionaire Series is an affordable choice and I got to play for only US$ 5 as a special offer. Waiting for the group to commence but I am excited. Checking my inbox from time to time hoping to hear that great news!

  4. Visited their site as per recommendation by a friend and decided to give it a shot. The website is quite easy to navigate around but I had some other questions in mind so I tried contacting their live support.

    Got responses quickly so I placed my order. Probably received beginners luck and won a minimum prize so I will definitely purchase with them again.

  5. There are many sites with so much going but OSA has clear information from the get-go. Spent some time around and they have various lotto options which is a big plus. Jackpots are quite high right now and you will easily see them so you don’t have to wander far. Took me less than 5 minutes to submit my order, and received a notification in my email to confirm. A few hours later, they sent me another email with more complete information just in time for the draw I entered. Highly recommended!


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