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Qube Lotto Exposed — Free Lottery Game for UK Residents

Qube Lotto Exposed

Qube Lotto Review

Playing some of the international lotteries online is great, but it does cost money. QubeLotto.co.uk is a free lottery site for daily games plus a weekly raffle. It’s not going to bring in any of those mega jackpots, but then again, it is free. They pay for this through income generating advertisements, but we ‘re not talking blinking lights and confusing information scattered all over their site. The downside is this is only for United Kingdom residents. So, let’s talk free lotto.

The Game at QubeLotto.co.uk

Players chose five numbers between 1 and 50 for the daily game. The draw takes place at 5:00 pm GMT. The jackpot is £1000 for nailing all five numbers. Players that get 3 numbers or more correct, win 5 scratches. Scratchies pay into your account. QubeLotto.co.uk’s weekly game is a raffle with three-tier prize levels. The jackpot is £10, second prize is 10 scratches, and third prize is 5 scratches. This is drawn on Friday at 6:00 pm GMT.

Getting Your Winnings

Players will receive an email for any jackpot win. You can follow the link in the email or log onto your account to start the claim process to get your prize. Jackpots are paid through PayPal and can take between 1 to 30 days to get credited. Scratchies are automatically sent to you and any win credited to your account.

Who Can play at Qube UK Free Lotto?

If you are 18 years are older and a permanent resident of the United Kingdom, you are welcome to play here. When registering, players permit to use your first and last name if you are a winner. You can go in and amend this once you are logged. You also can only have one account though they say that a ‘reasonable’ amount of people in the same household can each have an account.

Qube Lotto Customer Service

There are two ways to get in touch with Qube Lotto. Through their online form or their Facebook page. There are no phone numbers, snail mail or email addresses. QubeLotto.co.uk is run by a small group of people that try and keep the costs down to be able to increase their prizes.

Qube Lotto Bonuses

Get a friend to jump on the bandwagon, and you both get 10 free scratchies (up to 100 referrals per person). It also appears the scratches are a form of a bonus with wins adding up into your account. What is a little different here is bonuses can be withdrawn once they equal £10 or more. Most lottery sites have rules where bonuses can only be used to replay more games. But then again, the games here are free! There is a Leaderboard Ranking for people who have gotten bonuses. Not sure what that is all about. Maybe they are going to add a prize for the person who got the highest bonus weekly?

How Does Qube Lotto Do It?

Qube Lotto is upfront that they pay for the prizes and the operation of their site through advertising. So far, this isn’t all kinds of blinking lights and noise – like some other sites – which is nice. The advertising doesn’t get confused about playing their games.

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The Bottom Line at QubeLotto.co.uk

You are not going to buy that private island or a new sports car by winning a jackpot here, at the same time, it doesn’t cost anything – it’s free. It’s also a relatively young site so the prizes will probably grow. The downside, of course, is you must be a resident of the United Kingdom to play.


Free Lottery

Play Daily and Weekly

Simple Format


Small Jackpots

Only Online Form for Contact

Only for UK Residents

This site gets a thumb’s up for UK residents. We would also like to applaud Qube Lotto for considering our comments in the previous review constructively. It speaks well that they are listening to the feedback people give.

  1. I’ve been playing for some time with them, and the site provides exactly what they say they offer. However, since I’ve moved from the UK I was banned from the site, which is a pity. They should really solve this, as you can’t play from other countries, not even if you are a UK citizen.

  2. I’ve won money on Qubelotto really simple and easy to use quick and easy payouts

  3. Ben, thank you for your time and efforts! The review is now updated.

  4. This site is legal as my son and me have both won money on it


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