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  1. I am a member of the VIP club and have my $20 tickets direct debited monthly. I think it’s a great organisation supporting our Veterans and a chance to win terrific prizes.

  2. Avoid these dishonest scammers like the plague!

  3. Was called by them recently, thought they were a part of the RSL and them asking for personal details like date of birth was just them confirming they got the right person, oops.
    I did want to support the cause, but I was out at the time and didn’t have my wallet, so I wanted to just sign up later once I got home, which would also give me a chance to look up if this was legitimate or not, the woman on the phone was really insistent on getting me to agree and give my payment details even though I had agreed but just wanted a delay on the sign up.

    They started telling me to get a banking app so I could check my bank account details and give those but even if I wanted to I didn’t have good internet connection where I was, when I told her that she put her ‘supervisor’ on (why???) and the ‘supervisor’ then asked me for credit card info, I tried to say I didn’t have my card on me and didn’t have internet to check bank details, but I was interrupted half way through and told to download an app to check online banking and I began explaining again that I didn’t have internet and if I did I would at least want a chance to check if this was legitimate first but once again I was interrupted and asked why I’m not comfortable giving them my payment details.

    At this point I’m frustrated that multiple people from this group are just not listening to me and it just was seeming more and more sketchy so I said forget it, I’m opting out, cancel it, I’m not signing up.
    The ‘supervisor’ then asked me why I didn’t want to support returned veterans who were struggling, like seriously?!? you accuse me of not caring when I DID want to sign up? YOU pushed me away by not listening!

    Now I see they knew that if I checked online I would see a bunch of stuff they didn’t want me to see and change my mind and they were just trying to get me to sign up before they were exposed.

  4. I am having great difficultly cancelling. The number they provide to update/cancel results in you being transferred with no answer. You ask for a callback and no callback. Send an email and no response. I went to reduce from $30 to $5 until this is resolved and it asked me to confirm that I want a $1000 per month subscription (have screenshots of each step to prove). I tried 5 times to reduce to $5 before it would let me on the VIP member site. Is RSL going to let their previously good name be dragged down by this mob? STAY WELL AWAY.

  5. Got called by them asking me to sign up, I said I didn’t want to, they started signing me up, I said I didn’t want to sign up, they asked me for credit card info, I said I wasn’t giving them my credit card into, they asked for bank account info, I made it super clear I did not want to sign up, they then asked me why I did not care about veterans with PTSD and depression, I know their job is to get people to sign up but ignoring me when I say no, continuing to pressure me for personal info and then trying to guilt trip me to close the sale? just….. wow.

    so since they clearly weren’t listening I hung up, but then to make matters worse less than a minute after I hung up I was called AGAIN, I said I didn’t want to sign up and told them to stop calling me and once again they tried to guilt trip me, so I hung up again.

    Couple of hours later I was called a THIRD time, this time I just immediately hung up and blocked the number.

  6. A truly wonderful cause to give thanks to the people who may have to step in harms way when called upon to protect and maintain our freedoms and way of life. I shall always support you. Regards, Darren

  7. There are a lot of people complaining …not sure why. They only take money for your tickets if you are a VIP and the reason for that is so you don’t miss any draws. Just cancel if not happy…… Simples.

    • The problem is they don’t let you cancel

  8. Absolute Scam.
    Once you sign up it is REALLY difficult to get out. No call backs, email after email and they just keep taking money from my account in the meantime.

    I would avoid this charity like the plague.

  9. RSL Lottery has running costs and if some money goes to help our brave lads struggling in life after their service. TERRIFIC!!
    If you don’t win in any lottery (jackpot) which is for the many, I’m sure many cry out is a scam etc etc.

    We have a go to win the big prize or why else would we have a go?

    I’m happy to dream of the big day happening and if some good comes of the money I give. Well good!!!!
    I’m sure others do too?

  10. I try to buy a ticket or 2 every mth since I started n have had no problems but I’m only few dollars compared to some ppl

  11. A gentleman came to my door this morning so I bought $50 worth of tickets, I received the email and clicked on the link, it was only then I realised that I had actually signed up for a monthly ongoing thing. I also saw the amazing prizes and wondered to myself how they were able to give such good prizes away. That’s when I googled it, read the reviews and called straight away to cancel, I was on hold for ages but got through to someone, he wanted to explain how it worked, he then wanted to just do it as a once off but with all the reviews I said no, I wanted to cancel it completely. I am kicking myself I didn’t ask for a confirmation that it was done. I will be making sure I check my bank account closely to make sure nothing at all comes out over the next couple of months.
    I feel they weren’t open about what you were actually signing up for, not once did he say this is a subscription. I should have asked more questions but I didn’t. I gave this company two stars as I think it is incredibly poor service to no disclose what you are actually signing up for.

    • Just an update, I just had a call from them welcoming me to their VIP Club, I explained the situation from yesterday and although there were no notes on my file, she advised that she could see that the VIP had been cancelled, she apologised that I was not taken off the call list and asked if I had received a cancellation email (which I had not), so she sent that through. She was very helpful and it was easy.

  12. The door to door salesman selling tickets in the RSL ART Union lottery did not disclose that he was signing you up for on-going VIP membership with monthly deductions. I was happy about a one off $30 donation but NOT the ongoing membership. To be fair, my membership was easily cancelled on the phone (suggest you do not wait for a call back) and was told previously they have been short staffed due to COVID which perhaps accounts for the previously poor service described in previous reviews.

  13. Kipp

    Absolutly incompitent.

    Am ex defence member and private investor who retired 7 yrs ago at age 35.
    Usually donates 10k – 20 k a year through various charities overseas childrens orphanages, schools, medical providers.

    Due to covid and not being able to travel and donate directly, I thought I would support back here in Aus.

    As I don’t claim a tax deduction for any donations I make in 20yrs, The RSL gets the money whether I donate or purchase raffle tickets so hey why not.
    Don’t really expect to win anything but if you do it’s more to spread around.

    Joined rsl vip club to support rsl and mates 4 mates as have mates that use these services (Ptsd and rsl accom)

    The original set up had issues( fatigue on my behalf ) had to submit several times on net.

    Rang hotline on weekend once received tickets to sort out issues,
    Name spelled wrong and not registered as vip member.

    Was told couldn’t be fixed in the system,
    Would have to purchase new batch of tickets ( $1000 ) and get other cancelled through head office on Monday. ( not a big issue for myself but for others even @ $10,$20,$50 tce a pain).

    Skeptical as sounds like sales staff just wanted to enhance their quotas, but purchased new batch $1000

    Checked account on Monday they purchased a new batch and cancelled the same batch so issue not resolved

    Cut a long story short have rung about 5 times over a week,

    RSL use Concentrix call centre whilst polite they are useless,
    Asked for references for cancellation of tickets and for call as it’s recorded
    Asked to speak to managers
    Requested direct phone number for head office as 3 separate request for manager to call back never got a call.


    Looked up head office on web called, polite and co-operative. Offered full refund on all $2000 tickets.

    Refused as money is not the issue just ensure it is fixed so that my continual support is effortless.

    I don’t like spending my time and money fixing your problems so that I can give you money!

    As I stated to them if its a hassle for me,
    1 I will give money to someone else.
    2 piss me off and ill spend on legal fees to cost you time money and hassle.

    Will give a couple of days to see if it gets resolved.


  14. I was a VIP member a couple of years ago and decided to end the reoccurring payments for personal reasons. There was no hassle in cancelling my subscription and I remember it was a lovely experience on the phone. I have recently just purchased a one off ticket online with it had clearly stated there were no reoccurring payments. It had also asked if I would like to go VIP which involves the obvious. I had found their site to be well informed and easy to use. I personally had no negative experience with them

  15. Warn everyone you know this is a scam. I have lost nearly $1000 so far and have hit their cleverly designed wall trying to cancel. I am going immediately to the state ombudsman and the ACCC. Shame on the RSL – no excuses. This is a direct attack on the Australian values of service, long held. I feel dirty for having believed this dog act. Tell everyone you can.

  16. It’s a scam. I thought I was only buying ONE ticket and now I find they are charging my credit card every month! I specifically had said I am not signing up ongoing! Big disappointment that RSL name is on this.

  17. This is either poorly set up because people are incompetent or poorly set up to trap the unwary into making ongoing donations. Either way it is a disgrace to trade upon the much respected name of the RSL.

  18. I often buy a ticket in sporadic draws. I provided my Credit card details accordingly. I realised on review of my statements that the RSL was withdrawing money from my account for the VIP draws without my knowledge or consent. I have been trying to cancel my subscription for the past three days, hours on the phone, no call back no one answering at head office just a merry go round of being transferred to another operator in the VIP section where no one there answers the phone either.I have not been able to cancel my subscription……Soooooo frustrating. Do not give the RSL your Visa details and check your statements religiously. VERY VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!! This is surely a breach of the lottery licence?

  19. I am really disappointed to read all of these seriously bad reviews and even more disappointed that I could only find one that was positive. I spent 150 dollars in the most recent lottery mainly because I was told that I could win 5000 dollars if I bought extra tickets however when the draw time came I never read a thing about it. I was considering becoming a VIP member but have concerns about trying to cancel if need be and I am now convinced by reading these reviews that it would not be in my best interest. It is for certain I will not buy another ticket from this organisation but it was exciting being able to dream.

  20. So may negative reviews which is a real worry. Just bought tickets for a second time and frankly not sure how legitimate this whole process is. Surely there is an audit process that checks the validity of this organisation and verifies the winners. Surely this happens. Can we see evidence and details of actual winners who have happily settled into their beautiful homes?
    A & V Melbourne

    • It’s very interesting reading these reviews. I’ve also read reviews elsewhere. The one I am looking at now says they purchased a $1ticket. RSL doesn’t sell a $1 ticket. Maybe they meant $10 – not sure. Another I read said they were signed up for 54 draws per year which totalled over $1000 per year. RSL doesn’t have 54 draws per year.
      I think you will find that all RSL draws are audited which is a requirement under state government laws. If it didn’t happen then I don’t think they would be continuing to operate. Australia is an extremely regulated country
      I’ve never had any issues with RSL but then buy tickets from the website.
      Lesson Learnt is what I would say. It’s not a chook raffle.

  21. I thought I was making a one-off donation but I’m also getting the run around trying to cancel my membership. After reading these reviews and not getting my email or phone call returned. I have since told my bank to block all future payments from my bank account to these characters. I have also hit them with notice if they make alternate attempts to draw money from my account.

  22. You have to call to cancel, no one is available to take the call. Can’t do it on website, seems a bit of a scam to me

  23. FRAUD. 20 Aug. 2020
    I occasionally buy the odd ticket now and again, when they phone me up on my phone either a 10 or 20 dollar book. Noticed today they accessed my Mastercard and deducted 30.00 dollars for tickets I never ordered. When I rang, was told I signed up for VIP membership in a shopping centre on 2nd July 2020. NEVER HAPPENED.
    I thought these places were not supposed to keep copy of your credit card details… something FRAUDULENT going on. Will be reporting to fair trading.

    • LEGIT! I thought I was purchasing a $1 ticket and it turns out they took $30 from my account. I don’t even make that much money! I’m so pissed, I’ve got to do something.

  24. Many families and singles buy tickets in the RSL Art to win a home for as long as it has been going..(also other homes in the various lotto wins).. It has come to many of us, that it will only be those that are members of the Freemason DeMoley organisation

  25. I am hopeful that the RSL lotteries contribute to the wellbeing of the families of our Armed Forces. I have been buying tickets for years. However, I will buy no more. Two lots of money was debited to my credit card. I enquired about it via email, twice, and got no response. On ‘phoning, I was told I had purchased two lots of tickets. I had only received one set of ticket numbers. And no-one responded to my emails. Poor form.

  26. They can still take money out of your PayPal account, even though it has not been authorised with PayPal.. It’s not set up with RSL either to take money out of my account every month.. you physically have to ring RSL to cancel the tickets.. so if you happen to miss some.. guess who wins!! It’s Stealing!

  27. On 21 Jan 20 I rang the Art Union to pre order tickets in draw 375. The art union withdrew $30 from my account. On 18 Mar 20 the Art Union withdrew another $30 from my account and then forwarded 2 lots of tickets for draw 375 with the same ticket numbers on each ticket. I am having difficulty in getting the Art Union phone operators to understand what has happened. The first operator promised to check and call me back. This never happened. The second operator promised to call me back within a week. I won’t hold my breath. I am one of the veterans the RSL is supposed to be helping. Looks like the RSL is helping themselves to my bank account…

    • Made the call to the group and complained about the same thing, they were taking an average $50-100 p/m from my family member after one of those sales desks set up in the shopping center manipulated her into signing up to a membership, she just wanted to pay cash and enter but they said the payment will be deducted from her banking account. As she can’t read well and doesn’t how this work, almost two years on they’ve taken between 2-3k from her. Today she realized why her other credit account was drawn. They said sorry and are working on improving training but hearing your story just confirms how full of shit they are.. Also, I read the fine print and only a small % goes to RSL.

  28. I finally cancelled the direct debit for RSL Art Union after waiting 40 minutes on the VIP line. The person who answered was helpful

  29. No cancel link? That makes this a scam in my book!

  30. I don’t understand humanity, if a business, evil girlfriend, flatmates, are funneling money out of your account your able to lock your paywave or online transactions through the card setting with your banking app. Until you order a new card in it’s simple

  31. Big scam!! Unauthorized transactions are debited from your account without receiving any tickets for weeks. I believe the tickets that are then sent to you closer to the draw are made up numbers generated by a computer! Report this company, it is unbelievable that they’re taking advantage of the Australian public by claiming they’re helping the veterans! When really little to none of the collected funds go to them!! Very low disgraceful act, done by pathetic people running this company!

  32. To all those complaining here about RSLartUnion. If they are an organisation located in Australia PLEASE report their scamming to Fair Trading or ACCC. They keep a record of any organisation/business of fraudulent activities and if it reaches 10 then it escalates and the business gets investigated. Any claims for refusal for refund they also help to call up the organisation and call on your behalf to ask for the refund as a last attempt before you proceed to small court claims.

  33. Same as the other comments on here. I was harassed by one of the rsl art Union sales people who claimed to be an Iraq veteran but who would know. He was pushy and would not take no for an answer. Like others, I said I will donate $20 as a one off donation mainly because they make u feel sorry for the soldiers and I wanted to get away from the pushy bastard sales person. Yet every month, money still comes out of my bank. To be honest I am pissed off with these scamming bastards. I have serious mental health issues myself and as far as I am aware people who are not of sound mind cannot enter into a contract. Frankly I want my money back since they have essentially ripped me off and countless others given the reviews. War is disgusting, the government, staff and there associates should be disgusted and ashamed of themselves. While they essentially do whatever they want and have a great time which is hardly deserved and leave these soldiers in the dark with limbs blown off and serious mental issues who are just thrown in the gutter because they are of no more use. It’s just sickening.

  34. I let my credit card expire and DIDNT give new expiry date…they STILL WITHDRAW money every month!!!
    that’s got to be illegal!!

  35. I think it’s a scam, no email acknowledgments other than from PayPal.

  36. Was promised it was only a one off as I had no interest in ongoing. I only bought the tickets to get away because he was so persistent. Anyway next month, out comes another $30 from my bank account. I should have known better I suppose. It’s just sad when charities use unethical practices to raise money. It just causes people to not trust the good ones. And when I called to complain and canceled my “membership” they had the balls to offer me more tickets! Seriously!

  37. The only way to unsubscribe (from what ultimately appears to be a slick scheme to leverage the fact people are too busy to go into the details) is to go through an uncomfortable phone call…. where is the simple unsubscribe button in the member log in area which legitimate businesses use? Will never support RSL as a charity again

  38. RSL Art Union seems to be too tired to get off its fat, rich arse and flog it’s own raffle tickets. It seems to mostly use pop up kiosks in shopping centers run by paid agents not employees or volunteers to “market” their sales. These agents enthusiastically tell you that you will be in a draw each month but somehow omit to tell you that a similar amount to what you spent on the original tickets will be automatically debited to your credit card each month for the privilege. These people really seem to subscribe to the old adage that charity begins at home. My advice is to avoid them like the plague. ☹ ?

  39. Deceptive selling – I thought the RSL was a respectable organisation, it’s no better than all the other so called charities. Salesman knocks on door under pretext of looking out for returned services personnel in the area. After wasting my time, he wants to sell tickets. I say yes, I’ll buy in the up coming raffle. He takes all my details (including ones that were NO business of the RSL). Only after I have provided credit card details, it comes out that I was subscribing to tickets in every raffle here onwards.
    Sorry no sale NOW or EVER. I will not be supporting the RSL into the future despite the good work they purportedly do. Shame they don’t have upfront salespersons, and don’t want to sell tickets, only interested in subscriptions.

  40. Find another charity to support! One donation can cost you hundreds before you realise that they debit your account every month. If you must, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FINE PRINT AND DON’T RELY ON THE SALESPERSON EXPLAINING ALL THE DETAILS. Obviously it is not in their interest to do so!

  41. Have been supporting this since 2010. I doubt, foreigners like me from Hyderabad, India ever win big prizes here.

  42. Not sure if anybody else notice but doesn’t it seem odd that every first prize for this lottery is always won by somebody in either Queensland or NSW? Seems like the other states don’t stand a chance for the 1st Prize lol

    • I noticed the same pattern too and wondered if the lottery draw has algorithms preferring the NSW and QLD entries. Just curious.

    • Can confirm most sales made are in QLD or NSW – we don’t really have it in VIC and SA only has a smaller team. Same thing with the Deaf Services Lottery although they’re more prominent in VIC as well.

  43. first time player of this .. not happy with it all .. as I can’t get up results from the 15th May 2019.. as was told to me on the ph.. so I don’t no what the hell is going on .. I looked it up on line and nothing from this draw.. so no I won’t be doing it again .. thank you for nothing.. and God Bless the folk that deserve the RSL money.. let’s hope they get help .. rather than us Aussies getting ripped off!

  44. This ‘charity’ performs very poorly on ratings – a uniform 1 star from many reviewers and with all with whom I concur wholeheartedly. I have very foolishly been a long term supporter of this RSL Art Union on the mistaken and naive belief that it was a ‘good cause’. Helping returned servicemen is of course a very good cause but I have seriously grave doubts as to how much, if any, of the proceeds from this so called ‘charity’ actually filters its way through to those it allegedly purports to help. In draw 361, for example, the annual golden casket block of units draw, I bought tickets each day sequentially from the opening to the closing day of the draw. These were all 7 digit numbers. When the winners were announced, each ticket of the first 3 prize winners was a 6 digit number starting with 2, that is, all within a narrow band of low ticket numbers. This has been the trend for 5 out of the last 6 prize draws with one, and only one, being a narrow band of high 7 digit ticket numbers. Statistically, these are highly improbable events and thus strongly infer ‘quarantining’ of possible winning numbers by pre-draw band selection. Like other reviewers on this site, I too have had multiple daily credit card charges on more than one occasion on the basis of ‘computer glitches’ and for which no refund was ever forthcoming, despite assurances. Never again. Keep well clear of this mob.

  45. I think a good review is needed here as I do know 2 people who have won the rsl draw. Also one of the recent winners was a $5 ticket winner, so it’s not only VIPs that win.

  46. I bought 12 times in the draw 365, different days from when it open tell the day is closed, what get my attention is it’s a scam, the winning number was 6 digit while all my numbers from the day this draw open to the day it closed was 7 digit number. I call then they said they can sell 29 million tickets, but mine was all 7 digit.
    It’s a scam

  47. Garry … There is supposed to be 2,600,000 tickets per draw … how come ticket numbers are sometimes over 5,000,000? They deposited my cheque early in the month and I got my tickets the day before the draw five weeks later … I think they print more tickets so they don`t miss out on money.

  48. I have heard from an acclaimed returned service woman and war widow (Husband died riddled with PTSD) who has struggled for support that the RSL brand (logo) has been sold and little or no money actually goes to the veterans…Hence why they have increased their distribution of tickets to over 5 million and are sent outside of Australia…Maybe we should just purchase Yourtown albeit more expensive but the tickets for sale are only around 380.000 to 400.000…I have been a VIP member believing I’m helping our servicemen If it has been sold for profit to a private organisation I’m pissed off

  49. I agreed to what I thought was a payment of $30 for one draw and gave my credit card details. Only when given a brochure did I realise I’d signed up for regular $30 payments. I found the selling method downright deceptive.

  50. My interactions with the RSLArtUnion were a disgrace. I suspect it close to a Scam. They could not tell me how much money goes to the RSL. As such I am surprised the RSL allows its badge or brand to be associated with this organisation. It seemed to be a method to get my credit card details and then make it as difficult as possible to stop them taking more money from my credit card account.

  51. All the prizes are now looking the same as past prize draws I’ve been in as a VIP. The pictures are certainly starting to look familiar. It’s pretty sad if this lotto is a scam! Maybe a Current Affair or 60 Minutes needs to look into them to either expose them or prove they are legit. I know other people buying VIP tickets too so I have started mentioning it to others I know but so many people like me have probably been buying for years!

  52. I have just received my tickets by post and the numbers are completely different to the ones emailed to me
    This is the first time I have compared the ticket numbers so I don’t know if this has happened before, but a friend also had this happen to him. Needless to say, I feel very disturbed to say the least.
    RSL say it was a computer error

  53. Hmmnn, reportedly almost ALL 1st prize winners are VIP members!! weird

  54. This organisation is a joke when it comes to public relations.
    A total of $190 was deducted from my credit card on the 01/11/2018, apparently caused by a computer glitch (that’s what the RSL call centre told me ). I was told a refund would be credited to my account. 19 days later??? NOTHING. Having made several phone calls, all I get is the run around. Emails don’t get answered. When it comes to customer relations this branch of the RSL is useless. You are a DISGRACE. My advice to prospective clients??? STAY AWAY

  55. Absolutely disgraceful, RSL has debited my account 3 times in one day and told me it was unfortunate – FOR WHO! They are not to be trusted with credit card details and NEVER AGAIN for mine. I will incur bank charges due to direct debits not been covered. The response was unprofessional and obviously experienced by other subscribers. The people I feel most sorry for are the people they pretend to represent which is totally aporonate – this needs to be exposed which I intend to do.

    • They have taken three payments off my credit card for one transaction and I have been told I am unlikely to receive my money back as the drawer has closed. They never return phone calls or reply if you contact them their website. They fraudulently take your money.

  56. RSL dishonest people. Don’t inform customers of ongoing payments and what VIP means. Do your sums. 2 million tickets sold in most draws, tickets $5 each. Where is all the money going? Wages, directors, staff, it doesn’t add up. Board members paying themselves money their not entitled to. No volunteers, all staff paid.

  57. Please Note:

    I did not agree to continue to have my account debited by $10.00 each month.
    Please immediately credit my account or I intend to advise the NCAC of this unauthorised monthly debit.

    Signed: J.M.Cranna

  58. Scam. Do not support ever. They will continue to steal money from you after you “cancel” your subscription.

  59. Certainly a scam. I agreed to go into 3 draws, and then found they were taking $50 a month from my account ongoing. When I discovered this and contacted them direct (overseas contact centre) they promptly agreed to refund the ongoing deductions. Obviously I am not the only person to be scammed this way, the telemarketer would be unlikely to have caved in that quickly without going to a line manager, they would have been trained to handle calls like mine expediently.

  60. This is run by a third party with hardly any of the purchase price of tickets going to the RSL designed to make owners of third party very rich by using desparate people to sell tickets in Shopping centres and paying them a very small commission it is time this sort of operation was banned for ever.
    The RSL is a very worthy cause but much better to call and donate.

  61. I was not informed at the time of purchase that I was giving permission for regular payments. I felt that this raffle purchase was portrayed dishonestly. I have had a prompt apology to my complaint today and a promise of a refund of the 2nd, unanticipated deduction.

  62. Complete scam, only VIP win. Numbers allocated are not to what are drawn.


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RSL Art Union Lottery Exposed — Apartments, Gold Bullion and Other Things

RSL Art Union Review

The clock is ticking on getting in on the RSL Art Union Lottery. This is one of those delightful raffles that gives you a chance to win some amazing prizes. It was set up to help veterans in Australia. Players get a chance to win apartments, apartment complexes and gold bullion. There are a bunch of draws each year and get in on the VIP club and you can make sure you don’t miss one draw. The clock is ticking though if you want to get into the VIP stuff.

The Game at

Want to win not one, not two, but three apartments in Australia plus AUD 2,000 to take that flight to get your prize? RSL Art Union’s 1st prize includes that plus enough additional money to pay your taxes for the first year. There is also a 2nd prize of gold to the tune of $10,000 and 3rd prize of $5,000. Tickets start at $5 though bundling is available with 8/$30, 13/$50 and 19/$75. Several draws occur each year with the close of the next on the 10th of March. Okay the odds are not that great compared to some of the other lotteries/raffles sold internationally to support charities. In’s latest raffles, there are 2,340,000 tickets available.

VIP Club Members

Get into the draw by the 23rd of February and you’re in for an AUD 500 Red Balloon Voucher, automatic entry in all art union draws. Get into the VIP Club any time and you have the chance to win two $10,000 gold bullion bonus draws. Getting into the VIP Club is simple. Simply register and agree that they can direct debit you for each draw as they become available.

And there’s More – RSL Art Union’s Golden Treasure Draw

Ever thought about owning an entire apartment complex? Once a year, RSL Art Union has its biggest giveaway. 1st prize is an apartment building with an estimate value over AUD 4 million. You can live in it, rent out the other apartments for the income or sell it tax free for Australians. People who reside in other countries might have to pay tax there.

Who Can Play at

This raffle is open to anyone living anywhere. Part of the jackpot prize includes AUD 2,000 to get there to claim it. Of course, you are responsible for any visas needed, plus you might have to pay tax on your prize where you are from. For Aussies, this raffle is tax free.

Why Do They Do It? was set up to help current and ex-military people and their families for advocacy and welfare services, financial support, rehabilitation services and crisis accommodation.

Customer Service at RSL Art Union

If you have any questions about this raffle, office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. There is a snail mail address, phone numbers for Aussie, New Zealand and International and an online form. They answer questions on a timely basis by email.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

The concept of helping a good cause and potentially getting to win property in Australia is nice. Okay, I’d settle for the 2nd prize of the gold bullion, but the only way I’m going to get a chance to win is to play. The VIP Club means you don’t have to check on when the next draw is and are automatically entered.


Tax Free in Aussie

Unique Prizes

Lots of Draws/Raffles to Get Into

Helping Veterans in Aussie


Not Great Odds

Limited Tier Levels

This lottery gets a thumb’s up though it would be nice if the amount of raffle tickets for each draw was more limited. Then again, ultimately this is to help veterans.