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RSL Art Union Lottery Exposed — Apartments, Gold Bullion and Other Things

RSL Art Union Lottery Exposed

RSL Art Union Review

The clock is ticking on getting in on the RSL Art Union Lottery. This is one of those delightful raffles that gives you a chance to win some amazing prizes. It was set up to help veterans in Australia. Players get a chance to win apartments, apartment complexes, and gold bullion. There are a bunch of draws each year and get in on the VIP club and you can make sure you don’t miss one draw. The clock is ticking though if you want to get into the VIP stuff.

The Game at

Want to win not one, not two, but three apartments in Australia plus AUD 2,000 to take that flight to get your prize? RSL Art Union’s 1st prize includes that plus enough additional money to pay your taxes for the first year. There is also a 2nd prize of gold to the tune of $10,000 and the 3rd prize of $5,000. Tickets start at $5 though bundling is available with 8/$30, 13/$50, and 19/$75. Several draws occur each year,, however, the odds are not that great compared to some of the other lotteries/raffles sold internationally to support charities. In’s latest raffles, there are 2,340,000 tickets available.

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VIP Club Members

Get into the draw by the 23rd of February and you’re in for an AUD 500 Red Balloon Voucher, automatic entry in all art union draws. Get into the VIP Club any time and you have the chance to win two $10,000 gold bullion bonus draws. Getting into the VIP Club is simple. Simply register and agree that they can direct debit you for each draw as they become available.

RSL Art Union’s Golden Treasure Draw

Ever thought about owning an entire apartment complex? Once a year, RSL Art Union has its biggest giveaway. 1st prize is an apartment building with an estimated value of over AUD 4 million. You can live in it, rent out the other apartments for the income or sell it tax-free for Australians. People who reside in other countries might have to pay taxes there.

Who Can Play at

This raffle is open to anyone living anywhere. Part of the jackpot prize includes AUD 2,000 to get there to claim it. Of course, you are responsible for any visas needed, plus you might have to pay tax on your prize where you are from. For Aussies, this raffle is tax-free.

Why Do They Do It? was set up to help current and ex-military people and their families with advocacy and welfare services, financial support, rehabilitation services, and crisis accommodation.

Customer Service at RSL Art Union

If you have any questions about this raffle, office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. There is a snail mail address, phone numbers for Aussie, New Zealand, and International, and an online form. They answer questions on a timely basis by email.

Why You Should Register with RSL Art Union


Tax-Free in Aussie

Unique Prizes

Lots of Draws/Raffles to Get Into

Helping Veterans in Aussie

Why You Shouldn’t Register with RSL Art Union


Not Great Odds

Limited Tier Levels

Would you mind rating

Is Legit?

The concept of helping a good cause and potentially getting to win property in Australia is nice. Okay, I’d settle for the 2nd prize of the gold bullion, but the only way I’m going to get a chance to win is to play. The VIP Club means you don’t have to check on when the next draw is and are automatically entered.

This lottery gets a thumb’s up though it would be nice if the number of raffle tickets for each draw was more limited. Then again, ultimately this is to help veterans.

  1. I purchased tickets in RSL 2023 in December & was advised if I followed a certain protocol including buying extra tickets to be eligible for a $200 VIP VOUCHER with Woolworths through Prezzy to be posted as from the 8th of January 2024, provided I met their criteria, which I did & on the numerous occasions I enquired about this I was assured I’m on the list & would receive my voucher, from the 19th of January.
    Also, once I fulfilled their criteria I could cancel the VIP subscription & would still receive the $200 voucher. Today is Australia Day, & still nothing has arrived even after being assured constantly, from my 1st call to the latest 6th call that my name is on the list & that the funds would arrive dependant upon a third party, & still nothing!
    I need to do food shopping & feel the RSL is not being Australian, in fact very UnAustralian, by blaming the 3rd party involved being Prezzy.
    When promises are made in order to commit you to being a VIP customer with RSL ART UNION, & they’re not being met & when I’ve kept my part of the bargain, it becomes a sad state of affairs as I too expect the company to be honourable & do the same. Disappointed, disillusioned & frustrated at what I’m seeing & hearing, though, I cannot blame the telephone consultants, they are only passing on the information that RSL management is passing on to them, however, how much can a Koala bare? Nice to have some transparency RSL, as word of mouth can crucify future dealings with innocent victims relating to your company as SCAM B/S given to achieve unethical sales promotions in order to receive & not give back that which was promised!
    As of the 8th, then the 19th, today is the 26th, & you are keeping very quiet about what your intentions are, I reiterate, what a disappointment this whole affair has been in dealing with RSL ART UNION!! ☹️ Please send me my $200 VIP food voucher asap!!
    Maybe I should just let you do a, “please explain!” You’re not doing that with your customers so let’s make you more transparent through the likes of media, like, A Current Affair, & radio, as this is disgraceful behaviour & terrible customer service to boot…. Shame on you!!

  2. I bought a one off ticket months ago. Since then I have had multiple emails telling me to update my details so that they can enter me in the draw. Last week they debited $30 from my account.

    UI have called several times to “cancel” the account, but it makes no difference.
    Then later on they say there is no record of me calling so they say I did not call!!!
    There is no way to cancel on the web site and not form to fill in to get a record of cancelling.
    This is criminal what can be done about it.

    they say they will call me back and never do.

  3. So disappointed in RSL Art Union & after being a very long time VIP Member. Reason{s} … I have written three times to senior manger of latter and over several months now, still NO Hard Copy reply as requested. Years ago “Draw Results” were posted. I have requested this to continue especially as do NOT have regular access to internet. Decided like a few others to now drop out continually regular draws VIP. Non of us ever seeing results of who won major or any other prizes. My dad was Air Force, my uncle Army & longtime ex partner was Air Force Adel: til retired, so like to back RSL; But NOT when monies taken out so often and Never seeing any results!

  4. Hi jacked by the globalist, vets don’t see the money, just like all the charities set up by the elite to fund themselves.

  5. IMO, the RSL Qld management have been hijacked by globalist Marxists. (DYOR)
    As a lifetime subscriber, and former armed service member, I now have nothing to do with the RSL.

    And, conveniently, the last ‘major review’ RSL Qld did, they contracted to the recently voted out local Labor State member Di Farmer. She was nicely employed by the RSL until she regained her seat at the next election.

    How many cents per dollar make it to the vets? And of that amount, how many Vets ‘programs’ are contracted to overpriced service providers… who later launder funds as political donations.


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