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First World Lottos Exposed — Good on Paper, Shady in Real Life

First World Lottos Review

First World Lottos Review

Lotto operators will more or less follow the same principle when making an offering to clients. You choose digits for your favorite lotto, you make a payment and they buy a ticket on your behalf. It’s rare for such a platform to offer something different but First World Lottos claims that it does.

First World Lottos online is a lottery agency with a twist. You don’t just buy individual tickets, you’re a part of a syndicate. Also, you can’t decide to buy individual shares. There are monthly memberships for each of the lotteries being offered, entitling you to a specific number of lines within the respective syndicate.

If you’re a dedicated lottery fan, you know that syndicates are groups of people who play the lottery together. The aim of such endeavors is to buy more tickets together and improve the odds of winning. in the end, syndicate members split winnings among themselves (prize share depends on the number of tickets bought by each individual).

First World Lottos offers an online alternative to actual syndicates. That sounds like a cool idea but is it worth testing? We did some research to answer that question.

Games at

Let’s start the First World Lottos review with the basics. The range of lotteries available to play isn’t that big. You have access to some of the most popular lotteries in the world – US Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroMillions, and EuroJackpot.

Setting up syndicates for a bigger number of lotteries is obviously a challenging task. This is why the team has apparently chosen some of the giants out there, the ones that deliver the biggest jackpots.

Next, we need to talk about money. How much will it cost you to join those syndicates?

Here’s a Powerball example to give you a clearer idea. There are three subscription tiers – 100 lines (50 shares), 200 lines (100 shares), or 300 lines (150 shares). The least expensive subscription costs 15 UK pounds per month. The second tier is available at 22.50 pounds per month and the third option costs 39 pounds per month.

It’s difficult to compare that sum to any other service because syndicate specifics have to be accounted for. In that sense, each group of players is unique and difficult to place against another one. Choosing World Lottos is all about the offer coming within your means and giving you something that you’re interested in testing out.

First World Lottos and Claiming Your Prizes

First World Lottos outlines the specifics of making prize claims in the website’s terms and conditions – a document you should definitely read every single time before signing up for something.

For a start, players can check drawing results via their account and also receive information there about any winnings the syndicate has made.

Confirmed wins are received by First World Lottos and then distributed among players, depending on the number of shares they bought. Funds are delivered directly and automatically into player accounts. After that process is completed, winners can withdraw the funds.

Cash withdrawals are possible after a player has accumulated 20 pounds or more in their account. The money can be redirected to a bank account and the transfer will usually be completed in a couple of days.

As per the terms and conditions, those who win big sums of money may receive a phone call before the payout is made. Identity verification may also have to be completed for the payout to be processed successfully.

Who Can Play at First World Lottos?

Like other online lottery services, First World Lottos is open to anyone who is interested in accessing some of the world’s biggest games.

As always, website members have to be of legal age in order to play the lottery. Identity verifications will occur to make sure that condition is being met.

It’s also important to point out that online gaming and lottery ticket buying are illegal in some countries. If that’s the case where you live, the First World Lottos service will definitely be unavailable for you to test out.

First World Lottos: Who’s Behind It?

To know if First World Lottos is legit, we have to take a look at the entity that offers and operates the service.

The platform is the creation of Firstshot Services Limited. The company is registered in Cyprus and it was set up in 2018. There’s also a registered office address linked to the company that operates from the UK. We didn’t find information about other services or lottery agency websites being connected to Firstshot Services Limited.

As far as contact information goes, the First World Lottos website features a UK phone number and an email address. Unfortunately, there isn’t any additional information about the company and we didn’t find a corporate website.

Other Bits and Pieces

First World Lottos online reviews are an important indicator of quality. After all, the experience of actual people who have tried a certain service speaks volumes. That’s why we checked out First World Lottos on Trustpilot and other similar websites to learn more about its reputation.

Unfortunately, the TrustPilot rating of First World Lottos online is 1.6 out of five stars. There are currently 24 reviews and none of those are positive. Yikes! That’s a massive red flag and we haven’t seen such unanimous bad opinions before.

As far as specific complaints are concerned, there are a few.

Most often, people report being called by a First World Lotto representative  (the phone number mentioned in the review is the same one that appears on the First World Lotto website). They’ve been asked for personal and bank account details in order to sign up for a sweepstake or lotto. Several of the reviewers confirmed that the phone calls were frequent and relentless, to the point of forcing a phone number block.

Others have been called with an offer to receive 10 free tickets. Once again, personal and bank account information was requested to legitimize the offer.  The information was used to set up a direct monthly debit that is automatically renewed every single month. In order to cancel this subscription, you have to mail the First World Lottos team with your request. A number of people have had issues with the cancellation being processed in a timely manner.

So, is First World Lottos online legit? Most reviewers reach the conclusion that it’s a scam. If you want more details, you can easily find those online. It’s a pity that almost all people who reviewed the website have had one and the same negative experience. That definitely sucks because the overall premise of First World Lottos is an interesting one. In the absence of reliable customer service and transparency, however, there isn’t an awful lot to talk about.

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The Bottom Line at

Should you try First World Lottos? Our honest recommendation is no. Too many people have had a negative experience with so-called customer service reps fishing for personal and bank account information. That’s never a good thing and you shouldn’t be pressured into providing those details.

To finalize the review, let’s do a quick summary of the pros and cons of First World Lottos.


Offers an interesting service that’s based on syndicates

Features dome of the world’s biggest lotteries for syndicate play

The prize tiers and subscription model are described and presented clearly

There’s some information about the company behind the service

You can get in touch with customer support via phone and email

Various promotions are set up occasionally

The money withdrawal procedure is straightforward


You can’t participate with as many lines as you want to, there are fixed subscriptions

Subscriptions are monthly and automatically renewed

If you want to cancel your subscription, you have to specifically email customer support

Numerous negative reviews calling First World Lottos a scam

Many people have had issues canceling their subscription

On paper, First World Lottos sounds really good. But that concept doesn’t really translate to reality.

With so many good and reliable services to choose from, First World Lottos is simply not worth taking a chance on.  Some of the reputable online agencies also feature syndicates, if that’s something you’re interested in trying. You’ll find reviews about these services here, helping you sort through the options and identify the best ones.

  1. It is a SCAM. Please don’t fall into it as I did! They got my card details and made use of it for months. I had to call my bank to please cancel future payments as they wouldn’t reply my many emails.

  2. Scam call, previously went by WorldLotto, which has terrible reviews on Trustpilot. Despite typically avoiding scams, I found myself fooled, the scammers had personal information such as my address, name, date of birth, and email.

    The call began claiming I had won a competition I had entered. I enter a lot here and there so it wasn´t so far fetched. They said the prize was ten free lotto draws for the EuroMillions, assuring a win due to a syndicate of 150 winners. ¨Though they couldn’t guarantee millions, a £10,000 prize seemed plausible, and to send them chocolates when I recieve my prize.¨ They requested my account number and sort code to transfer winnings, which, after a long hesitation, transfer to the manager, and a lot of psychological manipulation, I provided. I said I wanted to recieve the email first, but they tricked me by saying yes but them transfering me to the manager, and that the call is recorded and a bunch of finance regulation jargon.

    After giving my details, they revealed a £39 monthly fee for 100 entries, refundable if earnings didn’t materialize within three months. I said no, I do not agree, but again they manipulated me to say yes. Realizing the deception, I immediately contacted my bank, they helped me and set up a block on any new direct deposits, so hopefully the scammers can´t do it.

    I advise others to take similar precautions. This call is a scam, aiming to set up an irrevocable £39 direct deposit, and other comments highlight it is almost impossible to cancel this direct deposit with them.

    Date of experience: 26 February 2024

  3. I am trying hard to cancel my membership, but it’s like trying to platt gravy, I am sorry to say this lotto should be regarded as welcome as poo in a swimming pool.


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