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  1. I’ve won several times, there are reasonable prices, scratch cards are as low as 10 cents each, I’ve personally won 25$ recently on a 50 cent scratcher and they don’t have large minimum deposit amounts.

  2. Highly recommended site…I won twice and will continue playing on
    Xo lotto

  3. this site is a SCAM… Our Canadian OLGC will soon be shutting this down for using our Canadian 6/49 lotto…. This site xolotto.com has no right to be selling tickets…. Why would people even buy our Canadian lotto on a site that is in No Way Affiliated with OLGC???? Customer service had suspended my account because I warned them I contacted OLGC and they are not please and are investigating this site!!

  4. Awesome, won a great prize on first game I ever played on xo lotto,.this will be my new go to site. Check it out guys you won’t be dis6.

  5. This is the only site I go to when there’s a huge Powerball draw or when I’m just too lazy to go to the store and buy my 6/49 tickets. Great site! Highly recommended!!

  6. Lots of different lotteries to bet on, clean and lean site design. Straight forward T&C’s. Keno games are a nice touch to have some fun-on-the-go. Delivered on each and every promotion been offered!

  7. Love the keno games (because I could play every minute). Used my free bonus on some slots too and had some luck, should have stopped after a decent win 🙂 Lots of good slot games, but hoping they add a couple of my favorites I didn’t see on the site.

  8. Super cool games and they even have high stakes keno. Never had a problem with this site, but when I interacted with customer support to withdraw, I got my money right away (2 days). Highly recommended, legit site.

  9. Got my free ticket for signing up and enjoy how simple it is to play most games. I had no issues when making a deposit to play more scratch cards, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a free bet after inviting a friend. So far I’m really enjoying playing at XO Lotto.

  10. Easy to play, clean site with good games.

  11. Scam. They are inconsistent with payouts and will legit just avoid your support inquiries about withdrawals i.e. I had 90 dollars say processed and didn’t receive a dime while other requests took WEEKS to even get a response on. Games are glitchy every single one has a delay, half of them have had server errors unfixed. It’s a scam.


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XO Lotto Exposed — 16 Lotteries to Bet On

XO Lotto Review

If you are looking for an online betting site for lotteries, you might want to check out XOLotto.com. They offer single and multiple ticket betting on 16 international lotteries. There are no syndicates. This site looks very straight forward so let’s take a more in-depth look.

Games at XO Lotto

Players can bet on international lotteries including BonoLoto, Canada’s 649, El Gordo Primitiva, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, German Lotto, Irish Lotto, La Primitiva, New York State Lotto, Oz Lotto, Polish Lotto, Super Lotto Plus, SuperEnalotto, UK Lotto, US Powerball and Mega Millions. The official results of each of the lotteries are used to determine the winners. The price of playing looks like the face value price of the actual lottery. There is no information on the actual currencies. XO Lotto does say that the ‘base currency’ is in Euros but that the user’s account balance could be in another currency. Not sure about this. I did ask the question but haven’t had a response.

XO Lotto’s Other Games

Buried in xolotto.com’s terms and conditions is information on their Instant Win Games. Not sure what this is about as there is nothing to click on their website. They add that if you don’t play within two weeks, they will play for you. There are two Keno games which are played every minute. Bets range from $1 to $10. The more you bet, the more the winnings. Winnings vary from getting all ten numbers correct (betting $10 wins $10 million) down to what you bet if you get no numbers correct.

Getting Your Winnings

Xolotto.com ‘reserves the right’ to pay out any winnings on Prize Category 1 (yes – the jackpot) and 2 in annuity payments. Any jackpot is paid out proportionally to winners including the source lottery and XO Lotto. An example would be there are 2 XO Lotto jackpot winners and 2 source lottery winners – the amount of jackpot paid would be ¼ the published amount to each XO Lotto winner. Withdrawal requests from your account can take up to 3 business days to process. Getting your money could take a further 30 days. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of €25 though they ‘reserve the right’ to change this when the cost to process the request is “disproportionate’ to the amount being withdrawn. No commission or fees on winnings.

Taxes on Your Winnings

XOLotto.com deducts tax (where applicable) from any winnings. For US-based lotteries, this means they treat any winnings over USD 5,000 as if you were in New York City. That means they deduct 24% federal withholding tax, 8.82% state tax and 3.876% New York City tax. For lotteries based out of Spain, there is 20% tax deducted. Note that if you are non-Spanish resident playing a lottery in Spain, this would usually be refundable. For Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot, there is no tax deducted as they are designed being played in France and Germany.

Who Can Play at XOLotto.com

This lottery betting service is available to anyone 18 years or older and not a resident of the US and their territories, Australia, Curaçao, Dutch West Indies, Hong Kong, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Customer Service

XO Lotto has a snail mail address in Cyprus and is licensed by the Curaçao Government. There are an online form and email address. There are no telephone numbers or live chat. There is no information on their hours of operation. The parent company owns a heap of casino-type sites.

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The Bottom Line at XOLotto.com

I’m a little twitchy on the lack of information on each of the currencies of each draw. That goes for purchasing tickets and winnings. The amounts seem to be correct as per the advertised official draws but who is to say that XO Lotto pays in that currency. I couldn’t find anything in their terms and conditions that clarifies that.


16 International Lotteries to Bet On

Keno’s Winning Every Minute

No Commission or Fees on Winnings


No Currencies Clearly Identified

No Syndicates

Limited Customer Service

This site gets a thumb’s down. As an online betting site for international lotteries, it seems pretty clean, but I think they should be more transparent on the currencies. Note, even the site for EuroMillions uses the dollar sign.

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