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Lotto247 Exposed — What Can You Win There?

Lotto247 Review

Reading the small print at almost forced me back to the stone age and only buying lottery tickets at my local grocery store. Lotto247 (former is an online lottery betting site that offers players the opportunity to bet on their favorite numbers. Struggling through the terms and conditions is pretty daunting and I’m still not sure we’ve got it correct.

Betting or Playing Lottery Tickets?

There are fourteen lottery games you can bet on here, including the usual big boys internationally like US Powerball and EuroMillions. Playing at Lotto247 gets a little confusing. They say in their terms and conditions “the company will conclude the purchase of lottery game entries at your request; alternatively the company will accept a bet provided that you satisfy the terms of this agreement”. Okay, so am I buying tickets here or betting on official lotteries?

How Winnings Are Paid? split up what you win into three categories. Category A refers to the jackpot. Category B refers to the top prize non-jackpot. Category C refers to the rest of the fixed amount winnings.

Category A & B at

Winning in Category A and Category B depends on how many winners there are. If your bet wins the jackpot and there are no winners in the official lottery draw, then you get the amount posted by the official lottery draw. If there are winners in and the official draw, then each winner is considered a share and the jackpot is divided and paid out against the share.

Category C – Non-jackpot prizes

Okay, seriously! The small print here got the team going around in circles. First, says they pay out exactly the same as what is posted in the official lottery draw. Then they get into some mumbo jumbo about the payout of Mega Millions and Powerball saying that winners will be paid 60% of winnings in Category A if you’re going to get the lump sum (instead of an annuity) less a percentage of the lump sum amount. This is to put you in the same “economic position” as if you’d played the real lottery. The next paragraph says they will only pay SuperEnaMax out as an annuity over 39th years. If they – note the they – choose to do a lump sum amount, it is less taxes. I think this was supposed to be under a different heading.

Getting your Winnings says they’ll pay out your winnings within ten working days of when they get the money either from the official lottery or the insurance company. They do add that there could be other delays due to a security review of your identity. There is also something about 30 days to process upon notification you’ve won. If you want to take money out of your account, there is a minimum amount required of €10.00. There are no charges for taking your money. But your account might not have as much as you think as the company has the right to pay out any jackpot in an annuity “over a reasonable period of time”.

Who Can Play Here? doesn’t list who can play but who can’t. You can’t play here if you are located in Curaçao, France, Netherlands and United States. You can’t play if you are not over (yes, that is a double negative) the age of 18. You can’t play if you work for the company or the insurance company that they use. There is more mumbo jumbo on being on any Sanctions List.

Talk to me

The only way to get a callback on any questions is to sign in with an email account. There is an online form and email address. The is an online chat, but no information when someone is there. There is no phone number and no address for Lucky Enterprises who seems to own this site. Their credit card facilities are out of Cyprus. and the Bottom Line

The team is still arguing whether this is a betting site or they do actually buy lottery tickets. Whatever the case, they did agree that the confusion in the terms and conditions on what they pay out on winnings was enough to look elsewhere.


Fourteen International Lotteries

No Charges on Withdrawals


How Much Did I Win?

Annuity versus Lump Sum

Add to that the lack of contact details, especially a phone number and office address are enough to give these guys a thumb’s down. At the same time we understand that this site is a new and previous their site was good enough. That’s why we put this on hold and don’t give thumbs up or thumbs down.

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