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Lotto247 Exposed — What Can You Win There?

Lotto247 Review

Formerly called, Lotto247 is an online betting site. There, that’s everything you need to know about it!

Just kidding, we’re just getting started with a comprehensive Lotto247 review that will make it clear exactly what you can expect from the platform and the Lotto247 app.

For a start, it’s a bit difficult to understand what Lotto247 is all about. That’s because the platform itself doesn’t make that clear. If you dig through the terms and conditions (much like we did, however), you will discover that it switches between a lottery betting website and an online lottery agency. Yes, the hybrid approach is innovative, but it can get confusing.

So, are you buying lottery tickets for international games that will allow you to claim actual prizes from the particular game? Let’s try to answer these questions in the following Lotto 247 review.

Games at Lotto 247

Currently, the Lotto247 lottery offers players access to 12 of the world’s most popular games – El Gordo, EuroJackpot, Euromillions, France Lotto, SuperEnalotto, the UK Lottery, La Primitiva, Lotto 6aus49, Mega Millions, Mega Sena, Oz Lotto, and Powerball.

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When you check out the terms and conditions, you will come across the following gem: “the company will conclude the purchase of lottery game entries at your request; alternatively, the company will accept a bet provided that you satisfy the terms of this agreement.”

So, the confusion gets even bigger because players at this stage have no idea if they’re buying lottery tickets or betting against the results.

Before digging deeper into the confusion stemming from the prize categories and everything else about the gameplay methodology, let’s check out how much entries cost.

A single SuperEnalotto ticket in Italy is going to cost you one euro. If you buy an entry via Lotto247, the sum you’ll need to spend is going to be 1.99 euros. That’s a massive markup that makes ticket buying not the most affordable opportunity on the planet.

Lotto247 Welcome Offer

How are Lotto 247 Prizes Paid? split up what you win into three categories. Category A refers to the jackpot. Category B refers to the top prize non-jackpot. Category C refers to the rest of the fixed amount winnings.

Winning in Category A and Category B depends on how many winners there are. If your bet wins the jackpot and there are no winners in the official lottery draw, then you get the amount posted by the official lottery draw. If there are winners in and the official draw, then each winner is considered a share, and the jackpot is divided and paid out against the share.

The small print here got the team going around in circles, however.

First, says they pay out the same as what is posted in the official lottery draw. Then they get into some mumbo jumbo about the payout of Mega Millions and Powerball, saying that winners will be paid 60 percent of winnings in Category A if you’re going to get the lump sum (instead of an annuity) less of a percentage of the lump sum amount. This is to put you in the same “economic position” as if you’d played the real lottery. says they’ll pay out your winnings within ten working days of when they get the money either from the official lottery or the insurance company (yes, there’s an insurance company involved in the entire ordeal, as well!).

They do add that there could be other delays due to a security review of your identity. There is also something about 30 days to process upon notification you’ve won. If you want to take money out of your account, there is a minimum payment threshold of 10 euros that will have to be met. There are no charges for taking your money. But your account might not have as much as you think as the company has the right to pay out any jackpot in an annuity “over a reasonable period of time.”

Who Can Play at doesn’t list who can play but who can’t. You can’t play here if you are located in Curaçao, France, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Players need to be over the age of 18 to participate.

Lotto247 is quite popular among Indian players who have very limited access to betting opportunities. This is why it’s often being called Lotto247 India (even though the platform doesn’t operate from that part of the world).

Who Is Behind the Lotto247 App?

Before moving on to do a Lotto247 app download, let’s also talk about the entity behind this gaming opportunity.

Lotto247 is owned and operated by Secure View Services Ltd. that is based in Cyprus.

There are business registration and filing entries online; hence we can conclude that the company is legit, and it’s adhering to Cyprus regulations for corporate entities.

If you want to get in touch with them, however, good luck!

Live chat is available online during work hours. There’s no phone number listed for customer support. Instead, you will have to provide your number and wait for the team to get back to you.

Additional Bits and Pieces

There are sign-up bonuses and free offers for new players (see above), which is one of the reasons why Lotto247 appeals to so many people. One of the free signup opportunities is one Powerball gameplay opportunity, which is a nice way to welcome new players.

Going through reviews, we did not come across information about any big Lotto247 winners. Although the platform’s official website lists the names and pictures of people who have supposedly won, there’s absolutely no opportunity to verify their identifies or the respective amounts.

A final thing you should understand is that Lotto247 has an affiliate program.

This means that those who advertise the platform and get people to sign up will receive a commission. Hence, many of the positive Lotto247 reviews appear to be fake and created for the sole purpose of promotion.

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Lotto247 Real or Fake: Bottom Line

With so many opportunities to buy lottery tickets for international games legitimately, Lotto247 doesn’t stand out. A platform that cannot state what it has to offer is most certainly not worthy of your trust.

Still, let’s summarize the pros and cons of this opportunity:


A good selection of international lotteries available

Sign up bonuses, and other perks are available

Players can benefit from multiple opportunities to fund their account and withdraw prizes

Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices are available


Confusing winning structure

It’s not clear whether this is a betting website or a ticket-buying website

If you want to benefit from the welcome bonuses, you can go ahead and register for an account. Based on all available information, however, Lotto247 isn’t a standout in terms of simplicity or benefits for long-term members.

  1. Hi.
    My account is blocked now and I request you to help me with unblocking it.
    Sent several emails but no response yet

    • Same here

    • I suffer Same condition, I need help for unblocking my account.

    • Hi Chethan,

      Thank you for checking in with us.

      In order for me to assist you, I need to locate your account.

      May I ask you to reply to me with your registered email address? Alternatively, please contact our support team with the relevant information and we will provide feedback for you.

      I look forward to getting this resolved.

      Kayla @ Lotto247

  2. I have submitted all the documents they requested but they haven’t responded yet and I didn’t know if they will proceed with the withdraw or not!

    • Hi Deep,

      Thank you for checking in with us.

      In order for me to assist you, I need to locate your account.

      May I ask you to reply to me with your registered email address? Alternatively, please contact our support team with the relevant information and we will provide feedback for you.

      I look forward to getting this resolved.

      Kayla @ Lotto247

  3. I did one (1) withdrawal Transactions, One is showing “Withdrawal Reversal” credited to my lotto247 wallet. I did two another (2) withdrawal Transactions, from skrill but its not withdraw

    2 nd withdrawal #845745
    10-02-2022 8:48AM

    3rd withdrawal #849037
    11-02-2022 2:04PM

    • Hi Jaganmohan,

      Thank you for writing to us.

      We are still waiting for documents to be sent to our accounts team for verification purposes.

      One of our skilled team members has emailed you directly with the necessary requirements to process your withdrawal.

      We can’t wait to pay you your winnings!

      Kayla @ Lotto247

  4. Hi Lotto247 Team,
    On 25th Jan 2022, I did two (2) withdrawal Transactions, One is showing “Withdrawal Reversal” credited to my lotto247 wallet and I don’t know the reason. The second withdrawal Transaction is still in pending status.

    Kindly share the reason for “Withdrawal Reversal” and let me know when the second withdrawal Transaction amount will be credited.


    • Hi Kunal,

      Thank you so much for checking in with us.

      There are various reasons a withdrawal reverse could occur. These examples could include a player providing incorrect details, or a withdrawal pending for too long, to name only a few.

      I would suggest sending an email directly to our customer support so that we can investigate this for you and provide you with the correct feedback.

      We really look forward to hearing from you!

      Kayla @ Lotto247

  5. I have deposit issues. There is no UPI payment option in deposit

    • Hi Syed,

      Thank you so much for checking in with us.

      That option has been removed for the moment. We do however have numerous alternative payment methods available for you. Please do click on the deposit tab on the home page of the website to view the various payment options.

      Each option is available for you to use within your territory. If you have questions about these options listed, then please do reach out to our customer support team for further guidance.

      Kayla @ Lotto247


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