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  1. Haven’t won in any form in 5 years not even a free ticket but Pelosi’s nephew our governor are sure sitting pretty it’s not a republic anymore it’s a communist playground

  2. RE: “California 2nd Chance Lottery.”

    We are 100% convinced that the “2nd Chance Lottery” is a SCAM. My family and I have scanned the codes for non-winning Scratcher Cards, $5 Fantasy 5 tickets, and Superlotto tickets religiously FOR YEARS.

    If you look at the winners who are posted every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, you find that MOST of the time the winners are the same people or people who are located in certain parts of the state.

    The California Lottery claims the 2nd Chance Winners are “randomly selected by a stand-alone draw machine/computer.” If the same people are winning over and over again, the selection process is NOT “random.” The selection process…in my opinion is most likely biased, preferential, and selective; Therefore NOT random. If I had to guess, I would bet that the people who are winning these particular games are either family and/or friends of people who work for the California State Lottery. PEOPLE ARE PISSED. How many times does one have to scan these codes before even winning a little bit of money?

  3. Biggest piece of shit year & lottery tickets 2020….are straight up all losers… I spent 200 on 2020 $20 tickets & guess what I won 1 ticket back & $20…They are so fixed…Gavin McGruesome you should be ashamed of yourself you prick!

  4. You must work for the lottery Right? State tax 0% of 0% winning, they are blocking numbers and fixing games. Bought all 6 game tickets three different games had same power # and all had two sequential numbers this has been going on for six weeks now. And if you submit any idea they have keep the rights to your idea. Going to leave ca and no more lotto played 596.00 f2019 winnings 16.00/10 replays and o yeah a bunch of second chance stuff that’s all bs. Done with the American corporate gangsters games and bs prizes they offer that all manipulated. Thanks again Mr Lopes

  5. 83- 100,000 tickets still available on THE BIG MONEY Scratcher, this is an old scratcher. How does CA Lottery explain this? They’re not putting the tickets out. Not fair for the people

  6. They are scammers bought 4 tickets in a row $10 scratchers didn’t win on any of them and this isn’t the first time CA Lottery is so sketchy and scammers..

    • Crazy – a group of five people bought whole roll of $30.. some free tickets and one $50 win. There is no money in pool. It is fake. Lottery claims one or two big winners in the game if true winner then it could be any where in California so they is zero change to win big and rest are free tickets.. so don’t waste your money

  7. Amazing supposedly the lottery has raised 1 .7 billion for schools, what schools? And what exactly have they done for the schools? They have way too many scratchers and all are over priced. With mega and power ball all revenues are shared yet the tax structure is not the same not shared. The fact that they changed the payment methods has know completely sucked up any future, and the lottery commission doesn’t know anything about gaming at all, there more like a city council and we all know how that works! I would suggest major changes with this lottery system we have because it isn’t working for the commonwealth, it’s only working for those who are running it? The worst is if you ask a question they just give a bunch of smoke and mirrors exactly like the senators and congressmen. They have sold out every American that is an American. It is completely a illusion. My advice is to boycott the lottery until they can be accountable for their actions. It is supposed to be a two street not a one way street? But it’s ok if we die for our country though right. Just save your money so you can buy the things you want and need because there aren’t really any winners of the lottery once they fixed it to there advantage. How much of our money do they need to take away from us will be enough? Thought we fought the British for freedom, but know we are doing worse to our selves than they did to us.
    God bless America right or is that even true?

  8. California lottery SUCKS! We hit the power ball on Nov 2….here it is Jan 6th and still have yet to collect our winnings. Sooo sketchy…I’m about ready to hire a lawyer to sue the state of California for breach of contract. This is complete BULLSHIT. We won it, fair and square and the state of California continues to find bullshit excuses to not pay us. Typical California Crap.

  9. The new website is ugly and a navigational mess. It was designed for mobile users and totally ignored the millions of lottery players that do not rely on mobile for web access.

    When you first open the site, you get a screen that’s filled with a clutter of images and the results for 3 games (MegaMillions, SuperLotto, PowerBall). To find the other draw games you have to click on a small blue box at the right edge of the screen. The lucky retailers feature is also gone.

    The random images of people are meant to advertise how fun and “inclusive” the lottery is, but it’s annoying to see them plastered on every game page. The old website design may have been plain, but it was functional and quick to use — the new one is not.

  10. Daily Derby jackpot is rolling over 1M for one week straight without no winner. is this a good example of rigging of lottery draw? Jackpot is worth near 500,000. I have zero faith and trust in CA lottery.

  11. Review for the new website is that it is bad, confusing. Someone thought they were making it better. could you not leave it simple. Maybe your trying to get people to buy more tickets, I myself dislike the changes. A test, three hundred 5 dollar tickets at one time, yielded about 250.00 back. no hundred dollar winners just ticket exchange and 5 winner 20 winners. Have played the lotto for years one or two numbers, obviously there are winners. Maybe spreading the winnings a bit more could be encouraging on the tickets. Dee

  12. If your paying 20.00 or 30.00 for a ticket then the min prize should be no less than 100.00..I mean it should be against the law too give u a break even ticket if your spending that much…getting a break even ticket especially if its a 30.00 ticket defeats the purpose…I’m sick of all the small prizes…its no fun getting a break even ticket..Please loosen tickets and print more hundred dollar winners…the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer…the scratch tickets need to be loosened up big time…people are gonna stop buying them altogether if they don’t. Please bring back max a millions..that was my all time favorite ticket…

  13. The lotto has been played by friends n family for years noones won check utube where r the large winners supposedly all going to school not back to public at all we are all broke they never let us win anything they have provided nothin but false hope anger depression and broken homes to me stay away from the lotto trash!

  14. One two and three dollar scratchers a total rip-off. Save your money and go to a casino period at one time you could win a lot the one two and three dollar scratchers. Once they started to raise the price to five ten and 20 dollars. People started to lose continually on scratchers. They want you to spend more money, once they got you hooked. No thanks the average household doesn’t have the kind of money two-way spy Cannon play on a scratcher 510 + $20 on a scratcher. Give it up and buy yourself something you really want you save a lot of money by not buying them

    • Yes, I believe that the whole thing is a scam, I feel sorry for those stupid people who play the same numbers for years because those numbers are already set aside by these thieves.

  15. Rip off… Played. 25 games and no winners, only got 2 numbers and one time 3 numbers for $3. Changed to different numbers and 1st game all 5 of previous numbers came up.. Isn’t the first time this has happened. This game is rigged, their computers know what numbers you pick and make sure they don’t have to pay out too much.. This site won’t accept a bad rating.. Am I supprised?

  16. Love all the different lotteries and even better the fact anyone can play. Quite a selection including some daily lotteries and the usual big ones. I’m trying out the California SuperLotto Plus. One thing – I think California has changed the rules now and there is only federal withholding tax, not state.


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California Lottery Exposed — Spice Up Your Life!

California Lottery Review

The California Lottery like so many operated in the United States was set up to supplement funding to public schools both in the primary, secondary and college levels. In 2010, California State Lottery changed the rules and regulations to limit what can be spent on sales and administration to 13%. That means 87% of all tickets sold goes directly back to the public either through prizes (that’s jackpots) or through money provided for education. They offer the big US national jackpots as well as their own special games. This is an official site operated by the State of California Lottery. So what do they have to offer?

California Lotto Hosts the Big Ones

As in 46 other states, California Lottery offers access to California Powerball and California Mega Millions. It is very upfront with the fact non-US residents are invited to play through them.

CA Lottery’s Own Games

California Lottery has some of its own games. There are California Fantasy 5, Daily 3, Daily 4, Daily Derby and Hot Spot. Fantasy 5, Daily 3 and Daily 4 are little daily lotteries with pretty good odds and a variety of different ways to win.

California Lottery Results for Daily Derby

Daily Derby involves picking three horses – win, place and show. It certainly makes a difference from picking simply numbers. Okay, numbers do factor in. The last thing a player does is pick the race time for how long it takes the first place horse to complete the race. Simply go to the California Lottery’s website to check the results.

Hot Spot at Lottery CA

The hotspot is there for the lottery players who want continuous action. It is played every 4 minutes. This involves a bunch of choices as players can choose 1 through 10 hot spots from 1 to 80 numbers. For an additional $2, players can add ‘the bull’s eye’. Looking at the California Lottery results, this definitely looks like a long shot game.

California SuperLotto Plus

But the California Lottery has one even better. They have their own California SuperLotto Plus played twice a week – Wednesday and Saturday. The game involves picking five numbers from 1 to 47 and one mega number from 1 to 27. This is one mega lotto but then again we are talking California, the home of Hollywood, movies and a heck of a lot of money. It is no wonder that this is a rollover lottery that grows and grows fast. California SuperLotto Plus has nine tiers of prizes which means there are lots of wins. The jackpot starts at the US $7 million! Their biggest jackpot went in 2005 with $315 million going to the big winner. I guess that’s what puts the Plus in California SuperLotto!

Getting California Lottery Numbers

California Lottery is great at making sure each draw, whether it is the State’s or one of the mega national draws, numbers are posted promptly. This is a good place to ensure you know if you are a winner.

CA Lottery’s Latin Lotto Scam

It appears scam artists are approaching people at businesses like shopping malls, home improvement stores, grocery stores and hospitals soliciting help to claim their jackpot lottery tickets. They claim that they cannot claim them as they are not US citizens and will share the profits. In most cases, they are asking for money to make the claim. California Lottery requires no upfront payment to claim any winnings!

There were also some complaints regarding retailers who would not honor more than 2 Scratchers winnings at one time but this has nothing to do with California Lottery and everything to do with the retailers themselves.

Other Games

CA Lottery also offers a variety of Scratchers games, Jackpot Captain and Second Chance. Jackpot Captain involves putting a lottery pool together. It has some benefits and perks including a free play. Players with non-winning $5 Scratchers tickets or Fantasy 5 Bonus Bucks can enter the Second Chance draw to win $10,000.

Who Can Play at The California Lottery

The fact of the matter is anyone can play California’s Lotteries. They are very clear on this. Taxes both state and federal are applicable to all games at California Lottery.

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The Bottom Line at

The California Lottery offers a wide range of games to appeal to any player. Their own game of California Superlotto Plus has jackpots that challenge the big Mega Millions and US Powerball. Their daily lotteries are medium range lotteries that offer large tiers for lots of winning. I think their Daily Derby and Hot Spot are definitely long shots but still show definite creativity for something different!