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Loteries.Lotoquebec Exposed — Tickets at Face Value and Winnings Are Tax Free

Loteries.Lotoquebec Exposed

Loteries.Lotoquebec Review

Originally known as Société d’Exploitation des Loteries et Courses du Québec, Loto-Québec was the first of its kind in Canada. It was also the first to set up “terminal-based” lottery sales. This has evolved into loteries.lotoquebec.com which offers access to lotteries online, plus casino games and so many different types of scratchies that it was hard to figure out where to start. The good news is – anyone can play! Plus, winning is tax-free. Let’s go take a look.

Is 24Lottos legit in Quebec?

When Can You Play?

Okay, this was a first – you can only purchase tickets and play games available at loteries.lotoquebec.com from 5:00 am to 11:59 pm EST – that’s Eastern Standard Time in Canada. The site goes down for maintenance outside of those hours. Now that’s a first!

Games at Loteries.lotoquebec.com

On the lotteries, loteries.lotoquebec.om offers players Canada’s 649, Lotto Max, Quebec 49, and their newest game Roue de Fortune Éclair. They also offer a whole bunch of different Scratchies including Scrabble, Cash Wheel, Hawaii, Rouge Passion, Snakes & Ladders, Bingo, and Cash for Life – just to mention a few. On top of all that, there are also a bunch of casino games. Tickets are purchased at face value.

Back to Roue de Fortune Éclair

Roue de Fortune Éclair is sorta a scratchie with a bit of extra. It’s got four game areas and one of them corresponds to a “right to spin the wheel” to win an amount between $25,000 to $1,000,000 Canadian dollars. What they do is travel around to locations giving players the chance to spin the wheel. The latest game started this March 2016 so there are lots of opportunities to win.

Group Play at Loteries.lotoquebec.com

They also offer group play. You can either join one of the existing groups or set up your own. This is very different from a lot of other sites. It’s pretty straightforward and you can clearly see what is being offered in the syndicates set up – or set up your own.

Loto-Québec and Winning

Lotteries at Loto-Québec are tax-free. Players who purchase a ticket and win must sort out how that affects any tax situation in their own country. Playing online at loteries.lotoquebec.com, prizes under $25,000 are credited directly to your account. Prizes over $25,000 must be claimed in person. Loto-Québec won’t mail or send money to another country so you also have to come to collect your prize yourself! You can claim your prize Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Customer Service at Loteries.lotoquebec.com

Besides a heap of snail mail addresses including their head office in Montreal, there are several email addresses (available 24/7 though I think excluding their maintenance period), toll-free phone numbers, and a contact for those that need help as they are lottery addicts. This is a government-run site so very official.

“A Prize, A Face, A Story”

Whether you like it or not, play at Loto-Québec and you agree they can use your name and photo to announce your win especially if it is one of those amazing mega jackpots. You agree to this!

Why You Should Register with Loto-Québec



Good Account Transfer Threshold

Face Value Price of Tickets

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Loto-Québec


Only Canadian Lotteries

Getting Lost in their Scratchies

I Don’t Want Anyone to Know I Won

Would you mind rating Loteries.Lotoquebec.com?

Is Loto-Québec Legit?

I like the fact that purchasing lottery tickets is at face value plus winning is tax-free. The threshold for what they will put straight in your account of under $25,000 is realistic. Heck, if I won more than that I’d be happy to fly to Canada to go get it! Loteries.lotoquebec.com gets a thumbs up. I don’t personally like the idea that I’d have my name shouted out loud if I won, at the same time if it was one of those mega jackpots, I’d probably be doing it!

  1. The online casino is simply not worth it. I spent 300$ at 5$ bets only to get a bonus for 40$. High risks low reward. Other online casinos just have better bonuses
    I spend another time a few weeks later finally got a 3$ bet bonus to win… 6$
    Played bingo a lot never won and always see the same few people winning.

  2. Was playing one of the online game and hit grand jackpot of $5,000 on the 3 round bounce, however it did not payoff, not sure if I could trust lot Quebec anymore

  3. bad odds of winning and a bunchs of crooks

  4. Total crap. Constant freezing just as I’m winning–then when I finally get in again–jackpot is magically gone and my winnings stop.. I’ve had to log in seven times in 5 minutes–then the site froze and I had to start all over again to the same story. I’m told it’s ‘my computer’ ‘my browser’, ‘too many people playing.’ ‘clear my browser (I did–over and over again’)–the excuses go on and on. I get bonus rounds that freeze and have to take their word for the amount “I would have won”. You win pennies on the exact same games that other casino pay double digit dollars in. Stay away from them. Your money will go further tossing it into a toilet and flushing.

  5. A bunch of scammers, games freeze when you are winning something decent. Also when calling customer service they blame my computer. Stay away from them as I’m closing my account.


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