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150 Winners Exposed — Is It Scam or Legit?

150 Winners Exposed

150 Winners Review

The official 150 Winners website presentation states there are 35,521 happy customers, and of those, 87 percent are winners. While syndicates do boost the odds of claiming a prize, this information seems to be a bit far-fetched.

This is why we launched an investigation to either confirm the claims of so many 150 Winners prize holders or take them down. The 150 Winner Syndicate website has been around for some time, but the currently available reviews aren’t too positive.

Examining what 150 Winners has to offer, we will do our best to determine whether the website is worth a try and how it compares to other lottery syndication opportunities out there.

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Games at 150Winners.com

When you take a look at the 150 Winners Syndicates page, you’ll find out there’s just one option enabled – EuroMillions.

According to the 150 Winners website, there are 300 EuroMillions lines per month that syndicate members “get a share of.” This opportunity increases the odds of winning a prize. A single entry into the 150 Winners EuroMillions syndicate costs 39 pounds.

The website’s terms and conditions state that every new member will be allocated to a random syndicate. Each syndicate consists of 150 members who are allocated 300 lines per month.

There’s also a cheaper alternative that consists of a 100-member syndicate. If you opt for this EuroMillions playing possibility, you will have to pay 19.50 pounds.

After each drawing, syndicate members receive an email with information about the numbers selected and the tickets purchased. The email also provides information about the eventual awards won by the syndicate members and how these are going to be split.

Who Can Play at 150 Winners?

Even if you don’t go for the 150 Winners login, you can still access the detailed terms and conditions.

150Winners.com is open to individuals aged 18 or older. The identity of members isn’t routinely verified, but occasionally, the 150 Winners team could decide to do a background check and request identity verification. In such instances, you’ll need to provide a valid ID to prove that you’re of legal age.

If you lie about your age and you have funds in your account, the 150 Winners membership will be terminated, and you’ll not be entitled to a refund.

There are no restrictions in terms of location or the nationality of players. You may want to, however, check local regulations. Some countries don’t allow online gambling and betting, and thus, you’ll find it impossible to join websites like 150 Winners.

Keep in mind that when you sign up, you have to leave your phone number. According to the 150 Winners instructions, you will be called by a team member to receive additional instructions about completing the signup and getting started with syndicate play.

In our eyes, this procedure is somewhat questionable. Yes, identities are sometimes verified by phone, but you will either get an SMS message with a verification code or an automated code that provides such information.

Receiving a call from someone to tell you what the signup procedure is raises a red flag. If you’ve gone through 150 Winners’ reviews by people who tried to complete this process, you already know there’s something behind the method of operation.

Who’s Behind 150 Winners?

Various websites claim a 150 Winners syndicate scam. To conclude on our own, we tried to find a bit more information about the entity behind this syndicate platform.

The contact information on the 150Winners website states nothing. There’s a map that’s not populated and an online form you have to fill out to receive an answer.

A phone number in the UK is provided. Unfortunately, checking this website reveals that it has been linked to some questionable lottery-related practices. People have complained about receiving calls from this number and being asked to provide personal information because they’d won a lottery jackpot (without even playing).

Others confirmed that the number was used to collect bank or payment details for a lottery-based scheme.

One person reported that they’d gotten a call from this number, talking to someone who presented themselves as a 150 Winners staff member. The person was offered a free ticket as a part of a service trial for the syndicate platform. Once again, bank accounts are requested, and the person was even told they’d get a refund in the event of losing money (after the initial free trial is over).

People have gone so far as to say that they’d received phone call harassment by the 150 Winners team – a team that remains anonymous and doesn’t provide information about the company that operates the website.

Getting Your Winnings, Other Bits, and Pieces

So far, it’s pretty evident that 150Winners.com relies on some incredibly objectionable practices. Just Google their phone number, and you’ll see the tens of complaints. All of them describe the same scenario, which makes us believe that the claims are legitimate.

Based on this information, we don’t think it’s possible to win anything through 150 Winners.

Just in case you’re interested, however, here’s what the official website FAQ section has to say.

If the amount “won” remains below 10 pounds per player per drawing, the sum will not be paid, but it will be carried over towards the next drawing.

To cash out money, a player must request a payout via their account.

Once the request is submitted, payment would be made to the player’s bank account within two working days.

We feel this syndicate website is a way to conceal some lottery scam or in the very least, an attempt to collect personal information from people without giving them anything in return.

Being asked for financial information over the phone is not ok (especially when you haven’t entered anything). Some people have reported that they felt pressured; they gave out financial details, and eventually, they saw a reduction in their account statement.

Since multiple people write about the same thing, we tend to believe their claims.

There are dozens of legitimate and successful syndicates out there. Unfortunately, 150 Winners doesn’t seem to be one of them.

If we have to sum up the positives and negatives of this opportunity, they’ll include the following:

Why You Should Register with 150 Winners


User-friendly website with a clean design

You’re not asked a ton of personal information when attempting to sign up

There are terms and conditions, as well as a detailed FAQ section

Multiple payment methods are supported

Why You Shouldn’t Register with 150 Winners


Only EuroMillions syndicates are available

The cost of participation isn’t negligible

You have to provide your phone number and get a phone call to verify your account

The phone verification procedure opens the door to telephone harassment

There are dozens of reviews written by people who claim 150Winners.com is a scam

A minimum of 10 pounds applies to withdraw prices

No information is available about the entity behind this website

Would you mind rating 150Winners.com?

Is 150 Winners Legit?

Please be very careful about giving this service a try. At the very least, educate yourself through the experiences that other people have had with 150 Winners. We suggest staying away from 150 Winners. If you have some experience with this website or you’ve received a phone call from them, please don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below.

  1. Scam don’t lose ur money, aggressive customer service
    They’re. A bully

  2. Scam, do not take part!!!

  3. I was drawn into it and after a month or so I received an email with the outcome of the lottery.
    So I opened it and nothing was there to read/see. So I asked the question how to log back in on my account.
    Up until this very day I can’t get in my account but paid the £39 all for nothing.
    People please don’t be like me and stick to your tickets what you fill in at the post office. Then you know what you’re doing without blaming others for failing


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