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Buylottoonline Exposed — Quantity versus Quality

BuyLottoOnline is a service when you can purchase your lottery tickets remotely. It is owned by Ledonford Ltd. offers 21 international lotteries to play online. The service is available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Danish and German. Also, BuyLottoOnline provides a full range of deposit methods. There are no any contact details except the online form. Besides buying the lottery tickets, you’ll be able to check the lottery results.

BuyLottoOnline Review

Long gone are the times when we had to frantically search for companies willing and capable of selling lottery tickets online. Now there are lots, and we need to shift our focus from finding them to determining which ones are legitimate and which aren’t. We took a look at, and our first issue was the fact that they have several websites bearing slightly different names and selling the same product. The site itself is relatively clean and straightforward. But, let’s take a more in-depth look.

Lottery Games at

It’s interesting that has a link that separates the lotteries they offer by country, including USA, Canada, South America, Australia, and Europe (okay it’s not a country).  These are some of the significant international lotteries (Irish Lotto, Mega-Sena Lottery, French Lotto, etc.) plus some famous ones. I took the time to investigate some of the lotteries at that I didn’t recognize. It was good fun though I don’t think they are going on my list of up and coming lotteries to play.

Beneath the Surface at Buylottoonline

All in all, this is a very user-friendly website for playing lotteries online. They offer links to seven different language sites to ensure players understand the terms and conditions in their native language. is owned by Ledonford Inc. who also owns a plethora of other websites that provide online lottery services. What I found interesting here is that there is nowhere, where their contact details and/or head office is located as well, no telephone numbers. There is an online form for questions if their FAQ doesn’t answer them all. They are owned by Ledonford Ltd. so easy to track down.

Customer Support & Satisfaction claims that they are placing their emphasis on customer satisfaction and if any client is not happy with the quality of service he can ask for his money back. There doesn’t seem to be any time limit on this. Complaints

One customer commented that there was an issue with her bank, which declined a withdrawal but the same person edited the original post adding she needed to talk further with her bank officials to clarify the matter. I also checked out complaints about their other similarly named sites and didn’t get anywhere. There were just too many sites with similar names plus the use of the word ‘buy.’

The Bottom Line at Buylottoonline

I like the fact that they don’t guarantee anything and don’t tell us we are going to become millionaires overnight in subscribing to their service. The “About Us” and “Terms and Conditions“ sections seem straightforward, though Ledonford would be wise to ditch all the other websites and stick to – Quality versus Quantity!


Many, Many Lotteries to Play


Money Back Guaranty?

No Live Chat

Other Duplicate Sites?

Multiple sites doing the same thing raise alarm flags which plant the seeds of doubt which isn’t the way to build the brand – or a customer base. All in all, gets a thumbs down. I’m not saying they are not legitimate, but there are just too many better sites available that can offer the same services.

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