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Lotteryonline4u Exposed — Keeping It Simple Review

Talk about keeping it simple. offers access to 2 US lotteries. That’s it. They provide online access to purchase lottery tickets for US Powerball and US Mega Millions. I guess there are people out there that are only interested in these two mega jackpot lotteries but couldn’t they have made the site prettier. It’s awful – simple, but even changing the font could make it friendlier.

Not a Pretty Picture at

Most people who land in such a website like for an online lottery seller, would just turn away and look elsewhere. In an industry where professionalism is everything, and people have to overcome so many doubts about a vendor’s credibility, this style of website is nothing short of a disgrace. It appears like it was made overnight, quickly stuck together. This is the worst possible thing for an online lottery retailer to do as it does not project an image of professionalism.

But There Is More to

While I stick to my statement that a person who accidentally landed in their website would probably quickly go elsewhere, deserves a second chance. If you can overcome the initial repulsion and read the content published on all the pages, your confidence level will be boosted. The homepage is a mess, and the wall of text is only going to be read for review purposes, but how to play and FAQ sections are quite useful.

What I like about lotteryonline4u is that these guys seem to know what the audience wants and give expert answers to the most frequent questions. I always try to put myself in the shoes of someone who has no idea about how online lottery vendors work and let the company lead the way. Their business is quite simple, and the acquisition is straightforward and less expensive compared with similar lottery sellers. Creating an account and getting a Player ID are essential steps but neither of them is intricate nor time-consuming.

Games at caters exclusively for Powerball and Mega Millions, a decision that they explain by claiming that this helps them keep their operational costs low. Furthermore, the company says that since these are the most famous American lotteries, players should settle for their draws. I find this a bit restrictive. There are a lot of amazing lotteries internationally that I also like to play.

Winning at

One point that is important in their small print is that Lotteryonline4u keeps 6% of all prizes that below $5000, 9% of those exceeding this $5,000 and 18% of all jackpots. Another issue is the fact that doesn’t state clearly whether the 18% taken by them (we’re talking Jackpots) is applicable on the net or total jackpot. Few people know that those who opt-in for the lump payment of a jackpot lose more than a quarter of the sum and then after taxes usually receive roughly half of the stated prize.  I also have a problem with the fact they say the company is the sole owner of the tickets and it is the one that claims the prizes.

Scams, Complaints, and

Lotteryonline4u is relatively new, and this might explain the lack of complaints at the same time they are simply providing a service for two of the big US lotteries. How much can they screw up?

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line

If you can get past the initial reaction to the design of the site, it does appear to be real.


Fairly Good ‘How to Play’ & ‘FAQ’


Lousy Design

Only 2 Lotteries Available

Percentage of Winnings isn’t YOURS

The fact it takes a percentage of winnings indicates to me they want people to win. I’d feel a little better if ownership of the ticket was a little clearer hence I can’t give these people a thumbs up.

  1. Talk about a boring site. I had to go in and take a look just to see if it was really that bad. Why any one would play here is beyond me. Also, only two lotteries? Obviously, they only have connections in the US of A for buying tickets. I don’t get why that keeps their costs down. Me, I’ll keep playing with the approved online lottery providers!


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