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Loteriaonil Exposed — It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Spell It Loterías or Lotteries

Loteriaonil Exposed

Loteriaonil Review

Rule number one in playing lotteries through an online provider should be that the site is a language that you understand fully. We were looking at loteriaonil.es today who publishes their website in both Spanish and English. Our initial concern was that there was information missing in the English and then we made a comparison. It’s not. Let me explain.

Games at Loteriaonil

Loteriaonil.es offers access to Spanish lotteries Loteria Navidad, National Lottery, La Primitiva, Bonoloto, El Gordo and EuroMillions. Okay, EuroMillions is not simply a Spanish lotto but remember you are playing it in Spain – more on that shortly. Click on additional numbers per ticket line, and it expands to additional ticket combos of that ticket. Does that make sense? Some people believe this system works.

Group Play/Syndicates

There is one group play at loteriaonil.es called PEÑA TODOS LOS JUEGOS EL VENTORRILLO which includes weekly seven ticket lines of each of the five lotteries offered. But – yes the but – there is no information on how many people are playing in this syndicate. They also publish a copy of the tickets on the order page though the team figured it was a little strange that players could still buy into the syndicate though some of the draws had already occurred.

Loteriaonil.es and Winning

On their home page, it states there is a 0% commission on winnings. But that’s the only place we could find information on this. There is nothing in their Terms and Conditions or their Help. Winnings can be withdrawn to a credit card or bank account, but the only explanation in the Help page was the instruction to click on the ‘money withdraw section.’ More importantly, regarding winnings is there is no information regarding the tax that is paid. This references the fact that you are playing EuroMillions in Spain and Spain collects 20% on all winnings over €2,500.

Terms & Conditions at Loteriaonil

That’s one of the issues the team had in reviewing this site. It’s all the bits and pieces that are missing. They say the winnings will be immediately credited to a player’s account at the same time results will not be available on weekends. There is nothing about what they do with your tickets, whether they scan and send or how you as a player access your numbers. The help menu focuses more on how each of the lotteries plays and not on the process. I also had a bit of a problem with the concept ‘validate your bet.’ They do say they deliver your tickets (i.e., for Navidad) so I guess they do purchase tickets, and this isn’t simply a betting site.

Who Can Play?

Players must be over the age of 18 but appears not to have to be Spanish. The only catch is players do need to have a NIF/CIF number. This is a tax ID number – NIF for individuals and CIF for companies. Foreigners can apply, but it is part of getting residency there. We asked the question “can anyone play here” and are still waiting for an answer.

Who is Loteriaonil.es?

Loteriaonil.es is owned by LEAL FRANCES SL, an integration of MARIA TERESA DOMENECH BERNABEU, INGENIA COMUNICACION AND INFLOLOT. This is a company registered in Spain. It is has a snail mail and email address, telephone number, and online form. There is even a map showing the location of their office on the site. But, there is no live chat and keep in mind they are closed over the weekend.

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The Bottom Line at Loteriaonil.es

The omissions and general lack of information have nothing to do with getting lost in translation and all to do with information that is not there. Before we could say play here, we’d need further answers.


No Commission on Winnings

In Two Languages


Only 5 Lotteries

How Many in the Syndicate

20% Tax

The team gave this site a thumbs down partly for the lack of information and partly because it is only five lotteries. Most players like the freedom to play more.

  1. Not a chance folks – I mean even if you are playing a lottery that is tax free in another country, Spain still takes their 20%. Definitely not my choice of places to play. I also agree that I like the flexibility of playing other lotteries. There are some great ones out there and I’d prefer not to have to bounce through several providers versus a one-stop-shop!


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