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One Pound Lotto Exposed — All Lottery Tickets for £1

One Pound Lotto Exposed

One Pound Lotto Review

With so many lottery operators out there giving you access to international games, it may be challenging to choose the right one. You’ll be paying attention to the operators that offer the games you’re interested in and that have the most favorable conditions. But what are the other relevant factors?

Because most lottery operator services are so reminiscent of each other, some entrepreneurial individuals have come up with platforms that offer something a bit more distinctive. One Pound Lotto is such a platform.

The premise of this one is easy to get from the title – the price of lottery tickets is fixed at one pound. We’re about to embark on a journey to discover whether this is so.

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Games at One Pound Lotto

First things first, what international lotteries does have to offer?

The portal features some of the all-time favorites that come with the most spectacular jackpots – Mega Millions, the US Powerball, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, and SuperEnalotto.

On top of these prominent games, One Pound Lotto also features a couple of extra opportunities like the Oz Powerball, Polish Lotto, and Lotto 6 aus 49. As you can see, the diversity isn’t that massive. In comparison to some other lottery operators, One Pound Lotto offers restrictive opportunities.

The official presentation suggests that the great price of the ticket is the number one reason why you should be giving One Pound Lotto a try. Unfortunately, there’s a catch.

Is it true that you can get your EuroMillions or US Powerball ticket for just one UK pound? If you click through to the respective game page, you’ll find out this is so. Before getting excited, however, you should check out the fine print.

To benefit from these ticket prices, you’re agreeing to get only half of the jackpot in the event of winning. If you want to keep the full price to yourself, you will have to pay the full ticket price, and you’ll also need to spend money on the commission that the lottery operator charges for its services.

Getting Your Winnings with

If you win anything through the tickets that you purchased via the platform, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the prize.

To cash out the prize, you’ll need to sign in to your One Pound Lotto account and request a transfer. Keep in mind that before you can cash out anything, you will have to verify your identity through the provision of both proofs of ID and address.

All small prizes will be credited directly to your account. For sums exceeding 4,000 euros, you will have to follow a different procedure. You will receive an email with instructions about the steps you’ll have to undertake to obtain a more massive prize.

There is a 60-day cash-out period from the date of winning your prize. This is something to keep in mind – don’t procrastinate and assume that the amount will remain in your account indefinitely. You have a limited timeframe to act and get your prize.

Who Can Play at One Pound Lotto?

One Pound Lotto is an international lottery operator. As such, it will have to abide by the laws of the country that’s organizing the respective lottery.

If you want to buy lottery tickets via One Pound Lotto, you’ll have to check out what the regulations in the respective country are. Some countries have a minimum age of 18 for playing the lottery. In other parts of the world, that age is 16 or 21. If you don’t meet these conditions and requirements, you may find yourself incapable of cashing out an amount in the event of winning.

There are no restrictions on the nationality of the person that wants to play the lottery. Thus, your current residence and your citizenship will not interfere with your ability to buy online lottery tickets (unless local regulations ban online lottery operators from offering their services there).

The One Pound Lotto ID verification process is introduced to ensure all players meet the terms and conditions for legitimate lottery operations. If you provide false information or you’re not of the required age, you will not be allowed to sign up for an account.

Who Is behind One Pound Lotto?

One Pound Lotto has a big “about us” section on its website that virtually says nothing about the team or the company behind the online lottery operator.

The footer of the website, however, says that Fatt Mountain Ltd operates the platform.

There isn’t an awful lot about the company you can find by digging online. The few bits and pieces we came across include the fact that Fatt Mountain is registered in the United Kingdom and the enterprise was incorporated in June 2018.

As far as the nature of the company’s business, online statements don’t feature a lot of valuable information either.

The incorporation statement reads that the company is under the directorship of Matthew Fountain, who also happens to be the sole shareholder.

Other Bits and Pieces

The most exciting bit we’d like to find out is what happens to the other 50 percent of the jackpot that the ticket buyer isn’t entitled to due to the fact they spent only one pound. The official FAQ section of One Pound Lotto doesn’t provide any information about how this works and who gets to keep the big bucks.

Usually, there’s an advertised jackpot amount on the One Pound Lotto website. Keep in mind, however, this jackpot isn’t always the same as the sum the official lottery features for the respective drawing. In essence, you agree to receive whatever One Pound Lotto wants to offer to you. The rest of the money is really up to the Fatt Mountain team to determine how to sort out.

There’s one more important condition to understand.

To get started with One Pound Lotto, you have to credit five pounds to your account. Why do you have to do that if a single lottery ticket costs you one pound? That’s a good question, and we’d also like to learn the answer. The minimum doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you’re looking for an affordable online ticket-buying option, this puts you in an awkward position.

We looked for information about anyone who has won an award through the purchase of a One Pound Lotto ticket. There are no such individuals in the online realm, or they’ve remained silent about their accomplishments.

While this is to be expected for an enterprise that has been running for just one year, it’s still somewhat questionable in terms of service quality. With so many well-established online lottery operators out there, it seems that One Pound Lotto isn’t doing such a good job.

Let’s summarize the biggest advantages of One Pound Lotto.

Why You Should Register with One Pound Lotto


A well-designed website that’s relatively easy to use

The operator is run by a company registered in the UK

Players have access to one-pound lottery tickets

There are additional financial perks and opportunities like buy two tickets, get one free

Smaller prizes are directly credited to the player’s account

Email notifications and alerts are available for added convenience

Why You Shouldn’t Register with One Pound Lotto


One Pound Lotto features a limited number of lotteries

The affordability of the tickets comes at the expense of the prizes: you only get 50 percent of the award in the event of winning

There’s a thorough ID verification process you have to go through before you get to cash out

If you want to win the entire prize, you will have to spend x2 on tickets

There are no online reviews or information about the company behind One Pound Lotto

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Is One Pound Lotto Legit?

The premise of One Pound Lotto is cute. Most people face the same problem with online lottery operators – they charge a commission that makes the ticket somewhat expensive.

One Pound Lotto offers players tickets that cost only one pound. This affordability, however, comes at a certain price. The size of awards is much smaller than what the respective lottery has to offer precisely because the player is spending a relatively low amount on ticket acquisition.

Thus, the current EuroMillions jackpot is 46 million euros. If you win through the purchase of a One Pound Lotto ticket, you will get 23 million euros.

If you like the premise of one-pound lottery tickets, this operator may appeal to you. Unfortunately, the range of available lotteries is pretty limited, and there are some serious restrictions in terms of the amount you’ll eventually get to win. While One Pound Lotto does appear to be legitimate, there are certainly better operators out there that offer a reasonable ticket price and a full payout.

  1. Rubbish site!! Won’t let you buy tickets even though you have money in your account and then you email them to ask why and nobody even bothers getting back to you! Doesn’t seem like a legitimate site!! If I could give this site a zero I would!


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