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Lovemylotto Exposed — Not Available for USA Citizens

Lovemylotto Review is a multi-lottery syndicate owned by a company called The Jackpot Store Limited. This is not a place to buy an individual lottery ticket and their syndicates include very specific lottery games. It is based in the UK, and open to anyone in the world as long as they are over 18 years of age and the country where they are permits playing online lotteries. According to their website, 95.7% of their players were winners in 2012.

Who is

Looking at the ‘About Us’ page definitely builds confidence. They were established in 2009 going online in 2010. Their key senior staff that operates are profiled and available online! They are governed by the rules and regulations of the UK gaming industry. They are very clearly physically in the UK with two offices identified on their site.

How Does Work? is a syndicate. A syndicate means that a group of people owns something or many things together in the common interest. In this case, the common interest is ownership of a group of lottery tickets. has three levels of syndicates, ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ costing £12, £24 and £36 a month respectively. The higher the level of the syndicate, the more tickets it owns. Each syndicate package involves five lotteries: EuroMillions, Millionaire Raffle, UK Lotto, Plus 5 and the £1 million daily Lottery. Each syndicate is made up of 28 members sharing in the winnings.

Getting Your Money

Winnings for are simply credited to your account and an email sent to all members of your syndicate each time you win. They issue a check when you actually want to withdraw winnings.’s Site

The site is fairly straightforward and laid out to navigate information quickly. Registering seems straightforward requesting the usual information.

Customer Support at

Besides the fact they have two snail mail addresses located in the UK, they have a telephone, fax and email to contact them Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. GMT. There is no live chat or weekend support. does have a ‘knowledge base’ you can search for information as well as FAQs.

Concerns about

Firstly, the cost of joining a syndicate is calculated monthly but the number of tickets that are included in the syndicate is calculated weekly. The Daily Draw discussed as one of the five lotteries that they offer is an internal draw. It can be confused with the ‘Daily Play that used to be operated by the UK National Lottery. syndicate also includes the Millionaire Raffle. This is a UK only extension to EuroMillions that guarantees a £1 million randomly drawn Tuesday and Friday from the EuroMillions tickets purchased for that draw in the UK. It does appear that this can be paid into your account as part of the syndicate. It also was interesting in researching through the Knowledge Base/FAQs/Syndicates, the answer to sharing winnings referred to 29 people and not 28.

I also take exception to the fact they claim 95.7% of their players won in 2012. Either they have a lot or some very lucky players.

Affiliates of

One of the confusing aspects of is the number of different places to access it. They actually promote partnerships with other websites for a percentage. This doesn’t seem to affect their credibility but does make it a little confusing getting to their specific site. Complaints

Our team found one complaint regarding a combination of not being able to cancel the auto bank debit, not being able to access her account and still receiving emails saying she’s won []. Hopefully, the winnings will continue to accumulate and someday she can access them!

The Bottom Line

This is a syndicate lottery opportunity that is clearly registered, identifies the people who run it and doesn’t seem to make any promises it can’t honor.


Clean Site

Easy to find information

Very clear instructions

Holiday promotions


No individual tickets available

Clearing checks (winnings) from the UK

USA citizens can’t play here

Our Team gives a thumbs up as long as you want to play in a syndicate and aren’t interested in playing individual lottery games. If you want lottery tickets for your game and play individual lotteries, definitely go elsewhere!

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