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Love My Lotto Exposed — Not Available for USA Citizens

Love My Lotto Review

Love My Lotto Review

How do you feel about a chance to play international lotteries while joining a syndicate for potentially larger winnings? The scenario most definitely sounds like a dream come true for many lottery enthusiasts. And this is the very specific desire that Love My Lotto exploits. The website supposedly gives its members access to large syndicates playing some of the most beloved international lottery games.

Do you feel eager already to type the Love My Lotto URL in your browser and sign up? Hold your horses! If you’ve checked out the Love My Lotto reviews created by our readers, you’ve probably discovered a ton of complaints. If not, the time is right to get started with such reading materials. But don’t take the words of others for granted. We’ve gone ahead, and we’ve done all the research so you wouldn’t have to. Here’s the Love My Lotto deal.

24Lottos or Love My Lotto – which is better?

Games at Love My Lotto

Love My Lotto differs from other online lottery agencies. It doesn’t allow you to buy an individual ticket on your own. Rather, you can join a Love My Lotto syndicate and contribute to mutual ticket purchases this way.

There are four types of syndicate subscriptions, and they determine how much the service is going to cost. Bronze syndicate membership is available at 10 pounds per month, silver syndicate membership – at 28 pounds per month, gold – at 40 pounds per month, and platinum – at 44 pounds per month.

All of the syndicates allow entry in three games – the Daily Draw, UK Lotto and EuroMillions. The difference between the packages is the number of entries you’re going to get. For example, if you choose the bronze membership, you’ll receive six EuroMillions entries, 6 UK Lotto entries, and two Daily Draw entries. There will be 21 EuroMillions entries, 21 UK Lotto entries, and seven Daily Draw entries in a gold membership.

There’s a separate syndicate dedicated to EuroMillions alone if that’s your thing.

The first red flag here is the website’s FAQ page. We tried to access that information and learn more about each offering and whether the cost is justified. Unfortunately, we got a 404 error page, meaning that the FAQ is no longer available. Hmm, that’s not really good when you’re trying to learn more about a service you’d like to sign up for.

And that definitely wasn’t a temporary glitch. Over the course of several days, the issue remained unresolved. In other words, the FAQ page is no longer there.

Love My Lotto Syndicate and Claiming Your Prizes

Luckily, the terms and conditions page is still in place, and it reveals a bit more information about how Love My Lotto works.

So, let’s talk financials.

A five percent administrative fee will be deducted on larger prizes (no specification of what sum qualifies as large) before the winning is distributed among the syndicate members.

There are some complicated stipulations as to when and how prizes and paid and when the site has the right to delay or not pay prizes at all. If getting paid (which many of our reviewers have had issues with), money can be taken out of the account via the deposit method previously utilized.

Who Can Play at Love My Lotto?

While the Love My Lotto syndicate is UK-based, the service is open to people from across the world.

Players have to be aged 18 or older to sign up for the service. Proof of age will be required during the registration process (yes, you’ll have to provide your ID).

Keep in mind that if you live in a country that restricts online lottery ticket buying, you will probably have no access to the Love My Lotto website.

Love My Lotto: Who’s Behind It?

According to the website’s terms and conditions, it is run by Love My Lotto Ltd. – a UK-based and registered company. There’s a physical address and a phone number provided. Unfortunately, many people complain that they’ve been calling without someone picking up on the other end or offering reasonable customer service.

The company’s LinkedIn profile shows it was set up in 2010 as the provider of the world’s only multi-lottery syndicate system (this could have been true at the time, but it definitely no longer is).

Other Bits and Pieces

Automatic subscription renewal is the most annoying aspect of becoming a Love My Lotto syndicate member. And there have been dozens of complaints submitted by people who tried to cancel their existing subscriptions several times without much success.

This is why you have to think twice before deciding if you want to submit your financial information to Love My Lotto or not.

There isn’t an awful lot more to talk about when it comes to the website. We didn’t see any signup bonuses or additional perks aimed at enticing new members into signing up. In essence, there are annual subscription plans for a few of the most popular UK lotteries, and that’s about it.

As far as actual member experiences go, here’s what we found out.

Many people report that they never really understood how tickets and shares are allocated among the syndicate members. Some have even gone ahead to calculate whether participation in the Love My Lotto syndicates is profitable and affordable. The final verdict is that the sums being charged are quite high, especially when it comes to the ambiguities linked to the distribution of prize amounts among syndicate members.

A final word of caution – you may come across many overly-hyped and unrealistically positive Love My Lotto reviews. There’s a simple explanation for these texts. Love My Lotto has an affiliate program. Websites that get their members to sign up for a membership will be financially compensated for their efforts. So, be very careful about the information you decide to trust.

Why You Should Register with Love My Lotto


Multiple syndicate subscription packages are available

The website features some popular UK games

Accepts international players

Reputable and popular payment methods accepted

Fairly simple to use

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Love My Lotto


Subscriptions aren’t the most affordable ones

You have to cancel a subscription 28 days in advance in order not to be charged for the coming month (automatic renewal)

Many complaints about the quality of customer service

Many complaints about account cancellations and prize payments

Only three UK lotteries are available

Would you mind rating

Is Love My Lotto Legit?

Is Love My Lotto worth it? The short answer is no. If you prefer full transparency and knowing what you’re going to get for the money you’ll be spending, Love My Lotto is not the website for you. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with their operations, some of the company’s practices are questionable at best.

  1. I also find it strange, but no news and My confidence is gone. So i am very pleased and interested to learn that you consider running your own lottery syndicate. If i may do a suggestion, try to consider some ‘better odds’ lotteries like australian saturday lottery or swedish viking lottery as well… Of course we all wantto be able to play the big us/Aus/Nz and us megamillions 😉

    • Again, we are not going to set up our own syndicate. We review them, that’s all.

  2. I tried to join their syndicate but i cannot go through the registration process. I suspect belgian players are not welcome (see my problem with wintrillions syndicate)? In any case, i wrote lovemylotteo twice to get their explanation and i got zero response… I just wonder what happens if/when you happen to get the jackpot… I’m still looking for a trustworthy lottery syndicate, just seems not to exist.

    • Thanks Roby! Strange, as they are physically in the UK and should accept Belgian players.
      As I’ve previously mentioned, we will post some syndicate information soon.

  3. Dear Salas, you gave us a great idea! We will have the reliable syndicates page soon. Stay updated!
    About, yes you can join them. According to their rules, “You can join and open an Account if you are over 18 years of age.” More than that, they claim that “since we launched in 2010, all kinds of people from over 90 nations have joined us”. So, it’s not a problem. Here is another excerpt from their rules: “All winnings are retained in your personal account until we receive notification that you wish to make a withdrawal. Payment to you is by cheque or Moneybookers. All payments over £5000 will be paid by company cheque, please note that in accordance with our Terms & Conditions proof of identity may be required when large payments are being made.” I suggest you to read carefully their TOS before start playing. And don’t forget to share your experience here. Good luck!

  4. Hi Nick,

    1) Do you have any syndicates approved?
    2) Clearing checks (winnings) from the UK, what does it mean exatlly, i did not get your point. If i am in France. Am i still able to join them?

    They have some nice offer like gold syndicate with 1270 chances to bet and win every month.
    Thank you again.


  5. lottomad – Not sure what to suggest but I’ve put the team on to see if we can get further information. Initially, I would suggest sending a registered letter to 10 Elm Court, Arden Street, Stratford-upon-avon, Cv37 6pa and see if you can get feedback. This is just one of the kinds of situations that can happen hence why we’re very careful on who we recommend players through (see our recommended providers). Let us know how you get on. Nick


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