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  1. I haven’t had a problem at all. As a matter of fact, I have won lots I mean lots of money on the NH lottery site. You have to be a resident of the state which I am. I just played Christmas Eve and I won $857…..$250….and $175…all during that playing time. I sent it to my bank account today as it was ok. So I really don’t know what the fuss is.

  2. Should’ve known not to throw out my money again. Spent $30 played blackjack. If you get lucky and “win” the payouts are much lower than what the round costs. “Dealer” doesn’t get any low cards. Blackjack’s pay out x2 yayyy won $0.20 on $2 rounds a bunch of times. NH Lottery con artists belong in jail like anyone else stealing people’s money!

    Why don’t you think they offer fair live dealer casino games?

    Because they are crooks!!!

  3. Just loaded $10 after blowing $60 the other day on elottery game HiLo. Seeing if the gameplay would be less rigged and shady feeling. What a joke!!! You play any online game or scratch tickets for that matter it’s like burning money!!! Stay away!!!

    It was 3 I chose low it went to 1 money gone, it was 1 I picked high it duplicated the 1 and swiped my money. Same thing happened with 21 duplicated and robbed me again. I had 20 chose low it went back to 21. Etc

    Just ridiculous and savagely greedy of them to set up such systematic extortion against players.

    They win on turning out people into losers. If anybody did this type of “business” we’d be imprisoned for fraud, extortion, etc etc etc

  4. E Instant Game Hi or Lo RIGGED!!!!!! It’s very ridiculous!!!! It’s easy as 21 numbers you guess higher or lower. Such a simple game they want you to think you can beat the system. But it’s hard to get lower when it’s at 20 and hard to get higher when it’s on 2. 1, 11 and 21 repeat a lot swiping your current bet to break up your wins and knock you down. Very fishy and garbage!

    They should be investigated for extortion especially for the online games!!!!! Scratch cards are a huge joke too. I can’t stand them greedy scumbag pukes!

  5. Total scam. They can’t take your deposit any faster. I like how when you play the demo you win big amounts. When you play with real money you win 10 to 20% of the game cost, after you lost 10 to 20 games in a row.

  6. Deposit money to play they hit your debit card immediately try to withdraw winnings (after approval process to withdraw winnings i.e. a handful of documents proving your identity and bank account) it takes days to get the funds/winnings (3-5 business days) I don’t like that and if you choose withdraw winnings to PayPal might be quicker but then to get that money into bank account from PayPal takes a week. If they can take right then and there why can’t they pay winnings out right then and there? Will say lose way more than you win that’s for sure but that’s any lottery in general. I have won $750, $500 and $611 playing either $1.00 or $1.50 but it’s few and far between then they just soak it back so withdraw it immediately.

    • They take your money immediately but then make you jump through hoops to withdraw winnings. How shady is that? Think about it I’m withdrawing my winnings and never gambling with NH Lottery again for this very reason. I might have gambled again but they pissed me off

  7. I’d give it zero. At least they just take the money for the ilottery games really quick. Total scam.

  8. Keeps logging me out when I choose to play a different game. Incredibly annoying. Does this happen for a good reason, or am I a schmuck?

  9. Total waste of time. They don’t even give you the ilottery bonuses most of the time.

  10. Any type of win ratio is slanted. I purposely played the same game at a $1 bet one after the other and after 30 $1 games, I won 5 out of 30. Problem is they were .30 cent, 20 cent winners, etc. Before you know it, that pesky “DEPOSIT” queue pops up asking you to fed the monster. Legalized ripoff. Oh, but wait!! The best part 8s when you initially deposit, enter the promo code, and get 21 games free! Yeah, 40 cent bets on some convoluted jungle/fruity game……I guess the best thing to do is avoid it altogether! Federal covid money right into the state coffers!!

  11. This is definitely coming in handy during the current stay-at-home order! I signed up when they were offering to match dollar for dollar up to $100 deposited in your account (which I did). Now I can buy lotto tickets for the next four months or so without leaving my house. The only thing I don’t like is that they require you to purchase $5 at a time. So you can’t just buy just one Powerball and one Mega Millions at a time unless you add the bonus options (Power Play, etc).

  12. Buying Powerball and Mega Millions is great… I am skeptical of the scratch tickets.. you can’t seem to win much compared to cost and the ticket prices are in weird step tiers.
    Prices are too high compared to payouts…


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NH Lottery Exposed — Fun but a Limited Lottery Selection (for Now)

NH Lottery Review

New Hampshire Lottery (NHLottery) is another one of the US operators to launch their online portal. While the US is still a bit behind with the adoption of such technologies, things have luckily started to change.

What exactly does the NHLottery iLottery have to offer, and who can sign up for the opportunity? These are just two of the questions we’ll try to answer today in our review.

iLottery was launched in September 2018. Over only one month, 4,200 people signed up for digital accounts. In the same amount of time, prizes worth 362,263 dollars were handed out to the digital lottery ticket buyers.

Since then, the original scope of games has been expanded to offer lotto enthusiasts a more significant number of opportunities.

Games at NHLottery iLottery

Previously, only New Hampshire Lottery results were available online. The growing demand for a comprehensive digital gaming experience, however, contributed to the launch of iLottery in the fall of 2018.

The NH state lottery digital platform features tickets for some of the offline games, as well as for individual digital lotteries that are available exclusively online.

The NH Lotto iLottery enables the purchase of tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions. Unfortunately, state-only games are not available for online play.

Players can choose to buy anywhere between one and 100 tickets for an upcoming Mega Millions or Powerball drawing. The cost of one Mega Millions or Powerball ticket is two dollars. There are no discounts for a bigger purchase and 100 tickets will be available for 200 dollars.

Apart from the offline games, there’s also a range of digital lotteries NH players can explore.

Currently, there are 24 games available. All of them have free demo version players can rely on to acquaint themselves with the rules before deciding to invest actual money.

The range of games is wide. There is classic scratch off lotteries, dice games, and card-inspired games, among others. The cost of a single entry ranges from 0.02 dollars to 10 dollars. Obviously, the larger the ticket price, the bigger the eventual payout is going to be

Jackpots linked to digital games vary from 30,000 to 250,000 dollars. The game that has the biggest jackpot is Diamond Payout – a lottery in which one of the player’s numbers has to match one of the scratched numbers. Each scratched number has a monetary value printed underneath. Players can choose to bet anywhere between two and 10 dollars.

Getting Your Winnings with NH Lottery

NH lottery winners who have acquired money through the iLottery platform can choose among several payment methods.

Whether you want to buy NH Lottery Powerball ticker or you’re interested in the digital game, you will have to deposit some money in your account. The approved payment methods include a Visa or a MasterCard card, PayPal, or a bank transfer. A minimum deposit amount of 10 dollars applies, and the maximum you can deposit at once is 500 dollars.

Withdrawal is also relatively easy after you win.

Your account will show the funds available after you’ve won something. It’s up to you to determine if you want to cash the sum out or use the money to buy additional tickets. The minimum withdrawal amount is set to 10 dollars.

When playing, all prizes of under 600 dollars will be credited automatically to the player’s account. This is the money that can be withdrawn to the same method used to put funds in the account in the first place.

For prizes ranging from 600 dollars to 9,999.99 dollars, you will have to submit a request through the iLottery platform. Once a claim is submitted, the funds will be processed in the coming three to five days. When the processing is completed, the respective sum will appear in the player’s account and become available for withdrawal.

For sums exceeding 10,000 dollars, players will need to visit the New Hampshire Lottery headquarters and make a claim in person. A claim via mail is also possible if visiting the HQ is inconvenient. Once the identity of the winner is validated, a check will be issued in their name.

Who Can Play at NH Lottery iLottery?

There are certain limitations as to who can access the NHLottery iLottery portal.

All players have to be aged 18 or older to register for a digital account. The identity of the account holders is verified during the signup process.

A player also needs to have a valid New Hampshire address to go through with the signup. Players who are located in other states or who live out of the US cannot use the iLottery portal. There are no restrictions when it comes to foreigners living in New Hampshire – they’re free to use the digital platform for ticket buying.

Who Is behind NH Lottery iLottery?

iLottery is a portal developed by the NH state lottery.

New Hampshire Lottery was set up back in 1964. It is the second oldest lottery in the US. Today, apart from running Powerball and Mega Millions locally, the lottery also has four state games – Keno 603, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Megabucks Plus.

In 2018, the New Hampshire Lottery registered sales totaling 332 million dollars. Some of the funds generated through these purchases go to support important in-state initiatives, especially in the educational sector.

You have nothing to worry about when signing up for iLottery. It is entirely legitimate and backed by the same regulations that govern the operations of the New Hampshire Lottery offline.

Other Bits and Pieces

iLottery is a pretty user-friendly portal that provides additional information and some cool added perks on top of digital ticket buying.

For a start, New Hampshire lottery results are available for viewing. Whether you want to see the latest New Hampshire Lottery numbers or an archive, you can access these opportunities effortlessly on a smartphone or a desktop computer.

Also, the NHLottery iLottery has a range of perks and bonuses for the registered members.

Currently, for example, a person that creates a brand new account will get 30 free e-instant games upon the completion of the first online purchase.

Once a player is signed up, new bonus offers can be accessed through the menu of the website or the mobile app.

The platform also maintains a meticulous archive of past purchases and numbers chosen for Mega Millions or Powerball. If you believe these numbers can be useful for your gaming activities in the future, you can access the entire history via your iLottery account.

Finally, we tried to find some New Hampshire iLottery reviews and gain a better idea of player experiences. Overall impressions have been positive with a minor complaint of only Powerball/Mega Millions being available for online play as far as NH Lotto games are concerned.

Would you mind rating NHLottery.com?

The Bottom Line at NH Lottery

The New Hampshire Lotto online portal is legit, easy to use, and convenient. If you’re interested in Mega Millions and Powerball or you like digital instant win games, you will be happy with what iLottery has to offer.

Let’s break down the pros and cons of the portal. Some of the biggest advantages include the following:


A quality portal launched by the official state lottery

You can buy Mega Millions and Powerball tickets through it

The cost of tickets online is the same as when you buy them offline

The platform is optimized for both desktop and mobile usage

There is a good selection of instant iLottery games

The withdrawal procedure is simple and straightforward

There are bonuses for signed-up members

iLottery features good information about New Hampshire Lottery results

On the bad side:


Only Mega Millions and Powerball tickets are available, no opportunity to get tickets for other local lotteries

Some players also complain that the range of iLotteries is limited

You need to have a valid New Hampshire address to sign up for an account

No discounts for larger purchases

Deposits cannot be withdrawn; you can only take winnings out of your account (read the terms and conditions before signing up)

Keep in mind that the New Hampshire Lotto iLottery is still relatively young. It’s been operational for slightly over one year, which means that additional changes and improvements could come in the future based on user feedback.

For the time being, you have no reason to worry about the legitimacy of iLottery. The platform is straightforward to navigate, and it ensures a good, affordable online lottery playing experience. If you’re located in New Hampshire, you can benefit from what iLottery has to offer.

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