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Playnow Exposed — Play Now or Not?

Playnow Review

I’m not sure if the location-specific lotteries are a result of the evolving laws of a country or just the proximity of what they can handle in ticket purchasing. is one of those sites. Players have to be in British Columbia or Manitoba physically to play. Their system checks your IP to verify where you are during registration and/or when purchasing lottery tickets through their system. If you’re not there, then you can’t play! also offers casino games, sports betting, poker, and bingo. But let’s stick to their lotteries.

Games at offers three Canadian lottery games – Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, and BC/49 with a little Extra. The Extra is an add-on for $1, which adds a 4 digit extra ticket play to the other three lotteries. This is British Columbia specific similar to the Encore offered by Ontario and other provinces. also provides a variety of special combo packages on all three lottos, and Keno and Pacific Hold’Em Poker – that’s weird.

Playnow and Winning

All wins are credited directly to your account. Withdrawals over CAD 1,000 requires filing your occupation with BCLC. This has to do with Federal anti-money laundering regulations. If you do win that big jackpot – well, says withdrawals over $100,000; they want to present you with a cheque personally. I wonder if that is accumulative or does refer to a jackpot win?

Who Can Play at

Players have to be over the age of 19 years and must be physically in British Columbia (according to their help menu) or Manitoba (related through chat). It is funny going through their site as they don’t have the traditional ‘Terms and Conditions’ but have two sections – Legal and Help. Help is like the general FAQ, and Legal lists all the documents that related to their different games offered. It’s very clearly laid out, and I wish more sites would use this format. Very clear.’s Customer Service

Live chat is live from 7 am (PDT 8:00 am) through midnight 24/7 Pacific Standard Time. This does make sense as we are talking British Columbia. They post their head office address (Kamloops) and marketing address (Vancouver), plus regular and toll-free telephone numbers, email, and online form. Can’t get much better than that!

Who Is Play Now?

Keep in mind; this is the official site of the official BC Lottery Corporation that operates BC casinos and lotteries. The profit it generates goes directly to support provincial and community initiatives. is an extension of their regular retail/corner store sales. That means players pay face value for tickets.

The Bottom Line at

If you live in British Columbia (and probably Manitoba) and are concerned about losing your tickets or missing a draw, then this is a great way to play. But keep in mind, it is only three Canadian lotteries – good ones – but if you’re looking for US Powerball or EuroMillions, go elsewhere.


Official Site

Face Value Cost of Tickets

No Commission on Winning


Only 3 Lotteries

Must Be Physically in BC (or MN) gets a thumbs up for residents of British Columbia (and probably Manitoba) but doesn’t work for the rest of us. If you are from BC and on holiday in Ontario (or another country), don’t forget to take a subscription before you go because you aren’t going to be able to top up your account while away!

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