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  1. Won $300, spent just over $1100. Not the best pay outs considering the same games in a live casino would be big wins for the exact same lines. Then to top it off they slap you in the wallet with a $10 bonus on a $3.00 bet. No way! Save your cash for a real casino, bad odds.

  2. This site will steal your money. Audits done by crooked company owned by casino. You are getting cheated on this rigged fake casino site. Stay away.

  3. Do not play! I’ve tried 10 times and I have never won. Please save your money

  4. I think personally playnow is bias towards to those who works for the government, which I know because she is a friend of mine and she works for the BC health care services. I’ve been a playnow member since 2011 and my friend has been a member 2018, but yet she gets more free tokens way more than I do. She puts $5 to $15 the most into her account and she waits a week and she will get a ,$50 token, how is that even fucking possible. But me on the other hand, I will spend a $500 a month and not a single win. I wait and wait for maybe I will get a $25 token but sorry it seems that only for those that works for the government will get some. We spent and lose our hard earned money from this government owned online casino, but we never seem to get the kind of treatment we are hoping for. There are many times that I will keep trying to come here and play hoping that maybe I will somehow strike a big one but big disappointment is what I usually get. Today as I write this review I am actually decided to quit and stop playing on to this corrupt online governmently own casino. I have the shittiest experience playing on this online casino and most of all I almost drove myself insane just seeing just how much they take your hard earned money so easily and in return you get absolutely nothing for spending and losing. But I guess it’s for those certain individuals who are lucky enough to get something just for trying. They will spend less but yet they will get more than they have ever spent and you can’t even call that losing something and in return you get more just by spending $10. We come here hoping to win something but instead of them giving us something, they will rather give to those that didn’t even contribute.

  5. Horrible site, bad odds just takes your money and the bonuses are horrible Took 450 dollars for even a bonus to come out and when it did it was for 10.00 on a 2.40 bet brutal. This site glitches and crashes when you start to get a bit ahead and then you will get no line hits for 30 or 40 spins, and then they gift you with a .60 cent hit. Do not play on this site they are just taking money I don’t know any of my friends that have won here, they are taking advantage of the fact we cant go to brick and mortar casinos to gouge us to fund their salaries. I asked who they are accountable to and they told me they are a Crown corporation, so good luck complaining to the Govt about them ripping you off.

  6. No chance of winning on this rigged site. Stay away.

  7. I never post on anything. But Playnow is disgusting. Completely rigged, if there was something I could do too shut these Crooks (our government) down I would. Class action law suit or something

  8. Can’t win anything in live blackjack unless you win the side bets.
    I’ve been playing for a year and have never seen dealers get 20’s and 21’s more consistently than this casino. 19 or 20 are definitely not safe hands on this site. Dealer rarely busts with bust cards-and double downs are met with a lousy low card 80% of the time.
    Also, the few times you are on a bit of a winning streak, there is inevitably a computer “glitch”. The screen goes dark or the thing logs you out. Very suspicious.

  9. 9.99/10, you will lost money at playnow casino. The dealers and the managers behind the screen are also super mean to players. They will yell and fight back to you. When they made a mistake on a hand, you have to wait for a week to 2 week to have an answer. Sometime, they gave you 25% money back and sometime they will give you token back not real money. For betting their sport games, min is 2 games to start playing. BC government, BCLC and playnow need to make sure you lost and they have higher chance to take your money to donate. BIG SCAM in BC casino.

  10. If you are thinking about playing at playnow then you should go to the bank machine withdrawl what you are thinking about spending,take your cash home and flush it down the toilet and call it a shift. It is without a doubt the worst casino that is offered online. The bonusses on their bonus relient games are unobtainable therefore you will never be able to win. When I say that you will never win I mean that litterly. I use to play there alot but it has become so obvious now that I am being totally ripped off that one would be a fool to keep playing there. I cant believe that they are not being shut down by the gaming commision wich also makes people believe that there is a bigger scam in play than just taking all your money and NEVER giving a win. If you want to play DONT play at playnow!!!

    • I agree omg worst casino ever! 100 percent agree they are thieves

  11. It is absolutely rigged and I did a test to prove it.

    5 times in a row I deposited a small amount of money and bet so that I had $0 left, every single time I did the dealer got dealt an Ace and because there was $0 left I could not get insurance, and every single time the dealer got a blackjack.

    It’s a complete scam, avoid it.

  12. No chance of winning. Bots win all the hands with worst and best hand. This is not poker. Stay away or you will get cheated.

  13. Terrible site, lost money faster than any casino I’ve ever been too….. and still waiting (3 weeks) for my meager return.

  14. it is a total games are are playing against bots..keep your money..


    Playnow was created by a government determined to get its hands on as much money as it could, and it shows. Every new game has no less than 50 lines and yet the site has not managed to fix its ‘glitches’ of bouncing people off because there was ‘no data download’ or some other equally lame reason that has nothing to do with your computer.

    Reportedly, the site has given various lucky players over half a million dollars in a single ‘win’ but the funny thing is: these people are NEVER interviewed. Either they do not exist, or they have sunk more money into the site than their so-called Jackpot. More than $800,000; more than $1,000,000 — because your chances of winning are better ONLY if your wager is high enough. One dollar isn’t going to cut it.

    The weekly buy-in from $9999 has moved up the scale to $100,000. Weekly. Think what that actually means when the company a) does not provide vouchers for free dinner or accommodation at associated businesses; b) does not keep a 24 hour online help service; c) does not allow reviews on its Facebook page, and is now advising you that it is keeping track of your spending… essentially confirming it is ensuring that it is always winning and can happily do what is illegal in a legitimate casino: block games, provide zero accountability, make games not pay for hours/days — no matter how much is put into it by a multitude of players. That’s actually called cheating because it removes all likelihood of chance or luck.

    You know they are jamming and re-setting in the middle of play when the spin chokes. May the universe give every geek who is doing this kind of work his/her just desserts.

  16. this site is the worst I’ve tried it’s blatantly obvious they are tampering with software .they are thieves and corrupt as hell they have the enforcement act and gaming policy on their payroll people do not waste your money here I rate this site -5 stars but it won’t let me lol

  17. Been a winner on this site. Play only tournament poker don’t play any other games, not even cash poker game it’s rigged. Tourney only and you have a chance.

  18. Rigged online poker software stealing money from honest players. Avoid this site. They will steal your money. Cheating

  19. BCLC actually spends a LOT of time and money adding games to this site that are minimally entertaining but have hundreds of lines i.e. you have to bet a lot to not miss any thing. It would be lovely if a real casino operator could take over and make those who play actually feel like there is some value for money. Instead, players are assured their lost funds go to charity but you have no idea what or how much. One of the worst experiences offered in terms of looking for something to do to past the time: minimal entertainment, heavy cash grab from the get-go, and someone is definitely jamming games so that despite a multitude of closures ‘for servicing’, games just bounce you out when they feel like it. Including during a winning spin.

    If this was run by any other entity than government, the entire enterprise would be under investigation. Imagine spending thousands on any other company, and not even getting a coffee.

  20. Games are great because I play them in the casino however the payouts, almost no bonuses and lack of promotions really upset me especially compared to other online gambling sites or real casinos for that matter. The next to nothing incentives not only keep me from coming back, they anger me because I can’t even enjoy spending money when I get nothing back, I don’t feel like a valuable asset/customer. Like hello? I’m contributing more than I should to help our economy esp. when I’m on a losing streak. I am so sick of BCLC and their whole corporation. Get out of my Province! what a scam. Triple diamond member shouldn’t be getting $10 to $25 in freeplay a week, they should get more. The system is a joke! The buffets are appalling. BC casinos, hire some people to check out casinos in Washington…….. Please!

  21. run by the bc lottery corporation is the biggest rigged online casino I’ve ever played on let’s start with software tampering on the slot machines they know that too well beings they’ve been investigated for it in the past and they’ve got the gaming agency and enforcement act in their back pocket just a bunch of liars and corrupt scum bags. they got people brainwashed convincing them that they have a high rtp cause over the course of a few hours you may have started off with $100 and when you are done you have nothing yet they claim you had winnings of over $1000 lol I’m done with this site it’s obvious bad this site is rip off sure funny how you cant submit your review with a negative lol

  22. The bonus rate is incredibly lower than any other casinos, and the bonus pay rate is miserable. Like $1000 straight down to the 0 without any pay, no kidding, no paying even you pay you over 20 dollars. btw, I bet 4 – 10 dollars, but mostly $5. I tried 70 – 80 slots from this site and play, it looks like the same crap

  23. Bad bonus spins if they even come out, can’t win anything on this site it’s rigged. Waste of money on this site, have not heard anyone say they have won anything

  24. How is it possible to put over $300 into one slot machine betting less than $1 a spin and not get one bonus? How is it possible to put another $300 into that same slot machine betting the same less than $1 a spin and get a bonus just before you are again going to run out of money and get $0.00 in that bonus. Well obviously it is very possible as is has happened to me more than a few times on this site!!! I thought that because this was a government site that it would be fair/legit, but I was sooooooooo wrong!

    • Wow! Thanks for the heads up. If it wasn’t for reviews like yours people could’ve lost a lot of money!

  25. Consistently got beat by the dealer. I would only get 2,3,4,5,6,9 etc
    Always beat by dealer with full house or even quads
    I’ve played enough poker elsewhere to believe the shuffle is rigged. Even after the cut.
    I would like to see the cards live shuffled.

    • This site should be investigated by a third party independent investigatory buddy. You seldom win playing live casino at playnow platform regardless of what game you play. Players keep getting all the small cards and the dealers CONSISTENTLY make their hands a winner! Furthermore, if you decide to chat and start pressing the space bar, their system will load up and place a big bet with your money (without you having any intentions of betting); and you will lose that bet, and the money their system loaded up on your behalf will lose! You can complain about your loss, but you will probably get a fraction of your loss in a form of a token, and you will never get your money back if it happens the second time around. believe me, they took hundreds of dollars from me and told me off; when I called and told them that I did not make the bet. They even confirmed that I was just chatting and did not make that bet, but they still decided not to refund my money. It’s magical how you lose, regardless of what game or how you play and what you bet on! save your money and stop giving away your money to this platform. Not only you will save your money, but also, you’ll keep your health and well being.

  26. Worst odds of winning than any other casino on the internet. Been playing blackjack and roulette on the site for about a year now. Have lost about 5 to 7 grand playing blackjack and roulette. Live roulette seems monitored consistently. Seems like they can make the ball land on whatever number they would like to come up next. I’ve seen guys come in and call numbers there betting on, and say what number they would like to come up. Seems like complete luck when they land on every number he called. I was betting about 110 to 120 a spin on a bunch of numbers. The other player calling the numbers said in the chat is was betting small stakes just a 3 to 4 dollars on numbers being very friendly to other players and live chat dealer. After this happened all 4 numbers he called landed one after another. Ball can land where ever they choose. Don’t get me started with blackjack the dealers laugh at you after you lose any substantiation bet. Playnow is punishing the online gamblers in Canada. Stay away and keep ur money!

  27. Read the other reviews… it is a government run scam. I’ve been playing for years, and never win a thing, but sometimes I just like to kill some time. With BC casinos closed, I thought screw it I’ll throw $200 in and play some slots. I’m not a big gambler, so I normally bet the minimum $1.00 or so. Well $200 dollars and I got one bonus that paid $3.80, that is just insane. Over 200 spins and ONE bonus. The biggest hit was $13, but when ever I hit anything over $5.00 the game went ice cold. Well no more, Playnow is clearly a scam. The BC Government should be ashamed they run this site.

    • Yup that’s about it if you think it’s bad it because it is
      listen/ read this be from them
      I played keno now ever since it turned off the whole machine on me
      My numbers
      They know my numbers, your numbers, everyone’s frkin numbers
      Because we play them reg right
      Ok. I was putting a pick together back in 1999/2000
      I hand it. My selection slip to the clerk at 7/11.
      He tried to put it into the machine
      Nope won’t take it he told me so he tried again nope
      So he made a slip for the same numbers again and tried
      Again this time on the third fruit shut down the whole game all
      Except the results which showed the game was still running in the background
      Then by all bad luck…. there go my numbers across the screen
      That’s when I called BCLC and asked what just happened to keno
      They responded within were doing maintenance
      I said oh at 3:00pm eh!
      Oh yes we do it regularly (which is absolute bullshit as it was the first time I was stopped from playing my set of 7 numbers for $5000 ever
      this is I said to BCLC
      British Columbia lottery corp
      You rip off motherfuckers

      So I worked it out to be. The 28th day… it repeated same time of the day
      so in 28 days my brother came over to visit, I was just ready to play same set of
      7 numbers for $5000 I said want to see some absolute be the machine will
      Turn off so I can’t play. He was like sure it will….
      I lived one block away so I got him to walkover and watch me get ripped off literally
      I made up a slip hand it to the teller he tried three times and said nope won’t go through so he made a slip just to see again why mine won’t go through
      Well he tried the first try with his slip it shut off same thing we stood there and within ten mins my set went across a game screen supposed to be shut down but was not and my brother was not shocked but dumbfounded as it did what I said it would do …From that day I have studied..tried to get as much proof of corruption
      I could ok now
      I moved to Abbotsford in 2002 I watched now for two years of
      How it replays all extension 80 patterns
      Main ones 1-3-5-7-9. 2-4-6-8-10
      71-73-75-77-79. 72-74-76-78-80
      These four patterns are the main sets of memoir you realize just flip the screen you know have opposite patterns
      71-73-75-77-79. Right
      I saw 41 43 45 47 49. It came up one day and the next set to come up was
      then in 181 draws
      it flipped upsidedown and went
      So ever since 2002 I have been just keeping up on how it did that
      It’s a repeater was 48 draws is now 81 ± 25± 25 ±25± 25= 181
      25= 2 hours = 24 draws ± 1 draw
      So I have now say around 6 more years watching and playing for free
      Just pick a set and wait for how long it took to show up
      We are talking a numerology alga-rhythm game it sure would be nice if they told you the 7/11 won’t take bets they can’t afford to pay out found that out 9 years later one teller explained to me they put a store credit card if they cannot Pay it
      it won’t make the ticket. Some pretty interesting news
      So at any rate I decided to get a computer in 2008 just to record draws and get more info on how they play
      Now I know how the Dibbles work. I see…1 -11 -44-77-80 this was the clue to play
      I have won lots of times with this information but I had to see it first hand
      So I decided to record my selection what I figured was going to come up right on my monitor I put
      11 44 55 66 77
      Then started playing that set one draw at a time and 1 other set
      one draw at a time
      and I Played 3 tickets 5 draws at a time to make it easy to replay sets
      So I’m watching and recording my screen
      As I’m replying my 1 draw at a time doubles it was just about to play out and I needed to replay my doubles tickets, right…
      I tried to replay both but it froze me out so I could not Get into the next draw
      And the game played out on my screen video taped the whole ordeal
      I got a hold of the support and explained what happened
      I recorded my conversation with support at play
      They are aware of a glitch that stops people from replaying online
      Even if the ticket was bought online 1 minute ago scenario
      I should get my 500 credits I said I was playing and was frozen out ….
      So I guess over the next 24 hrs they decided we will give me 50 credits that will
      Shut me up I guess they were thinking but no I won’t shut the fuck up I went directly
      To the BBB of Canada
      They explained nothing can do nothing won’t do a thing.
      All I know is now follow a set in 181 draws it should replay 10/20
      If you still play look at what I figured out
      1. 5. 9. 2. 6. 10. 3. 7. 4. 8.
      13. 17. 14. 18. 11. 15. 19. 12. 16. 20.
      21. 25. 29. 22. 26. 30. 23. 27. 14. 18.
      33. 37. 34. 38. 31. 35. 39. 32. 36. 40.
      41. 45. 49. 42. 46. 50. 43. 47. 44. 48
      53. 57. 54. 58. 51. 55. 59. 52. 56. 60.
      61. 65. 69. 62. 66. 70. 63. 67. 64. 68.
      73. 77. 74. 78. 71. 75. 79. 72. 76. 80.

      W/O ± 4 on all. Like this
      01 05 09 13 17 21 25 29 33 37 41 45 49 53 57 61 65 69 73 77
      02 06 10 14 18 22 26 30 34 38 42 46 50 54 58 62 66 70 74 78
      03 07 11 15 19 23 27 31 35 39 43 47 51 55 59 63 67 71 75 79
      04 08 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48 52 56 60 64 68 72 76 80
      These 4 patterns are the most amazing I have come across
      I see 10/20 on sets these sets every day one set will play out then watch for the same spots in the next set to fall
      all 4 sets put out a ten digit set every day that’s 200000 if you can just put the pic on your screen to see what showed up then you can see how it just flips upsidedown
      Same numbers moved over to fit the next pats numbers

  28. Very poor odds never win a thing, it’s like someone is stopping you from winning anything. No bonus very rare don’t play here

  29. This has got to be the worst real money gambling website. In no casino in the world would you consistently lose as you do on this website. My wife has been playing for about 2 months and has dropped over 6k with one withdrawal of $1400. Many times she lost bet after bet after bet. If you want to lose money play on BCLC’s website.

  30. Keep getting one outed… don’t think I have been one ore two outed more times.. especially late in tournaments.. I play so well to run my AK every time into AQ AJ and get sucked out on.

  31. I understand I get it it’s a gamble casino has to make a profit but you can’t have the odds stack up on you like this there’s something up 19 is not a safe hand at all on playnow live blackjack dealers get push or simply higher cards about 80percent of time I play in real casino and dealers get 21 but never 4 times in row and from 2s and 3s showing there’s too much to write but two things always happen whenever the dealer changes the table loses but what’s biggest give away is the dealers trying to contain themselves from busting out after getting 21 from total 5

  32. Where to start? Long time player on PlayNow from Manitoba on Poker. Was fairly decent in the early days. Enjoyed the chat and playing low stakes with players. Just good entertainment being a parent at home. Then they came out with mobile app and was helpful. Now that has been “broken” for what must be a year with no fix. Come on, in what technology silo are you in where you can’t fix that? Now from laptop I can’t access poker to server. Part of it probably shaw internet is based out of Calgary so Play now blocks people in Manitoba with shaw internet. My guess. I dislike companies that have poor tech q& A pages when they know they have consistent technology problem but refuse to list them on their websites. Back to Poker odds. After reviewing all the reviews here (and thank you for putting your reviews) I have to agree. Poker is the one game were I was looking forward to learning, improving and adapting. But Playnow took all of that out so your busted every time regardless of how well you play your hand. Use to have winning sessions but they are few and far between now. No mention that Quebec is part of the 3 provinces. The camaraderie is pretty much gone too. Are there poker players here that see things other ways? Don’t submit money by credit card or other forms, they take a service charge that they don’t state up front. And your hit with credit interest right away because it’s treated like a cash advance. Just poor, poor customer treatment. It’s never go away, it’s just to bad it will never be better than it could be.

  33. I have to agree with the others very rarely do you ever win. You will get a win and the game resets just like they said and you don’t win big.
    Way better chances playing any other casino online.
    I think I’ve received 2 promos in 2 years.
    And still waiting for my 10 dollars for a survey I did in feb/20.
    The email said once you have completed the survey the 10 dollars will be deposited in your acct. Almost 3 weeks now.

  34. I tried the live dealer blackjack on this site it was horrible. The dealer rarely busts and pushes are something else, happens way too often it’s like your playing predetermined hands even with the so called live shuffled deck. You’ll be lucky to win 17% of the time and dealers win streaks of 13 or 14 in a row do happen on a regular basis which can and does happen on live tables from time to time but not at the rate it happens on this site. Stay away and don’t throw your money away

    • Ryan, did notice it was harder to win playing blackjack at higher limits. When I did manage a decent score and complemented the dealer in roulette. They quickly forced the dealer to take a break. If I ever play again on their site. It’ll be 3.00 max bet in baccarat or other table games and only their lottery tickets. Otherwise, the site seems a bit shady.

  35. It would be 0 stars if there was an option.
    Games are fixed, everytime you bet big on blackjack the dealer will always have a winning hand. There is 0 chance of winning, so if you like to toss money away for a few clicks, this is the site for you.
    I’ve tried this site for 4 years and every game I’ve played has been just horrible.
    Avoid this site as it is clearly fake, the winners are fake, this is just a hole to throw money away.
    Avoid at all costs. The physical casino yield better winnings than this scam.

  36. I agree about the pathetic payout on slots. And I have been playing since playnow started. It’s NOT your imagination for those that said slots seemed to pay better when playnow first started. They got people hooked then turned the odds of winning way down! It’s possible with the software they use.

    Sportsbettings is a joke they pay way less giving you the worst odds you can find anywhere.

    Now here’s the kicker. I started playing live roulette thinking at least that can’t be rigged.. and every time I placed a big bet the dealer looks up at something (they can see how much u bet on a screen in front of them) and they look sideways crookedly to somebody or something and BOOM! 0 green! Or a repeat! Or sometimes a triple repeat. Or you bet 35 numbers and it lands on that 1 number you didn’t bet. Not once in a while but frequently. Sometimes the ball bounces around so much and sometimes it just gravitates to a number And seems to stick to it defying the logic of physics. As if there was a magnet or suction. Oh dont forget the quiet subtle satisfied look on the dealers faces when you lose as if they know something you don’t.

    Stay far far away from playnow and hit them in the pocketbooks. They will ruin you! Sure everybody loses at casinos but this place takes it to a whole new level. It’s evil. They don’t even give you a chance.

    If you win its cause you’re new and they’re luring you in before they change the software to where you never win.

    • Dave, you said it all. How can victims like you and me stop them? Would a freedom of information act request be helpful? It would show how everyone loses! Would GPEB do an investigation if requested? Anybody have suggestions? They are getting away theft.
      It needs to be stopped.

      • We cannot let them get away with this absolute scam they are pulling here.

        I propose a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the BC LOTTO CORPORATION for not giving their online players an actual chance at winning.

        They claim you can win, this is an outright LIE! Their system is RIGGED!

        You cannot steal people’s money like this and call it a service.

        I have played at enough online casinos to know the difference between a rigged casino and a fair casino.

        I came to play now to simply enjoy some slots and perhaps stand a chance of winning a little money. After playing $20 I could tell without a shadow of a doubt that this Casino is HEAVILY RIGGED if you just want to play slots use the demo mode and play till your blue in the face if you WANT A CHANCE AT WINNING GO ELSEWHERE personally I suggest 10bet

  37. Incredible how cheap they are!!!
    I just closed my account..enough is enough!
    They don’t even list winners anymore…maybe because there is any, except once in a while a big winner (jackpot).

  38. I totally agree with past posts its funny they have noticed same glitches. As soon as I finally start getting something going on slots game crashes kicks me off and then I reboot go back on and cold as ice again like payback percentage reset to brutal odds. Anyone can clearly see that all tables and slots are controlled even dealers half the time can’t even keep a straight face when they pull off 5 card 21 hands. They regulate themselves thru a cover business and say it’s legal but its total brutal odds. Even the sports betting is brutal after you make a bet they change the odds to worse odds and say do you accept new odds and keep haggling to see how low you will go. Stay away

  39. I want to know how many % French players win compared to English players since the new site was redesigned. Within a few days of new site the Bad Beat hit with one table going at 700 am BC time obviously only French players and one Manitoba

    I have not been able to win ever since this new site was made. is it rigged

    Anything is possible with computers. If you have been losing all the time since a new site and you are not French let us know.

    Gibby Bogwalk

  40. Brutal slots. Minimal pays on bonuses. Go somewhere else is another government sin tax on the residents. Don’t waste your time and money. Also their poker is soooooo rigged. Lots of bad beats except when you’re playing on a bad beat table.

  41. Worst Casino EVER. Many will notice when you play the automatic table games Roulette/Blackjack etc…once you get on a winning streak the game SUDDENLY will GLITCH and kick you out and end the game, ruining whatever momentum you save EVERY SINGLE TIME.
    Blackjack the absolute worse. Making $2-$5 bets you’ll be playing for HOURS just trying to build up to $100-$200 if you’re LUCKY. Most time it will SUCK all you $$$. Once you start betting $10+ per hand the dealer gets on hot winning streaks. 90% of the time when you have 11 and double down, the dealer will spit out some lame ass card to you like 2 or 3. Read all the is rigged. Best chance you have is going to real casino with human dealers. The electronic games are rigged in the company’s favour. Do a quick research about purchasing any of these machines and the companies will boast how much revenue you can make. There’s a reason for that! House edge is HUGE at PlayNow.

  42. I think it is time for an independent study on all games. Especially blackjack. I lost 85 out of 100 hands. On more than one occasion.

  43. Money pit. Don’t be tempted in the casino, you’re throwing your money away. Even their sports betting leaves a lot to be desired, minimum parlay bets, no singles, so Playnow can have more house advantage, Ridiculously rigged software in the casino as others have already mentioned, there’s nothing to win there, you will lose way more than your will ever gain. Stick to lottery tix and sports betting, everything else a waste of time and money.

    • Well I’ve won, 3 days in a row for over $1,000 so… is a game of luck eh

      • I started winning in the 1.00 bets baccarat. Then lost a ton and ended winning 115.00 in roulette. The site still seems a bit scummy. Especially the blackjack tables and the larger bets.

  44. I’ve played a lot of slots in my life and have never played slots so tight that you can go 37 spins without a win fair enough an anomaly can happen but I’ve also had 36 once 32 6 times and 29 over a dozen over a period of 6 months statistically impossible with a legitimate random number generator which should be running the slots I’ve also seen the exact same spin 3 times in a row which should virtually be impossible I’m sure if that was 3 jackpots in a row the slot would of been pulled something is not honest at playnow and a legitimate investigation should be opened. DO NOT PLAY HERE my theory is that it’s geared to player addiction giving just enough of a taste to suck people in and then taking them for everything you can. My recommendation would be jackpot city or zodiac casinos very entertaining and an actual possibility to win.

  45. PlayNow Casino = horrible odds. I get it, it’s a business, and it needs to be profitable to survive, but you need to let people WIN once in a awhile, to make it look somewhat honest.
    They got rid of Classic Roulette, which seemed like one of the only fair games they actually had. Casino now has a few live dealers, and a bunch of new automatic games. But all in all the casino here is a money pit, and you will lose much more than you will ever win.
    Stick to buying the occasional lottery ticket, and betting on sports here…parlay single bets. Casino is plain trash.

    • they glitched my biggest blackjack hand offline for $200 (2x 100) it was a dealer 6 and I did exit to get money to split one of my hands. So I think they knew this and corrupted the game…. But the game when I reload it didn’t allow me split… so okay… I hit … instead of complaining…. I get a 10 on that hand and the other hand was 14. So then it freezes right as the next card would show the dealer card…. glitching big hand vs dealer 6 is bad enough but when it glitched a 2nd time now not loading dealer card than I had a weird feeling about it….. not saying they purposely rigged./glitched or knew the next card for dealer… just seems very fishy…. as like I said I left games to deposit so I could double the hand before (small bet and had no issue ) apparently it makes the game void and they don’t have to payout…. so they use that as a way to glitch me and make me accept my bet back surely…. why wouldn’t it just playout…… cause they had disadvantage and a decent amount to lose…. hmm…

  46. The worst most rigged poker in the history of online poker. Don’t waste your time or money please. Not to mention the cheating by players is rampant. STAY AWAY!!!

  47. Players beware I played baccarat on October 16 2019. I played $50 a hand and was up $ 700. All of a sudden my winnings bet being ejected and loosing bet accepted. I phone customer service and they admitted it was their fault and compensate me $10 token. I told them keep It they needed more than I do.

  48. We’ve got casinos here in BC. Let us not waste money on this site. What started as a good idea..allowing us (parents with kids at home) to play at the comfort of our own home is turning into a nightmare and has ruin many MANY weekends for us. Odds on the slot machine on this site is a joke. Spent 500bux and not one single bonus

  49. The above reviews speak volumes about the Play Now web site. On two separate occasions I was not allowed to use tokens awarded for purchasing lotto tickets because of some fine print in the BCLC regulations. This last time, despite having a token in my account when I tried to use it there were insufficient funds. The customer service rep was didn’t have an answer. If they don’t know, how is the public supposed to get answers? Now I’m not able to register an official complaint because its a weekend, yet they will take your money on a weekend. I know its easy to say that we have choices to buy or not to buy on this site but there are probably hundreds of seniors who can’t get out to buy lotto tickets and fall into the same trap that I did several times. This web site should be shut down if it can’t be run properly.

  50. total scam played a couple hundred grand here and blackjack is definitely rigged same cards hands repeat over time don’t bother wasting your time or $ here plenty online casinos that give bonus and better payouts

  51. Going back to Party Poker. Terrible in every way, there is no enough space to write everything. I’m reading comments last 20 minutes and trying to play slots but mage is just black, It is not OPENING!!!!! Before they have lot of good slots, new program with nothing to play well I wish to get in first. I’m thankful for that saves me money. Poker – all poker books you read do not apply here, go to casino or play Party Poker which isn’t great either but it is away better than this. On long run there is no winner here, except P.N. Com. New program has lot of problems ITD. One star is bonus for them and I’m going back to Party Poker.

  52. This site was okay three years ago. They’ve severely reduced the odds and it almost feels like they’re monitoring your spins. I used to get a bonus round roughly every 50 spins, now it’s roughly every 250, and ONLY when I’m betting minimum.

  53. Your new software needs new software. It should be obvious to you given the reduction in players you now have on the site. Your rake is far too high for poker games and the miracle river cards come more frequently than common sense and even extreme odds allow. It borders on criminal suspicion when your system failures happen especially when seemingly “favored” players may suffer a loss during a hand or the short stack could use a break…just sayin.

  54. A number of issues.
    1. They had a glitch and when I tried to enter a $10 sit n go all of a sudden I was in a $200 heads up. I NEVER play these stakes and it all but emptied my account. I detailed the incident and contacted them. Simply not interested. I asked for a more senior person and they said they will have someone contact me. Never happened. Rip Off.
    2. You can’t play outside of BC. Even in UK where gambling is allowed. So if you like to play when travelling try another more mainstream site.
    3. Their new system sucks. Since going mobile they changed everything. The home page will not allow resizing so get a magnifying glass out. The games can be but this will lead to people entering incorrectly similar to no. 1 above. Once the game is over I just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to get to the lobby! Play Now you suck.
    And I didn’t even mention the frequency of bad beats on your site!

  55. Consistently frugal, cheap, low of the low…bonus rounds…if and when they hit! lol, so pathetic! Stay away from this site. Played here and there, with a few hundred bucks at a time. Never anything decent. My time here is done. Party Poker has a great casino, that hits decent to great bonus payouts, and a lot more frequently. Also, better customer service and they payout hassle free. So long pathetic Playnow!

  56. Look. Roulette is 50/50 odds choosing black or red. I got 90% wrong betting this way. If this simple bet gives this I can only imagine what the other games are balanced as. I closed my account. Didn’t invest much but totally believe this site is rigged. Save your money and time. Do not trust.

  57. They have added a Paypal deposit option and never worked from the day they added it until now!… Don’t add an option or a service if you can’t provide it!!!

  58. The odds have been getting worse and worse. Once upon a time you could realistically get a bonus round on any slot game once every hundred spins or so. Now they’re rarer than unicorns.

    The odds are APPALLINGLY, APPALLINGLY BAD, stay away!

  59. This site absolutely blows! The variety is the only good thing going for it. I played the hell out of this one slot, Wheel Of Fortune. As I was leveling up, things were getting tighter and tighter. In the meantime, regular spin wins suck, too! Like half your bet max win, very rarely more than your bet win, if you do hit a winner every 5 spins or so. Anyhow, obviously, like most slots, you’re playing for bonuses. I get to level 78, and have 30 fuel on the meter. Normally, you hit the bonus every 1-15 fuel levels. Never gone past 16 before…but now, tightened up on purpose, can guarantee that, at level 30+! I don’t expect a huge win, just entertainment to try to make a small profit, or not. But, wow…this is unreal! lol, I trust Isle of man, Malta, Moldova, and the other offshore sites far more than this bullshit! No fun at all, you just watch the fuel meter (Cash flow) dwindle, hella fast! Worst site I’ve ever played, honestly, and I’ve played close to ten. Oh, and the Poker room just ‘upgraded’ their ancient software. I was actually up from $500-$1483, in Poker. Then, I tried the new software this week, lost $870, in a matter of 5-6 hours, playing same limits, and amount of tables. River after river, runner runner, you name it. Was absolutely a joke and a half. And that’s the brutal honesty. Variance is part of Poker, but this is some strait up Bull shit. New software, ya…Rapeware. Stay away from site, for real. Save your money, spend it on loved ones, whatever. Just don’t deposit even a dollar here. You’ve been warned.

  60. I find if you win a sports ticket then go play slots after the odds on the slots are brutal until they get their money back from the sports win. I also find the payouts are set on a timer at certain half hour intervals so if its not paying wait a half an hour then play. Its all controlled payback percentages they control the rng to pick from1 to 5 or from 1 to 100 to pay you still random but obviously random can be controlled.

  61. I played hundreds and hundreds of hands today. 19 is a pretty solid hand in blackjack. I shit you not I lost 80 to 90% of the time I had a 19. Statistically that is not even plausible….. Doubling down is now usually a lesson in futility. It’s incredible how many times one can be pushed on a 20 or 21 from the dealer showing a bust card…
    It was not always like this as I have been a member for years. I noticed the downward spiral in our chances when they introduced the live table games. I always theorized that by souring the odds, it would drive players to the live casino.
    Do yourself a favor. Do not play here. Unfortunately they have become too greedy and ratcheted up their algorithms to preposterous settings that have now driven loyal customers like myself away for good. A shame.

  62. is a complete scam…no other place in the world, but BCLC casinos, can you spin a slot machine more than 30+ times and get absolutely nothing!!! WARNING!!! DO NOT GAMBLE ON THIS WEBSITE!!! The only way to win with BCLC is to launder money through their facilities. The honest ones are paying for this all!!! BS odds on the slots with payouts far below acceptable percentages from reputable casinos. Take away the financial windfalls given to the BCLC board members and give them to the players.

  63. I tend to trust all negative reviews here; after all, this is a casino, and money grabbing is the underlying intention of all casinos. But on the matter of glitching I am not sure if they are doing it intentionally and perhaps this is a real technical problem and shortcoming of this site. For example whenever this happens to me which I could tell you it’s an almost everyday happening; I shut down my computer, and turn on again. This way problem will be solved for at least another an hour, and my daily spending of time on this site( the only place I gamble) won’t be more than an hour. Now what I am trying to get to, is this: would it be fair to say that if that glitching thing was intentionally created by Playnow, my shutting down of the computer couldn’t solve the problem, and it must have continued. I am still not sure on this and would like to hear your responses. And by the way I only play live roulette. I have customized my own set ” this or ” that” of dividing 36 numbers into 2 sets of 18, and each time bet on this set or the other set in a fashion of Red or Black. I win one unite a day, and then close it till next day, and then do the same next day. That why I love on line live casino. Since this is something too difficult to do when you go to actual casinos. You spend too much at gambling, no matter how good you are; your total loss at the end is a mathematical certainty.

    • Hi River,
      Are you able to log in lately to play your live roulette? I was not able to and it has a message on the web which said the Live casino is not available due to technical problem for the last four days already and it is still down now. Thank you for your reply.

  64. Terrible returns since the BC strike at all Casinos!! They took the fun right out of grab!!

  65. Used credit card to buy tix and got $5 service fee. Didn’t know TIL get credit card statement. If they want us to go green, stop charging these service fees!!! Going back to paper due to high fees and poor customer service. My voucher wasn’t working so rep said would investigate. Just credit it!!! Reps do not get surveyed so they don’t care.

  66. this is getting ridiculous with the maintenance times all sites are average 30 minutes with top quality play and graphics playnow not close to as good of graphics fast payouts but 12 hour maintenance shut downs when people are registered for tournaments in poker and I still have not been reimbursed for money missing in my account it was only 100 dollars but its the point get it together or get real programmers working for you

  67. It’s so rigged. It’s obvious. They don’t try and hide it. I’ve recorded my screen and have seen it. Characters changing last second. One day a combo pays the next that very same combo counts for nothing. It’s such a scam.

  68. I have played blackjack at playnow for about a month and had similar experiences to others. When new cash is put in I tend to win more and once it is built up a bit there are ridiculous losing streaks which claw back all the winnings and the original cash. I have withdrawn my left over money and will never play here again.

  69. Poker algorithm deals out winning hands to the chip leader to end tournaments, it’s hilarious how you can predict the 5th card. The 4th card will improve the short stack (giving them hope) then you can call the 5th card like a poker pro but hey, as long as you’re the big stack then you got nothing to worry about *shrug.

    • I see this happening all the time too. Decent poker players never make the kind of calls I see, then your “monster hand” gets taken down by donkey cards…ridiculous!

    • Exactly what this guy said, would never put money on here again.

  70. SCAM, their bingo section is a complete SCAM, there are a handful of players that constantly win over and over again. Multiple times an hour, one player in particular won several games every day then eventually won the HUGE jackpot, just a few short months of winning another Jackpot on their mini games. I always thought that you can’t cheat at online bingo, but either the player is cheating using an online device or the site is rigged. Either way do yourself a favour and STAY AWAY from it.

    • This is so true. I’ve seen that screen name win continually – even when I bet the max $6 – that person continues to win and win jackpots. I don’t know how this is even possible, statistically, it makes no sense – when you see 4,000 cards in play and the same winner keeps winning.

  71. Been playing on the site since its beginning after the initial 6 months things turned bad and I couldnt win I play poker and black jack with a little bingo and slots mixed in never won much on those tables but the poker was really good for me in the beginning then I couldnt win with premium cards I was losing so much I quit didnt play for 3 years after those years I tried getting my account back and it had been frozen for what ever reason over the winter in 17/18 I started playing poker again and was succesful but I noticed other players terrible run outs and seen them getting beat by runner runner cards for 7 months I was taking cash out weekly saying to myself this cant last for ever black jack poker everything was good then eventually the tide started turning over the last 6 months ive won but it hasnt been like it was I think theres a pattern emerging where they favour you to play and pay out knowing you will eventually donate back which I understand you cant win all the time but when its so bad why still play here anyone else having the same experience please comment lets see how many agree

    • I’ve lost about 10k on this site. Keep hoping to get my money back but never can win more than I put in.

  72. Spent a fair amount of money. Slot bonus really hard to get and when you do will win nothing. They sent me a code for 50 tokens to my surprise I won $1930. in free play. Spent close to $500. since absolutely nothing and you would think you could play awhile but when every single spin is nothing you can’t play at all odds are horrible. I’m sure they gave me a winning code to suck me in and it worked. Don’t spend your money here it will turn into a regret.

  73. I live in Manitoba spent 25$ went to 450$ in an hour only problem I had was games keep freezing and you have to restart which really throws your game off. no problem on other sites can you fix so I can play without having to restart every 10 spins

  74. I have extensive experience with Blackjack on For those who have played a similar amount I don’t need to recount the “fairness” of this game. Someone should hold the BCLC accountable for stealing from the public. The Office of the Ombudsperson for BC has investigated BCLC Lotteries in the past. You can file a complaint at their website. The BCLC is also subject to the BC Freedom of Information Act.

  75. is currently using software glitches as excuses to repeatedly drop multiple users balances to zero. Will not pay out stolen balances. Playnow will not publicize the glitch event to warn other users. Support tickets issued by tech support are fake.


    • Stick to SPORTS BETTING if you choose to play here. And if you win, DO NOT venture into the CASINO. Even sports betting sides in THEIR FAVOR, as they don’t allow SINGLE bets, everything is minimum PARLAY. But it’s the only somewhat fair chance you have here winning, And it’s ONLY because these clowns can’t control sporting events!
      They get customers as they are in BC, and withdrawals are conveniently direct deposit. However, dare go into the CASINO and all you will be doing is making withdrawals from your CC or bank account!!!
      Played here in 2015/16 took a long break, checked it out again now -Fall 2019. Typically on Blackjack, house has .5% advantage (worse case 2%, if you’re a terrible player) but you would never know it playing here! Watch the dealer MAGICALLY beat you time and time again, even when you have 19 or 20! Oh sure…they will let you win when betting small amounts $1-$5, but as soon as you start betting heavier, you will notice the dealer will suddenly get on HOT winning streaks -Guaranteed!!
      Stick to SPORTS ONLY, and when you win WITHDRAWAL your winnings, keep just enough in the balance for your bankroll. WHY? Because they WANT YOU to get tempted to go into the Casino and give it all back! As many have said DO NOT DO IT.

  76. Absolute sham. When you need technical support you realize what a mess of a scam they are doing. Unbelievable this is allowed to happen under the government let alone fund or profit it.

  77. took my money in not paying winning baccarat bets.

    Their support just takes comments down and says they will look into it, yet their software is still online taking bets albeit it is not working correctly.

    I have serious regrets about depositing money in an online casino that does not have properly operating software, especially one that does not pay winning bets.

  78. right now is a scam as their live casino is taking bets, the player wins the winning hand, and it is not paying the bets. There is a software glitch, and yet they keep the games live, and continue to tie up thousands of funds from people, and could care less about rectification, or warning of users.

    Can you imagine an online casino with a known software glitch of not paying winning bets, but keep taking losing bets, this is happening in 2019.

  79. I never won.. I don’t recommend it. Just takes and takes your money you have a better chance going out to a real casino

  80. Hello, they are currently not paying out Baccarat winners. They claim to be software error, currently affects everyone. They never made it public that this has happened, they’re deceiving the public.

  81. If I had a choice I would not give this site 1 star it has to be one of our governments biggest cash cows and they have the gaming policy and enforcement act in their back pockets. Their so called payout percentages are false id like to know what they base their facts on tampered or untampered software if its slots your playing weell here’s their excuse you can’t tamper with algorithms are they questioning ones intelligence or are they that stupid to believe they are in 4 months I have handed them over $10,000 dollars and have got nothing back, here’s what their corporate says “you know their is no guarantees in gambling” that’s the only answer they can give you it would really be nice to have honest people running this instead of greedy selfish corporate pigs who don’t give a rats ass about how much you lose trying to get ahead a little cause they know every flip of va card every push of a button they get a little richer

  82. It look that when some players are winning some dealer will say rude thing to them sometimes is it to throw them off their game? If the house edge and the errors aren’t enough profit do they try to tilt players? be careful or play on mute if you have a rude dealer

  83. They don’t have very capable technicians as they cannot update their system to accommodate MAC users who can no longer play there. As for support, they are quite useless as well as they don’t follow up to see that a problem has been resolved.

  84. Absolutely horrible… none of the slots pay out. Do not put a single cent into this site.

  85. Interface will make you lose lots of money before you can even play right popups while you’re trying to get into a different tournament completely can pop up while you’re trying to enter and receive errors and when you can mistakenly be enrolled in a tournament that you didn’t want to pay for at the live casino you’ll get logged out when you’re placing important bets sometimes especially at the end of a shoe

  86. After being sexually and verbally harassed by one of the live casino dealers I was told by the live support that I never reported that when I did. When I told them I had screenshots and documentation they stopped replying. Said a support ticket was started, I followed up several times and they never followed through. They also leak private personal information to employees and do not respond to customer complaints. I don’t recommend interacting with these people. It seems the majority are transgender discriminatory as well. Live support does not reply and will initially deny the complaint to protect their employees. Don’t bother wasting your energy let alone your money there. Gross.

  87. Absolutely horrible. I’ve made several attempts at resetting my password. Somehow I’m supposed to enter a code emailed to me within 15 minutes of resetting my password, but the email doesn’t show up for 20 minutes. I guess I will gamble elsewhere!

  88. From my many plays with, I’ve never, EVER won any amount worth withdrawing. I think it’s a money grab. Takes money, never gives it out. Super disappointed. Better odds at platinumplay, spinpalace and jackpotcity. I’ve won on each one. Playnow, never.

  89. I played Baccarat game on playnow. You can win on a small bet but all the big bet will be lose. It is half running by the BC government so I guess they can not lose beside the player. Listen to me, stop gambling, get back healthy life, there are a lot of things you can do beside go to online and local casino. Love yourself and love your family and friends.

  90. Do not accept their free tokens or so-called $20 cash it’s a scam to hold your money when you win do not accept call 778-636-1405 and I will let you listen to the recordings I have I’m them settings customers up with this free $20 standings I will receive reporting it to that’s how it is as soon as possible and people will be going to their office

  91. Stay away from this site, government run site that proves governments are a bunch of thieves, games do not payout anywhere near what they should, and the more you bet the less they payout. They should be audited but with the fox guarding the chicken coop that ain’t never gonna happen, buy scratch and wins, at least then you will win some money

  92. is one of the worst gambling website I’ve played on. They’ve sucked nearly $10,000 of my hard earned money over the past 5 years. They lead you to think that you’re going to win by giving you hands (especially in Blackjack) to win when you bet the minimal. When you think you are on a roll and bet bigger amounts that’s when they suck you in. Winning 5 consecutive hands with crappy cards would make one think that one can win with any cards but not so. After that, you keep betting and you keep losing, even if you have Blackjack, they end up with blackjack. This site is such a scam, I tried to regain my money but every time I put money in I end up only getting a little portion of it back. It’s taken me 5 years but I’ve finally learned my lesson to never put any more money into this crappy site. If I could I would have given this site a negative star review but I can’t.

  93. Total scam, this site just takes your money, bonus on slots extremely rare and when hit pay very little. Best not to waste your time or money.

  94. Never actually lets you win on any slots, regardless of how much money you put in. You pretty much just put in your money and watch is diminish with every single spin.
    If you feel like losing 100% of the time, this site is for you.

  95. In order to ‘win’ you must, first, lose $50,000 plus. Worse than the actual casinos in British Columbia for wanting more money but providing zero service — not even entertainment. The government is determined to squeeze its voters to death with multiple games requiring 50 lines; 100 lines… so many lines and yet no ability to formulate into a single paying line. How could that possibly be? is due for some serious auditing but how to get the government to keep an eye on itself. For the amount of money it happily accepts, you would think it would be less glitchy but deposits can disappear, you get bounced in the middle of a game, and it will take $1000 in less than twenty minutes. Imagine a restaurant doing that without providing a meal that was at least interesting.

  96. Not recommended to play this sites that let you win first then after that you always lose

  97. Total RIPOFF. I wrote a previous review about their blackjack. Slots are the same. Little to no pay. You go spin after spin with little return, and then you hit the bonus or free spins round. Exciting, but no, again the return is crap. Betting $1.00 and getting back $12. RARELY a decent return.

    This site was started to compete with offshore casinos and bring in the revenue to BC. There is no comparison. REPUTABLE offshore casinos are far more fair.

    I trusted in a government run site to be fair, to dissuade their citizens from playing with other online casinos. How naive of me. It just is NOT There is very little entertainment value, as your money it taken so quickly.

    And then playing live, the glitches are ridiculous. You get glitched and get back to the game to find out you’ve hit 20. Oh, come on, by hitting their link to get back into the game, I’ve suddenly hit 20.

    The last two times I have played were filled with glitches. A total joke. I’ve filed a complaint with online support who says I will hear back. We’ll see, and by what I have read online, I doubt that there will be any satisfactory resolution.

    I would love to talk to others via email about their unfair experiences with this site. And, I don’t mean just being a sore loser. Maybe we can draw real attention to this unfair site.

    Thanks for listening.

  98. On Sept. 26, 2018, I was robbed by PLAYNOW Live roulette. I love playing roulette and first tried it June 6, 2018 on PlayNow. I was up up up then down down down. and finally up up up. After taking home $9500 one week ago, (putting me up $8485 since I started playing), the game changed: more frequent change of croupier, jumpier ball, ball not spun from where it landed last, less than 15 seconds to place bet – an obvious attempt to rig the game. On Sept. 26, when I was up $1200, all bets disappeared just before the ball fell. I wasn’t the only one this happened to. The chat was full of complaints. It happened at least 3 times and totally through me off my winning streak. I ended up losing my $450 stake and haven’t played since. A message said it was due to high volumes. What volumes it didn’t say. Probably high volume of winning. I’m convinced this was human intervention. The admin saw my bets of $100 on single numbers and scrubbed the bets before the ball could fall. I contacted them through Chat and the operator admitted that two of my bets were wins. My bet money was deducted from my account but I was not paid out my winnings. Since then, no explanation, no emails, not even confirmation that I filed a complaint. What’s even worse, the transaction record from that evening disappeared from my account transaction history, erasing the evidence that I was even playing. TOTAL FRAUD. Fortunately, I video taped the incident with my iPhone and will be suing PLAYNOW for fraud and theft.

  99. Completely rigged…the roulette anyway. Win a little and than it takes the rest with same patterns you never see in real gaming. 12 reds in a on red and black just to see and it comes up with green zero. This place is a joke.

    • Totally agree with these comments! In real life, gambling is a game of chance with the outcome of each spin unrelated to the size of your bet or the numbers or color you are betting. Not so for playnow, for example, make a series of bets on black and watch red cash 12 out of 13 times – CROOKED! The algorithms in their programs provide outcomes that are directly related to your bet, and I thought gambling was a game of chance.

  100. Horrible horrible horrible!

    3 times I played real money on this site and never win a thing! I had one real money bonus which paid me 5x my total bet! 5x! This site is a rip off and it is not enjoyable whatsoever. I HIGHLY recommend you have fun elsewhere such as in a real casino or on pokerstars etc. play will NEVER EVER see another dime out of me EVER AGAIN!

  101. I feel safe when playing. It is run by BCLC which is government run. I have received payouts quickly.

  102. The Blackjack odds are terrible. I’ve sat and played 20 hands in a row without a win many times. The VLTs are just as bad. When you hit a bonus you would expect a half decent payout but forget that! The KISS game is the worst. I guess the band has to take a cut for use of trademark.

  103. Same old, same old. Had my account back in 2015, and just reopened to bet on some sports and upcoming NFL season. Stick to sports – at least you have a chance!
    Tried out the Casino again for some instant betting gratification, BUT same as before, FORGET THE CASINO -it’s totally rigged, especially as others have mentioned the tables games.
    When you start winning, the game will glitch and boot you out, every single time. Blackjack? Totally forget about it, you can win slowly on $1-$5 bets, but place anything higher than $20 and you will loose CONSTANTLY, the dealer will get on a hot streak and get 20-21 repeatedly!
    Roulette no surprise -SAME THING. I did a test and on few rolls, would bet on 30+ numbers -of course the ball will land on any other remaining 6 numbers but not the 30 you put chips on. Complete JOKE! If you want to throw away your money go ahead.

    Hey I get it, the house always has the advantage, but THIS CASINO wins every single time! Stick to sports don’t bother with the Casino -SCAM.

    • totally right with the blackjack games and casino games….. to be honest all their games are a rip..played over 1423 times and zero wins

  104. When you play the trial game you win often, as soon as you play the real game you loose often!

  105. Rip offs. So I won $20 on 88 Fortune which I do otter with the screen actually comes up with Big win. All of a sudden I have $1020 in my balance. I show my husband and all of a sudden the game crashes. I called them and they said unless I have a screenshot they have no history of it as if everyone does that. Bogus I say

  106. I’ve been playing for a couple years off and on and I have had no issues. They pay on time and I have won my fair share and hope more to come.

    • They can’t do it to everyone your either an employee for bclc or your not being honest play on this site long enough and you’ll agree with the masses somethings gotta be done about it shut it down and rebuild its a vacuum for $ not fair at all

  107. This site may let u win big once but other than that, you will definitely lose everything with no actual entertainment time wavered. Bonus rounds pay less than what you spend to get to them and the reps will tell you it’s randomized as they’re trained to do so. It’s completely fixed and I wouldn’t send my worst enemy here. After playing for 6 months on this site and analyzing win rates and payouts. I or a half-brained monkey can tell you it’s rigged.

  108. Been playing for a few months now, every time I start winning on certain games decently, the game crashes and becomes unplayable for weeks if not months and the technical support team says they cannot find the problem, their trouble shooting with you will be with the customer service reps and all they say is ” Have you cleared your cookies?” I’ve had my favorite games crash 3 times so far this year and wont play on any of my devices and low and behold everyone I know who plays can still play the same game on the same device. My account is bugged and all they do is say “I’m sorry that this inconveniences you, the technical support team is working on it” the support team got back to me the first time after the game “Fixed itself” over the course of about a month – then I receive an email from the support team saying “I see your playing the game you had an issue you had an issue with – your problem is now resolved”. So I start playing my favorite game again and its paying me out, then BOOM – crashed, unplayable again. The technical support team eventually gets back to me about a week later after the game has “resolved” itself again and they said they cant find the source of the problem even though its 100% on their side and not an issue with any of my devices.

    I go daily to the local casino and talk to other players about it, and a lot of them have the same issue with their favorite games that were paying them out too and all of a sudden become unplayable for their account. I am waiting for a call back from the supervisor regarding this ongoing “technical error” that seems like a pattern of foul play to me. I’ve deposited so much money into this site and have received by far the worst customer service I have been provided with from any company or casinor . I’ve told people so many good things about it since I was doing well in the beginning and now I have to warn everyone under the sun; on twitter, FB, the local casino and all my friends and family on just how they treat their players. Ive made my last deposite today I’ll make for a very long time that backfired in my face on games I did not feel confident – yet still chanced playing after reading their game sense page that this site is like a coin toss with the odds in the houses’ favor. But what if you call heads and both sides of the coin is tails? Sure enough, since all the games I win money on are now unplayable and I have to play the games I think will give me a shot at winning at least some of my money back from them to hopefully break even – I called heads and 90% of the spins on slots were tails.
    If they do not do anything to fix this problem this week I will do everything I can to alert the locals on Vancouver island about and everyone whom asks about it to me on how its been to me lately just how they operate. They say its regulated, but by who and how much are they getting paid to look the other way while everyone its getting scammed? I personally would not recommend this site to my worst enemy because even your foes have children to take care of and the last thing they need is dad spending whatever spare money they have on false hope. I will update you on what they do about this 3rd and last investigation shortly.

    • I have the same problem with PlayNow too. As soon as you win a decent jackpot the game crashes, will not let you play that game anymore. It’s happened to me now on 3 different games. I know it’s set up for sure now. They always say the same thing when you call them. I just don’t think I’ll be playing here anymore.

  109. Casinos in BC and this site need to learn something from Vegas — it is important to actually ENTERTAIN the player before grabbing the money, but for and BCLC the most important thing is grabbing money and ensuring zero value for dollars spent. The games are boring — a multitude of games that have hundreds of lines that somehow never connect but take your money. IGT used to have games with bonuses that were interesting, such as Tabasco, Hot Flashes, Rich Uncle, Easel Money — oddly, these games are available on Masque DVDs but not online or inside actual casinos. The most shameful thing of all is that it is run by the government, ensuring all other corporations follow the example of screwing customers over providing service.

  110. I lost 20000$ no win at all.
    You gonna see too many lost connection and game reloaded and also last time every minute I was logged out. Can you believe yes thay did, and they are not responsible for that. For example if you play slots and your bet it’s 9$ or I bet 20$ but they log me out you know why because you gonna lose your bet and chances of win is almost 0 play. Betway is more fun and you have chance to win play now is almost scam. And also you not gonna get even 1$ for rewards. Don’t play please.

  111. Totally a scam! I deposited 1500 to play baccarat and also used their 20 dollar token. In the game, I win like 10-30 dollar? I don’t remember the exact amount. However, they closed my account because I used the token to win money and they withhold all my winning amount!! NEVER EVER PUT YOUR MONEY IN THIS PLAYNOW WEBSITE unless you want to put your money at risk!! They will only eat up your money but never let you go when you win some!!

    • Read the rules of the token! You must play a certain amount to release the funds. You accepted the FREE token so play by the rules.

  112. Don’t play this website. I’ve been playing and observing this website for 5 years. I got only one big bonus when I started this website like Zesus 100 free spin (Amazingly). Guess what I get only 100 dollars for this bonus with $1.50 bet! They game bonus speed is controlled and the paid is deducted. And I never get bonus pay over 100 with 2-5 dollar bet. They are cheating. Not fun but piss off. They’re always deducting your paying amount, believer it or not. You’ll found out that you’re still getting deducted some “big pay” like 10 -20 dollars when you bet 2-4.5 dollar each time!

  113. Play now is A SCAM. I have been back playing for a month at Poker and Sport’s Betting. I have been lucky to cash out small amounts here and there due to Sports betting.

    First lets start with the Sport’s betting. If you are running Java Script. I f you don’t know how to turn off Java, you will run into the screen being refreshed all the time. When trying to make bets on games (live), it becomes annoying. I made a bet for two hockey teams to score in the second period, after the first period. The odds were 2.25 to 1. I made a $5.00 bet and it said I would win $11.50. To my amazement, when I checked the slip the odds were 1.95 to 1. The odds had changed and I won under $10.00. I complained to support and of course found nothing. I have been watching the same bet over and over and surprisingly it never goes below 2.0 to 1. I have had bets in my slip constantly change before I go to finalize them. IT DID IT AGAIN TODAY ON NCAA BASKETBALL. I am not talking about the odds. I am talking about the other team being picked when i didn’t pick it. The over or under being changed too. DO NOT PUT ANY MONEY ON PLAY NOW, In time you will regret it.

    Second, Play Now Poker is full of collusion and glitches too. I started marking which players I believe are bots by Play Now to push the action in money games. I saw one player sit down and move seats about 5 times in 5-6 seconds. I am not sure how that is even possible. They handicap better players so tournaments are blown out. I have been playing poker for 10 years and have made in the six figures playing casually. Every time I am in a pot for the chip lead in a tourney, I lose. In the all-ins I have lost when this happens, I am a 72% average favorite on the 37 hands. I started to figure this out about 8-10 lost all-ins, I am at 37 lost now. I have had re-buys or add-ons not happen and also vice versa when I have not wanted them. I’m usually moved 8-10 times a tourney(or more) missing hand after hand. I have been moved when multi-tabling tournament and the table hasn’t popped up, so I have to go find the lobby and find myself again.

    I have been recording the events that are happening. I will be posting a video about it soon in YouTube. I have so many other things to add, but I will save it for the YouTube video. I want money back that I has been ROBBED from me.

    I thought being a Government gambling site it would be more professional, OH was I so WRONG. DO NOT PUT MONEY ON PLAY NOW, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

  114. This place is absolutely rigged to the 9’s. Has either the dumbest players on the planet that play on it or complete bots and know the next cards to come. I cannot believe how bad the play is on the tables. People really got to be complete and utter morons to do what they do to make calls. I think people hack on this site or are bots playing for the site itself. Pathetic site. Horrible customer service. The live chat has been down for MONTHS. Rigged bots hacking the whole 9 yards on this site. Never play here ever.

  115. Maybe it’s all in my head but there’s something odd about the Blackjack table. (Not live casino blackjack table) but the regular one has the dealer hit such perfect cards nearly 80%. The player has unbelievably low odds, even a 20 isn’t safe from the dealer drawing 21. It’s all in my head though…. safe yourself $$$$ and play in a casino or at least live casino your odds are much superior.

  116. Total ripoff…..the spins change during the process…it’s as if it goes in reverse or is set up to not let the winning numbers show. Don’t waste your money….

  117. Blackjack game is incredibly rigged. Dealer consistently gets the perfect hand to beat me. Gets incredibly predictable at what cards the dealer gets. Don’t play here.

    • So true.

      The blackjack is SO rigged. The house will win MANY MANY hands in a row. You will come to be able to predict what the dealer will get. If they have an Ace and don’t blackjack, you can almost bet that they have a nine in their hidden card. Your 20’s are not safe against the dealer’s 6, as they will make 21 often out of it. The dealer will be dealt 20, (2 face cards again and again). If you can win 2 hands in a row, take it and run. They have no shame in taking your money and will take it quickly. I’m done with this ripoff site.

  118. I have lost tons on stupid slots games, very glitchy even with excellent signal strength.
    I agree slots like smaller bets soon as i start playing higher bets it never hits, or rarely, as soon as i change my bet down again wham hits good spin but payouts are much smaller then hitting with higher bet obviously and id say after dumping about $8000 of my own money in about a week, and only once did i actually start to move up, but lost it trying to hit a actual jackpot, with a few higher bets that anywhere else would have hit something good for sure, especially after more then just 10 high bet hits but several enough to loose everything i had plus whatever bets you do win or break even just enough to keep you on site to get their money back plus yours…something is definitely not right about the games they always spin for ever and adjust the spin, even switch after ending, yet it will jump to something else even tho they all dropped, if you start doing ok, it starts freezing, and or just a message of lost connection, so many times “i was like wtf? seriously again?” its even more upsetting during bonus rounds, they need to improve there connections at least if they want to seem con vincible they aren’t pulling some BS in their odds, we all know house always wins but over all over time, but what about $3000 in a night or more. Also i when playing slots I swear the lag on balance too, so you win but it doesn’t show properly each spin, and or you will think you have a certain amount, and then suddenly your way down yet they are so glitchy that actually hitting that much to be down that much almost seem impossible, it cant handle too much clicking I swear it takes the best from the extra clicks during on the same bet spin, even though you do not actually get the extra spins from the clicks…just very poor quality for being real real time, its real real time with major dial up connections …lol!!

  119. Playnow is a scam. I advise you to not spend anymore money on Christy Clark’s vacations. The government is the real crooks. Have a nice day everybody.

  120. Registered for a few tournaments and they all cancel and I didn’t even get all my money back made a complaint on Sunday and still no email or call back and it’s Thursday. It was for only $10 but still. That’s awful service. Have also lost $1500 betting only $1-$2 only cashed out $300 you think with a RTP % of 90% or so they claim you would win more often.

  121. What really concerns me is if you look at the slots winners list there are the same people with multiple wins in the 10s of thousands of dollars – money laundering? How is that possible? Who are my losses financing?

    • Your absolutely correct Lisa, same person winning large payouts, they are betting 100 dollars or more a spin.

  122. Lost about 20 000 never have won a true government scam gambling site

  123. This site has big glitches that happen when you place big bets they’re cheating people out of a lot of money. Play now is a terrible gambling site, there’s no money to be one there just constantly stealing money from people.

    • I agree, I’ve lost about 10 thousand dollars trying to chase my loses on blackjack. They let you win a couple of hands and then it’s all downhill, no matter how you play your hands.

    • Yes, I know I see the software of the site it is not made for people to win

  124. Something is not right with blackjack or other games on this site, if you play NON REAL MONEY MODE you will much more often, as soon as you go to real money mode, the odds go south.

    In BJ if you have a $100+ bet down, and you have 20, you are not safe, I have seen dealer get 6 5 + 10 so many times it is not even obvious how they take it.

    The dealer makes 19, 20, 21 hands on bust cards more than I have ever seen after playing in casinos for 15 years.

    There is no big win here, do not play here, you are better to put your money into a penny stock, or coin toss someone for it, least you had a chance.

  125. I really enjoy playing on Playnow.
    I mostly play the casino slots.
    It’s easy to deposit and I’ve never had any problem withdrawing money I’ve won. The games are not rigged. They’re the same slots as in the bclc casinos. They add new games regularly too.

  126. Every few months I put in $10 or $20. Amazingly when I go to the slots it always takes the full amount without even a $0.05 win. Just lose lose lose. At least let us play a bit and hear some bells go off once in a while.

  127. Every time I go to a casino which isn’t often, maybe 10 times ever. But I’ve played blackjack everytime and I have never actually lost any money. The most I’ve ever walked out up was maybe a hundred once and 30ish every other time. So I decided to try playnows blackjack for the 1 dollar bet and I feel if they are showing a 6 or lower they’re guaranteed a 17-21 at least 90 percent of the time, I ended up losing 70 dollars to those crooks of of just one dollar bets! Definitely wouldn’t recommend playing, it’s actually really obviously rigged or else I’m a psychic and know exactly what the dealers going to hit before it happens….. wish I had this ability for lotto.. oh well lesson learned here. Good job bclc

  128. promotion just a scam. I deposit $25 web cash and got $10 token for casino. I spent the $10 and won $200. Because the website ask only waging 20 times’ token money then they can unhold my balance. I spent $200 my hold balance and won $30 dollars but the website still hold my balance. I called the helpline and the agents called me back three time and always said I had 2014 waging requirements to fill. What a scam!

    • I got the call from its supervisor and met my requirement.
      I should say the supervisor is nice and friendly. At least I got some positive things.

  129. I play roulette on this website, I’ve wasted over $100,000 in approximately one year of playing this every time when I bet big on a number and never hits it. I feel as though they cheat because I never win I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone it’s a scam.

  130. Black jack has terrible odds. 17s always get beat mostly push on 20s.
    If you hit on 12 it’s 90% bust
    Double down on an 11 it mostly below 16.

    Wasted almost 2k on this. Will never play casino with them again.

    Just go to a real casino instead.


  131. blackjack is so blatantly dirty, it’s laughable. Dealer gets an ace or a face card 90% of the time and makes 20 or 21 85 times out of 100. The software is completely set up to STEAL YOUR MONEY. This is what happens when you have a gambling problem and the government runs the gambling. SCAM. AVOID.

  132. Same thing happened to me. When I made a big bet and won, the game froze up and they said that it was a malfunction and refused to pay me. Do not trust Scam.

  133. I have been playing on play now off and on for a couple years. I don’t think it’s a scam. Of course if you lose every cent you are going to think that though. Sometimes it seems incredible at the odds of certain cards coming up. But I have won big on three different occasions. Twice on blackjack I made 100$ into thousands. And if it was rigged it would have stopped me before I made it over 4000$. And the slots do seem a little screwy but i did win a 10,000$ Jackpot on one. That being said I followed that by losing 3000$ right after cause I was shooting for the progressive multiplayer for the 100,000. There is no reward without risk. You can win money on this site. If you don’t trust the machine casino then you can still hit up the keno. PlayNow doesn’t generate those numbers.

    • I play all the slots, bonus paying bad. You put 1000 they give you nothing.

  134. Don’t play Baccarat. I played 5 different shoes and statistically the combinations were very very improbable. Example: PPBBPPBBPPBBPPBBPBBPPBBPP followed by PPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Go work that one out for likelihood. Even clicking on “New game” just gets you a shoe where you win a small amount of cash and then when you bet big, Whamo you suddenly find yourself losing 10/12 times. In the first few weeks of playing I won $4700 profit by hitting $100 profit and calling it quits for a time. But if you stay on there for long periods of time, then prepare to lose. I’ve cashed out after a horrendous series of improbable combinations. I suspect the program is rigged to let you win a small amounts to get your confidence up and bet bigger. Then you lose. Just a heads up people.

  135. Playnow took everything from my bank account 15000$ not a cent back and constant 150 prepaid credit card still taking my old ladies money can’t stand this government ripoff site only site that I ever won money was jackpot city.

  136. They are a scam. Lost a quick $100 in 5 min on they shit luck blackjack.

    Total scam!

    Deleted the program and I’m looking into actually investigation of these scammers.

  137. They cheat, it is a scam to take your money. Lost a lot of money – 4 thousand. When playing the online games they freeze up when making big bets.

  138. Very bad odds. Playing slots I lost $200 in 50c bets in 10 minutes. Twice I won $5 and a handful of 20c wins. I have played there a bunch of time over the years and every time you will in a couple $5 or $10 at the beginning and then its all downhill until you hit 0

  139. Just played Blackjack on PlayNow’s site. A good site, but terrible odds. Just lost a quick $524.00 in about 5 minutes as follows:
    In 40 hands, dealer got 17-21 34 times to my 21 times. Dealer beat my 17-21 hands 8/21 times or about 38% of the time. I did the same to the dealer 6/34 times or about 17½% of the time. That hurt. We pushed 4 times and only on 20 and 21.

  140. I like playnow games, but not many you can play on tablet and when they send you promotion its usually for computers not mobile or for sports which I am not interested in only slots I have always never broke even just loose and when the bonus spins on a game they seem to have technical issues, so you don’t get your bonus you won and it happens lots tome only once after I complained I got some money back, but not the usually amount I would have won normally, but I play min amounts so I don’t want to loose everything also I look at the winners who won big and they have won 2 times and there isn’t many big winners seems unfair, but you can win if you have lots of money to loose. But it’s quick withdraws are good just play in it within your limit is right.


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PlayNow Exposed — To Play Now or Not to Play Now?

PlayNow Review

Owned and operated by British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), PlayNow is a digital platform that provides local players with an opportunity to buy lottery tickets and play other games of luck online.

PlayNow BCLC is a legitimate digital platform, governed and run by British Columbia regulations. As such, you have no reason to worry about it when you play games or make payments. You can also be confident that you’ll receive your reward in the event of winning.

The website is a part of the same corporation that oversees lotteries, casinos, and other gambling opportunities in BC.  So just like the traditional lotteries, games that are purchased through the platform will often generate funds to support local charities and social initiatives.

Given in consideration the fact this is a regional platform, PlayNow BC offers more or less limited opportunities. If you’re a resident, however, you may discover the website to be convenient.

Games at

The PlayNow app experience is divided into several opportunities – lottery games, PlayNow Keno, digital instant games (a version of the traditional scratch-off lottery), sports betting, poker, and bingo. In a sense, it’s an all-in-one platform for all kinds of BC games of luck.

As far as lotteries go, nothing is surprising there. The website provides options for online ticket buying of several local games. These include Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, BC/49, Daily Grand, and Keno.

How does the cost of buying a lottery ticket through the online platform compare to getting one in the offline realm?

Let’s use Lotto Max as an example.

Through the website, a single Lotto Max ticket is going to cost you five Canadian dollars. If you go to a BC vendor, you’ll need to spend the same amount on the acquisition of your ticket.

In this sense, PlayNow is an excellent choice – you are not charged extra for the convenience of buying tickets online. This applies to all of the lotteries available for buying and playing through the platform.

Ways to Get Your PlayNow Winnings

Once you do your PlayNow login (you need to have a registered account to use the website), you’ll see what the financial standing is. Any sum that you win through a lottery or another game will be instantly credited to your account.

The payment methods you can use to add funds to your account include credit and debit cards, PayPal, WebCash, and Online Bill Payment. For withdrawals, however, the player will have to provide a bank account.

Keep in mind that certain documents will be required to process the withdrawal, and the nature of the procedure will depend on the amount that the player has won. If anyone wins more than 100,000 dollars via PlayNow mobile or the website, the money will be delivered personally in the form of a check.

Usually, withdrawal requests are processed and completed within one business day.

Who Can Play at

Players have to be over the age of 19. They also need to be in British Columbia or Manitoba to play.

The system does check the player’s IP address to gather location information. Also, such information will be required to process withdrawal requests. While you may feel tempted to try cheating the system, there will be no way to collect a prize in the event of winning.’s Customer Service

Live chat is available from 7 a.m. through midnight Pacific Standard Time.

The website also has a pretty detailed FAQ section that addresses some of the most common questions players could have about the PlayNow app experience.

If you want to get in touch with customer support in a more direct way, there is a telephone hotline and an actual head office address.

Who Is behind Play Now?

As already mentioned, the website was launched by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

The BCLC was set up in 1985, and today, it employs 900 people. The company’s revenue from lottery products, casinos, and e-gaming exceeds three billion dollars on an annual basis!

BCLC was incorporated under the provincial Company Act, which means that it has to operate under BC regulatory conditions. These are in place to govern expenditure, the payment of prizes, and ensure the fairness that all players can benefit from.

There’s absolutely nothing shady or scammy in the background of this enterprise. The PlayNow app is safe and legitimate and an excellent alternative to going out there and buying a lottery ticket from an actual vendor.

Other Bits and Pieces

Occasionally, PlayNow BCLC makes tokens and promotions available – a fun perk that registered members can benefit from.

A token is a reward that a PlayNow mobile member can receive to make free bets via the platform. The website will announce when such campaigns are available and what players will have to do to score some free tokens.

Promotions differ in nature and size, so be on the lookout for announcements.

Keep in mind that the tokens won through promo offers cannot be withdrawn or cashed out. These are solely available to play games for free on the platform.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

PlayNow is a high-quality regional service. Although it doesn’t offer national opportunities to play lotteries and win more massive prizes, it’s still a convenient app for locals who prefer online ticket buying.

Let’s sum up some of PlayNow BC’s most prominent advantages and shortcomings before concluding the review.


A website run and operated by the official lottery entity in British Columbia

It offers a wide range of gaming and betting opportunities, not just lotteries

Regional lotteries are represented through the platform

The price of tickets is the same as if they’re acquired offline

There’s a pure money withdrawal process

The website often runs promo campaigns that entitle players to free gaming


A regional and relatively small platform

You cannot play Canadian national games via PlayNow BCLC

You have to be physically in British Columbia to register for an account and to cash out prizes in the event of winning gets a thumbs up for residents of British Columbia (and probably Manitoba) but doesn’t work for the rest of us. If you are from BC and on holiday in Ontario (or another country), don’t forget to take a subscription before you go because you aren’t going to be able to top up your account while away!