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PlayNow Exposed — To Play Now or Not to Play Now?

PlayNow Exposed

PlayNow Review

Owned and operated by British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), PlayNow is a digital platform that provides local players with an opportunity to buy lottery tickets and play other games of luck online.

PlayNow BCLC is a legitimate digital platform, governed and run by British Columbia regulations. As such, you have no reason to worry about it when you play games or make payments. You can also be confident that you’ll receive your reward in the event of winning.

The website is a part of the same corporation that oversees lotteries, casinos, and other gambling opportunities in BC.  So just like the traditional lotteries, games that are purchased through the platform will often generate funds to support local charities and social initiatives.

Given in consideration the fact this is a regional platform, PlayNow BC offers more or less limited opportunities. If you’re a resident, however, you may discover the website to be convenient.

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Games at

The PlayNow website experience is divided into several opportunities – lottery games, PlayNow Keno, digital instant games (a version of the traditional scratch-off lottery), sports betting, poker, and bingo. In a sense, it’s an all-in-one platform for all kinds of BC games of luck.

As far as lotteries go, nothing is surprising there. The website provides options for online ticket buying of several local games. These include Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, BC/49, Daily Grand, and Keno.

How does the cost of buying a lottery ticket through the online platform compare to getting one in the offline realm?

Let’s use Lotto Max as an example.

Through the website, a single Lotto Max ticket is going to cost you five Canadian dollars. If you go to a BC vendor, you’ll need to spend the same amount on the acquisition of your ticket.

In this sense, PlayNow is an excellent choice – you are not charged extra for the convenience of buying tickets online. This applies to all of the lotteries available for buying and playing through the platform.

PlayNow has a unique and straightforward website design. Although they do  not have a mobile app, their website loads quickly and moves seamlessly between PC and mobile devices

Ways to Claim Your PlayNow Winnings

Once you do your PlayNow login (you need to have a registered account to use the website), you’ll see what the financial standing is. Any sum that you win through a lottery or another game will be instantly credited to your account.

The payment methods you can use to add funds to your account include credit and debit cards, PayPal, WebCash, and Online Bill Payment. For withdrawals, however, the player will have to provide a bank account.

Keep in mind that certain documents will be required to process the withdrawal, and the nature of the procedure will depend on the amount that the player has won. If anyone wins more than 100,000 dollars via PlayNow mobile or the website, the money will be delivered personally in the form of a check.

Usually, withdrawal requests are processed and completed within one business day.

Who Can Play at

Players have to be over the age of 19. They also need to be in British Columbia or Manitoba to play.

The system does check the player’s IP address to gather location information. Also, such information will be required to process withdrawal requests. While you may feel tempted to try cheating the system, there will be no way to collect a prize in the event of winning.’s Customer Service

Live chat is available from 7 a.m. through midnight Pacific Standard Time.

The website also has a pretty detailed FAQ section that addresses some of the most common questions players could have about the PlayNow app experience.

If you want to get in touch with customer support in a more direct way, there is a telephone hotline and an actual head office address.

Who Is Behind Play Now?

As already mentioned, the website was launched by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

The BCLC was set up in 1985, and today, it employs 900 people. The company’s revenue from lottery products, casinos, and e-gaming exceeds three billion dollars on an annual basis!

BCLC was incorporated under the provincial Company Act, which means that it has to operate under BC regulatory conditions. These are in place to govern expenditure, the payment of prizes, and ensure the fairness that all players can benefit from.

There’s absolutely nothing shady or scammy in the background of this enterprise. The PlayNow app is safe and legitimate and an excellent alternative to going out there and buying a lottery ticket from an actual vendor.

Other Bits and Pieces

Occasionally, PlayNow BCLC makes tokens and promotions available – a fun perk that registered members can benefit from.

A token is a reward that a PlayNow mobile member can receive to make free bets via the platform. The website will announce when such campaigns are available and what players will have to do to score some free tokens.

Promotions differ in nature and size, so be on the lookout for announcements.

Keep in mind that the tokens won through promo offers cannot be withdrawn or cashed out. These are solely available to play games for free on the platform.

Why You Should Register With PlayNow


A website run and operated by the official lottery entity in British Columbia

It offers a wide range of gaming and betting opportunities, not just lotteries

Regional lotteries are represented through the platform

The price of tickets is the same as if they’re acquired offline

There’s a pure money withdrawal process

The website often runs promo campaigns that entitle players to free gaming

Why You Shouldn’t Register With PlayNow


A regional and relatively small platform

You cannot play Canadian national games via PlayNow BCLC

You have to be physically in British Columbia to register for an account and to cash out prizes in the event of winning

Would you mind rating

Is Legit?

PlayNow is a high-quality regional service. Although it doesn’t offer national opportunities to play lotteries and win more massive prizes, it’s still a convenient app for locals who prefer online ticket buying. gets a thumbs up for residents of British Columbia (and probably Manitoba) but doesn’t work for the rest of us. If you are from BC and on holiday in Ontario (or another country), don’t forget to take a subscription before you go because you aren’t going to be able to top up your account while away!

  1. This site is so full of glitches. They will do everything in their power including slow updating of winnings just to throw you off. I know gambling is win or lose but this site is heavily manipulated by the electronic monitors in the back room.
    If you talk to other players on the live chat about the system being rigged they will immediately disable your chat privilege.
    How do you prove electronic manipulation? They are getting away with cheating people of millions of dollars. When you complain to their “investigations unit” the call person becomes rude instantly.

    • I recently decided to give Playnow another go after a year or more absence from the site. In the first couple of months, the site seemed somewhat fun and exciting. Occasionally, I won an odd jackpot, games allowed for some play time by way of free spins, bonus rounds, etc. However, the excitement was short lived. I’ve read many negative reviews about the site, but wanted to see for myself if there was any truth to what other reviewers were saying. So, for 3 months I played one slot game consecutively, several times a day, every day, at random times. The result was the game rarely, if ever played, there were little to no bonus rounds/free spins, no jackpots, etc. It is as if the game is set on a mode and just cycling the same game over and over. A mode in which no player would ever have a chance to win anything. I wanted to be able to give a fair and honest review and foolishly, I spent thousands of dollars conducting my own experiment, only to find out that, yes, there is a lot of truth behind all of the negative reviews. It’s unfortunate because I think Playnow has the potential to be a fun and exciting gaming site. It has some unique games not found in land based casinos, it is a convenient form of gaming and I do feel that the site is safe and secure. However, the reality is that the slots rarely play and the RTP is extremely low. That being said, I wouldn’t rule out a rare or very occasional visit to the site because if you are fortunate enough to luck out and log in on the right day, month etc when Playnow is allowing their slots to play, it can actually be a very fun and exciting gaming experience.

  2. If you want to keep depositing money with no wins then you will love this site. As fast as you put money in you will lose it! No play through just loss after loss. If you win it’s less than you bet. They don’t even make it fun they just take, take, take. I wouldn’t mind if I could play for a while breaking even and slowly losing, but they literally strip you of money. It’s not legitimate no way BCLC are counting on people believing they are fair because its government run, it needs to be audited by an outside source they are definitely not Playing fair

  3. I’ve played the slot Queen of Riches a lot over the years. it’s a very simple slot. Basically, the reels from 1 out to 6 can all link up and spin together, hopefully producing a winning spin. It offers megaways to win big. For instance, if 3 rows of Queens drop in on 6 reels it’s 729 ways of Queens, they are all multiplying. Queen symbol is worth $1 so the win is 729 ways and pays $729 for a $1 bet. What I’m witnessing when playing at PlayNow is that the slot is never allowed to link up 6 reels. I can play for hours and hours, days and weeks. Nonstop spinning but the slot will never link all 6 reels. When using auto spin the reels will start to spin and $1 will be deducted from my accounts but a split second later, error messages, pops up saying “server communication lost” and the slot will need to be reset. This tells me that PlayNow is using something to detect a winning spin and before that winning spin can play out on the graphics, the player is instantaneously kicked from the slot and has to reload to start playing again. Really the only way to win on Queen of Riches is when the whole 6 reels link up. The game can often link up 6 reels but only pay out a small win. Also when I played this slot at other casinos over the years, I’ve almost always had 6 reels linked up at least once in 2-4 sessions, but often multiple 6 reel link ups for winning payouts. I’ve never once had 6 reels link up at PlayNow and I’ve put dozens and dozens of sessions in at PlayNow, but I’ll always get the error messages. There isn’t any doubt in my mind that this casino is totally rigged. It should be totally avoided. It’s government run too. Absolutely disgusting.

  4. I have played live Black Jack my entire life. I mostly win at live tables. It is mathematically impossible to keep losing. Odds are 49% to 51% for the house.
    Play Now is a scam. Should be a class action against them.

  5. Not good! Cannot even make a user name as it’s glitched out!


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