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  1. Awful. They charge ridiculously large extra fees if you buy via PayPal then refuse to return winning funds, rejecting all legitimate id. Absolute ripoff

  2. They are great and good to use during coronavirus so you can get your tickest without leaving the house. It is also good as you can pay via PayPal.

  3. If you deposit money you can’t withdraw it… can’t work that out.

  4. As you don’t get a ticket I would assume (and going through the terms and conditions backs this up) that these guys are not buying an actual ticket when you pay for it. They hope that enough people lose and they make money and when they get a winner (not all that likely anyway) their insurance or other funds would need to cover this, and .. the terms and conditions are so vague and wide open they can simply walk away from your bet. No thanks, just find the official people. this is just a broker idea.

  5. I have used OzLotteries for many years now and find it easy and convenient. I have never had any problems and I have never received any unsolicited emails or scam emails.

  6. Paying way too much!

    A lot cheaper and more reliable to use the Lott. Paying so much more for the same thing here.
    At least when I joined here years ago the had a reward system where our points could be re-used to purchase extra tickets. Now, where does the 15-20 per game line go? Over 1 year buying a 24 game Saturday lotto ticket each and every week you will save $241.90 by buying it at the Lott. And to me, that’s a lot of money.

    • The Lott no longer offer the rewards either, both agencies have now proceed to maximum profit with 100% guarantee to their own benefits.

  7. I played the Mega Jackpot and apparently the jackpot was won. I contact OzLotteries to find out why their website showed a winner when that number did not win any of the cash prices which is a requirement to win the jackpot. The answer was – with that jackpot ticket number displayed it is for both that cash prize and for jackpot prize. The way that the results we receive are directly from Tatts-. I checked different website to see the results for that draw and according to this webpage the jackpot was not won. Conclusion: at OzLotteries they do not know what they are doing.

    • Use the official Australian lottery site for results checking thelott.com/results

  8. I have been playing at ozlotteries.com for many years now, they are very genuine, I always got my winnings, still waiting for big one, I contacted Australian lotto provider Tatts and was told that ozlotteries does have a license to sell there lotteries.

  9. I keep receiving emails to tell me have won money and can take it out if I put 39cents into an account. The problem is I had not purchased any tickets and when I type a google search to ask is ozlottoservices legitimate up comes a message to tell me to purchase tickets!

    • Hi Ursula,
      Oz Lotto Service is not associated in any way with Oz Lotteries. We have discovered OzLottoService.com is a scam website operated from overseas. They send bulk emails out inviting people to purchase cheap lottery games and offering cars etc as prizes. In the fine print they have that you will be charged every month. If you have given any credit card or bank details, we recommend calling your financial institution and having your credit card cancelled. You can also request to dispute the existing charges. You may also like to contact the ACCC to lodge a formal complaint – http://www.accc.gov.au/contact-us/contact-the-accc

  10. No Paypal available for Payball

  11. How do I stop TMS Global Services from taking $5 out of my bank for Visa-oz lotteries in North Melbourne? TI DID NOT authorise this transaction & cannot find out how to cancel this rip-off. Please HELP me

    • If i win the powerball ill give you your $5 back!


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Ozlotteries Exposed — The Australian Lotteries Home

OzLotteries Review

OzLotteries.com is an online lottery site that offers access to Australian lotteries (Oz Powerball, Oz Lotto, etc.) only. You won’t be playing other International lotteries here. Its players have the chance to win millions of Australian Dollars up to six days of the week.  OzLotteries.com also offers a soccer-based lottery for European and Australian football games.

Who are Oz Lotteries

OzLotteries.com was established in 1990 and is the exclusive online distributor for TMS Global Services and TMS New South Wales, Australia. It is owned by an Australian technology company, Jumbo Interactive Ltd. and is a publicly listed company. It operates under the supervision of the Australian government.

OzLotteries.com Site

Their home page is very straightforward and moving around the site simple though they could open their screen up and do away with the blue sky/clouds backdrop. It is a little annoying. The ‘checkout’ and ‘basket’ at the right-hand side of the Play screen is a nice touch. OzLotteries.com is into social marketing and claims to have over 33,760 likes on Facebook alone. They are also active in Twitter and offer Loyalty Points, in the form of Lotto Points, which could be used to purchase further tickets.

Playing Lotteries at OzLotteries.com

It is possible to play Standard, Syndicate, System, Combo and Super Combo on all lotteries, increasing the chances of winning. The site provides up to date information on upcoming lotteries, together with jackpots and past results, with statistics, strategies, and a glossary of lotto terms and rules of the games. Payment options include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, and Bpay. OzLotteries.com is not restricted to Australian players.

OzLotteries.com’s FAQ Answers All

OzLotteries.com has a very detailed FAQ as well, also provide Customer Support via an online form, telephone, fax and by snail mail. Surprisingly, there is no live chat.

Complaints at Oz Lotteries!

Some players have complained about the prices of online tickets compared to purchasing a ticket at the store. Although most agree some sort of mark up is appropriate for the convenience of buying online from your own home, they say that the price shouldn’t differ as much as it does.  [carrotreviews.com]

There also was a couple of reports regarding a mail/lottery scam, but this was about a similarly named company OZL Lotteries and not OzLotteries.com. This other company was definitely pulling a scam though I wonder why people even wasted time to report it, it was so obvious. [ripoffreport.com]

Would you mind rating OzLotteries.com?

The Bottom Line on OzLotteries.com

Being listed on the Australian stock exchange, OzLotteries.com offers more guarantees than it does doubts and appears to be a legitimate and safe site to be able to trust with your money and personal details.

We found the graphics to be just right, not too glitzy and just enough to give the pages a bit of color and character. The options available for playing are varied and plentiful, and the information available for each lottery provides good answers to most questions. Should there still be some issues with understanding how these lotteries function or payout, then there is s separate section online to explain in further detail.


Effective Design

Good and Clear Information


Aussie Lotteries Only

Live Chat – NOT

The bottom line is, we believe that OzLotteries.com competes with the best online lottery sites around at present but does not offer the necessary amount of international lotteries that would place it amongst the best.