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Oz Lotteries Exposed — The Australian Lotteries Home

Oz Lotteries Exposed

Oz Lotteries Review

Oz Lotteries – a pretty obvious name that tells you what you’d be getting into right from the start.

Are you a fan of Australian lotteries? Do you like the Aussie Powerball and the other prominent games from the land down under? If so, the Oz Lotteries app is probably going to appeal to you.

Based in Brisbane, Oz Lotteries is one of the best-known retailers of Australian lottery tickets. Purchases can be made both online and in the real world. Today, however, we are only going to discuss the online platform and the opportunities that it enables.

We’ll also take a look at some of the complaints and the potential shortcomings that stem from choosing Oz Lotteries as your Australian ticket retailer.

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Games at Oz Lotteries

Just like other online lotto platforms, the website and the app enable you to purchase tickets for your favorite lotteries without having to leave home. If you don’t live in Australia and you’re a fan of the games from the country, you can benefit from Oz Lotteries, as well.

The lottery tickets you can acquire online through the platform are for games like Powerball, Oz Lotto, TattsLotto, Super Jackpot, Wednesday Lotto, Monday Lotto, and Mega Jackpot.

Also, the platform offers some raffle-like opportunities you can choose to support local charities and win a prize. The list of such games is available right underneath the official Australian lotteries you can play via the platform.

To play at Oz Lotteries, you have to register and create a player account. There’s currently no option to go through the ticket checkout without signing up and registering.

Oz Lotteries: How to Claim Your Prize

Oz Lotteries Powerball and the other games available through the platform provide juicy opportunities for winning pretty hefty prizes. How do you claim your money after winning through the online platform or the app? Luckily, OzLotteries has a pretty extensive FAQ section that answers some of the most important questions about buying tickets online.

If you want to learn how to play Oz Lotteries and automate some of the processes (for example, if you play the same game with the same numbers every single week), we recommend that you go through the FAQs to learn the essentials.

As far as claiming a prize goes, here’s what needs to happen.

After winning a prize, you can keep the funds in your account and use the sum to buy more tickets in the future, or you can withdraw. For this purpose, you’ll have to verify your ID. This happens just once, and after your identity is verified, you can immediately go on to withdraw your prizes.

At the time being, funds can be withdrawn to a bank account or a PayPal address. Keep in mind that jackpots and first-division prizes are paid out 21 days after the official drawing occurs. Smaller prizes are credited to the player’s account immediately after the draw takes place.

Who Can Play at Oz Lotteries?

The good news is that just about anyone can sign up for an Oz Lotteries account.

You will need to verify your account (show some form of ID) to ensure you’re of legal age to play lotteries.

Still, there are no nationality or location restrictions as with some other national operators. You can be in Europe or Africa, and you’ll still get to sign up for an account that allows you to play Australian lotteries and win prizes.

Who Owns Oz Lotteries?

The platform is owned and operated by Jumbo Interactive Ltd. Australian authorities accredit it to retail lottery games, as well as charity lotteries.

The company’s based in Brisbane, and it’s been around for more than 20 years. Apart from selling lottery tickets through its retail network, Oz Lotteries also operates an app and a website.

Oz Lotteries and Other Bits and Pieces

There have been some complaints and many questions about how to close OzLotteries accounts. Anyone who is wondering how to delete Oz Lotteries accounts should go through the platform’s FAQ section. The customer support team can also be contacted for the same purpose.

Other complaints are based on the fact that money deposited in one’s account for the purchase of tickets cannot be withdrawn.  According to the FAQ, money available after the purchase of tickets can be used for buying more tickets in the future, or it can be withdrawn. Hence, getting in touch with customer service on that topic is the best way to approach and resolve the issue.

Why You Should Register With OZ Lotteries


An official Australian online platform that has been around for a lot of time

Makes it easy to buy tickets for popular Australian lotteries and charity games

Open to both local and international players

Functional, user-friendly website design

Multiple payment methods accepted

The easy prize withdrawal process

Customer support is available by phone, mail, or online chat

Why You Shouldn’t Register With OZ Lotteries


You have to verify your identity before making a prize claim and getting your funds

There are some complaints about PayPal fees and closing off one’s account

Some reports suggest that contacting customer support can be challenging

A relatively long waiting period for more massive prizes

Would you mind rating OzLotteries.com?

Is Oz Lotteries Legit?

Oz Lotteries has been around for some time and is regarded as one of the most reliable and safest lotteries in Australia. The platform offers solid opportunities for the acquisition of Australian lottery tickets. It may also interest you to know that there are no welcome bonuses or promotions available on this website.

Just like all other online lottery operators, the Oz Lotteries app has its pros and cons, just as we have seen above.

All in all, Oz Lotteries is legitimate and safe. If you are a fan of Australian games, you should confidently go for it and enjoy the chance to get your tickets quickly and affordably.

  1. I have used OzLotteries for many years now and find it easy and convenient. I have never had any problems and I have never received any unsolicited emails or scam emails.

    • I have used them for many years and had no trouble and have withdrawn money when I have won.
      No problems at all.

  2. Paying way too much!

    A lot cheaper and more reliable to use the Lott. Paying so much more for the same thing here.
    At least when I joined here years ago the had a reward system where our points could be re-used to purchase extra tickets. Now, where does the 15-20 per game line go? Over 1 year buying a 24 game Saturday lotto ticket each and every week you will save $241.90 by buying it at the Lott. And to me, that’s a lot of money.

    • The Lott no longer offer the rewards either, both agencies have now proceed to maximum profit with 100% guarantee to their own benefits.

  3. I played the Mega Jackpot and apparently the jackpot was won. I contact OzLotteries to find out why their website showed a winner when that number did not win any of the cash prices which is a requirement to win the jackpot. The answer was – with that jackpot ticket number displayed it is for both that cash prize and for jackpot prize. The way that the results we receive are directly from Tatts-. I checked different website to see the results for that draw and according to this webpage the jackpot was not won. Conclusion: at OzLotteries they do not know what they are doing.

    • Use the official Australian lottery site for results checking thelott.com/results

  4. I have been playing at ozlotteries.com for many years now, they are very genuine, I always got my winnings, still waiting for big one, I contacted Australian lotto provider Tatts and was told that ozlotteries does have a license to sell there lotteries.

  5. I keep receiving emails to tell me have won money and can take it out if I put 39cents into an account. The problem is I had not purchased any tickets and when I type a google search to ask is ozlottoservices legitimate up comes a message to tell me to purchase tickets!

    • Hi Ursula,
      Oz Lotto Service is not associated in any way with Oz Lotteries. We have discovered OzLottoService.com is a scam website operated from overseas. They send bulk emails out inviting people to purchase cheap lottery games and offering cars etc as prizes. In the fine print they have that you will be charged every month. If you have given any credit card or bank details, we recommend calling your financial institution and having your credit card cancelled. You can also request to dispute the existing charges. You may also like to contact the ACCC to lodge a formal complaint – http://www.accc.gov.au/contact-us/contact-the-accc


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