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Hispaloto Exposed — Consider It to Play Spanish Lotteries

Hispaloto Exposed

Hispaloto Review

Looking at Hispaloto.com, it’s easy to get a little lost. This online lottery betting site offers a heap of different ways to play, including a 50/50 fund and personalized group play. Keep in mind; this is a Spanish betting site, so taxes are involved. There are several language options, though the Terms of Use are only available in Spanish. Let’s take a look.

Which is a better lottery agent in Spain? GiantLottos or Hispaloto?

Games at Hispaloto.com

There are a variety of games to bet on at Hispaloto including EuroMillions, Bonoloto, La Primitiva, El Gordo, Loteria Nacional, Loteria de Navidad, and sports betting in Quiniela. Players can choose the traditional amount of numbers or play multiple numbers of 10, 15, 22, and 25 (super combos). There is the option to choose from 1 to 40 weeks of play, or automatic renewal. Winning tiers match the official lotteries.

50/50 Fund, Syndicates, and Group Play

The 50/50 fund means 50% of any prize goes to the bettor, and 50% is distributed to other players within the group. There are syndicates for each of the lotteries with a fixed number of bets (ticket lines) and shares though they usually have some super combos. Each of the choices in group play has different amounts of bets/tickets, length of times, and shares. Or you can create your group.

Superloto Syndicate

This syndicate is played weekly and includes 120 bets on EuroMillions, 240 bets on Bonoloto, 100 on El Gordo, and 240 on La Primitiva. But they aren’t your usual straight lottery lines. The bets include a bunch of different combinations. Though it starts with a fixed number of shares, once it reaches that goal, it diversifies to expand with more bets/options to win. Players can play for 1 to 40 weeks or use autorenewal weekly.

Getting your Winnings at Hispaloto.com

Prizes under €2,000 can be transferred through the withdrawal section of your player’s account. It takes three business days. For prizes over €2,000, there is a special procedure to comply with the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Law and the EEC, and can only be cashed within an authorized Spanish Bank. There are no bank charges for transfers to Spanish Banks. There are bank charges for any international transfer to a minimum of €50. There is also information on original documents that might need to be provided. It includes a DNI/NIE or passport and a copy of the bank document certifying you are the owner of that account. Plus Hispaloto will provide a document for representation authorization that must be sent back by mail or courier.

Hispaloto and the Tax Man

Remember, Spain is one of the countries that does collect tax on lottery wins. Prizes in 2019 above €20,000 incur a tax of 20% that comes off the top of any win. This threshold will increase in 2020 to €40,000. The tax is only on the amount above that threshold.

Who Can Play?

Anyone can play at hispaloto.com if they are 18 years of age or older – and not mentally incapacitated. For non-residents of Spain, you must have a passport (which you will be required to provide a copy of) and a way to make payment.

Hispaloto’s Customer Service

Online chat and telephone are available from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm Monday to Friday. There are two phone numbers and an online form. Hispaloto.com is a registered Spanish company and they do provide a map of where their office is.

Why You Should Register with Hispaloto


Options on How to Play

Anyone Can Play

Good Customer Service

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Hispaloto


Choosing What to Play

Terms of Use only in Spanish

Taxes are Applicable on wins over €20,000

Would you mind rating Hispaloto.com?

Is Hispaloto Legit?

One of the hardest things on this site will be deciding what to play. The different options between 50/50, group play, and syndicates plus super combos (because it’s betting) make it a little mind-boggling. Of course, there is the option to play individual lottery tickets. But the options are very distracting.

This site gets a thumb’s up. As a betting site, it is using a diversity of different options though it would be nice if the Terms of Use were in other languages. It is essential to be clear on the rules and regulations of where you are playing!

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