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GlobalLottos Exposed — Why Not to Play International Lotteries Here

GlobalLottos Review

Looking at the online lottery provider site GlobalLottos, it all seemed clean and straightforward. They offer nine international lotteries and access to one syndicate. There are contact details and terms and conditions. What else do you want to play foreign lotteries online confidently? Maybe contact details and terms and conditions that provide information. Looking at the syndicate information, I ended up with more questions than answers. Let me explain.

Games at Global Lottos is an online lottery service for nine international lotteries including the usual US Powerball & Mega Millions, EuroMillions (no EuroJackpot), Canada’s Lotto 649 & Lotto Max, UK National Lottery, Irish Lotto, Spain’s El Gordo, and Japan’s Jumbo. Players can choose to play one ticket, or more for two draws up to 104 draws. There are no discounts for playing multiple draws. To open an account, players are required to provide a copy of your passport with a signature page, a copy of the credit card to make the deposit, a recent utility bill showing your name and address and signed purchase history of your online transactions.

Their Syndicate offers one syndicate though “TopsLottos”. It consists of 5 different lotteries held twice a week (EuroMillions, Irish Lotto, UK Lotto, US Powerball & Mega Millions). There is no information on how many tickets are involved for each of these. There is no information on how many shares are in the actual syndicate. It sounds like it only involves the jackpot of each of these games and what is strange is Global Lottos aka TopLottos say this draw takes place on Sunday at 17:00 PST. I think they might mean that any payout is confirmed and finalized on that day – then again, I could be wrong. & Winnings

All winnings (especially those mega jackpots) are collected as a lump sum versus installments less any handling charges, fees, and commissions – including any paid to them. There is no actual information on whether they take a commission and what fees might be involved. You do have the option to get your winnings yourself and/or they might require it. Getting your money out takes 7 to 14 business days to process and goes through the bank account or credit card that you used to deposit the funds. This is automatically processed by clicking on “Withdrawal request.” They also say, besides the documents you’ve already filed to open the account, they might need more.

Who Can Play at Global Lottos?

Besides the usual you must be 18 years or older, Global Lottos services are not available in Israel or “interstate activity” in the US or Canada. Not sure what that means though it probably has something to do with the prohibition of taking lottery tickets across provincial and state borders.

Talking to

Customer service is open 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm GMT, Monday to Friday through a telephone number in Malta or email address. Global Lottos says they have a live chat (at the bottom of the page) and their team is there to help “24/7” – NOT. They do seem to answer their telephone outside of the regular business hours. There is no live chat unless it’s something that comes with your account once you are registered. There are also toll-free numbers for Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Their head office is in Malta with a snail mail address. Oh, they do say you should review their FAQs first – the only problem is, there isn’t any!

The Bottom Line at Global Lottos

Saying you are available 24/7 and then not bothering even to answer an email is frustrating. Add to this the lack of information on potential fees and commission that may or may not apply was enough for our team to not bother registering to see how this site worked. It wasn’t worth the time.


Access to Nine International Lotteries


No Information on Commission and Fees

No Information on Shares and Number of Tickets in their Syndicate

Poor or Non-Existent Contact details gets a thumb’s down – especially regarding their syndicate. Folks, there are a lot of really good, reliable online lottery providers that have the answers to your questions. Stick to those for playing lotteries and syndicates online.

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