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  1. Hospices usually get the least financial support as they are not sexy. I like this little lottery for what it does. I can imagine a heap of people donate their winnings back as they are more interested in saying “I won, I won!” versus racing to the bank. So look at it as a donation and have a bit of fun along the way!


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Your Hospice Lottery Exposed — Supports a Good Cause

Your Hospice Lottery Review

Many of the lotteries run around the world were established as a fundraising mechanism for a country or state. There are also lotteries that private enterprises set up. is a privately run lottery registered in England and Wales to raise funds to improve the quality of life of those receiving hospice care. It’s not a big lottery game like El Nino or Hoosier Lotto. It’s a little lottery that is targeted at raising funds. Many of their winners have donated their jackpot back to the organization.

Who Is

This little lottery is owned by St. Helena Hospice located in Colchester, England. It works hand in hand with Arthur Rank Hospice located in Cambridge to raise funds to support local people and their quality of life. Since 2001, they have raised over £3 million.

St. Helena Hospice costs around £6 million to run every year while Arthur Rank Hospice needs approximately £1.3 million to operate. doesn’t raise it all, but it does help out.

The Game at Your Hospice Lottery

The first step at is entering your information. They send a prospective player an introduction letter with a membership number. Weirdly, they say this is generated randomly by their membership software system.

Subscriptions cost a minimum of £1 per week in advance which gives an entry for that Friday. Multiple subscriptions are available where you pay to say £4.34 (per subscription) a month which accumulates 34p per entry to your account over three months to fund the thirteenth week in every quarter of the year.

Winning at

Don’t look for a huge, super jackpot here. The top weekly prize is £1,000 with a second prize of £250, third of £100, eight prizes of £25 and forty-five prizes of £10. Frankly, this isn’t so much a lottery as a donation to hospice support with a bit of lark of a potential win. Many of the prize winners have donated their winnings directly to the organization.

Beware the Small Print at Your Hospice Lottery

Written in the terms and conditions, says that “any pence credit that remains in a members account will after ten weeks be treated as a general donation to the hospice.”

They do say that prize winners will be notified by post within one week of the draw. Prizes are paid by check, and they go so far as to discuss the relationship of who gets paid if the subscription is a syndicate.

Customer Complaints at

I can’t imagine anyone complaining about this little lottery as it is a fundraiser for a very worthy cause. As I said before, many players end up donating their winnings back to the hospices.

Your Hospice Lottery Customer Service

Getting in touch with is through snail mail, telephone, email or an online form.

What Do the Hospices Do With The Money They Make

The hospices at breaks down just what the money can provide to support their services. £26 – a six-month membership – buys a child a memory box. £52 – a twelve-month membership – covers the cost of a specialist nurse for home visits. £104 – a 2-year membership represents a full course of physiotherapy for a patient. £260 – a five-year membership – provides the cost of training a bereavement visitor.

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The Bottom Line

This is a lovely little lottery fundraiser that probably is very popular locally in Colchester and Cambridge but other than that; I don’t see it getting a lot of support. It pays out weekly about £2,000 total. It’s probably more exciting than bingo and easier to run. Both hospices also do a lot of another fundraising to support their work.


Supporting A Good Cause


Small Jackpot

If you are from that area of the UK, it’s a lovely way to support a cause and get a bit of a thrill each week. The bottom line on is make a donation to the hospice or put them on your list of donations when you do win that big jackpot.

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